E! Celebrates Joan Rivers with “Joan Day”

On Friday, September 19th, E! is celebrating the laughter that Joan brought to viewers around the world with “Joan Day.” Programming will include an all-day marathon that showcases some of Joan’s best jokes from “Fashion Police” beginning at 7:00am ET/PT. Hilarious back-to-back episodes, including Joan’s milestone 80th birthday celebration and the last “Fashion Police” she did for the MTV Video Music Awards and Primetime Emmy special, highlight some of Joan’s laugh-out-loud funniest and most outrageous moments from her past four years on the series.

Then the “Fashion Police” family honors Joan with a touching and hilarious 90-minute on-air celebration befitting of the woman whose sharp wit and biting comedy made her a legend to millions of fans, and who changed forever the face of Red Carpet fashion commentary. Melissa Rivers (also executive producer of “Fashion Police”) will join her onscreen “family” Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic, and George Kotsiopoulos, as they lovingly and, of course, laughingly, pay tribute to Joan’s years as the host of “Fashion Police” when “Fashion Police: Celebrating Joan” airs at 8:00pm ET/PT.

Fashion Police

The special will feature behind-the-scenes footage, including never-before-aired moments of Joan candidly joking with the cast and cracking up the studio audience, along with outtakes featuring Joan doing what she did best — making everyone within earshot of her laugh. With no shortage of funny moments from which to choose, this tribute will feature some of the best of Joan’s trademark “did she really just say that” remarks and outlandish stunts, along with clips of some of the incredible guests from the worlds of fashion, entertainment, sports and more that joined Joan on the “Fashion Police” stage. Personal stories from the co-hosts and Melissa will round out this special to celebrate the gift of laughter Joan so freely shared with fans and “Joan Rangers” around the world.

Join E! tomorrow for a full day of laughter commemorating Joan!

27 thoughts on “E! Celebrates Joan Rivers with “Joan Day””

  1. Dear Melissa,
    I’ll be watching and thank you for sharing your Mom with all of us. You and Cooper remain in our prayers. There will be many difficult decisions to make in the months ahead through a seesaw of emotions so now is not the time to make them as you mourn but remember, Joan would say it first; on with the show, Melissa!
    In the most devastating of times, you showed your grace, dignity and strength
    and as in life, your Mom is watching you with pride with love with awe for the daughter and friend you were.

    1. Dear Melissa,
      Joan Day was just awesome!
      Thank you.
      I was delighted to hear your announcement that Fashion Police would continue after a pause.
      This will be a major challenge for
      there will never be another Joan Rivers; ever!
      However, no one other than you has your Mom’s insight, tenacity and determination to face any challenge. You are your Mother’s daughter and she has shown you and the world the true meaning of reinventing oneself time and time again.
      As you pause to reinvent the FP format, the one sad fact we have to acknowledge is that there will never be another Joan Rivers, EVER!! So don’t even try. She was an original and honor her legacy not with a carbon copy that simply doesn’t exist but rather by reinventing the show with either rotating guests co hosts that would bring their own unique personality to the show and have a genuine chemistry with the other co hosts or perhaps inviting designers themselves to co chair. I also think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask the loyal fans for their input.
      Like I said, it’s a difficult challenge to find one person who is just so genuine and relatable – a person who embodies fashion, glamour, a person who is at home being formal or down in the gutter who knows craziness is just part of the world we live in – who dares to say it as it is with brutal honesty and shock awe humor that would make a viewer remain with their mouth open and then say, hysterically laughing; did she/he just say that!!!!!
      I’m not a casting agent. There are demographics and sponsors to be considered but I think each and any of the individuals below have their own unique qualities and would not compete with Joan Rivers’ legacy rather, compliment it.

      Megan Mullally
      Cloris Leachman
      Jayne Lynch
      Liza Minelli
      Paula Abdul
      Wanda Skyes
      Joan Collins
      Loni Love
      Doris Roberts
      Kim Catrell
      Sophia Vergara
      Lisa Kudrow
      Bevy Smith
      Margaret Choi
      Raquel Welch
      Christine Baranski
      Carnie Wilson
      Debbie Reynolds

      Absolutely NOT
      Chelsea Handler
      Kathy Griffin
      Nene Leakes
      Gwyneth Paltrow
      Any of the Kardashians

  2. What a sweet way to honor the queen. I can’t wait to see the behind the scenes footage. I myself am a producer in television but never got the chance to work with Joan, thought it was always my goal. I would ask people that I know worked with her (on Celebrity Apprentice, Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best, and Fashion Police) “What is she like working with” and every single person would say “She is a professional, she is smart, she is funny, and generous. She knows everyone by name from the PA to the EP.” Her reputation in the industry is impeccable as well as her reputation for being the hardest working woman in television. I may never have been able to fulfill my goal of working with her but I hope to work with the wonderful people at E! sometime in the near future. HAPPY JOAN DAY!

  3. I watched practically every episode of Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows best, and through that show, I felt like I became to really know Joan and her commitment and love for Melissa and Cooper and her assistants who worked in Melissa’s house. She showed kindness and grace and had such an amazing wit. Her genius was evident in everything she did. I so looked forward to the new episodes and was looking forward to seeing more. I lost my mother, and being a Jewish woman similar in age to Melissa, I just enjoyed the chemistry and dialogue between mother and daughter. We lost Joan too soon and too tragically. I will miss her.

  4. I wish she was here to enjoy this!…I never got the chance to met her, this is what happens when you put things off…She will be greatly missed..the best to the Two of you

    My prayers are with you


  5. A heart is not judged by how much you love,but by how much you are loved by others.

    Joan had one hell of a heart.

  6. Joan I Love and miss y dearly…Melissa and Cooper…you have great memories that will see you through the difficult tymes…..She was a genuine lady whos character attracted us to love her like a magnet….I hope Fashion Police carries her legacy on….it will never be the same though….PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO REPLACE JOAN… NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE CAN FIT IN JOANS SHOES…the show can have an extra person to take on Joans slot but it should end threr…..not try to ‘Be Joan’. Every time I watch…I will be thinking…”what would have Joan said”

  7. Looking forward to it! I can’t get enough of Joan, I would watch QVC just to see her. Melissa as a mom & grandma to a little boy, I can tell you I know how proud she is of you. Love you!

  8. Dear Melissa: I am so looking forward to seeing this special because your mother did something unknowingly she brought me and my daughter who is only 10 years old and we would watch Fashion Police and never miss one episode and we would jokingly argue over the outfits and she made this one of the most important and wonderful times with just me and her.

  9. I’m really looking forward to this. Joan Rivers was absolutely right. She said “when you make someone laugh, you give them a vacation”. I am in severe chronic pain and she made life more bearable for me with her humour. I loved Joan and Melissa: Joan knows best and In Bed with Joan. Not sure how I will get through the pain now but my life became more difficult when she died. My thoughts are with Melissa and Cooper.

  10. Thank you for showing behind the scenes and other clips of the best of Joan River on Fashion Police. I never laughed so hard. I loved when Joan pulled out the huge hamburger so she could chew the food for her “family”. Priceless.

    I became a fan of Joan Rivers when I was a teen in the eighties. I loved the “Can We Talk?” and her fake spitting. My children are now fans.

    Thank you Ms. Rivers for entertaining the world. You are a class act. Everyone in the entertainment industry needs to follow your example, and should follow your example.

    Thank you for the charity work and the hours you put in to help others.

    To Ms. Melissa Rivers and Mr. Cooper Endicott: thank you for sharing Joan with the world.
    God Bless!

  11. Just watched Joan’s Celebration and it was perfect! I am so sad for her family and friends as she will be so missed but DAMN SHE HAD A HE’LL OF A RIDE!! I can only dream to have a piece of her talent RIP DIVA

  12. I just finished watching the special and as always like she has done my whole life made me laugh. Ya know I was totally.devastated when I heard that she is no longer with us. I am a HUGE fan of hers and have been forever. I’m 46 and fighting cancer. I’m not doing as good as we had hoped. I made sure that I took the time everyday to watch something with Joan in it so that for at least that hour out of that day I could just be free to laugh and feel somewhat normal. Two days ago my.mother had complications with her diabetes and is now in a coma and we found out she has no brain activity and so I now like you Mel am losing my.rock and it sucks!!! It really stinks to out of nowhere they are just gone. I was so happy to see that this special was on because if there is ever a time it would be now that I needed your mother to take me away and let me laugh and smile during a time when all I want to do is cry. So you see how your mother has helped me through times when I am hurting the most just by being Joan. Thank you for her. I will miss her and I will miss my mother now.too. We lost two really wonderful woman in the last 2 weeks. Just know that I have sent prayers up for you and your son and me and my daughter to have the strength to move forward without them. They would have wanted us to keep on laughing. I just wish that I could have made my way to NY or LA to actually meet you guys who have been such a huge part of my fight with cancer and now with the loss of my own mother who never left me side when I was so sick from chemo I wanted to die. She was on my bucket list along with only one other person who I really wanted to meet who is a celebrity. I’m so pissed that now I will never get the chance to tell her TY Anyway ty again and I hope you find peace in your morning and always keep her close.to your heart like she always has been!!!

  13. Joan would have loved someone to do ” fashion police” her funeral. Did you see some of those? Girl from the view looked like she rolled out bed and came in her pjs what better way to say goodbye

  14. Although I didn’t know Joan personally I always felt a kinship with her. I was devastated with her passing but I will always remember the way she made me feel inside. I have many fond memories of her outrageous antics & how I always felt happy after watching her. She is truly an icon and the world will never be the same without her. She was a ray of sunshine that should never have been dimmed.

  15. No need to replace Joan, have a new monthly guest host instead, that way she remains the reigning Queen and Uber-hostess of Fashion Police forever, it would be nice to showcase several funny talented women and men on the show, this could work out in unexpectedly fabulous ways!! Love you Joan darling,,,kisses!

  16. Dear Melissa,
    I am someone who follow Joan during years, besides being someone who brought joy to many people, she was also a role model, I live in Switzerland and I can’t see the videos, could you guys make it available also here?, Many people here would be very gratefull.
    I sening you and Cooper my prayers and best wishes to pass this moment.

  17. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!! Does anyone know when this will be played in Australia??? I was away on a course and did not know this was even going to be aired… oh boo hoo.. I hope someone can let me know.. And as for Joan – well .. she is a star… the brightest most beautiful star in the sky – for now and for always – there will never be another… the world got a little duller when Joan left.. the sun shone a little dimmer …. our laugher was suddenly turned to tears.. RIP x

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