Melissa Honors Joan in a Daytime Emmy’s Tribute

After a video tribute to Joan at the 2015 Daytime Emmy Awards Sunday night, Melissa took to the stage for a moving speech in honor of her mother.


Video of Joan’s Emmy win in 1990:

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  1. I don’t know you Melissa and have never met you but nonetheless I have such affection and respect for you. I revered your beloved mother and saw her as a trail blazing role model. I remember way back when during the sad and unfortunate times….I was rooting for her and so pleased when she rallied! As you well know, your mom was a comic genius, pure and simple and an indomitable soul! I wish you all the best in life.By the way, you have never looked better….so elegant! Your mom was and is very proud of you I’m sure! I am forever a fan. oxo

  2. The acceptance speech has been an inspiration for many years that indeed, at its darkest, laughter will get you through, and good things will happen again if you keep up the fight… Melissa’s video above reminds us that again. Joan always made her audience and fans feel we were part of the act- and while none of us have laughed as much since losing her, we will laugh again (with her, still, thanks to technology). It is up to us who can to keep finding those moments and making laughter, even in the face of so much pain, so that we may all go forward and face the world a little less weary from it all…

  3. it was not your time to Go and I am not just saying that !! it is true!! and your family knows as wel that all I will say about that one!! the family I am sure knows what I am talking about!! I love you all very much !!I would love to one day meet you one day Melissa ans you son !! you guy’s feel like family to me!! and I mean that from my hart!! love you guy’s all of you !! xo xo xo

  4. … Very proud-of-Vous Missy. Still cherishing all-our-times together when-I-wrote for “Billboard Magazine” in Vegas. (’75-’79)

  5. The comedy world has gotten a real quiet without Joan, and so has my world without her making me laugh every week, or even everyday. I try to laugh at the current comedians (I really do), but no luck. Barely a chuckle here and there. I go to You Tube and find Joan.

    Also I’ve the Album What becomes a Legend most? It’s great to have these outlets, but not the same when somebody isn’t here.

  6. She was the quintessential “Queen of Comedy”… There will never be another like Joan Rivers. There are few celebrities/public figures that I look up to and aspire to be more like but she was and always will be at the top of my list. Her optimism, courage, honesty, humor, wisdom, stamina, sheer force of life and the ability to embrace the “here and now” and make the most of it was just some of the things I admired about her so much. I hope her beautiful soul is at peace now. We were all so blessed to have being brought soooo many smiles and happiness over the years by the truely one of a kind – Joan Rivers. xo

  7. I Have been a fan for years,saw the show in Londen and had the chance
    to see Melissa shoping with Joan.Melissa you have cooper who also
    loved his Gran.All the best.

  8. Thank you, Melissa for sharing this with your mothers fans and now yours. Your mother worked her butt off in every job she had. It was well deserved. Sincerely, Dmercado

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