Thanksgiving in New York with Melissa and Cooper

Look who's on the sofa!
Look who’s on the sofa!
Carrying in the tradition of theater the day after Thanksgiving.
Carrying in the tradition of theater the day after Thanksgiving.

13 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in New York with Melissa and Cooper”

  1. Dear melissa..cooper..I know this thanksgiving must have been hard for u..but knowing how many people loved and thought of all of u had to be of some comfort..I think of her all the time. .the world is truly not as much fun…♡

  2. Funny, just talking about you last night with a friend. The holidays must be especially hard. Enjoy as best you can.

  3. Bless your hearts for keeping family traditions! 1st thanksgiving without mom is soooo hard! Love to both of you!

  4. I love seeing these pictures, Melissa. Your mom would be so proud. Obviously she’d be heartbroken that she’s not here and so am I. I cannot believe those horrible idiots who were so substandard in their care of your mom. Who let her have that procedure in a walk-in place for starters? She had trusted long-term docs and this is all they could do for her. I am so disgusted and sooooo sad. You are a wonderful daughter, Melissa.

  5. That was a lovely photo. You wore a blazer with your beautiful dress. Joan would of loved that. Cooper is so handsome. Thank you for sharing. Sincerely, Dolsie

  6. I loved Joan so much no one can ever make me laugh like Joan. Joan you are so missed and god bless your family and friends that miss so so much. I miss you too but know you will never be forgotten.

  7. Beautiful pictures. Glad you and Cooper are continuing traditions. Has to be bitter sweet but lucky to have each other. Mom would be so proud.

  8. Melissa I remember buying you ice cream when you were five years old at the warwick musical theatre in warwick rhode island your mother took u too snack bar before show and didnt have change I was a fan and psid for it.I was honored.u were sdorable she was gorgeous.and now so are you.msy she rest in peace.
    David rossi

  9. My first Thanksgiving without my Mom too. Glad that you two are keeping up with your traditions and hoping you create some new ones too. God Bless.

  10. Keep Sharing Joan with us. You don’t understand what she does for me. I love Joan and miss her. I know you do too. If you need anything, get in touch. I feel like I was part of the family. Have a great day!! Love always, Annette Jao

  11. Despite the sadness you have to be thankful you had such a loving devoted mother and grandmother who cared so much for you both. I’m sure you felt her with you during the Thanksgiving dinner. Best wishes from a fan Sharon in Sydney Australia.

  12. I work in a Salon in Long island.Every year we have a man come in to get ready to be Mr.Clause .Today he told me that he did a couple of Christmas party’s for Joan.He said she was great and he had a blast! I told him I would try to write on her fb.But it will not let me.So this was the only place I could leave a comment.Just want you to know you are missed,and that Santa misses Joan also !

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