From Melissa

“It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my mother, Joan Rivers. She passed peacefully at 1:17pm surrounded by family and close friends. My son and I would like to thank the doctors, nurses, and staff of Mount Sinai Hospital for the amazing care they provided for my mother.

Cooper and I have found ourselves humbled by the outpouring of love, support, and prayers we have received from around the world. They have been heard and appreciated.

My mother’s greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. Although that is difficult to do right now, I know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon.”

Melissa Rivers

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  1. Today is a very very sad day. Joan Rivers’ zest and love of life kept me company many a lonely night for the past few years. When I’d feel burned out, her fire and joie de vivre – despite having more than 30 years on me – kept me going. I am heartbroken… :’ – (

    1. I am incredibly sad, as if I knew your Mother personally. She was a favorite in our home as a child and remained so to this day. I wish you and Cooper peace.

      1. I am deeply saddened by the loss of Joan Rivers! She kept me laughing many nights for the last few years and I will miss her so much! My condolences go out to family and friends. I know how sad I feel having never met Joan and I can only imagine how the family must be feeling! She was an amazing woman and will be deeply missed.

        1. Our world is so much less for losing the heart and soul of Joan Rivers…..she gave us the gift of laughter…..and she showed us living in truth…..I have watched her for years…everything she did…one of my favorites…the reality show…JOAN AND MELISSA….felt her love for Melissa and Cooper so much in that show… heart can only imagine what you, Melissa and your son must be feeling….she has always been there for you and your son….becoming both parents when the need arose. Such strength….may you find comfort in all your beautiful ‘diamond’ moments together….how to fill such a void… is never as sweet after the loss of a Mother…..may you be blessed by her presence in your heart and mind in the days ahead……she made me laugh when it was the last thing I thought I could do……I miss her already…..heaven is richer in receiving Joan…and we are richer that she lived….my heart to yours with deepest sympathy….

      2. Joan Rivers was one of my fathers favorite comediennes. He loved to laugh too. He loved her humor. He passed away two years ago. I grew up watching Joan with my dad and came to love her too. Sometimes I watched just to feel close to dad even though he was not here. I will miss her dearly. So sad :'(

    2. I am so heart broken. WE all… are so heart broken for the loss of our national treasure, Joan Rivers.
      Dear Melissa and Copper you are both in my prayers. I know your mother will be with you always. Like Andy Cohen said “Heaven will be a whole lot funnier”. But I will miss her still so much! With love, Beth

      1. I kept hoping I would meet her some day
        and tell her how much she filled my life with laughter. I know what it is to lose a mother. RIP, you classy dame.

        1. She was indeed, classy and unique and very, very special. “Can we talk?” I wish. Joan was loved by many. Condolences to Melissa, Cooper and all her family and friends.

          RIP… and thank you.

      2. Is this my “B”, I am broken hearted about Joan. What a lucky mom to have such a beautiful daughter and grandson! Joan, our NY treasure.
        Love, “P”

      3. I totally agree. I am sad to learn of her passing. I know in my heart she was loved by so many. I personally will miss her humor. Just seeing her face gave me a smile regardless of how the day was going. She was an amazing person! Your mom was a beautiful person. She shows us seniors how to live our lives, happy and healthy.

        God Bless her soul. She will continue on in heaven, I am certain

      4. she was much beloved in the u.k as well,i loved her she was so funny and our household was filled with laughter whenever she was on telly as i was growing up,god bless you joan and thanks for the laughter love and peace to mellisa,cooper and your loved ones x

    3. Hello my name is Dylan i am 13 and i think that your mother is the best and i will miss her so, i am so sorry for your loss and i hope that you feel better i will continue to watch fashion police just for her. I really am truly sorry and wish you the best.

      1. Hi! I’m Brooke and I’m only 15 but I loved comedy all of my life and the passing of your mother and grandmother is very heart breaking. I saw the news and I couldn’t believe it, so I came here. It’s true. But God got a precious angel today. God bless your family in this hard time.

    4. Melissa & Connor, I prayed for your Mom, so sorry! She brought me to laughter so many times in my 55 years & I loved her so. We share your grief at this time. Keep going, don’t give up. You are loved. God Bless, The White House

    5. How incredibly sad to lose such a legend…wow…I really loved her. My prayers to you Melissa and your family. May you find comfort soon.

    6. We have woken up in Australia this morning to the heartbreaking news. The world is a less funny place from now on. Thank you Joan for making us laugh. To Melissa and Cooper I send our thoughts at this very sad time.

    7. Joan’s comedy also kept me company thru 2 very sad times in my life and just cracked me up in the good times! My heart and love goes out to Melissa and Cooper at this time.

    8. Melissa and cooper I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother and grandmother. I pray that God will surround you with peace and comfort during this difficult time. Joan was an amazing comedian and actress that worked well into her life due her reinventing herself continuously. She will sorely be missed.

    9. You always made the room lighten up when you were on TV, Joan. You truly were a bright star. I send much love and warmth to Melissa and the rest of the family. You’re already missed by me. Mmmmmuah! Don’t tell me to grow up, either. I’ll always love you … you crazy lovely woman’s woman.

      1. Hi Melissa and Cooper Florida is praying for your family, I prayed for you this morning that god would make it very peacefully for Joan, much love for your family.. God bless you.

    10. My deepest and sincere sympathies to you and your son. I felt like I knew your mom from all her QVC appearances. I even looked into viewing all her u tube videos and thought she was the most brilliant women in show business and business in general. She had a tremendous life. God Bless her and may she rest in peace. I will miss her. She was exceptional.

    11. My heart is saddened to hear that Joan Rivers has passed away. So unexpected – my prayers go out to Melissa and Cooper I kept praying hoping Joan would have at least had that last chat with her daughter just for a little closure.
      she was the picture of elegance and class I really think she was!!!

      Rest in Peace Joan! I’m going to miss watching you on TV !!!

    12. Devastated on the loss of an amazing , inspirational, hilarious, quick witted icon. She will never be replaced and so sad to say that fashion police, that I so loved to watch, can no longer continue as it was Joan who made it what it was. May god bless you all at this sad time but take comfort in that she made an abundance of people all over the world so very happy ❤️

      1. I couldn’t have been more than 6 years old when I saw her filling in for Carson, have been watching any show , special she was in until last week.
        I’m a 38 year old straight male and loved fashion police, not afraid to admit it… (for all you other dudes who don’t ) I am greatly saddened …

        I am and always will be a “Joan Ranger”.

        My deepest condolences go out to Melissa and cooper, the world has lost yet another brilliant performer 🙁

    13. Joan was a family member, almost. Melissa, your grandfather, Dr. Molinsky brought me into the world and took at my tonsils and also took the blood tests before I was married. He spoke of his daughters with great love. I am Barbara because your Aunt is Barbara. My granddaugher loved you and your mother’s show. We watched it offen together. It was our favorite. She will be in my heart. Great love to you and your son

    14. Today is a very sad day. I felt the tears running down my cheeks when I heard the news. She was a wonderful person, so full of life and love. She will be watching over you and Cooper from above. God Bless you both and just keep all the wonderful memories of her close to your heart.

    15. I worked with Joan at the Steve Chase Humanitarian awards in Palm Springs and I found her to be exactly how she appears on television. Funny, extremely quick witted and gracious. It was an honor to meet her. She will be missed by so many people. Melissa, My prayers are with you and your son.

    16. God Bless the family at this difficult time.
      I loved watching Joan. You could not help it. From watching fashion police to buying her sophisticated fashion line on OVC. Loved it all. She will definitely be missed.

    17. May God console you and Cooper among the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem (Ha’makom yenahem etkhem betokh she’ar avelei Tziyonvi’Yerushalayim).

    18. So sorry for your loss – my husband and I went to see her in vegas over 30 years ago and have followed her career ever since – we also loved her – what an amazing women – may you find comfort in the fact that the love she felt for you and Cooper was no secret – thoughts and prayers to you both at this time.

    19. I came here to share this. I once sat next to her on a flight from NYC to LA. I wasn’t a big fan or anything but I knew who she was. I didn’t bother her. Her assistant was behind her for some reason and I next to Joan.
      After an hour she puts her magazine down and simply says to me “whaddaya wanna talk about?” So I shared pics of my wife and kids and she told me some killer show biz stories. I’m in the music business and was fascinated. Such a nice lady and I’ll always treasure that memory. Bless her and her family and friends. Mike P

    20. me too. : ( I am so sad about losing her. She was true blue! What a crazy funny HONEST woman. No one will ever take her place. No one. She is going to be missed by sooo many. Long live Joan!!!!

    21. I will miss you Joan Rivers 🙁 I never laughed so much. I will miss the Joan & Melissa Show, the best (1 hour) comedy show (thank goodness for DVR’S) so I could play it over & over.
      God Bless Melissa & Cody

    22. Joan Rivers was the most magnificent comedienne in history i swear . Whenevr i felt so very down i would watch a joan rivers clip of fashion police or something like that and it would cheer me up so much. I am 14 and her humour. Wow! I will ALWAYS remmeber her for her knife edge tongue, whipcrack wit and stunning looks. I think she was and still to these days,cBeautiful.
      May she find he resting place and be at peace. Xx
      She was a true Legend amongst us.

    23. I so pray for peace that transcends all understanding upon your family Melissa. I truly feel like a member of my owm family
      has been loss. Ms Joan was an amazing woman and will be remembered for being true to herself a tower of strength. May she rest in peace. God bless you Melissa and your charming son.

    24. Our thoughts are with you and your family at this time. Joan was a true icon and will be sadly missed. God Bless you Joan. Sleep well.

    25. I am so so sorry, as my grandmother said, it is terrible to lose a mother at any age. You all will be in my prayers.

    26. I am truly sad and upset. Joan was my favorite woman of all time. She was so quick with jokes it just came naturally. She was very talented, and had a huge impact on my life. My prayers go out to the whole family and May Joan rest in peace.

    27. R.I.p. Joan rivers….u have touched the world and left your stamp on it. Nobody has ever said it the way that u have. U will be sorely missed. The world has lost am unforgettable icon. Melissa hang in there and remember no matter how hard it gets your mom will always be with u and watching over sorry and sad for your loss

    28. I was just enjoying her most recent visit with Howard Stern a month ago. She was always so full of life, I thought for sure she’d have been performing into her 90’s. Thanks for the years of relentless work you put into keeping me and everyone else smiling, I felt like I knew you personally. Joan, you will never be forgotten, I love you very much!

      1. I always loved when she came on the Howard Stern show. She was great last month, as usual. I feel like I’ve lost a family member.

    29. Your Mom was very funny and she was one good person. I met her in NYC in the early 1990’s when she shared a building with Geraldo for their talk shows. I thought she was a good person with a kind heart. Prayers and healing for you Melissa and your son. So sorry.

    30. What words are strong enough to truly make the world feel how much I LOVED and respected Joan. I pray Melissa, Cooper and Joan herself have felt the love and prayers for them. My heart aches with her passing and for her dear loved ones.

    31. Such a sad day. My daughters and I have enjoyed Joan for some time. The world has lost a very stylish, sassy and funny lady. Our thoughts are with Joan’s family and friends.

    32. I am so very sorry for your loss. She belonged to the world professionally, but she belonged to you and your family personally. I wish you strength and compassion during this very difficult time.

    33. R.i.p Joan yup are up there in the big blue sky laughing at us like you use to make me laugh I never missed a program with you in it am so sad that I will not see and here you and make me laugh night night Joan till we meet again some day soon you are the star that twinkles in the sky xxx✨✨

    34. I will miss your mother, thought she was a wonderful person. My condolences to you and your family, I will always remember her.

    35. Dear Melissa and family… Thank you for sharing your mother for so many years. I loved that she always was able to say what I was brought up to never say but always thought inside ! She died happy,and pain free what more could any of us wish for a loved one ? Talking to her often will help your pain .You know she will be close by always and will get her opinion across to you in interesting and humerous ways!
      Linda in Parksville BC

    36. I just can’t believe she’s gone! Joan was my idol for 30+ years! I just saw her in DC in July… what a great event. Joan did NOT miss a beat, and was on top of her game that night, especially funny during the Q&A. I bought MANY autographed copies of her books… my mom (80, also named Joan, just had a mastectomy) was reading the books during her first chemo treatment this week…it got her thru the long session and made her LAUGH. Your mom will never know how many lives she touched.

      Melissa, my heart is breaking for you and Copper. I just lost my father (86) on Aug 14…and now your mom too is almost unbearable… she was my favorite entertainer of all time.
      R.I.P. Joan Rivers, you left an amazing legacy.
      Joanne G

    37. There are no words! Joan was an inspiration to so many just because she was honest and she was real! Be strong Melissa and know she will always be with u and Cooper! Heaven just got a lil more funnier!!! RIP Joan! We love and miss u!

    38. My dear Melissa my condolences for you and your family,I enjoy your mother and you on your shows.I now there is nothing any body can do for you.But I pray to my Adonai to give you and your family the strength that you all need at this time.With all my love and respect.God bless you all my name Maria Victoria Duque,From Orlando Florida.

    39. Melissa and Cooper,
      So very sad for your loss.
      Melissa, you seem like you had such a wonderful relationship with your Mom.
      Your Mom spread heartfelt laughter throughout the world. She was a brilliant woman in all aspects.
      Joan was a major star on earth. She will now be brilliant star in the heavens.
      In time, please continue her legacy with Fashion Police and all her charities.
      A first class lady never to be forgotten.

    40. I am so saddened by the death of Joan Rivers. I loved her wit, humor and intelligence. She was a trail blazer, a tough yet sensitive woman. A class act. No one will ever fill her shoes, an original!!!

    41. melissa, I am so heartbroken for you, Cooper and those who loved your mother. I watched the Joan and Melissa show, Fashion Policy and remember Joan on the talk show circuit in the 60’s and on. I am shocked and so sad. Please take good care of yourself.

    42. Hello, Melissa and Cooper. My Mother and I regretted so much missing Joans show in Fort Worth, Texas a couple of years ago. Joan was truly a one of a kind seasoned show business trouper, a damned hard worker who achieved so much. maybe she was mean sometimes, but one had to admire her guts, her zest. I remember her on the Ed Sullivan show when I was a little girl. So far this year, the laughter in the world has truly died. God bless you.

    43. My heart is saddened by this news. Joan made me laugh about life and take things a bit less seriously sometimes. Her bold honesty, and candor will be missed.

    44. I have been through something similar with a family member and we were lucky enough to have a happy ending after many weeks. I had so hoped you would also have such a happy outcome. I am so sorry for your loss. She was such an incredible person and will be missed by all who loved her for being so genuine, honest, sincere and so so funny. My thoughts are with you Melissa and Connor on such a difficult day.

    45. I am very very sorry for your loss; you and Cooper are both in my prayers. I admired her so much. She made me laugh so hard put a smile on my face every time I turnes on the tv. She was someone I admired so much full of life, passion, honesty and caring. We will always remember her. I sent you both a big hug all the way from Cancún, México. Carla

    46. Thank you Melissa for your eloquent statement about your mother’s passing. It provides solace for us who have a hard time losing her limitless wit, but yet knowing that her spirit and legacy will always be there.

    47. Heartbroken, as well, for Melissa and Cooper and those who knew and loved her.
      What a class act you are Melissa, just like your Mom.
      How grateful we can be that we do have a resurrection hope because of Jesus’ sacrifice and will see her again on the paradise earth Jehovah God intends for us.

    48. Dear Melissa , My heart is with you. My mother died 3 years ago this same day. She was 79. We both loved your mother and shared many laughs together with her. Your mother reminded me of mine and I will honor her and remember her along with my mother Jacqueline. There is something so profoundly specific yet totally universal in the loss of a mother. Blessings to you and your son.

    49. God Bless Melissa and Family. A True Legend was lost today. I Thank God I got to see her on tv she was a class act, I pray God comforts you all diring this time of loss.

    50. I can’t believe the news. We lost a legend and wonderful person today. I will keep Melissa and Cooper in my thoughts and prayers. RIP Joan we love you.

    51. When I read that Joan had passed today it literally took the air out of my lungs. I just had “In Bed with Joan” on last night as I was working, it seemed impossible that she was no longer with us. I wanted to do or say something in memory of her and all the laughter she has brought into my life over the years. My team and I ended up rewriting todays blog post to incorporate and pay tribute to Joan and what she meant to us. If you’d like to see our tribute you can find it here, we’d love to hear your storied about how Joan touched your lives too:

    52. Losing my mom almost 10 years ago it seems like it was yesterday I’m so sorry for your loss it will get better with each passing day just know your mom loved you and Cooper so much…..Be Bleesex

    53. Joan was a source of much needed laughter during so many tough times. It was with true happiness that my family and I would sit down around the tv just waiting to hear her next line. She gave us something to look forward to, she gave us hope. She made me feel better. I loved it all — the tonight show clips, movies, the books!!, qvc, the best red carpets ever done!!, fashion police and of course Joan and Melissa. Melissa and Cooper, her love for you both shined so brightly that literally the whole world saw it. You are all in my prayers.

    54. Same here…watching Joan Rivers on QVC also helped me through a very difficult time in my life. She touched so many lives. What a beautiful woman. I will miss her and pray for her. My condolences to Melissa, Cooper, family and friends. God bless.

    55. I am so so sadden by the lost of your mother. She touched so many lives around the world for so many generations. She will always be remembered as a legend of comedy. No one will ever come close. She always made me laugh all through my 47yrs. Now she is making every one in heaven laugh. God bless you Joan! Melissa you and your son are in my prayers. Keep strong.

    56. You will hear many stories and so many laughable memories about your mother. You will receive so many heartfelt condolences for you and your family. No one can understand or even compare their feelings to what you are feeling. The loss of a parent effects us all differently in many ways. Stay strong and remember your mother and laugh often. Laughter as your mother stated is the best medicine. Keep your head high as you grieve. Allow time to heal the pain and sorrow you feel.
      Roshawn Randall

    57. que descanses de tus idas y venidas amiga de lejos….. que pronto reencarnes en mejores aun condiciones de vida…. me hiciste reir tantas veces…. volvere a reir recordandote con amor y respeto. Encendere una luminaria en tu memoria, Thank you so much my smiling Jewish Friend from far away

    58. Before I came out to my parents I would always watch fashion police and I absolutely loved it because Joan made me laugh and not feel so bad about being gay. I I would secretly hide away and watch the show where no one could see, afraid of being judged. Once I came out to my parents, my mom and I started a ritual of watching every new fashion police episode and we would make a huge bowl of popcorn to share. It is our bonding time and I’ve never felt so loved. Thank you Joan, you’ve helped in ways you could never know. You will be so, so missed.

    59. Melissa and Cooper, I am incredibly sad about losing Joan. She was such an amazing woman, pioneer in comedy and incredible role model. She has been part of my life forever and I will miss her tremendously. I hope you both will be ok. She would want you to be happy, although this is such an UNFAIR way to lose her. You have my deepest sympathy.

    60. I am so sorry to all of her loved ones, I was so hoping that she would get better. I got the biggest kick out of Joan, her wit will be greatly missed.
      God Bless you Melissa~

    61. I somehow always felt as if she wrote and performed her comedy just for me, that bringing laughter into my corner of this world was Miss River’s ultimate goal — and she succeeded time and again. For years I laughed. But more than the laughter, Joan Rivers brought hope and life to many of us. Her charitable generosity was limitless. My heart is sad today for losing this unmatchable force of nature who has given us (and me) so much. Melissa & Connor, sincerely, my thoughts and prayers are with you and all loved ones within your immediate circle.
      RIP Dearest Joan Rivers.
      I will forever treasure hearing you laugh at yourself. That was so wonderful.

    62. Your mom has lifted my heart my entire life. She has been a symbol of strength and fashion and the possibilities of women and humor and so much more. You are as classy and beautiful as her. I wish many blessings to you Melissa. You are soo lucky to have had such a close wonderful relationship with her. Treasure every moment yku have shared…and continue to shine. Much love to you all.

    63. As a child I enjoyed watching her on the Johnny Carson Show. I’m a big fan of the Fashion Police. She will truly be missed.

    64. I am as upset at the death of Joan Rivers as I would be at the death of a young talented comedic prodigy but only more so. I felt she had so much more to give, so many more ways to make me laugh; but she also had a most fantastic history of humor and truth. This is a loss … Of creativity, of honesty, and of the relief of being able to laugh at others and of ourselves.

    65. Melissa, I met your mother 3 months ago as I was leaving a “Lady Day” matinee on Broadway. I was so pleasantly startled to see her that I thoughtlessly interrupted her conversation with two men to say hello and ask for her autograph. She couldn’t have been more gracious. I’ve felt remorseful ever since then for having been so forward, but I’m so grateful to have experienced her kindness firsthand. I’ll never forget that day. I feel as though I’ve lost a friend, even though I was a stranger to her, and a pushy one at that. She was a treasure. My thoughts are with you and your family.

    66. Hi Melissa and Cooper,

      I kept following the story and all that had transpired since about a week ago and I really hoped that Joan would have pulled through. When I sat at home and with each day that had passed, I had wondered if she was going to ever wake up. Being a former caregiver/CNA you kind of have the sense if someone will make it or not. I kind of figured that if she was still on life support last night that she wasn’t going to make it. The world has lost a comedy icon!! Her terrific sense of humor will be missed :’-(

    67. So sorry for your loss. There are no words to take the pain away. You mother was loved by many and will be missed. I hope you can get a little comfort knowing that others loved her and will miss her too. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Thank you for sharing her with everyone.

    68. Melissa my heart breaks for you. To quote your mom, ” …. this to shall pass” It doesn’t, nor would we want it to but I promise you it does get better.

    69. Dear Melissa and Cooper,

      Joan Rivers was a remarkable talent who brought laughter to millions. I have loved her humor for many years and have tremendously admired her hard work, her prodigious intelligence, her resilience and her good heart.

      I have said Kaddish for Ms. Rivers and send my heartfelt condolences to you, to other members of your family, and to Ms. Rivers’ friends and fans.

      Please know that I join the millions who are grieving with you. Heaven is a livelier and far funnier place now, even as our world has dimmed a bit. But to honor Ms. Rivers’ legacy, we’ll continue to make room for laughter.

      With heartfelt sympathies,


      Maryland USA

    70. What you wrote was so true, Joan helped me through some terrible days, Melissa is like me no siblings alive and mom gone, it will be a tough time, you will get through it but missing her will not cease, it will get harder some days, just call on your mum and she will be there laughing with you, god bless you both, rest Melissa stay well

    71. One-of-a-kind. They broke the mold and we will never see another one like her. I am happy for the remarkable life she had; the laughter she generated; the way she could catch your funny-bone off guard and make you laugh until you cried; the love she always showed for Melissa is beautiful and showed what a big and generous heart she possessed. I’m so sad she has left us here on a planet that will have less laughter without her. Melissa and Cooper, I’m so sorry for your loss.

    72. Really sad to hear Joan has passed away – My Sunday nights in Ireland wont be the same without Joan on Fashion Police 🙁

    73. Our love goes out to you Melissa and Cooper. Your mother made us laugh everyday. From Tim and Mark in Darwin Australia.

    74. So very sad to hear of her passing. She was and will always be the funniest woman ever! God bless from London. Love to you Mary

    75. I am so distressed for you Melissa at the loss of your beloved mother. While her indomitable spirit will live on in you – selfishly we who are left behind will miss her irrepressible joy for life and wonderful sense of the ridiculous – forever. I was lucky enough to see her perform here in Australia decades ago now but still recall the way I laughed continuously for the hour and was left with aching sides for days. She was Loved!

    76. I had the privilege of working with Joan on some of her television appearances here in the UK, including executive producing her ‘Another Audience with Joan Rivers’ special. I was also the executive producer of The Royal Variety Performance on the night Joan dropped an ‘F’ bomb in front of The Queen! That was quite a night.
      She was the funniest woman in the world, a genuine pioneer, and opened so many doors that today’s female comedians are able to walk through now. Off stage she was warm, funny, and interested in everyone – and loved a gossip. I consider it a great honour to have known her. Melissa, your mother was the best…

    77. God bless Joan Rivers. She was a wonderful person, and she will always be remembered. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

    78. I was so shocked and saddened to hear of your mothers passing. She had such a zest for life . You and your son and all of her other family members and dear friends were so lucky to have had her in your lives for as long as you did. My mother passed away suddenly 15 years ago and we still miss her. But one thing I can tell you is that it will get easier as time goes on. You will always miss them but you will have so many wonderful, funny, full of love memories. I am sure that she will let you know in someway that she is okay and that you did the right thing letting her go. I know she would want you to carry on and laugh and enjoy life to the fullest as we are all here for such a short time. God Bless!

    79. Sarah Silverman said it best “She was not done”. It is heartbreaking and a huge loss. I feel like I lost a family member. Seeing her energy always amazed me. The world is so less funny today. My prayers are with her beloved Melissa and Cooper and her friends who loved her so much. So incredibly sad!!

    80. My Father passed away in 2011. Like Joan he walked into a hospital vertically. Very similar. I watched your reality show where Joan told you where stuff is “just in case.” I reacted just like you did. In fact that show let me get to know your family so well that now I feel like I’ve lost a member of my family. I want to help but have no clue how. I wish you and you son the best going forward. Our family is here for yours always.

    81. So very sorry for your loss,,I can just imagine the shock it was for your family,,I had a similar incident but at least in alive to talk about it,, My prayers are with you

    82. In times when I get down I looked to Joan and the video where she told off Annie Duke and called her a “Poker Player” it always makes me laugh and lifts my spirits. My life will be forever changed by not having her here but I know she would want us to continue to tell jokes. I will miss her every day. Melissa, you and Cooper will be in our prayers. I am in despair and will pray for in the days to come. I know you and your Mother were so close and it will be hard. We are all here hugging you both.

    83. Melissa,

      Your mother changed my life for the better.
      My partner committed suicide ON our 10 year anniversary.
      Your mother unknowingly got me through the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with, with her jokes and her brilliant comedic genius! I always wanted to meet you both.
      Please remember that she made such a positive influence in so many people’s lives for so many years.
      I can’t believe she has passed, but my life is better with memories of her during my teen years in the 80s til this day.
      You are lucky to have been blessed with such a classy, beautiful woman for your sweet mom!

      Thinking of you,


    84. Agree completely! Bless your hearts, Melissa & Cooper, during this heart-wrenching time. I’ll be praying for God to help you through it. Love, Sarah Smith (Long time fan of all 3 of you)

    85. I miss you so much. You are so much apart of my life. I miss you so much. We were so lucky to have you here in our lives. Boy do I miss you.

    86. This day I will remember. Your Mom has kept me laughing for many years. I have so enjoyed her. The world has lost again a wonderful person and we just don’t have that many to spare. I loved how your Mom was always Real. No candy coating and She spoke her mind. Melissa, it was a sad day for me, your Mom died on my birthday. In her memory, there was no celebration. I postponed this til Sept. 20th. One of the greatest thing she ever taught me was, Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! lol, I passed that on to my daughter. Joan, it worked because I am not looking bad for turning 59 on my new birthdate! I will always remember you. Always. Love Sandra

    87. Melissa,

      Your Mother was an incredible person whose love of life and style transcended ethnicities, age and cultures. She personified that age was just a number. I thank you for sharing her with many and May God grant you and Connor Peace .

    88. Lianne from Timmins,On Canada
      all my love to you Melissa and family at this terrible time. i’m sorry for sending condolence so late, i don’t mean any disrespect. Took two days to write this., xo







      AUTHOR: Lianne Beauchamp

    89. I agree, if we can’t smile and laugh in life, what else is there to carry us through. I live in the UK and am deeply saddened by the news of Joan River’s passing, we love her here. I want to send both Melissa and her son Cooper my sincere condolences. Joan Rivers bought so much happiness to millions of people around the world. God bless you Joan.

    90. I am still in shock that Joan is gone… She was an amazingly funny woman who was lucky enough to have made it in Hollywood… Several times, haha. On top of being immensely funny, she was immensely beautiful, caring, and giving. She was such a rare commodity, especially in Hollywood. I’ve looked up to her for so many years… Hoping I could be at least a quarter of the woman she was and enjoy a quarter of the success she’s enjoyed. There’s no one even close to having her outgoing personality, her extremely crude humor, her lack of concern for what people thought about her, her timeless beauty, and her limitless need AND want to give for decade after decade.

      Melissa and Cooper, you guys are so lucky to have had Joan in your lives. There is no one better to have guided you through life and paved the way for your future. I hope you are thankful for what you were given because some of us in the world weren’t quite so lucky. I would give anything to have ONE of my parents care about and help me the way Joan did you and your son.

      My thoughts and prayers are with you guys now and always, but I know you’ll be okay Melissa because Joan raised you to be so smart and strong. You’ll have no trouble leading in your mothers footsteps.

    91. The wee early hours of the morning the day Joan “passed on” – I laid in bed thinking of her, Praying for her – that went on for an hour or two. Something I rarely do is awaken at that hour. I just couldn’t get her out of my mind. Prayers for a Miracle? Of course!!! Just desperately wanting our Wonderful, crack us up Funny, Classy, “Genuinely Joan” (!) to stay with us! Don’t leave us – we need you! was my plea. News came, Deep sadness came, the flood of Tears came… I can’t believe it. No! How could it Be?, I thought. But the core of my Being accepted the Truth. Then it was as tho Joan was emphasizing to me… as tho this was what her Spirit was imparting to me AND to make darn sure we all knew it! It felt as tho Joan said: I’ve continued on my Journey, My Creator met me at the Pearly White gates of Heaven. My Heavenly Father knows I am humbled, I was Thankful and still am (& is in my Spirit to Stay), for the Gift he gave me to help people laugh and because of the comedic ability he gave me I was able to help give people a lift (a vacation) … to entertain. Lord I know I may Not have been perfect But You don’t expect us to be – perfect that is. Heavenly Father, the utmost Gratitude for my Daughter & Grandson. I Love my Family, Friends, Fans & Colleague’s Dearly. Now it is Time to continue to Be an encouraging, inspiring, loving Spirit to give to those who could use it and a few good laughs don’t hurt! The Journey is Grand, It’s Beautiful, It’s Delightful when you put Love, Acceptance & Humor in it!


    92. Rest in Peace Joan Rivers You will be remembered. I just wanted to send my sympathy to the family Joan will be greatly missed.God
      bless you and your family. Barbara Grandi I admired her so much.

  2. so sad…sitting here at work with tears streaming down my cheeks from the news. My thoughts and prayers to Melissa and Cooper. Joan is, was, and will ALWAYS be 1 of a kind!

    1. So sad… Too sad. My wishes for comfort to those closest to Joan, as well as all of us who struggle with such a great loss. I am trying do what Joan would do… Be tough and focus on moving forward with guts and a humorous outlook. What an amazing woman! Melissa-you are so your mother’s daughter you have so many of her strengths as well as talents that complemented hers, blessings to you and Cooper.

  3. so sorry for your loss – but know your mom’s legacy will continue on – her gift of laughter was the best medicine for us all.

  4. RIP Joan Rivers. Always thought you were great for having the balls to say what others want to say but don’t have the balls to say it. To hell with political correctness! You nearly made me piss my pants several times when I saw your show at the Hard Rock Orlando a couple years ago.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss she made so many of us laugh…..I guess God needed laughter in Heaven… Prayers and loving thoughts to you and your family

    2. Dear Melissa and Cooper,

      May God bless you for taking care of your Mother throughout the years and especially at the last leg of her life’s journey.
      May she rest in peace.

      Angela –

      1. RIP Joan. Melissa and Cooper I am sorry for your loss. Your mother was a stand up woman who did not hesitate to say anything she wanted. She will always be remembered. I loss my mom and dad 40 days apart and know how hard it is. You will always remember that you were there till the end and that means a lot. She knows you were there an she knows you are a strong person and will be good. I’m am sorry.

      2. My heart breaks for Melissa and Cooper and all of those close to Joan. My girls and I watched Joan Knows Best every week and were looking forward to the next season. Joan made us belly laugh every week.
        I hope Melissa will find peace knowing how much her mother loved her. That was evident even from this of us who didn’t personally know her. RIP Joan! You will be missed!

    3. RIPJoan. Melissa and Cooper stay strong. Im an only child and lost my mother suddenly also. You’re mother made millions of people laugh and that is a wonderful gift.

    4. Very Sad that Joan had to Die Twice! August 28 and today Sept 4th! Way to go Joan….What a Talent…your “Star “will shine in the sky tonight…We`ll be looking……..

    5. What a great loss we all have experienced today. Melissa and Cooper… you are in our prayers. Joan will be missed tremendously. T.V. Will never be the same!!!

    6. A national treasure. I prayed for her recovery but know she would not want to be incapacitated in any way. The loss of a mother is so hard and I am truly heartbroken for Melissa and Cooper. She was a force of nature and will be truly missed. We were fortunate to know her and laugh with her. God bless.

    7. Rip josn, you made us laugh on a razor edge of humor orgers dare not cross. You will be missed snd revered for the humor you portrayed which is never duplicated it was yours, and yours only

    8. So sorry for your great loss of you mom! She will be missed by so many. She was a funny lady who brought smiles to my family over the years and we will always remember her. Take care and God Bless, Lisa in Eden Prairie Minnesota!

    9. I am so sad to hear of your tremendous loss. I saw her twice on stage and they were both the most hilarious nights of my life. She truly was amazing, gracious, beautiful, hilarious and an inspiration to anyone in their “older years”. She will never be forgotten or replaced. We loved you Joan.

    10. Very sad to lose your mother and best friend. You two were great together, I would laugh because you were like the mother and your mom was the daughter at times. It’s sucks,,,,,I know that pain. One thing I was always grateful for was that my children were old enough to know my mom, really know her. Your Cooper will also have those great memories and funny stories to tell. Never regret anything that ever made you laugh or smile. Hang in there Melissa.

    11. I am not a member of any social media site so I cant leave any comments, but I would like to join you to say ho much I will miss Joan Rivers on TV and I saw her on her last tour of the UK in Brighton England and I have never belly laughed like I did last night. I cant understand why the beautiful people leave us too soon when all the
      horribilis around the world carries on. So sad… Im gutted but thoughts to her family and friends.

    12. I am so sorry for your loss. Joan was such a talented lady and she will be missed by so many people. I had bought tickets to see her on her forthcoming UK tour; I was so looking forward to seeing her on stage. Although we are all sad right now, the laughter and joy she brought to us all will last forever. RIP Joan xx

    13. Too sad, just too sad. Great lady, great talent, great designer and a truly funny, funny person. Will miss seeing her everywhere, cause was always busy. I feel your family’s pain.

    1. I will miss you my fellow Gemini, may God hold you so tight. Please Joan no cursing ok. Love n so happy God gave us you!!!

  5. I am devastated at the loss of such a wonderful, funny and beautiful lady. Rest in Peace Ms. Rivers and keep God laughing!

  6. To the entire Rivers family-my condolences go to you all! Ms. Rivers was one of a kind! I enjoyed her as an entertainer and she will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    1. Melissa, I’m so sorry for your loss. Even as total strangers I’m sure many people can empathyse and send you our sincerest sympathy.

    1. I kept praying and talking to my group of physicians I manage. Daily I would ask them based on we know is she going to make it? Then today I got the message as we all did and my heart sank. I will miss you! Prayers to the family.

  7. OMG. This is unbearable. Keeping you & Copper in prayers. Your mother will be missed by many. God Bless Joan Rivers!!

    Heaven has gained an angel.


  8. Sincerely sorry for your loss. Losing a parent is so painful, not too mention your family having to deal with it in the public eye. I hope you and yours find some peace and privacy in the coming weeks and months. Thank you for sharing your Mom all these years with all of us.

    1. I know exactly how it feels to lose a parent as I lost my Dad 3 years ago today. Sending prayers to Melissa & Cooper as they find the strength to get through the first year. It’s going to be tough, but it will get better. Just have to take it one day at a time.

  9. May God be with you in your time od grief. I thought your mother was hilarious and loved her still to this day. Praying for you and your family.

  10. Blessing and love to you and your son – I will watch A Piece of Work tonight again and remember how Joan rocked and how awesome she was. An inspiration me. Warmest wishes to you and yours.

  11. Imagining Joan standing before God who looks at her and says, “Can We Talk?” My sincere condolences to your entire family for a woman who made zillions of people laugh for decades. God bless all of you. Having just lost my dad last week – I’m so sorry for your loss.

  12. The world is a sadder place without Mrs Rivers. She’s being making me laugh for decades, she will truly be missed

  13. My heart breaks for you and your son. The whole world shares your loss, Melissa. She was absolutely one of a kind, one of the best, and one we’ll never forget.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss. Prayers to you and your family. I feel like I’ve lost a friend. She made me laugh so much. She was one of a kind. Such a smart, funny, fearless performer and business woman. She seemed like such a wonderful mom and grandmother, too.

  14. My heart and thoughts go out to you and your family during this sad time. She was a fabulous woman. Rest Beautifully!

  15. I am sorry to hear of the passing on Joan Rivers. She brought a lot of joy and laughter to many lives. She is truly a legend and will never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers go out to Melissa, Cooper and their family.

  16. So sorry hear the news Joan was a legend was looking forward to seeing her in her forth coming tour see leaves a great legacy RIIP joan you will be greatly missed

  17. Sending Love and Prayers from Australia – We were only just watching the Emmy/MTV awards Fashion Police last week and we all were in tears laughing – Your Mum – a Hollywood Legend!!!

  18. Sorry to hear of the death of Dear Joan, she will be sadly missed , but she,ll always be in our hearts, Love and God Bless you all and please keep on laughing, she gave everyone a lot to laugh about.

  19. Joan’s humor crossed generations and could make anybody laugh. I will always remember her for making any subject funny. She will be greatly missed.

  20. Everyone in heaven now gets our comedy legend to enjoy…. Here we will be very sad for awhile. it’s just heart breaking. Big world wide hugs to you Melissa and Cooper… I don’t remember the last time a celebrity died that it made me as sad as this does. I’m so sorry!

  21. Peace be with all of you. Thank you Joan Rivers for making laughter a staple in our lives. There will never be anyone as grounded and as funny as you. God bless you.

  22. I am heart broken. Melissa, my Mother is in the hospital now and I’ve been praying for both of them. I was lucky enough to see your Mom perform at The Painter’s Mill Theater in Baltimore when I was all of 6. She picked out of the audience, across the theater, a friend of ours who was a classic Jewish American Princess. Joan roasted her on the spot, up and down. She was incredible. Fearless and sage. What a legend. How lucky that I got a glimpse – I’ve always remembered it. How lucky you were to have such a Mom. I’m thinking & praying for you. With love, Lisa A. in Brooklyn.

  23. Melissa and Cooper, your mom and grandmother was loved by millions. I have been a fan for what seems like all of my life. Her wit, brilliance and impeccable timing will never be forgotten. A bright star has diminished the light on our planet with her passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  24. I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your son, and all the family and friends. Joan is a great lady and will truly be missed.

  25. Your mother brought laughter to the world. God bless you Melissa and your family during this time of loss. We will miss her as an entertainer but you’ve lost your mom. I hope all the outpouring of love provides you with comfort. Maria Segure

  26. My deepest condolences Mellisa & Cooper. Joan was the Queen of Sass and will be deeply missed. Truly a comedic genus xo

    “Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.” ~Author Unknown

  27. Melisa and Cooper,
    I am so very sorry to hear about the passing of your Mom and grandmother. This will be a very difficult time and my thoughts and prayers are with you. RIP Joan……We all will miss you a lot.

  28. Melissa, my heart is aching for you and with you. Your sweet mom was amazing beyond words. Her ability to make us laugh out loud was amazing, but it was her compassion that shined through even more. Much love.

  29. So so sad. Joan was a great lady. Funny and Sharp. My partner and myself had the privilege have seen her in England and it was a fantastic show and we had our photo taken with her which we will treasure so much. Out love and thoughts are with Melissa and her family and all of joans friends and millions of fans. Joan you lit up our lives and we loved you. R.I.P God bless xxxx Roger and Alex xx

  30. Stay strong, Melissa and Cooper! Your mom has made all of us laugh so much throughout the years! We will honor her memory by continuing to do so. Love and blessings!

  31. May HaShem help you and Cooper fdine peace and solace. Mother will live forever in my heart. Prayers of comfort to you and loved ones

  32. I’m so sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your family. Always loved watching your mom. May she forever rest in piece.

  33. Melissa and Cooper; May the 2 of you find comfort in the many memories and laughs you shared with her. She brought so many people laughter and joy over the years.

    1. So sad she passed. Her sense of humour in the fashion police is hilarious and I really do love her. Her legacy lives on. Melissa be strong. She resting now. RIP Joan.

  34. I don’t know where to begin. Your mother and your family is like a part of ours. We are overcome with grief. We are terminally grateful for the love and laughter your mother has given us. You have gotten me through some of our worst times without you even knowing that. We have watched your show on the women’s network and I have laughed more than you could ever imagine. You and Cooper are in my thoughts and prayers. The love that you shared with your mother is something most of us only dream of. I truly thank you for sharing your lives with us. I am losing everything I’ve ever known including our home. I raise my three children on my own and have muscular dystrophy. Laughing along with you and seeing your relationship was a sense of healing. You’ve given far more to the public then you can imagine. I am truly eternally grateful for all you’ve done. I will never forget nor stop praying for your mother your father and you and Cooper. I have never left a public message on the forum like this before. I feel so compelled to do something for you. My prayers may seem small, but the love and gratitude behind them are eternal. God be with you and grant you strength and peace. Thank you for sharing your mom with us. I am eternally grateful. I know you do not know me but if you ever need someone I am always here. All our love Lori,Christian, Jacob, and Sarah.

  35. May the Lord give you Peace in your Heart to You and Your Family…To the Simple Girl with a Dream ….Thank You for making us laugh. God Speed Joan Rivers. Rocio, Brownsville Texas

  36. I am very sorry for your loss! She was such a genuine person! Making us laugh and look life with a different perspective. Her laughter and jokes and attitude – always part of us. Our prayers are with you we cry with you!

  37. So very sorry for your loss. My mom and i were a tagteam=) i wish you strength and comfort during the days and months to come.

  38. May she rest in peace. So very sorry for your loss
    May your family find peace. God Bless.
    Carmen , Wesley Chapel, FL

  39. God Bless You Melissa and Tylor.Mom is going to keep God laughing as she did all of us .My heart hurts for you both.Please remember out of sight but NEVER out of heart or mind She’s with you always RIP Joan keep them smiling xxxxxooooo

  40. Joan was the funniest woman to watch and loved everything she did! I remember being excited when it was her week to host the tonight show! I am truely sorry for you loss. krystal

  41. Melissa and Cooper my heart is heavy for you both. My son in law meet your mother working security for her, and said she was the nicest person he’s ever met. So very sad for you both. I have always loved Joan and her comedy. She will be greatly missed. Prayers to you all.

  42. Rest Peacefully Joan! You can never be forgotten. So iconic, so hilarious, and so generous. I am thankful that you were able to live such a full life and share your humor with us. Melissa and Cooper, my deepest condolences. Love.

  43. No lo puedo creer. Mi más sentido pésame desde México. Nunca me perdía Fashion Police, yo la he admirado siempre, cuando ganó The Apprentice me dio mucho gusto. La vamos a extrañar.

  44. I am angry, sad and inconsolable. I am so sorry.

    Thinking of you and your family. The world will never forget the legend Joan Rivers.

    God bless,

  45. World is sadder and darker without her bright soul on earth. Melissa and Cooper, my heart breaks for you and I have to think that Heaven is a much happier and more fashionable place with your Mom there, May God bless you and help you find peace with your loss.

  46. You will Forever be the Funniest Women of all time to me. You will live forever in our Hearts and TV’s. Please be kind to God and don’t kill him with laughter! ♡

  47. Beautiful statement Melissa! So sorry for your family’s loss. Your mom was so amazing and fantastically funny! An original! Hard working! A Trailblazer! My favorite comedian!

  48. Dearest Melissa …. My heartfelt love and condolences go out to you and your beautiful son, both of whom Joan clearly loved so dearly! By God’s Grace your Mom did not suffer, which is the greatest gift of all in this painful time. Love and blessings to you both.

  49. I am so sad. Joan is making them laugh in Heaven right now – they must have needed her up there. I am wearing my pink Joan jacket to work tomorrow as a homage. Big Hugs to Melissa and Cooper.

  50. My heart breaks for your loss. Your mother was an inspiration to me. Thank you for lending your mother to the world because it would have been a much sadder place without her. All our thoughts & love are with you and cooper. Xxx

  51. Such a funny lady who never failed to make me laugh – truly one of a kind. The world of comedy will never have another Joan.

  52. God bless you and your family, Melissa. The world has lost a great talent. She made me laugh for many, many years. Remember to celebrate her life, even as you grieve. She would not want you to be sad. I can just hear what she’d have to say about that. She is loved by millions and that will never change. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  53. So sorry about the loss of another great one! Fashion Police is my wife’s favorite TV show. Joan will be sorely missed. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. TGM FROM NIGERIA!

  54. My deepest condolences to you, Melissa and Cooper. We saw your mother on stage about 3 years ago in Toronto, Ontario and I have never laughed so hard in my life. May she rest in peace .. and be fashionably dressed.

  55. RIP Joan you were one hell of a lady!!! The only one who can keep up with those big boys!!! Here is to the laughs you gave us…give them hell up in Heaven!

  56. Such sad news.Its a bitch getting older… I have learned this year cherish each moment..
    What a wonderful entertainer and beautiful lady. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time.
    Rest in peace!

  57. There will never be anyone like Joan. She was one of a kind in the most amazing way. Strong, hilarious, and loving. She was a grandmother to us all. My love is with Melissa and Cooper and Joan will be in my heart <3

  58. My prayers are with you and Cooper as you grieve your personal loss, and with all of us who loved her and admired her great talent and fortitude. I simply cannot wrap my brain around the fact that we have lost such an American treasure.

  59. Your mother gave so much joy to so many people. I’m convinced, though, that her biggest joy in life was you and Cooper. We could all feel the special love you all shared. So sorry for your loss.

  60. I am so sorry for this tremendous loss. My heart goes out to you and your family. Your mother was amazing. Much love to you.

  61. I feel like a family member has passed away….my deepest sympathy to the family. A true comedy legend that never backed down from anyone or anything, a pioneer for all women comics. You will be missed so much, love you Joan, rest in peace….

  62. So sad, what a loss. My heart, thoughts, prayers to Melissa & Cooper… can’t imagine the pain those closest to her are feeling today. XoxoX

  63. I am so sorry for your loss, Melissa and family. Your mom brought me so much laughter and joy. I went through a severe depression many years ago and I watched The Joan Rivers Show when I couldn’t sleep. I laughed and laughed, and healed. I continued to watch everything Joan did, laughing and getting joy from her incredible gift of humor. I will miss her deeply.

  64. So sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. Her life and legacy will remain a part of american history forever.

  65. Your mom was an amazing woman, a pioneer who brought lots of joy and laughter to millions and was loved by MANY individuals. She was truly genuine. May she rest in peace and her spirit continue to bring the world joy and laughter.

  66. I am so sorry to hear this. I just finished reading her latest book a couple of weeks ago(loved it)! Your mother was fabulous!! So sorry for your loss. RIP Joan.

  67. My thoughts are with you and your family, Melissa. Your mother will be sadly missed. I have been a fan of her comedy all my life. I will always hear her voice in my head anytime I watch a red carpet event. She had a long, full life. Take care.

  68. Melissa and Cooper, just sitting here watching the news about Dear Joan. She truly was one of a kind, her humor got us all through difficult times. As much as as I appreciated her humor and zest for life, what caused me to admire her was her deep love for her daughter and grandson, and the loyalty she always showed to her friends. With the troubles in the world right now God must have needed someone to make him laugh. We will miss you Joan.

  69. Your mother was an icon and she will be dearly missed. Thank you for sharing your mom/grandmom with the world, she brought us so much happiness. You and Cooper are in my thoughts and prayers! Xoxo <3

  70. Baruch Dayan HaEmet- both love and condolences to you and your mother on the passing of a lady that can only be called a truly great comic. As other people have said already, thank you so much for sharing her with the world, and may we return to laughing soon.

  71. My deepenst condolences goes out to you and your entire family, Melissa. I am deeply saddened by this news, but I pray that peace and comfort settle upon all hearts that shared a love for Ms. Rivers. May we remember her in her best and hilarious moments! Rest in Heaven Joan!


  72. Thinking of you all, so sorry for your loss Joan is a legend, an absolute ‘one off’ and she’ll now be busy doing it for everyone ‘upstairs’… God bless xx

  73. I’m so sorry for your loss. Your mother was a great woman who made so many people laugh. She will be missed dearly.

  74. My condolences to the family. She was a great entertainer and a straight talking lady. Loved watching Fashion Police she brightened up my day.x

  75. So sad that your mother lost the battle. She has made the world laugh for so long. Melissa, my thoughts are with you & your son. My mother passed away exactly 40 years ago today! She will remain in your heart forever. Make that the world’s hearts.

  76. Melissa & Cooper,

    We all feel like we have lost a family member. We will be thinking and praying for you We all loved her

  77. RIP a comic genius, amazing mum & nanny always remember her saying Cooper called her nanny new face lol……
    Sending you hugs…..Karen xxx

  78. Joan – Thank you for opening doors that I will never have to worry about because of people like you willing to challenge the system and the powers that be.

    Melissa & Cooper – Thank you for sharing your lives and your family with us through your show and everything else. I am praying for you.

  79. Shocked again having just heard the sad news about Joan Rivers. I am such a fan, and recently purchased tickets to see Joan perform her comedy show live in November. What a huge loss for all of us. Joan and her family have been in my thoughts and prayers for the last week, and will continue to be during this difficult time. Rest in peace, Joan.

  80. I love your mom and how nothing was off limits! She spoke what many thought. I loved listening to her on Howard too! I love that she made fun of herself. I have Cerebral Palsy and make fun of myself always. We lost the queen of comedy! Hope she’s making people laugh wherever she is. Love to your family!

  81. Oh Joan, I can’t believe we have to live in a world without you,I’m just so sad and heartbroken and feeling such loss,we just saw you, so funny and energetic and full of life….I’m so sad for Melissa and Cooper and all her beloved dogs…..Joan,there will never be another one like you,you are irreplaceable but I know you went out at the top of your game with a fully booked dance card,looking better than ever and funnier than shit…..I just thought you would go on forever…

  82. Joan, you have left all of us. My heart is breaking. Such an honest and brave person she was. I so enjoyed her humor. Melissa, my prayers are with you and your family through recovery. God Bless and watch over you and your son.

  83. I’m so, so sad that the iconic Joan Rivers has died at 81. She was always my “guilty pleasure” and I watched Fashion Police religiously and Joan and Melissa when I could. She broke many glass ceilings, after being kicked off the Red Carpet she created Fashion Police… nothing could stop her, or so it seemed. RIP you gutsy, pushy, awesome broad!

  84. Heartbroken to hear this news…my heart goes out to you Melissa for having to make this decision…your mother would be proud of you and Cooper for handling this with such grace…What a gift…your mother was there to see you take your first breath…and you were lucky enough to be there to see her take her last…for a mother and child…that’s pretty wonderful…she had a great life…and so many of us feel as if she is family…typing this with tears in my eyes…will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers…

  85. What a great inspiration she has been. She loved her family more than anything in the world. I remember watching their show and seeing her take Cooper fishing and doing other things that some celebrities would think are beneath them. Rest in peace Joan. The world will not be the same without you. We were blessed to have your company for 81 years and now heaven needed some entertainment.

  86. Melissa, Cooper and Family,

    My deepest sympathy to you all. Your Mother was truly one in a million! She made me laugh every time I saw her, whether on Fashion Police, QVC or live show. I spoke to her a couple of times on QVC. While I was at one of the lowest points in my life, she made me smile.
    What a truly beautiful lady! May you rest in peace, Joan. Love to you all.

  87. Dear Melissa & Cooper,

    We pray for you and your family (both blood and chosen) in the moments and days ahead, as you grapple with the graduation of your beloved mother and grandmother. She was truly one of a kind and left her mark of laughter on this world. May she soar with the angles, and bring you great comfort with visits in happy memories and blissful dreams. She is not gone; merely transformed and you/we shall she her again.

    Dear Joan,

    Thank you for the lifetime of laughs you so generously gave to the masses. Pray you have found eternal laughter on the heavenly stage keeping the angels and all those who have gone before in stitches. Cheers to living a full life despite the ups and downs. You are and shall continue to be missed.

  88. Heart Broken. Melissa and your son, prayers to you both. May you laugh soon. Your mom would not want it any other way. Live and enjoy life as she did. You are a strong lady.

  89. Devastated to hear the news. We are big fans of Fashion Police and we will miss Joan very much. Thoughts are with you and your family.

    Regina, Ireland xx

  90. I adored Joan Rivers…. years ago when I worked for the NYC Gay Center, Joan hosted a small private dinner at her fabled NY digs (the JP Morgan Mansion in UES). She was such an incredibly gracious hostess. I was really impressed she took time before the event began to sit with staff and review the seating chart so that she knew something each important guest at the table. She was actively involved in charming the guests to give money to the cause. I recall the moments before the guests arrived, I was in the library with Joan, and she pointed out to me that all the books had been sawed to fit evenly in the case and look symmetrical – cracked me up…. Not to mention I always loved her shtick. RIP

  91. To Melissa & The Rivers Family,

    I am so deeply sorry for your loss.
    I am in tears at this news, and I was never even fortunate enough to meet your phenomenal Mother. I can’t even begin to fathom how you’re feeling right now.
    But I think you should know (from a lifelong UK fan) that Joan Rivers brought so much joy, laughter and happiness into our home.
    We were due to see her show in London next month.
    May her hilariously beautiful soul rest on peace.
    From a dear Ranger.
    Ian xxx

  92. I am so sorry Melissa. We all know the special connection you shared with her. Although your heart is completely shattered, you have been blessed and her spirit stays with you always. Hugs sweet girl. We will cry with you .

  93. I am so very sorry for your loss. Joan will be missed, she was truly unique in this world! I felt like she was a close friend and advisor, even though I only knew her public persona. She touch so many lives and will always be remembered with great affection.

  94. My heart hurts for you and Cooper. I absolutely adore you and your mother. I hope you are able to remember the many times she made you cry from laughing so hard! I know she did that to me all the time. May God bless you all.

  95. I feel I’ve lost a member of the family. So sad. A great lady.
    May she rest eternally in dignity and peace.

  96. My deepest sympathies to the family. A woman of such stature and individuality will most certainly be missed. I cherish the laughs she has given me.

  97. I cannot not tell you how heartbroken I am now! Joan Thanks for the many years of laughter! You will be missed! A moment of silence as the QUEEN of comedy takes her final bow! Thanks for getting us through the though times

  98. Dear Mel and Cooper. I just heard Joan is gone. I am crying so hard and I feel a piece of my heart is gone. Omg we will miss her at my house. Please Mel know that you and Coop are loved. Your Mom would be so proud of you this week. Joan can never die cause she lives on in you two. My condolences are not enough. I cannot imagine what you are feeling cause I am hysterical myself. She was the Queen. Our love susan and joan.

  99. I saw Joan’s show this past July in Huntington, New York . Very funny, wonderful. I sent Joan’s people my portrait of her. Melissa – keep the portrait, it’s a gift.

  100. Was so looking 4ward to nxt season of Joan knows best. Loved that show. Her & her antics, yes its scripted but she was funny & to watch Melissa’s face was priceless & dragging Duncan into her shinanigans. Sure gonna miss the Brash & sassy Joan. I have watched & loved Joan since I was a little girl back in the black & white rolling tv days, now 52 & deeply saddened 🙁 RIP you old crazy Lady 🙂 & I mean that w/ the utmost respect. And may yor family find PEACE knowing that you LOVED them so much.

  101. I am so sorry for your loss. She had a way of making those who watched her feel like family. May your memories bring you comfort.

  102. Melissa and family… i’m so very sorry for your hurting hearts. i was so sad to hear about Joan even being ill in the first place!! what a woman she was.. her iconic voice and spirit will never leave us! God bless you Joan, may you rest with Jesus.

  103. Your mother was the best at her craft. We will miss her. May you and your family find peace during this difficult time. All our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  104. She was definately the über coolest American comédienne ever. I loved her sense of humor. My condoleances to her family and friends.

  105. Such very sad news!!! You are very much loved and will never be forgotten Joan Rivers!!! Rest in Peace Beautiful. MUAH!!!!

  106. I had the pleasure to meet Joan on several occasions, she was as sweet and wonderful as she was funny. I will always think of her as the most BEAUTIFUL and Funniest woman ever. God Bless Melissa and Cooper. RIP JOAN!

  107. Melissa and family, my mom and I are devastated by this news. Even though we didn’t know Joan personally, she has felt like family, like one of us. We exchanged letters once and I will always remember her generosity. I used to go to watch her perform and bring a notepad to write down all her hysterical lines. In later years, I came to so admire and appreciate her ability to truly show herself — the documentary, the fearlessness about stating her views, such an incredibly strong, resilient wonderful soul. It bothered me when I watched her documentary that she seemed to feel so alone in the world, resigned to it, except of course for you and your son. You have to know if she didn’t come to understand it, that she is truly adored; I would have been honoured to be her friend, to have her over for a hilarious Passover seder one night. And I am not alone. For a lot of us, your mom was family. I wish you strength and comfort.

  108. Melissa, she will always be with you, there are no boundaries when it comes to a mother’s love for her child, not even death
    My prayers for you and your family during this time of heartache and sadness

  109. Prayers for your family, your mother was wondeful she made everyone laugh. May she rest in peace.

    Vicki from Texas

  110. Melissa, I am so very sorry for your loss. Joan was so very kind to me when my mother Jean died. (I worked on the entertainment systems in both her house in BH and yours in Malibu). She will always hold a special place in my heart. All the best to you.

  111. It must be a very difficult time for you all.
    So sorry for your loss.
    Love to you and your family from Bonnie Scotland.x

  112. Sorry to hear the devastating news!!! I so love Joan, Melissa & Copper!!!! Melissa & Copper you are both in my prayers!!! RIP Ms. Joan Rivers!

  113. So sorry to hear this news. Joan Rivers has made me laugh for many, many years. I’ve always admired her career from the very beginning. She was a trailblazer in so many ways. My deepest sympathies to her family.

    There’ll never be another Joan! RIP dear..

  114. RIP amazing soul. My heart goes out to Melissa and Cooper. She touched so many lives and when I was missing my own Mother I truly enjoyed watching the Joan and Melissa show. What a great Mom and Grandma.

  115. Somewhere in the afterlife there is a lot of joy because she’s making them all laugh…just like she did for all of us still here.
    At any age she is gone too soon.

  116. She seemed to thrive on making people laugh. But it was apparent her greatest joy was Melissa and Cooper. You can take comfort knowing she took every moment and seemed to turn them in to living on her terms. She will never be forgotten.

  117. Melissa & Cooper……you have my deepest condolences…..please know your mom (grandmother) loves you guys and would want you to continue the business….please know I’m supporting you 300%. God bless you and Cooper.

  118. RIP Joan! Prayers for Melissa and Cooper! She was a trailblazer for women in comedy and entertainment! I hope she is with Robin and George Carlin and they are havin’ some laughs!

  119. So sad. I really do love her, her sense of humour and all. She’s resting now in peace. Be strong Melissa. God is your strength. RIP Joan. U will be missed. She’s enjoyed her life the way she wanted to.

  120. What an amazing lady your mother was. She was shared with the world, but to you, she was your mom. I lost my mother and father, both, last year – 30 days apart – my heart breaks for you and your loss. I sincerely hope you can find some peace during this turbulent time. You are truly in my prayers.

  121. Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free,
    I’m following the path God laid for me.
    I took his hand when I heard his call,
    I turned my back and left it all.

    I could not stay another day,
    To laugh, to love, to work, to play.
    Tasks left undone must stay that way,
    I’ve found that peace at the close of the day.

    If my parting has left a void,
    Then fill it with remembered joy.
    A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss,
    Ah yes, these things I too will miss.

    Be not burdened with times of sorrow,
    I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.
    My Life’s been full, I savoured much,
    Good friends, good times, a loved one’s touch,

    Perhaps my time seemed all too brief,
    Don’t lengthen it now with undue grief.
    Lift up your heart and share with me,
    God wanted me now, He set me free

  122. RIP Joan, I can’t believe she has gone.

    Joan made me laugh every time I seen her, I am shocked at the news of her death.
    My heart goes out to Melissa and Copper and all of Joan’s close friends and family.

    The curtain may of come down, but she will always make us laugh. RIP Joan you will never be replaced.

    Jonny r


  123. I am sooo saddened by the death of Ms Rivers. I grew up watching her over the years from a child to present (I am 65). I always thought she was the funniest female comedian ever! The world has lost a gem. She will be missed.

  124. Joan…. Words cannot express sadness at this news. Taken far too soon… Melissa my heart goes out to you and Cooper. I met her 3 times and she was so kind and appreciative of her fans . Today the world lost one of the greats…and I’m so sad.
    My thoughts and prayers.


  125. Melissa… You and Cooper are in my thoughts and prayers. My heartfelt condolences to you both. Your mother was an extraordinary woman.

  126. Dear Melissa and Cooper,

    Joan Rivers gifted me and millions with years of laughter. She was at the top of my comedy pantheon, and I have revered her for her outsize talent, her hard work, her courage in the face of adversity, her resilience and her good heart.

    Please know that your mother and grandmother was adored by millions across the world and that we won’t forget her. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. I will be saying Kaddish for Ms. Rivers tonight.

    A True Joan Rivers Fan
    Maryland, USA

    1. An equal opportunity insulted…and the best at it! I will miss seeing her perform…sad news for sure…God Bless

  127. Had so much fun with Joan on Fashion Police and also Joan Knows Best !!!! I’ll save in my memory all those great moments…. I’m deeply sorry for the lost of Joan, May She rest in peace making the heaven a happier place and looking for her loved ones from paradise!!! May the Familly be strong to overcome this huge loss and carry on…. “Um Grande Abraço” from Alexandre and Cristina – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

  128. Even though there are no words to comfort you at this time, please know that the world is saddened by your loss. We will be missing her also. Your family is still in my prayers.

  129. Your mother and you have been in our family’s prayers. We will continue to pray for you during this difficult time. Your Mom is so proud of you (I say “is” because she still “is.”) and you’ve made her proud with the grace you handled this situation. You shared with the world, as we cared and prayed – that could not have been easy. May God bless your Mom in Heaven, you and your son. Our family’s sincerest sympathies to you all!

  130. Your mom was a very unique woman. Not only was she funny and gave us joy with her humor but a teacher who shared her gift of laughter and taught us the bright side of life. Be mindful your Mom’s humanity was her best gift of all. -Deborah

  131. Thank you Melissa. May Peace & the Comforting Presence be with you and Cooper and each of your loved one’s during this very sad time. And, peaceful rest to your mother as she watches over you for the rest of your lives.

  132. Sending all the Rivers family and Joan’s friends much love on the tragic news of Joan passing. I admired her so much and she never failed to make me laugh out loud.. …..truly a comedy genius. Thanks for the laughs Joan RIP xx

  133. My family sends our condolences to you and your family, Melissa and Cooper. She was a great and funny woman who will definitely be missed.

  134. Rip Joan rivers! Your stand up was hilarious, your shows tongue in cheek and your life a journey of highs and lows. You made me appreciate making fun of yourself and not taking everything so fkn seriously in life. Thanks for the laughs! So sorry to all your family and friends xx

  135. So very sorry for your loss. Her warmth and humor shined through in everything she did. She will be sorely missed by us all.

  136. Joan was an amazing and talented actress and comedian. She was a true one-of-a-kind and I am literally crying at Panera’s for the loss. I miss you already

  137. I am so sorry for your loss i loved her a lot. The laughter in heaven with her and Phyllis Dillard what a riot. Will miss Joan RIVERS a lot. Rip

  138. Joan seemed like one of my aunts. I grew up watching her as a little girl and since 2010 made no plans on Friday nights –
    Cause I had to watch fashion police-
    It was so great to see her return to E! , followed her to TV guide too though. Followed her everywhere:). She made me truly laugh- not giggle- bu deep bellowing belly laughs, tears in my eyes laughs. She has lifted my spirits for 30 years or more. I truly don’t think there is another on earth like her. Truly gifted and lovely!!!!

  139. Can’t imagine the heartache you must be feeling loosing someone so larger than life that the void must be immense. I met your mother once in Edinburgh and although I didn’t know her I will miss her bright light. Thank goodness we have her on film and in our minds to recall her wit and sense of self. God bless you all And know that millions are thinking of you all at this time.

  140. I retired to take care of my 93 & 86 yr old Dad & Mom! You got to work with your Mom for many years! What a blessing! My condolences to you & your son Cooper! My prayers for the strength you will be needing to get through this difficult time. May your memories help your heart.

  141. It breaks my heart. The world has lost one of the funniest, kindest and classiest acts of all time. To Melissa, Cooper and others, my prayers. I know you will laugh again.

  142. My condolences to you, Melissa, and your son, Cooper. She was an iconic, funny force of nature who seemed to always find a way to move on. She will be missed by all but most especially by you and Cooper.

  143. Devastated. Absolutely shattered to hear the news. Shocked also- had myself convinced it was only a matter of time until we would hear the good news that she had woken up. Kept checking back for positive news- it seemed that a such force of nature like Joan would and could recover from anything. Had not expected to read this instead. Beyond devastated. She will be very greatly missed by millions worldwide. I’m so very sorry Melissa and Cooper. Sympathies also to Joan’s extended family and friends. Will keep praying for all and sending love.

  144. Joan Rivers will always be one of God’s Angels. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family Melissa.

  145. Loved your mom. She made me laugh and was great demonstration of a good and passionate work ethic. May she rest in peace

  146. To the entire River’s family. My thoughts and prayers are with you as this angel makes her ascension, where she will continue to make everyone laugh upstairs. Love and light.

  147. Loved by so many and taught ME so much about LOVE for Family. RIP Joan and my thoughts and prayers go out to you Melissa and Cooper. She will be missed…

  148. Rest in peace Joan Rivers. You’re a great inspiration to me and everybody else who aspires to be as funny and controversial as you <3

  149. My heart is broken, she always brought light during darkest times… Our thoughts and prayers are with the family….

  150. I am so sorry to hear the news. I know how hard it is because my 91 year old mom is also in the hospital dying.
    Your mom was a great woman. She had the ability to make people laugh! I loved watching her on QVC and I have many of her clothes and jewelry. I will pray for you and your family.

  151. To Melissa and Cooper: our hearts ache for you in the loss of Joan. Her death was so tragically unexpected. She will always have a place in our hearts and those of all her millions of fans. God bless and keep you. Susan & Jim

  152. A true comedic genius!

    I hope the angels greeted her in their best attire.

    Joan Rangers Forever!
    Forever Joan Ranger!

  153. Rip Joan rivers! Your stand up was hilarious, your shows tongue in cheek and your life a journey of highs and lows. You made me appreciate making fun of yourself and not taking everything so fkn seriously in life. Thanks for the laughs!

  154. Joan was on my bucket list. Fortunately we just got see her a few moths ago at Fantasy Springs. We laughed are asses off. She was a strong, vivacious, loving and kind human being and will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you Melissa and Cooper and your family.

  155. My condolences to you, Melissa, to your son and to all those who were fortunate to know this wonderful woman…

    Joan, you made me laugh more than anyone else I can think of. You were edgy, you were real, and you were hysterical. You will be missed, but your legacy remains: Laughter in a world that is never without a need for it. I love you, as do so many countless others. Rest in peace.

  156. Be at peace, Joan. Thank you for all the years of smiles, happy tears, shocking emotions, and great insight on fashion. Melissa, be blessed as you experience this huge shift for your life. Love, love and more love

  157. An incredible and beautiful talent – forever inspiring the wit and wisdom within women. I admired her in many ways – and the sentiment of her jokes will be forever implanted in my mind. Thank you, Joan Rivers, for being YOU. RIP.

  158. Melissa. I sit and cry in disbelief today, but I also think about how your mother made me laugh as a teen when I was dealing with situations. She made me laugh so hard and those dealings made me happy and say how happy I am. She will always be in my memories as do many others. Xxoo. Roy

  159. Joan Rivers was a true original, and a role model to women breaking comedy’s glass ceiling. My deepest sympathies, Melissa, Cooper, David and family. My mother is there to meet her in the next life, decked out in her Joan Rivers jewelry.

  160. Legend…Pioneer…Fierce…ICON…may the prayers of strangers comfort you, your son, family and friends at this really difficult time. Hard to laugh with tears of sadness, yet so grateful to have been of the era of the late, great Joan Rivers. 🙁

  161. Rip Joan! OMG you made me laugh! My mom passed Aug 19 .. She was 62.. SY hi to her when u see her.. Make her laugh everyday! She will love you!

  162. I was so sad to hear Joan had died. She was a funny lady and I will miss her dearly. Melissa and Cooper, I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing her with the world,

  163. Very sorry to hear this news. We all grieve with you and your son, she was an inspiration, a joy to watch, loved so much by us all. She will be missed very much. I was really looking forward to all her jokes about Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress!

    RIP Joan, may you make them roar in heaven! xxx

  164. Dear Melissa and Cooper,
    We are so sorry for the loss of your Mother and Grandmother. Praying God will wrap his arms around you and give you comfort in this unbearable time. You shared your Mom with the world, and she made us all Laugh. Thank you. God Bess you and your Family.

  165. For many years I watched as Joan Rivers made us laugh. Over the past few years I have felt a deeper connection to her life and to her family as they opened up their home to us on TV. I loved seeing the connection between the 3 generations – Joan – Melissa – Cooper. My 80 yr old Mother lives with our family and we have experienced laughter in just comparing our lives and situations. God be with you as you face the days ahead and may the memories you have made comfort you. She will make sure you laugh again and will watch over you as you do!

  166. Moved to tears at the passing of your mom. I will miss her humor, her perseverance in life, and bigger than life personality. You will miss so much more. Love to you, Melissa!

  167. Oh I am so sad. Joan was freaking amazing ! So much spunk for a lady her age ! I will never forget seeing her stoned on her show…that was one of the funniest things I have ever seen Lol. I love that she spoke her mind and would not be pushed around. Joan Rivers was a great lady. I know she will be so missed. Love and hugs to Melissa and her lovely son. Rest in peace you magnificent lady !

  168. So very sad.She forged the way for women in a profession that wasn’t friendly to women. She was one of a kind and the world now has less laughter.

  169. Oh no! Words fail me. Melissa and Cooper, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I have so admired your mom, and you 2. Joan gAve everything! I wish I could help and would forever do anything to help you in the times to come. No strings, a hug, a prayer, a meal, someone to chat with in the wee hours. May God fill you with peace and comfort during this most horrific time, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. Xoxo

  170. I am so sorry for your loss Melissa and family. Your mom was one of a kind. I feel blessed that I had the privilege to grow up with her comedic genius often filling our house with laughter over the decades. I’m sure that you will find the laughter back in your life very soon…but in the meantime I hope peace to you and your family. And thank God for Joan Rivers and her talent, it will never be forgotten.

  171. The world has lost a true legend. I was also keeping my fingers crossed. Melissa & Cooper, you have the sympathy of each & every one of Joan’s fans. Take comfort knowing how much she was loved.

  172. Wow…. I have always remembered her voice, even as a little girl. Between her and Robin, heaven has got to be comic central ! However, I know it must be hard right now. So prayers for you and your family. May God give you strength and peace. Xoxo from Orlando, FL

  173. I am so very, very sad. It is as if someone in my family passed away. God rest her soul and long live her amazing legacy!

  174. My deepest sympathies to you and your family. You will continue on with her spirit to guide you and keep you smiling.

  175. I’m so sorry for your loss, Melissa. Please receive our love vibes from France. My boyfriend and I loved Joan although we didn’t get much of her over here. I know some poorly-dressed celebrities in heaven are breaking a cold sweat right now, Joan will surely make the place a lot more funnier. May the love of her family, friends and fans accompany her.

  176. Melissa and family: I am so sorry for your lost. Joan Rivers was one of the funniest woman on the planet and she will be missed tremendously. You all are in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.

    “If my parting has left a void, Then fill it with remembered joy. A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss; Ah yes, these things,I too will miss. Be not burdened with times of sorrow. I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.”-Taken from the poem “I’m Free” by Janice M. Fair-Salters

  177. I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you and your son. May God grant you peace and serenity at this very difficult time. Your mom will be missed. She was truly one classy lady!

  178. God gave her a wonderful gift and she shared it with us for so many wonderful years. No one on earth can make me laugh as much as Joan Rivers…..except maybe Forrest Brooks…..and now she is making the angels laugh. Thank you, Joan, for all that you’ve given to the world….God knows how much we needed to laugh.

  179. So sorry for your families loss .she made the world laughed .Rip Joan Rivers you truly will be Missed she is an Angel in heaven now

  180. Melissa and Cooper, I’m so sorry for your loss. There is nothing harder than the loss of a mother, I lost my mother in March. There are no words to say that can be comforting, it’s a shock and surreal.
    Your mom was a funny, glamorous, real person and Fashion Police was my favorite! She was a phenom and will be missed by the masses. God bless you and your family, and continue with your strength .

  181. I am truly heartbroken. Sitting here and crying. I am so sorry for your loss Melissa & family. I will remember Joan for the rest of my life, she was a true icon, one of a kind legend. It breaks my heart so much. It hurts. But she’ll be always in my heart.

  182. The world is going to be a little less funny and outrageous, but heaven will be better for having a new angel. My condolences.

  183. I am so sorry for your loss, Melissa. May sweet memories provide comfort during this difficult time and always. You Mom was one of a kind and will be missed by so many! Sending hugs to you and your son.

  184. Broken hearted over this loss. I loved Joan my whole life. She was such an inspiration. What a strong and gutsy woman the way she pioneered her way through the “boy’s club” to become so successful and opening the door for women in the business. Loved her on QVC as well. Such a brilliant, beautiful, extraordinary human being. i will look forward to being entertained by your amazing mother again in the next life. God bless you Melissa, you were your Mother’s greatest joy along with her beloved grandson, Cooper. I would say “Rest in peace Joan”, but I imagine she is already busy spreading joy and laughter in Heaven

  185. May I never forget how the joy and laughter consumed me right to my soul when Joan made me laugh. Those times when I laughed so hard I wet myself I treasure. It was medicine for my soul. She will always be a part of me and so many others! Thank you for being a part of my Dash!

  186. Although I did not know you or your Mom, I would like to offer you my sincere sympathy. She always made me laugh and snort with an “oh my, she did NOT just say that!” May your memories be those of the good times, close times, and knowing that she always loved you. Moms are special…never matters how old you are, loosing them is the loss of childhood.

  187. So so sad. I will miss Joan Rivers so much and the fun my sister and I had as fans watching our weekly favorite, Fashion Police. Or watching her on QVC. Just so sad.

  188. Melissa I am so sorry to hear the loss of your mum.. Joan truly will be missed by so many as you know she touched many hearts with her personality.. My prayers are with you and your family xxx

  189. Dear Melissa and family,
    I lost my Mother in a similar way 17 years ago. Your Mother was the comedienne that my Mother and I bonded over. She made us laugh so much. Some of the best memories I have are of my Mother laughing so hard it hurt. You Mother did that and I will be eternally grateful to Joan Rivers for that. My deepest and sincere condolences go out to you. Be grateful for the time you had with her, it will help soften the days to come. What a blessing she was.
    Love, Cliff G.

  190. I will miss her so much on Fashion Police! So sorry for your loss Melissa and your son’s. Also to the whole Fashion Police team. I’ll always be a proud Joan ranger!

  191. I cannot imagine a world without your Mom. I think you are the luckiest person to have had her for your Mom. We were all so blessed to have the fun little pieces of her she shared with the world! Blessings to your Mom and your family. She is now doing her wonderful act in heaven and no doubt has them rolling on the floor laughing!

  192. I saw Joan in Manchester England a few years ago. She was outrageousily funny, razor sharp, took no prisoners and was one of the best stand ups I’ve ever seen. Will really miss her on FP too. RIP Joan x

  193. So, so, so, sorry to hear about your mother. I felt like I knew her. She was one of the great comedians. She will be missed deeply. Prayers for you and Cooper.

  194. Joan Rivers was comedic genius, and I am so grateful that I saw her perform last year. At 80 years old, she had the energy of a teenager and entertained like no else. And what a role model for women trying to break through glass ceilings! She was truly one of a kind.

  195. I am beyond sorry for such an incredible loss if your life. She loved you and Cooper dearly. My sister and I have been so impacted by the relationship you share and for the incredible joy your mother has brought us. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Forever changed because of the incredible Joan Rivers.

  196. Dear Melissa and Cooper, May God Bless you both at this time. I am so sad to hear of your Mother’s passing. She was one of a kind as I am sure you know. This is the hardest thing you can imagine I know, I lost my Mother when she was only 51, and it was the worst pain, so I know how hard this is for you, and I know that you two were so close. I have been at the hospital today and just found out when I got home, and I have cried my eyes out ever since. Thanks for the memories Joan, and God Bless you and your family.

  197. I am truly sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. She was and will always be a legend. Her honesty at times was shocking and full of wit, but I really thought she was a great lady and I have been concerned with her well being since I heard about her being in the hospital. I am praying for your family, this will never be easy, I understand. The relationship you had with your mom, I can only hope for with my own boys. I too am a younger widow and hope my bond with my boys will stay as strong as the two of you. Your mother would want others laughing again, in time.
    You are already missed.

  198. May you fill the skies with your cheeky wit and husky laughter. May the angels wrap you in their wings. God bless you. Xx ♡ xX

  199. Knowing the loss I feel, I can’t imagine yours or your family’s feeling of loss. It really just sucks–for lack of a better way to put it. The heavens are rolling in laughter for sure…..and probably a little better dressed. 😉

  200. Joan Rivers made me laugh and smile for 40 years. Fearless, insightful, brutally cutting , and classy, she will be missed. A true original comic genius

  201. Melissa, your mom was like the mom I wish I had. I am so sorry for your loss. Even though she is gone, I know without a doubt.that she will always find a way to make you laugh and let you know how much that she loves and adores you, with all of her heart!

  202. Melissa and Cooper, your mother and grandmother was the BEST of the BEST!!! May God comfort the two of you and your family. R.I.P. Joan. You will be missed. I’m just another fan. DeQuin P.

  203. My condolences. I was always entertained by Joan and she will be missed. What a great comic. She may have been a raunchy comic but she was always a classy woman.

  204. Tonight I will look to the sky to see another falling star. She loved life and people, all people, and wanted us all to laugh with her. Robin and Joan can you imagine what heaven will be like?? Such a brilliant women!! RIP Joan Rivers!!

  205. I am so deeply sorry. Your mom was an incredible woman who made us all laugh. She had a heart of gold and will always be an inspiration to us all on how to live, laugh, and love. I am sure she is at peace and making God laugh. Wishing you and your family comfort and peace. She will always be with us (making us laugh). What a beautiful spirit…

  206. I am just gobsmacked and shocked. I just adored Joan Rivers and thought she would be with us always. Never enjoyed anyone as much as her on Fashion Police, and of course so many other things. A true genius of comedy. Cutting, edgy and yet never came off as mean-spirited ever. What a woman. Truly sorry for the loss to Melissa and her family and to those of us who truly adored her, may we remember her always.

  207. Melissa and Cooper, I am so sorry for the loss of your mother and grandmother . My husband also suffered a cardiac arrest during surgery, was in a coma and then it became obvious that he had suffered a severe brain injury. He lived for four years and passed away in April. Joan was a true original and I wish I had the opportunity to meet her. God bless you.

  208. May God bless and you and keep you during this time Melissa. Your mother was a hard worker and a funny lady. I know you will miss her dearly. God’s Peace

  209. This is a very sad day indeed, she will be truly missed… One of a kind… And you know she’s already redecorating up there. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  210. Heaven must have been getting a little dull. I can only imagine her putting her routine together for her first set. Wonder what she’ll open with?? Heaven’s gain is the world’s loss. RIP dear Joan. Best to you and your family, Melissa.

  211. Your mother/grandmother always made me laugh and smile no matter what. What a treasure she is and she will be severely missed.

  212. So sorry to hear the sad new of your Moms passing. I grew up loving her. She had a wonderful life Melissa and she lived it to the fullest. Sending prayers to you & Cooper.

  213. So sad. I was so looking forward to seeing you Joan on 18th October in Liverpool, UK. You’ll be missed greatly and won’t ever be replaced.

  214. She was wonderful. Made me laugh till I couldn’t stop. I always admired when she was able to pick herself up after losing her husband and re invent herself. She was a very brave woman. A terrible loss for the world and a profound loss to Melissa and Cooper. She was a class act. RIP Joan and thanks for everything.

  215. I’m so sad. Heard the news as I was driving and had to pull over to cry. It sucks to lose a parent. She was so amazing. I’m so sad for you. Ur mom will b forever remembered and I am happy I was able to share time on this earth with her. She will make heaven an brighter place. Lucky them.

  216. My sincere condolences to you and your family, Melissa. We appreciate that she always made us laugh and she will be missed.

  217. I remember as a kid laughing at the crazy Jewish lady on Johnny Carson, and continued laughing for another 40 years. Laughter and smiles are the best gift an entertainer can give, and Joan Rivers did it better than just about anyone.

  218. My mother passed away in 1988, but one of my strong memories of her was how much she loved watching your mother on TV…usually on Johnny Carson. It gave her such a laugh and smile and good cheer at the end of a long day. I am very grateful for the laughter she gave my mother. Maybe they will meet and have a laugh again.

  219. I am soendeareo, so, so sad. I really love Joan Rivers and you to Melissa. I loved so many aspects of Joan. Probably the best was how she showed her love and protecting of you Melissa. When she spoke about you and when you both were on the show celebrity apprentice, she really showed the world how much she loved you. And although I had already loved her for years, that endeared her even more to me.
    I feel like someone has punched me in the chest.
    Melissa I send you and your family love, whether you ever see this message or not, I hope the love I send somehow finds you.

  220. Ms. Rivers will be sadly missed. The fashion world will never be the same without her. May her soul rest in peace and my deepest sympathy to the whole family.

  221. This is such a sad day. I will truly miss her absolutely histerical personality. Melissa and Cooper, please stay strong, and although it’s hard now, laugh just a little more with each day that passes. May God bless you and Comfort you in your sorrow.

  222. Truly heartfelt condolences to you Melissa and all your family. Thank you for sharing your mother unselfishly with the world and allowing your own life to be public for so many years. Big hugs to all. I have no other words of comfort that have not been said before. I imagine something sharp she would say followed by a “What? Too Soon?” but my mind is too upset to fill in the blanks. Love to you all. x Jason

  223. I am truly sorry for your loss. Joan will be missed. I can hear her laughing now and the witting remarks with the fuh fuh fuh fuh. Oh and giving Edgar a hard time too. I have truly enjoyed your MOM for years. You and your son must be so proud of a woman that could make people laugh not just for the moment but for years and I am sure for years to come. God bless you and your family.

    1. I met your mother once at Barneys in NYC over our yorkie Murray — she was funny and we always loved her— watched everything always and she was a force to be reckoned with– Deepest Symapthy on your loss —

  224. I’m sure she has heaven in stitches already. Thanks for the laughs Joan, and Melissa thank you for sharing her with the world!

  225. Unfortunately I feel your pain, I lost my mom on August 15th .It is so very hard when you are close to your mom like you were just take time for yourself everything else will wait. It wouldn’t be so painful if you hadn’t loved so much .Some day we’ll all be together again.

  226. This news is just incomprehensible. The World of comedy just does not exist without Joan in it. She has left a footprint in it SO big, that no there comedian will ever measure.
    She said what we were all thinking. Honest, cutting and sometimes abrupt, but she knew the true secret to comedy: it can sometimes come out of tragedy. And if you don;t laugh about it, you’ll simply cry.
    Joan was an icon to me. I’m a true UK fan, and I’m just absolutely heartbroken that I will no longer get to witness her comedic genius on stage in London next month.
    Melissa & The Rivers Family……I am sending you heartfelt love and well wishes. Just know that your Mother was a phenomenal human being (despite what the vicious critics say). A true mad diva who has left a LEGENDARY mark on comedy Worldwide.
    As a dedicated fan, all I ask that we can witness in memory of her is a Fashion Police tribute on E!
    I understand that this could be difficult right now. But, us Rangers will wait patiently, and raise a glass to whom can only be described as the funniest person who ever graced our screens.
    Joan. I love you. Forever. xxx

  227. My prayers and thoughts are with you and Cooper, Fashion Police was the only me and my family could watch and enjoy together. RIP JOAN RIVERS

  228. Your mom was a force of nature– and it was obvious how close you two were, even though your personalities were very different… You’ve been a good and steady daughter. The earth has moved now and feet may feel unsteady, but you will find your ground again. With love…

  229. I am truly so sorry for your loss Melissa and Cooper. Your mother got me through so many difficult times with her humor. She will be greatly missed by all her fans, friends and most of all you. I pray for her peaceful rest and also that you find comfort in knowing how many of us loved her and love you!

  230. It is such sad sad news to hear of the passing of Joan. I so looked forward to seeing her every Friday on The Fashion Police. She was my own guilty pleasure for I knew no matter how the day was, she would make me laugh and I loved her for it. She was like the perfect Grandmother, a spitfire that would say whatever was on her mind. But, you knew deep down she was a sweetheart and a true friend. Condolences to all her loved ones.
    Marci Koby

  231. Rest in peace Joan you were an inspiration to us all. Your humor was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It was truly amazing how you were able to make people of all ages laugh their asses off. You are a strong, beautiful, funny and truly sweet woman. I hope to be half as fierce as you were Joan. I love you. My wishes go out your family and friends they were blessed to have your in their lives.

  232. I am very sorry for your loss. Joan Rivers was to me the funniest lady to watch and her talent was unique. She was and will remain my favorite female comedian. Rest in peace Joan Rivers.

  233. My deepest condolences to you Melissa, stay strong. Your mother was an awesome woman and I enjoyed watching her over the years. Watching the coverage on E! has been gut wrenching and the waterworks has been going. She was a lovely and an amazing woman and will be missed. As someone else stated, I also enjoyed her sometimes un-PC moments, but that’s what made her one of a kind. Prayers to you and your son.

  234. My deepest condolences go out to your family, Melissa. Joan was one of my female heroines. I will miss her wit, her spunk, her attitude, her charity, and her humor. She loved her family fiercely and it showed. That is what I admired about her most. I hope your pain will pass quickly so that you can relish in the happy memories and feel the warmth of her smile again soon. Peace.

  235. I was a big fan and follower of her since the 1970’s. My prayers are with you, cooper and all of your dear Mothers friends and family . So sorry for your loss

  236. Wonderful woman, great loss to the world of great female comedians. I’ve always enjoyed her humour.Adele (not the famous one)xxx

  237. Dear Melissa and Cooper,
    My sincere condolences to you and your family and friends.
    I’d like to say, rest in peace Joan, but we all already know, Heaven will never be the same and neither will we.
    Thank you Joan for the many many times throughout the years you got me through the most difficult of times.
    Somehow, some way, some day, we will laugh again because that is how we honor Joan.
    A fan, always.

  238. Dearest Sweet, Beautiful Melissa and Handsome Cooper,

    You are in our hearts and in our prayers. Please accept our deepest and sincerest sympathy for your devastating and unspeakable loss.

    We are truly heartbroken and mourning your Mom’s passing with you.

    Your Mom was the most amazing woman ever. A pillar of strength, who was fearless and laughed her way through even the most difficult and trying times in her life. What an inspiration she is. She taught us how to find humor in everything. And how to be strong.
    She will be missed… But never, ever forgotten.

    May The Good Lord Always Hold You, And Your Son, Near And Dear To His Most Sacred Heart! XOX

  239. Ohhhh Melissa the world cries with you, she was such an incrediable accomplished loving mother. I so sorry and so very sad!!

  240. My deepest sympathy to you, Melissa and Cooper. Your mother/grandmother was a great woman who made the world laugh! She will be greatly missed. Know how hard this last week must have been for you, as I recently lost my mother. You will think of her every day, and all of the sudden, one day you will laugh at a memory, and know then that she is laughing with you! RIP Joan Rivers-you were the best!

  241. I had a crush on Joan since I was a little boy, watching her on The Tonight Show…hoping one day we could get married.
    Well, you messed that one up. Joan!
    I’ll never find a Beautiful Lady as lovable and FUNNY as you! Rest in Peace, my Love. God Bless you and yours at this time…

  242. So sorry for your loss. She will be missed. Thanks for all the laughs Joan, heaven will be laughing forever and ever!! 🙁

  243. So sorry to hear. I have never met her, but really enjoyed seeing her and especially listening to her jokes as I thought they were great. She will be missed. Loved her.

  244. Rest in Peace, Joan. There was no one else like you and there will never be another. Condolences to Melissa and Cooper. May you find strength in your faith and comfort from your memories. Death may leave a heartache no one can heal but Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

  245. The legendary comedienne, Joan Rivers, was not only “funny.” She created our “funny.” She established herself in our American culture by connecting with generations of people in making “funny” accessible and enjoyable. Uniquely, she taught us that staged humor is not “funny.” Rather, brazenly, bluntly, and brashly unraveling day to day life, and revealing the taboo, very much so is.

    Let us “laugh at everything” today and recognize a talented comedic genius.

  246. When this lady reaches those pearly gates there will be a roar of laughter and a big welcome. RIP Joan Rivers and peace and love to Melissa and the whole of the family. We are here to surround you with love and strength through this sad time but joy at the thousands upon thousands who respected, loved and adored your mum. God Bless, one heck of an Angel up there now!

  247. Dear Melissa and Cooper,
    Please know that millions have been praying for your Mother and for you both. As you face the weeks ahead, I hope you will keep that in your hearts and minds. In our faith, her memory is clearly a blessing. She was a great lady – and Melissa – you were her great partner. My heart and prayers go out to you both. In time, I hope you will remember the good times and not just the way she passed. I am saying kaddish along with many, many others.
    Kathi Levin

  248. Melissa, your Mom will never be forgotten and the laughter she brought us all has made this world a better place! My prayers are with you and your son today and always!

    God Bless,

  249. Melissa,
    I am so sorry for your loss, your mother was a beautiful women with so many contributions to our lives. You never knew what would come from her mouth and that’s one of the many reasons we loved her. Always had us laughing and I will always remember her with a smile..

  250. So very sorry for your loss Melissa and Cooper. Your mother was one of a kind and will be missed by millions and never forgotten. I’m sure she is up in heaven entertaining everyone and making them laugh. God bless you both and stay strong.

  251. I am so very sorry for your loss Melissa. I too am an only child and I lost my Mom this past February. I spent many an hour after my Mom’s passing watching your show. I always enjoyed the banter between you two. Joan entertained so many of us for so many years. The wonderful thing about a comedian is that they bring laughter and happiness to the sad, the lonely and the ill. Comedians touch lives in the way that no other entertainer does. Joan was a very gifted comedian. Her razor sharp wit was always spot on. I know that you are very sad. Take solace in the fact that your Mom was loved and respected and admired by many. She achieved so much in one lifetime. Her shoes will never be filled. God Bless you and your son. I will keep you both in my prayers.

  252. No one could make me laugh like Joan. You are one of a kind and you will be missed. Love to Melissa and Cooper and all those close to you.

  253. Rest in peace Joan. Very sad news. She was one of a kind and had a quicker wit and mind than many people a third of her age. Was looking forward to seeing her in Scotland in a couple of months. Sending good wishes to her family and friends.

  254. Such very sad news. My sincere and heartfelt condolences to you and your family Melissa. Loved your Mom`s humor, she always made me laugh until I almost peed myself and even though sometimes I felt her a little inappropriate she still made me laugh out loud. Will miss her terribly. The entertainment industry has lost another icon. I`ll bet she`s already making the angels laugh. God Bless her.

  255. Mellisa and Copper, many people think of you both with affection. Stay strong and proud Joan will live in the hearts of many.

  256. Hearts are breaking all across the land today. Melissa, Cooper: I hope that your beloved Joan is having a sweet reunion with her dear Edgar today.

    She is at peace, she is beautiful, she loves you both dearly, and she will never leave you.

    Joan, thank you for everything you have done to help me and so many others in our struggles. I will miss you every day from this day forward. I am lighting you a candle. I trust that you chose the right path for your life, and that you are in a good place. It was a beautiful, inspiring experience to behold you, even from afar.

    You were the funniest woman there ever was, a brilliant and compassionate soul. Look after us, we will all miss you dearly.

    I’ll be reading Bouncing Back again, and wearing my bumblebees. I love you. Paring back on my shopping habits be-damned: I’m going to go out and buy something GORGEOUS in honor of this day. In honor of a gorgeous woman who is now a gorgeous soul.

  257. Just watched a recent episode of Fashion Police and made a mental note to watch more often. She was brilliantly funny and wonderfully scandalous. What a loss to you, to comedy, to humanity, which, anymore, needs all the laughs it can get. My condolences.

  258. My condolences Melissa & Cooper.
    Joan was such a beautiful person… she brought so much joy and laughter into my life. When I needed a some laughter and an emotional boost after a hard day, I would watch my favourite Fashion police episodes.
    RIP Joan class act

  259. I have always been a fan of Joan Rivers and I am saddened to learn of her passing. One of my earlier memories of her was either a guest host of The Tonight Show w/Johnny Carson or a guest. She came out and sat on a stool and was wearing a “midi-skirt” that hit about mid calf and she told this joke about the new midi-skirt fad and now she only needed to shave her legs up to mid-calf! That was at least 40 years ago and still remember it. Her humor and her presence will be sorely missed. RIP Joan…Keep ’em laughing in heaven!

  260. Melissa; Please know that we are deeply sorry that you have lost a great mama and morale builder. She made me laugh during my saddest moments.. I loved her great spirit and joy of life she happily shared with us. She will be remembered eternally. <3 Lita Bowman

  261. Words can’t express the worlds sadness at losing her. Yes she was a pioneer and a great comedian, but truly a beacon of truth and a great inspiration. Joan the world is a lot less fun to be here without you . Thank you so much for all you gave of yourself and our thoughts and prayers to her family she so clearly cherished.
    We will miss you so very much
    Lynne from Massachusetts, a long time fan

  262. RIP Joan Rivers. You were a fearless entertainer and even more tenacious in life. You were undoubtedly, the GODMOTHER of comedy and a wonderful person til the end. I will miss your crazy antics and you making me laugh so hard that I thought I was gonna bust. Today the world has suffered a great loss in your death. I will truly miss you but will never forget all the laughs you gave me. To Melissa & Cooper, all my love, thoughts and prayers are with you. — RIP Joan Rivers

  263. Your mother was a role model for us all- men and women, but mostly women (thank God)- always speak your mind, always love your family fiercely and always make sure you look good doing it. And if you can’t look good at least look decent! Thank you, Joanie and we are all so sorry for you, Melissa.

  264. Our condolences to your family! Making people laugh is a such a gift. Your mum was so glamorous but made herself so relateable at the same time. I had a procedure done two weeks ago and put on the Joan Rivers Roast. I laughed and laughed……I am an only child whose mother also had a larger than life personality and life. I used to say that my mother was the epitome of sophistication and elegance. She too was hospitalized due to negligent care. It won’t bring her back, but it will allow you to funnel some of that horrible energy into something productive, while ensuring that no one else goes through this type of terrible trauma.

    You and your mother’s relationship has been an inspiration to me for years. After my mum passed away I would enjoy watching the both of you on TV. The type of beautiful repartee, and silliness was refreshing. I took comfort in reading the posts people made. Even though I am stranger I hope you enjoy and feel comforted to know that you and your mother have created a legacy that will continue to enthrall and impact people for generations to come.

    May G-ds light shine upon you and your family!

  265. Very very sad to hear Joan Rivers has passed away. A few years ago I decided to search on youtube for “that women from the red carpet in the 1990’s” – and I was stunned by the hundreds of hilarious interviews and great comedy clips from the last 40-50 years! I’ve been through so many hard times the last few years and Joan was the only person that made me smile, made me laugh, made me laugh hard!

    I feel lucky that I got to see her live – over one hour of almost peeing in my pants!

    She was such a strong woman – I wish we all could have had a few more years of her jokes, stand up, interviews, reality shows, etc etc etc.

    She had a lot of personal demons (some that I could relate to) and flipped them around and made them funny!

    Check some of her great clips on youtube – everything from fantastic Howard Stern interviews (there are about ten of them!), to red carpet clips, 80’s late night shows, stand up at the Apollo, interviews in the UK, Comedy Central Roast…..the list goes on and on.

    I’m so sad – what an unfortunate thing to have happened to comedy :(( RIP…

  266. I’m so saddened by this news. At the same time, I admire the strength, courage and grace that you (Melissa) have exemplified in keeping the world up to date during these last few days. Stay strong, cry, laugh and cry some more. Joan left an everlasting legacy, and she will never be truly gone. I look forward to experiencing the legacy of your own that you continue to create as your own person…beautiful, strong and free.

    Sending love your way!

  267. Melissa,

    My deepest sympathies to you, Cooper, your extended family and close friends. There are no words to adequately describe the grief of losing your mother. You’re never old enough to lose your mom. The world cries with you today.

    I caught a rerun of a Tavis Smiley from earlier this summer when he was talking to her about her new book. She said she didn’t want to live unless she could do 90 minutes of stand up. She was such a grateful person and lived her life out loud.

    You have been blessed to have been allowed the honor of taking care of your mother in her final days. She heard everything you said to her. She felt you squeeze her hand. She felt the kisses on her face. She heard every I love you. She lived a glorious, amazing, and joyful life. She brought so much light to people’s lives. She was an amazingly generous person. Not just with her time, but also with her love. It doesn’t get better than that.

    I hope that in the coming days you are both able to laugh as she would want you to, and find peace in your hearts. You are her daughter and have showed how much strength she has taught you in the past week. I guarantee she is proud of you.

    She will always be with you. She will always watch over you and Cooper. She will always love you.

    1. Angelia, well said and definitely from the heart. Thank you–I feel the same. Hearing is the last sense to go, so Joan did hear Melissa’s words. God bless you, Joan. May you rest in peace and treat heaven to endless laughs. Melissa, you had an extremely difficult decision to make; however, know now and forever beyond, you made the right one. I’ve cared for many in a state they would never have chosen. Your mother was fortunate to have a daughter who knew life without quality is not living. Take care Melissa, Cooper, and family. I pray God gives you strength to make it through this difficult time and volumes of memories to bring smiles and joy to your heart.

  268. Our sincere sympathy Melissa and Cooper. We are so very sorry to hear of your loss. Your Mom was an inspiration to all women. She will be missed so much by all who knew and loved her.

  269. We will truly miss you Joan.. What a sad day even though I know your in paradise, We will always think of you and we will be sad on Fridays without you! There will never be anyone that can make us laugh like you did! Say Hi to my brother and sister in law up there! May God Give strength to Melissa & Cooper I know that Joan meant everything to them! You will be missed Dear sweet Joan Rivers!!!!

  270. Right now, the afterlife is ringing with the sounds of

    “Hey God – Liberace called – he needs his coat back!!!!”

    Joan will be greatly missed.

  271. Melissa, I am Soo sorry for the loss of your Mother. She has always brought a smile to millions. She will never be forgotten. She was truly amazing, and I and many others will miss watching her. We all loved her!

  272. I am so devastated to hear this today. I’ve been praying for her recovery! God Bless you Melissa and Cooper! You are in our prayers! Fashion Police will never be the same! Love you Joan!

  273. Selfishly I will miss my weekly dose of laughter every Sunday night with Fashion Police since losing my only son to suicide here in the UK. Oh Joan now you have passed over you will be such a comfort to those with you on the other side of life along with your Edgar. Thank you for your tireless pursuit in the efforts to help so many others. I’m so grateful for your wicked sense of humour, your wit, your everything. A beautiful woman both inside and out … even with a little help ;-)) kindest regards to Melissa and Connor from Tracy in Hampshire, England xxx

  274. RIP Joan Rivers. Thanks for the years of entertainment. Prayers for
    Melissa and Cooper during this difficult time. So sorry for your loss.

  275. Melissa-I echo the many sentiments expressed here at the outpouring of love and loss on the passing of your mother. My deepest condolences to you, your son and all of your family members. I hope it was of some small comfort to you that your mother was surrounded by those she loved the most when she left. May you find peace and solace in the coming days.

  276. Dear Melissa and Cooper…each of you are in our thoughts and prayers. Your Mom and Grandmom comforted us all over her 81 years. I’ve been her biggest fan since seeing her on her very first Johnie Carson appearance. Melissa…we know how hard times you had with the loss of your Father and now loss of our Mothers is the hardest loss having loss mine, too. It will be very hard this time…rest assure that we (your fans, friends and family) will always be there to help you. Just remember that we love each of you. Dale

  277. Joan Rivers, you did it all so very well! Thank you so much for decades of laughter, we have all loved you and your gifts! To Melissa Rivers and your son, Joan’s army loves you and will always be here for you.

    May you rest in peace Joan Rivers

  278. Melissa….sending love and prayers for you and your son. Your Mom is onto the next stage where I am sure she is wowing them with her wit, humor and charm. She will be missed…she made me laugh every time I listened to her….for that I am grateful.

  279. Thanks for the laughs, Joan. You will be missed. I cherish all the times I watched FP with my mom.

    María Isabel Cartagena

  280. She made me laugh, laugh /hard/. What’s even more, she made me stand in amazement over her drive, her ability to push boundaries, pave ways for women in showbiz in particular, but for /people/ in general (and I didn’t always like what she said, but this possible discrepancy is effectively /the point/, right?).

    Melissa, Cooper, all of Joan’s family and friends, my good thoughts are with you in this extremely difficult time of grief. Take your time, find strength and inspiration, and ultimately go on with your very own lives! My best wishes!

    — Eberhard from Munich, Germany

  281. Joan Rivers was my first comedic idol. I remember her guest spots on Carson when I was a kid, BEFORE her permanent guest host status on The Tonight Show (yes, I’m old). We didn’t have a VCR back then, so I would get my father’s cassette recorder and audiotape the whole show. I would then listen to her routine ad infinitum to commit it to memory and then recreate it for my family and friends. When her movie Rabbit Test came out, I saw that she was making a post-screening appearance at the cineplex in Teaneck. I MADE my father take me. I was 11. I got to meet her and she signed my autograph book. I was mesmerized. She was the funniest person in the world. I always hoped I would get to see her again and work with her as I was determined to be the next great standup comedian—anything to be in her orbit. If it turns out there’s a life after this one, I hope our orbits will cross and we can laugh at each other’s jokes. Rest in peace funny woman.

    1. So, so sad. I appreciated Joan’s love for her family, she adored Melissa and Cooper. I loved her sense of humor, timing, love of entertaining, fashion sense, her vulnerability, her honesty, and kindness. I can’t even imagine this world without her. She will be sadly missed for a VERY long time. I have admired Joan for most of my life, I can barely write through the tears of sadness.
      Sadly I lost both my parents over the past three years and understand the loss to Melissa and Cooper are facing, my deepest condolences.

    2. . I appreciated Joan’s love for her family, she adored Melissa and Cooper. I loved her sense of humor, timing, love of entertaining, fashion sense, her vulnerability, her honesty, and kindness. I can’t even imagine this world without her. She will be sadly missed for a VERY long time. I have admired Joan for most of my life, I can barely write through the tears of sadness.
      Sadly I lost both my parents over the past three years and understand the loss to Melissa and Cooper are facing, my deepest condolences.

  282. Melissa, I have never been compelled to write on these sites before. My mother took my sister and I to our very first Broadway play, Broadway Bound, she was incredible and her role was so different than what most people are used to. I will never forget that day, we had great seats and my sister and I both felt when she came out for the ovation we knew her personally. Today I am overwhelmed with sadness, this strong cookie is gone from Earth. Prayers to you and your family and know I am sure on a much smaller scale we are all mourning RIP Mrs.Rivers, you made us laugh and in that play, cry too.

  283. Dear Joan,
    I loved you and your sense of humor ,You made my mom and I laugh so much ! When I lost my pet this year, I saw your show on how you had lost your dog as well . You made me feel not alone, When I saw you cry for your dog .You made that doggy funeral not sad “But fun” .It made me laugh and made me not feel alone in my own lost .Joan we love you and we will never forget you . May God give your daughter melissa and grandson strength on this difficult day .
    Love you joan !

  284. So very sorry for your loss. Her voice may be silenced but her spirit will live on. The next time I laugh, I will think of her.

  285. Melissa,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I am saddened by the news. I never had the chance to meet Joan, but she always made me laugh. May the memories of your time together comfort you.
    With love,

  286. So sad for the passing of Joan Rivers. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family, friends and fans. Your laughter will both be missed and remembered forever in our hearts, Jill and Family

  287. Our most thoughtful condolences to the family and millions of fans and friends for Ms Joan Rivers. She taught so many to laugh, myself included. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Melissa and Cooper. We will all laugh again but somehow it just won’t be the same. Travel Well Ms Joan……….

  288. I’m so deeply sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your Mom with the world, she was loved by so many but you were lucky to call her Mom. My Mom died almost a month ago and my heart is in pieces. I’d like to think that heaven just got a little more entertaining for all. Peace and love always.

  289. I am truly sorry for your loss. Joan River’s was an Icon to many and will be truly missed. Joan made us laugh even during the most difficult times in our lives and gave us hope.

    I am sure Joan is stirring up laughter were ever she is. May you, Cooper and friends find the strength to get through this difficult time

  290. I am HEARTBROKEN! My daughter called me at work to tell me. I sit here with tears rolling down my face. My deepest sympathy to Melissa and Cooper and the rest of Joan’s family. I will miss you! I feel as though you were my friend who will be sorely missed

  291. Melissa,
    It’s hard enough to lose a loved one, I can’t imagine how difficult it is for a celebrity. Take care of yourself and Cooper, you need your own private time to grieve. You already know how well loved your mom is by the world.
    At 53 I’ve lost both parents and my only sister at 45, so I know the days ahead will be hard.
    Robin Williams and your mom now have everyone in heaven rolling in laughter !
    God bless you and your son.

  292. Sending you, Cooper and all who knew Joan thoughts of peace on this sad day. Met your mother in person only once @ a QVC sponsored event back in 2009 – an experience I will always remember! Although her trademark was a candid, unfiltered, sharp tongue, she was one of kind! That’s what we’ll all remember… this day & all those to come!

  293. Melissa, my deepest condolences to you and your family. As you already know.. your mother was truly amazing. I was watching her yesterday on various interviews.. and she had me crying with laughter. She really was a true genius of comedy.. I watched each person that was interviewing her laugh out of control. She would just slip in those one liners.. and you never knew where she was going until she delivered the perfect line. But she was more than this.. she showed us how to keep moving forward in life. How to appreciate all the good times.. how not to take ourselves so seriously. So I thank her today.. for all the smiles, laughter and inspiration that she has brought into life. At this time.. I wish that you and your family are surrounded with love and support.

  294. Your mother was an inspiration, and a comfort. She made us laugh when there was often not much funny in our lives. She was delicious and wicked, and delightful and naughty and oh, so unique. May her memory be for a blessing for us all – and may she be there waiting so that when we cross over, there will be that familiar voice asking: Can we talk?

  295. Melissa, of course I’m selfish and am sad for me as I won’t be entertained by your mother anymore; however my loss cannot compare to yours.
    I hurt for you and your family.

  296. Sending you, Cooper & all who knew Joan thoughts of peace tonight. I was lucky to meet Joan only once @ a QVC sponsored event back in 2009 – A trip & a meeting of a lifetime! Although she was known for her candid, unfiltered, sharp tongue – we loved her for it – she was one of kind!

  297. This is devastating news. She was an amazing women. I have seen her perform live many times, the most recent was about a year ago. She was incredible! She definitely still had it going on. My daughters and I would gather every Friday night for Fashion Police. I have read all of her books. Joan has left us with a big void that no one will be able to fill. We also enjoyed the reality show on I think it was We TV. My heart breaks for your and your son as you were such a close family. It is very hard to say goodbye to your parent. You and Cooper are in my thoughts as you wind your way down the long road ahead of you.

  298. My condolences to the entire Rivers family. Your Mom made my Mom laugh so hard. This memory of my mother is very fond to me and I wanted to always thank your Mom. Thank you Joan. Now I have.

  299. Very sad . Feels like the world has lost a great talent.
    Fell in love with her humour in 1984 when she did a TV special in the uk . A master performer . She knew a good joke from 100 paces.

  300. I have always loved, loved Joan Rivers starting from when I was just a young kid with The Late Show starring Joan Rivers, the Great Muppet Caper all the way to Melissa & Joan, Fashion Police. I would even watch her segments on QVC, even though I don’t shop there. She was ballsy with lighting sharp wit and lived her life to the fullest. I feel that her jaw-dropping humor was her way of reminding everyone to not always take life so seriously. My condolences to the family. Know that she was loved by so many and brought some much needed light into this often dark world. Rest in peace Milady.

  301. R.I.P Joan. You are already missed!!! Melissa our prayer are with you and your son at this very difficult and sad time.

  302. Prayers for peace for you and your family, you will not be alone with the abscence of your Mother. Greatness is measured by how much you are loved, and your Mother was the Greatest. She loved you and will always be by your side……

  303. What a sad day, no more Joan. You will always live in our heart and memory. I never cried for any celebrity in my life. I went to work restroom and cried and cried. I will never forget you.
    Melissa/Cooper, my prayers with you, i cannot imagine ur pain, i am so sorry. Love u and hope god will ease ur pain soon. She is hard to forget.

  304. What an original, funny, brash, trailblazing comic and creative woman Joan Rivers was. Condolences to her family. You know… I wrote her in 1992 complementing her on her jewelry line for QVC .I was a fan of her jewelry design and the attention to detail in it’s manufacture, I never expected an answer back. Well in about a month later in Nov. 1992 I got an answer. Joan may have dictated it to a secretary but the thought was her own and she signed it. I had been a freelance commercial, graphic designer and illustrator for many years and also had a silversmithing background at the apprentice level or somewhat above. I really wanted to add jewelry design to my work skills but was balking at doing it with 4 kids under 13 at home and a very ill husband. Partially because of Joan’s letter of encourgment, I went on to get Gemological Institute of America training as an Accredited Jewelry Professional, and attended the GIA Jewelry Design program in CA. I do not think I would have ‘taken the plunge’ without Joan’s kind words. I still keep that letter in my desk to remind me that I can do anything I put my mind too. Besides anything worth doing should scare you more than just a little bit, It should scare you a lot.Thank you Joan, you were one class act…I will miss you.

  305. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your Mom with the world, she was loved by so many and you were lucky to call her Mom. My Mother died almost a month ago and my heart is in pieces. I’d like to think that heaven just became a little more entertaining for all. Peace and love.

  306. Sending you all love and prayers. Joan Rivers was such a true and beautiful soul and I loved watching her everyday, she was amazing and always will be amazing. I am truly heartbroken

  307. My heart is so saddened by this loss! I loved Joan….I always wished I could have “hootzpah” like she had…she was my idol! My deepest sympathies to Melissa and Cooper. Rest in peace our dear sweet Joan!

  308. I have always loved, loved Joan Rivers from the time I was a child watching The Late Show starring Joan Rivers, the Great Muppet Caper all the way to Melissa & Joan, Fashion Police. I would even watch her segments on QVC, even though I don’t shop there. She was ballsy with lighting sharp wit and lived her life to the fullest. I feel her jaw-dropping sense of humor was her way of reminding everyone to not always take life so seriously. My condolences to the family. Know that she was loved by so many and brought much needed light into this often dark world. Rest in peace Milady.

  309. Joan Rivers was unique. There is no comedienne out there today who comes close to her level of wit. Nor shall we see one like her for a very long time to come. RIP.

  310. Melissa and the Rivers Family; please accept my sincere thoughts and prayers for your family. I absolutely loved getting to know your entire family on your reality show! And I loved Fashion Police from day 1! Your Mother was a gift from the heavens and she made me and my partner laugh more than we ever laughed! I will truly miss her genius approach to comedy. And I will miss getting to know the Rivers family more…. so please continue to stay in the spotlight because you (Melissa) are genuine, true to life, beautiful and funny just like your mother! With all my sadness, thoughts and prayers to your family….. — Gary Muhlenbruch

  311. RIP Joan. Know that Melissa and Cooper will be safe for you will ALWAYS be looking down upon them, keeping them safe. You are indeed one in a million.

  312. Melissa and Cooper, I am so sorry for your loss. Your mother has been a wonderful icon and has touched so many lives and she will be very missed. You will hear your Mother’s laughter even though she is not there with you physically. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your son.

    Helena, Montana

  313. Devastating! It’s amazing how the death of a person you never even met can effect you so much. I’ll truly miss you, you remarkable hilarious woman. Have fun up there. No doubt your spirit and energy is already entertaining someone or something…somewhere. My condolences to your family and friends.

  314. Loss is the price we pay for love. Losing your mom is the hardest thing in life, no matter what the quality of relationship. Take lots of good time for yourself and Cooper. Don’t let anybody pressure you. Take years if you need them.

  315. I will truly miss her. Nobody can compare, she was one of a kind. My sincerest sympathies to Melissa and Cooper, she surely loved you two more then life itself.

  316. Melissa and Cooper,

    We loved your Mom! We pray that you find comfort in knowing how much she was loved and how much laughter she brought to the world.

    She was one of a kind. What a lady!

    The true queen of comedy.

    She will be greatly missed.

    Peace to you both!

    Joe and Leslie Bottari
    Arlington mass

  317. Thank you Joan for all the great laughs you have given me and millions of others. You truly will be missed. I know Heaven is having a blast with their new Angel. Bless you and your family….NB, Connecticut

  318. My heart is aching for you, as I can not imagine losing my mother. Thoughts & prayers are with you and your family. She was definitely a one of a kind woman and will be missed.

  319. For years I’ve loved watching your mother. She could make me smile even on the worst of days! My heart goes out to you and your son for your loss.

  320. My heart goes out to you Melissa. I was a huge fan and designed the jackets of her earlier books. Such a class act so so funny and nice.

  321. Your mother will forever live on in the hearts and memories of the many many people she touched and made laugh throughout her life. Thank you for sharing her with us.

    My sincerest condolences to you and Cooper.

  322. Today I celebrate the laughs and amazing moments Joan has given us. I keep her family and friends in my thoughts and prayers that this pain shall ease and the moments she made us all laugh and I’m sure their private laughs will remain always. God bless yall, and may her legacy be your family, the laughs throughout the world and her amazing spirit that has touched us all!

  323. It saddened me to hear of Joan’s passing. She was such a fireball who filled our hearts with laughter. To quote Charlie Chaplin – “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Joan definitely did not waste any time. She will be truly missed but never forgotten. Rest in peace.

  324. So sorry for your loss melissa and family. I adored your mother on tv , books anything she ever did I loved. She was a very likable person. I loved watching her on the shopping channel her line of jewelry ia all so pretty. Take care of each other and you are all in my prayers. Rest in peace joan!

  325. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Ms. Joan Rivers. She was and will always be one of the most mentally strong woman I have looked up to throughout my life. She is a fearless comedian, she is my fashion police, she is a woman I have admired and respected. Melissa you work hard just like your mother and I know you will continue her legacy. Take care.

  326. My heart is broken. I can’t even imagine the agony Melissa and Cooper are experiencing over the loss of their matriarch. No one made me laugh like Joan. Lifted my spirits on one too many occasions. Joan didn’t have a malicious bone in her body, she just pointed out our own silliness to make us laugh at ourselves. No one loved, lived and embraced life like her. She knew what mattered most… love. Her legacy will not only be as trailblazer, but a woman who fiercely loved her family. Melissa and Cooper, may the Lord cradle you through this painful time and allow you moments of respite from your deep grief. It will take time, but you’ll breathe again. Take solace in that on this day she’s in heaven holding your father’s hand for eternity. God bless Joan Rivers for sharing all her gifts with us.

  327. My heart breaks for Melissa and Cooper. My daughter and I had a similar event years ago and know the pain of unexpected loss. I pray Melissa and Cooper keep Joan in their hearts and know that she will be with them always.

  328. I am sadden to hear about Joan. She made all of us laugh and will be greatly missed. My Friday nights won’t be the same… Always looked forward to Fashion Police to start off the weekend. My prayers are with Melissa and her family.

  329. I can only imagine the joke telling going on up above today. I’m also guessing the attire up there has instantly been kicked up a notch. Thanks for sharing your lives and the incredible bond between mother and daughter with all of us viewers. So sorry Melissa & Cooper for your loss.

  330. Joan is one of my favorite ‘tell it like it is’ comedian. I love her blunt honesty and opinion of herself and others.
    She makes me laugh so hard I swear I might pee (Fashion Police – Bitch stole my dress!)
    I remember seeing & meeting her in Vegas years ago and instantly loved her. She loved my Big Texas Permed Blonde Hair, and asked me if I had named my pet hair piece.
    I will miss you and your hilarious humor, and I’m giggling now remembering all of the straight forward fun you threw at us and threw up on us.
    Everyone needs a JR in their life to make sure they live it to its fullest.
    God Speed and God Needs Joan Rivers

  331. I am heartbroken over this…I watched all of her shows and looked forward to what new trouble she was going to get into… I never thought of Joan as old I thought she would live forever so much energy and so youthful and current…Melissa and Coop I am so sorry for your loss my thoughts and prayers are with your family at this very sad time for you and for our nation 2 great comics within a month such tragic losses.

  332. So sad to hear of the passing of your mom. Thoughts and prayers to you and your son Cooper. She was an amazing and generous woman. Love and Peace to you.

  333. I’m watching your roast with Kathy Griffin right now! I’ll miss you a lot! Thanks for all you did – we’ll miss you but your spirit lives inside all your fans. Thanks for being you!

  334. I am very sad to hear this…I absolutely love Joan Rivers…made me laugh in my darkest days. How I regret not being able to meet her. Rest in Peace Joan… will always be missed.

  335. My deepest sympathies to the family of such a fine comedianne and person! I saw Joan perform earlier this year in Chandler, AZ. So talented! She will be missed!

  336. I am so very sad to hear of Joan Rivers passing she was a great comedian and a down to earth person, I could listen to her all night long with her jokes and her realistic humor. Growing up I use to imagine Joan as my next door neighbour. God bless you Joan now you will be making the angels laugh. Rest in peace funny lady.

  337. Devastating! It’s amazing how much the death of a person you never even met can effect you so much. I’ll truly miss you, you remarkable hilarious woman. Have fun up there. No doubt your spirit and energy is already entertaining someone or something… somewhere.

  338. This is such sad news. My heart goes out to your family, friends, co-stars, and fans. Rest in peace, Queen of Laughter, for Heaven is one more angel richer and our sky is now one more star brighter. Thank you for making me smile on my most depressing days, even when jokes were at your expense. You taught me that it’s sometimes easiest to deal with embarrassment with laughter. God speed and God bless you.

  339. I am so sad to hear this news. Joan was truly one of a kind and will be missed in many way. Melissa and Cooper stay strong…the laughter your mother brought to the world will indeed return and we have her to thank for it.

  340. My deepest condolences. She was a funny funny woman and will be greatly missed. Find peace knowing that she is with your dad!

  341. Joan was an amazing, intelligent and talented woman. But above all strong. Great example of how one should smile in life even in the most difficult times. My condolences to his family.

  342. So sorry for the loss of your mother. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers as you deal with a tough and emotional time. I will always remember Joan as one hell of a funny woman with a fierce sense of fashion and style. My condolences.

  343. My deepest sympathy and prayers for Melissa and family. Joan will always be an inspiration to me; on not talking life so serious, to have fun and make the best of it. To laugh at oneself and to always have a smile regardless of the circumstances. Rest in peace dear Joan, you will be missed.

  344. What an amazing lady. Saw her do her one woman show in London and loved it and her. stood up for Israel more recently. Very sad. Thoughts with all the family

  345. There is now an angel to bring laughter to the heavens, Knowing Joan, she is probably already at the Pearly Gates in charge of who gets in… “Flawless Fashion – you’re in” or “Fashion Roadkill – sorry downstairs!”
    Love you Joan – you are irreplaceable !!!!!

  346. Melissa, I am an only-child daughter who lost my mother last year. From the first time that I saw you and Joan interact, I knew that you and your mom loved one another as much as I loved mine. I prayed for you from the time that I heard about your mother’s situation, because I knew what you were going to go through, as only a daughter can know. I am sorry for your terrible loss, and can only tell you to put one foot in front of the other – there’s no other way to get through this. I am deeply, deeply sorry for you, Melissa. One foot in front of the other….

  347. The world will be an emptier place without Joan Rivers. Such a funny, funny, talented star, I cannot helo but smile when I think of her. But of course at this great time of ssdness, my thoughts are firm with her family, such a great loss. Sweet dreams dear Joan

  348. I’m at a loss for words. Still can’t believe she’s gone. All of my life, Joan Rivers has been a household name. I remember watching Johnny Carson as a little girl. She was my favorite comedienne to watch. I would sneak and stay up late on a school night just to watch your mother. She was so hilariously funny, truly one of a kind. I saw her many years ago in San Francisco. I’m an only child too and loved your relationship with your Mother. She went through a lot but still made the world laugh. She left a wonderful legacy for you and Cooper. The world is a better place because she brought such happiness to all of us.

  349. Life hasn’t been easy for you or your mother so I know you will always treasure your wonderful memories you have had with her. My sincere condolences to you, your son and family. Our thoughts are with you. Like your mother you are a very strong woman and know that will get you through this heartbreaking time. Joan, rest in peace and thank you for many years of laughs, and always speaking your your mind and not caring if anyone liked it or not. Will never be forgotten for now you are a legend!

  350. Joan will live on in the hearts and memories of the many many people she touched throughout the years.
    My sincerest condolences to you, Melissa and Cooper. Thank you for sharing her with us. The world grieves with you.

  351. I grew up watching your Mom for 20+yrs.
    From W.P.I.X on channel 11 in NY to the Fashion Police. I love you Mom not only because of her great sense of humor but for the BIG heart I am sure she had.
    My condolences to you and your family.


  352. I’m really sad for you. I don’t generally feel any real attachment for celebrities – they’re just strangers that are well known entertainers- except your mother was an exception. I felt like I knew her and she just seemed so cool to talk to – and even more so when she wasn’t ‘ON’ so much.

    I’m sorry for you. I really am.

    God bless you.

  353. Can we talk… It was so exciting to see someone transform their life so many times over the years. She is a true role model. I am so grateful for all the laughter…

  354. Love her or hate her you have to admire her honesty and the brutal truth she spoke. Above all how much she entertained us and made us all laugh. RIP Joan and thoughts to family/friend’s.

  355. Joan Rivers …. Truly a talent. This world has lost a true Icon ……. Never to be duplicated !!!! I feel blessed to have heard those words “Can We Talk?” ….. RIP Joan ….. Melissa and Cooper stay strong.

  356. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mom. She was such a great comedian and will be missed by many. I will miss watching her on Joan and Melissa, she was hilarious, i think just hearing her laugh was my favorite, she had a contagious laugh. We will all miss her but i know you will miss her the most. My prayers are with you and cooper at this sad time.
    RIP Joan, we love you

  357. Melissa and Cooper
    My heart and prayers go out to you.Joan was a beautiful and spectacular woman she was my fashion queen and she could turn your worse day into a good day. Right now she is in heaven getting ready for her new audience. She is looking down on us with her biggest and brightest smile. Mrs Rivers you will be truly missed and loved and thank you for all the years you have given us you will never be forgotten. R.I.P JOAN RIVERS

  358. Melissa and Cooper,
    I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I was really pulling for her to recover. I am so beyond sad and just can’t believe she’s gone…she was a true gem in every sense of the word. A woman with such class, intelligence, creativity, generosity and of course, the best humor in the entire universe! She is my role model and inspiration for the human dynamo that she was as it relates to her work ethic among everything else. I never met her and wish I had, but my husband and I were fortunate to see one of her hilarious shows in Cabazon, CA a few years or so ago. May she rest in peace and may you and Cooper always keep her memory alive as I know you will.


  359. I am astonished at how sad I am to hear of her passing. She help so many people find the humor in life, to laugh at everything and especially to find the humor within yourself. To be able to laugh through the pain that sometimes goes hand in hand with life is an amazing gift she gave us all.
    So many times when I was feeling sad or broken I would watch Joan and I would find myself laughing hysterically despite myself.

    I am so sorry for your loss. She was such a gift to this world.

  360. So, so sad. I appreciated Joan’s love for her family, she adored Melissa and Cooper. I loved her sense of humor, timing, love of entertaining, fashion sense, her vulnerability, her honesty, and kindness. I can’t even imagine this world without her. She will be sadly missed for a VERY long time. I have admired Joan for most of my life, I can barely write through the tears of sadness.
    Sadly I lost both my parents over the past three years and understand the loss to Melissa and Cooper are facing, my deepest condolences.

  361. Melissa and Cooper, I am deeply sorry for your loss as Joan, your mother was a hilarious inspiration to us all. She was a special brand of wonderful that filled all of hearts with a yearning for more. She will be missed more than words can ever express. I feel so much for you during this time and for the weeks and months to follow. You are in our hearts and minds forever. . . .
    With Love

  362. I can’t believe this. I have been checking the news ever since last week and I am in tears now I have learnt of Joan’s passing.

    I loved her wit, her nerve, her pride and she will always be an inspiration to me. In my eyes, Joan was always so young and full of energy. She dressed amazingly and carried herself so brilliantly well. The only positive thing I can take from this is that she was full of spirit and energy until the end and her life and fame was so full. I’m a 34 year old guy from the UK and her commitment, her zest for life and her ageless attitude will be something I will always aim for as I grow older.

    Thank you so very much Joan for all the wonderful laughs you have given me. I was so looking forward to seeing you in concert next month.

    My thoughts go out to Melissa and Cooper. Stay strong and your message is correct: your darling beautiful mother would wish for us to all be laughing soon.

    God bless


  363. Melissa and Cooper, youare in my thoughts and prayers. Joan made people laugh and will continue to do so through her living legacy. She was one of a kind. Our hearts are broken, but she will never be forgotten and she will always be with you! May you find comfort in knowing that Joan’s extended family is here for you!

  364. So,so,so sad. Such and admirable woman, with such strenght, passion and generosity. Such an example not only for young women like myself who are trying to make it in film, tv and the biz, but for every women… she showed us to be unnapologetic and fierce, thank you for being such an extraordinary example Joan!!! I’m sure heaven is a happier place now. I hope Melissa and all her family find comfort soon.

  365. I am moved to tears at this sad news. You and ur son are in my prayers…I’m so happy she shared herself with us throughout the years…I know it wasn’t always easy and I thank God for the joy she brought…I’m very sorry for ur loss!!!~

  366. I am heartbroken to read about the news of the beautiful Joan Rivers. May the Lord be with her.No pain no suffering and is now in a place that she herself built by all the wonderful things that no one knows that she did for others. I was blessed to have met her.
    There is no one like her or even close to her–she is JOAN RIVERS!
    May she live on!
    Melissa I hope they put on Fashion Police…in your mother’s honor.
    This is real and I miss her already. My sympathy to you and your family.

  367. Joan Rivers was a brilliant comedian. She had no limits when it came to comedy and was constantly pushing what is/should be accepted. This is what comedy should always be about. The world lost a beautiful person today. My deepest condolences to her friends and family.

  368. I am too saddened by this news… My deepest condolences to Melissa, Cooper, and the entire Rivers family. Though this a difficult time for everyone, let us realize, remember, and appreciate the barriers she broke and the laughter she gave to the world. I have been, and still am praying for Joan & her family. I know she has made me &my family laugh consistently since I was a little boy, and I love her for that. She’ll be greatly missed, but we’ve gained one great and funny angel. ~ Rest in peace, Joan ~

  369. My mother passed away last night. I sympathize with your pain. My sincere condolences to the Rivers family. I hope my mom finds your mom, and that they will be laughing and smiling down on all of us. God bless.

  370. I am so sorry and sad. Every morning I checked the computer for updates on your mom Melissa. From news reports I think she didn’t suffer which all of us should be so thankful for. I know you and Cooper’s loss is tremendous and I send you love and strength for the upcoming days.She was so loved xo

  371. Your beautiful momma!!! We will all miss her so she made us all laugh throughout her life. Thank you for sharing her!!! My prayers are with you an your son!!! I know this is the biggest pain you have ever felt next to losing your daddy!!! But your momma is right with you in your heart every step an breath you take!!! Prayers for you your son, An the rest of your family!!!

  372. It is hard ti believe that someone so full of life just a short number of days ago could be gone forever. She was an icon all the days of my life, I almost fell like I knew her. Times moves much too quickly. My sincere condolances to you and your family. Now she is resting peacefully with the love of her life, Edgar.

  373. Joan truly was a brilliant pioneer in so many respects. Her comedic work was cutting edge, and it put her at a level in late night talk shows where no other woman had been, she had the vision to see where home shopping was headed many years ago and embraced it rather than scoff at it like many early naysayers did. She literally transformed the entire red carpet experience and couldn’t have done so without her true depth of knowledge of art, fashion, style (there is a difference), and exquisite taste.

    For many years Joan sold her symbolic bees…the bee symbolizing “doing the impossible”…and now it is time for her precious Melissa, Cooper, and thousands upon thousands of devoted friends and fans to do the same…do the impossible: mourn her loss, but always wear a smile when you think of her or hear her name. God bless.

  374. Hello Melisa, your mother always made me laugh, for first time your mother made me to fel sad. I will miss her. She always was funny and nice person, brilliant and smart. Many prayers for your family.
    You can be sure that a lot of person around the world will have a nice memory about of your great mother.
    So sorry for your loss.

  375. Melissa & Cooper, our whole family loved your mom & grandmother. I thought she was so funny as I was growing up, watching her on TV. She was a brilliant comedian and her ideas and genius for her craft and producing great television continued until today. We watched her soar on the Apprentice – she was a savvy business woman who was a leader in every sense of the word. Most importantly, it was obvious that her greatest role in life was to be your mom, Melissa and Cooper’s Grandmother, which, in front of the world, she showed her love, compassion and joy. We grieve with you today, you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers always. May God bless Joan and may she rest in peace.

  376. I had a dream last week where Joan hugged me, kissed me on the cheek and said she loved me like a son….I will miss her presence and the joy she brought me throughout my life…I am sorry for your loss and wish the best for you and Cooper..RIP are a Legend!!!

  377. I am so saddened by Joan’s death. We have lost two comedic geniuses of our time this year. God Bless you Joan and Thoughts and prayers to Mellissa and her extended family and friends.

  378. So very sorry for your loss. I will miss the Joan & Melissa show. No matter what mood I was in it would make me laugh. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Cooper.

  379. I am so sorry for your loss. I was always so impressed with your mother’s zest, drive and her talent to make us laugh. But most of all her zest. My condolences.

  380. Such a sad day. I have been praying for her recovery. She was so fierce, so smart, such a firecracker. She was also an icon for all women and single mom’s. She will be greatly missed by many who never even had the pleasure of meeting her. My love goes out to Melissa and Cooper.

  381. Your mother pushed the envelope, often too far, but no one can fault her for finding the humour in every situation! I appreciate her boosting the range and veracity for female comedians everywhere! I hope the private memories you created with her will give you comfort in this difficult time. We are very sorry for your loss, and the loss of this great Grand Dame, and keeping your family in our thoughts. Sincere condolences from Quebec, Canada.

  382. One of the last great glamorous women of Hollywood has passed. I don’t know about her private life, but publicly she seemed so joyful and quick to laugh. I love how she was comfortable enough to make fun of herself! A real star is snuffed out, but she’ll continue shining in all of us.

  383. So sorry to hear this. I always respected and admired how she never backed down. When some people got “all offended”, she stood by her jokes and personal opinions, because she was entitled to them (as we all are). I try to emulate that in my own life because of her. Life is too short to be so offended by everything or change your opinion because it isn’t “politically correct” or someone “might be offended”. Always be who you are no matter what! Thank you for that valuable life lesson, Joan. I’ll remember you fondly.

  384. I am so very sorry for your loss of your mother. She was such a strong, talented woman. Her loss has left a hole in the world. But, more importantly, it’s left an empty seat in your family. I’m praying for you and your son, as you grieve for your mother. (((hugs)))

  385. A whole lot of funny arrived in Heaven today and I imagine the first thing Joan said to God when she walked through the gates was “Can We Talk?”

    R.I.P Joan, we will miss you!

  386. Dear Melissa, I was so sad to learn of your loss this morning. My family and I just loved your Mom. She was an amazing woman. My heart goes out to you and your son. Please know that your Mom is with you in spirit always and that prayers are being sent your way to soothe and heal. God Bless, Maryann

  387. I grew up watching your mom and am an avid FP fan. I am dumbstuck with this news and cry with you. She was a true wonderous icon. The angels must be doubled over in laughter at this very moment. May God bless you and comfort, your son, the FP/E Entertainment staff during this very difficult time.

  388. I am so sorry Melissa and Cooper. Thank you for the laughs Joan I’ve loved you and laughed at your comments since I can remember. Rest in peace.

  389. Words cannot even begin to express my sorrow..
    Joan Rivers is an inspiration to a comical outlook to life..
    This world is too serious and we need more people like the late Ms Rivers.. whatever she said, whatever she did, she was a mother, a grandmother, an AMAZING human being so please.. give respect to an extremely talented, loving lady.. RIP lovely

    God was missing an angel xx

  390. I have not ever understood people crying over the death of someone famous until this moment. Joan Rivers was someone I admire more than words can express. She was also someone who could brighten a strangers day with out even meeting them or knowing. Her commitment to her craft and work touched so many lives. I truly hope her memory will live on forever. To her family, friends, and other fans who feel the same sadness and loss I do my thoughts and prayer are with you and her!

  391. What a loss…. This lady, Joan Rivers, remains an example as to how one true self should strive to live one true life. Never wavering in the darkest of moments, filling minds with the voice of truth while being dipped in laughter. Allowing others the absolute choice in loving or hating her, so long as they heard her (Which we did). She represents the caliber of people that anyone would be extremely fortunate to have on their team.
    Miss Rivers will be missed…

  392. A true comic genius. An inspiration to women in all walks of life for her groundbreaking career, ability to bounce back from hardships, and fearlessness in speaking her mind. Fiercely devoted to her family and unwavering advocate for Jews, gays and more, Joan was one of a kind, irreplaceable; loved and appreciated by so many. And effing funny always. We are all longing to know the jokes she would have made about this past week and the future moments we anticipated if not counted on that she would have made us laugh about ourselves and our celebrity obsessed culture. Far too soon. Incredibly sad. My condolences to her wonderful, accomplished, smart like her mom daughter and adorable grandson.

  393. Every week I pick 3 inspirational women who have influenced my life and thoughts in different ways. This week Joan was standing shoulder to shoulder with Annie Lennox; a famous Scottish singer and AIDS activist, and Elaine C Smith; a famous, outspoken, Scottish female comedian and campaigner of ending male violence towards women.
    Three incredibly different women from incredibly different backgrounds, but from which, passion, sorrow, commitment and conviction emerge as their defining characteristics.
    Where ever you are Joan, give ’em hell, and keep giving ’em hell until one day they send you back to us.
    All my love from Bonnie Scotland

  394. So sad to hear of the news of your mother’s passing, especially after the very recent death of another icon – Robin Williams. Heaven will be a much funnier place! God bless you all!

  395. Rest in Peace. Joan Rivers brought many laughs in the darkest of times. I will always remember her and her profound way of making people laugh. And I will always be grateful to have heard her jokes and smile at that. Thank you, Joan. You will be forever missed.

  396. I’m so very sorry for your loss of your mom. She was such a strong and talented woman. We will all miss her. Her loss leaves a hole in the world. But, more importantly, it leaves an empty seat in your family. I will be praying for you and your son, as you grieve for your mother. (((hugs)))

  397. What an incredible person and comedian. I wouldn’t normally feel this way about a celebrity, but Joan Rivers is an exception. My deepest sympathy to her friends and family. God’s peace and blessings.

  398. This is sad news. I feel like I grew up with Joan. She has made me laugh so many countless times. I’m not sure where the world will be without her. My heartfelt condolences to Joan’s family. As for me, I will miss her greatly.

  399. My deepest condolences to you and your Family in this time. Your Mom was a wonderful person and we the World were so privileged to have her make us laugh and smile. May she rest in peace and may you all find peace in her passing.

  400. Dear Melissa and Cooper, I may not know you but I feel your loss deeply. Joan was so full of life and spirit. I loved her for making me laugh through all these years. She will be missed greatly. May she rest in peace and knock everyone ‘s socks off upstairs. God bless
    M Lederer

  401. I am so very broken-hearted with this news of Joan’s passing. She was a wonderful comedianne. To Melissa and Cooper, please accept my deepest condolences and know that my heartfelt prayers are with you and your family. Joan was one of a kind and made me laugh in my most difficult times. Truly, she was and will remain a LEGEND.

  402. This is so heartbreaking. Joan was a hard-working inspiration and a legend. Will be dearly missed. Friday nights will not be the same. Rest in peace. *Joan Ranger salute*

  403. Sincere condolences to Melissa and Cooper and Joan’s extended family and friends. Truly loved her comedic talents and looked forward every week in Australia to watch Fashion Police. There is no one like Joan – rip.

  404. The world will never be the same without Joan Rivers. She brought me (& millions of others) so much laughter, so much joy. What an amazing woman! I am deeply heartbroken & deeply grateful to her. Melissa, my heart & prayers are with you & your family during this difficult time. We have been so fortunate to have had her in our lives & she will be terribly missed.
    Much love.

  405. I grew up in the era of the Borscht Belt comics. Joan was my favorite because she proved a woman could be as funny as a man. Her wit, while sometimes outrageous, never failed to make me laugh out loud. I love Joan, and will miss her with all my heart; I relished every minute of humor and comment she gave to us. No one will ever come close to her legacy.

  406. Joan’s way of saying things, telling it like it is, hit me upside the head like a diamond-studded, chocolate covered sledgehammer! Her humor resonated for my proper, ladylike, English Mother and me, and we’d wet ourselves laughing listening and watching Joan. It started a secret, snarky conversation that only we two understood, and continued until my Mother’s passing.

    Melissa and Cooper, you have my heart’s warmest hugs.

  407. Dear Melissa and Cooper:

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers, as I know this has been a very difficult time for you. Joan was an incredible woman and always made me and everyone laugh for many years. Thank you for sharing her with us! Joan will always be in our hearts, minds and will always bring a smile to our face. Peace and love to both of you and now Joan is making everyone in heaven laugh. I will always be a Joan Fashion Police Ranger. Fly free Joan, our sweet angel.

  408. Melissa your mother never ceased to amaze me and make me laugh. My heart aches from the sorrow I know that you and Cooper are feeling. Praying that you find peace and comfort in knowing of the love we all have for your mother.

  409. Prayers to Melissa and Cooper. May God bless you and keep you strong during this difficult time. Thank you Joan, for the years of laughter. It’s a very sad day 🙁 R.I.P.

  410. I am so heartbroken to hear this news today, Joan will be missed by so many! She was on such a roll and at a wonderful peak in her career. Joan will always be remembered as a class act, the funniest and sharpest comedian in the business and of course, the best dressed! 🙂 Sending thoughts and prayers to you Melissa and to your son. Hugs and <3

  411. Joan Rivers, a simple girl with a dream. Really she’s a grand woman who made that dream come true. A gift from above returns home to heaven. Joan you will be missed. To the Rivers family be strong, Joan is still watching over you… loving you with all her heart. My deepest condolences.

  412. So sorry to hear about your mother. She obviously loved you & Cooper with every inch of her being. This first & foremost. She was life in all it’s brilliance. Shalom, Joan.

  413. Salute to a true Legend. Have enjoyed you since the Carson Show era until the present. Amazing at reinventing yourself thru each decade. Truly a unique talent. You are deeply missed already. Peace dear Joan.
    Melissa, I have been where you are regarding your mom, and remember the Joy of the Lord is our strength. God Bless you and your family.

  414. To Joan’s family, especially Melisa, so deeply sorry for your loss. Your mother was bigger than life. I remember watching her on the tonight show when I was just a kid and just loving her more & more as the years passed. It is hard to believe she is no longer with us. For all the laughs and smiles she gave us over many years, I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

  415. I grew up with my parents watching Joan in those Johnny Carson days, and followed her career throughout the years. I rediscovered her in fashion police and truly fell in love with her when I watched her documetaries this spring. My heart goes out to her family for the loss of this amazing, beautiful and endlessly hard working and funny woman. The Lord took back an angel today. My deepest condolences to Mellisa and the rest of the family. She will be missed.

  416. Rest in Peace Joan Rivers, a comic legend who I loved from the moment I saw you perform on TV. About 2 years ago we saw you live at Borgata. I haven’t laughed as hard since. You kept us laughing all these years. My heartfelt condolences to Melissa and Cooper and all her family and friends. Never forgotten!

  417. Such terribly sad news – have spent the week rooting for her recovery – impossible to think that her incredible energy has gone and thought I would hear about her sitting her up in bed and saying “Can we talk?”. Sincerest condolences to all the Rivers family and friends and thank you Joan for making me laugh so many times – a total star! Much love from London xx

  418. I share your sorrow in the loss of your mom. What a wonderful person she seemed to be! Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and Cooper. You both are on the minds of many and our personal prayers are being said for you. Thanks for being the good people you all are to all of us.

  419. She was so very loved and I am heartbroken at her loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Melissa. I will miss her and her one of a kind sense of humor more than words can say.

  420. I have admired your mother since I was little – she was such a role model. The world will be a sadder place without her. My condolences to you and your son. She loved you guys so much.

  421. Melissa I pray that you are able to get through this. Your mom was a funny woman and she brought joy into the lives of others. Please know that I feel your pain having lost my mom three years ago. God bless you and your family. Joan RIP.