Fashion Police: Special 2014 VMAs and Emmys Episode

In case you missed it, we had a special 90-minute episode of Fashion Police last night dedicated to the fashion turnout at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Sunday and the Emmy Awards on Monday. Our guest was the fabulous British music sensation Jessie J, who – just moments before performing the opening number with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj – arrived on the VMAs red carpet in a stunning vintage Halston that I actually used to have in black. This was such a fun and fabulous special episode.

Kelly, Jessie J, me, George and Giuliana on the set.
Kelly, Jessie J, me, George and Giuliana on the set.

Here are some video highlights…

Jessie J on Nicki Minaj’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Playing 2014 Emmys “Spit It Out”

Amber Rose Shows No Fear at 2014 VMAs

176 thoughts on “Fashion Police: Special 2014 VMAs and Emmys Episode”

    1. Love you Joan. Praying for your recovery, but if you don’t, will never ever forget you, and thank you for brightening up my life.

    2. R.I.P. Joan. I will always remember the joy and laughter you brought to me and others around the world, Losing you is very tough on those of us who really enjoyed comedy this year. You WILL be missed greatly.

      1. Yes she will be miss she shows us how to go forward I read her book still talking and I was so proud how she did not feel sorry for herself but continue to move on and follow her passion .That’s a lady that lived life and love it.Thank you Joan I will always remember you this Puerto Rican girl loves you. Love your interview with all the girls when you had Iris chacon on your show, all the host that had their on show that was girl power let this new generation learn from that.

  1. We are praying for you, dear Ms. Rivers. We love you and will continue in prayer until you are completely well in this situation with your throat.

    1. Yes, we agree with Ella…Joan we love you! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    2. she was just recently in my side of Town Toronto Ontario at the Shopping Channel, She reminds me of my Aunt, glamorous and stylish.

      Oh please get better, we all pray for you. Ricki

  2. Katrina Bee I Pray Ms Rivers Has an experience of her after life…. and is allowed back to tell aLL. Glory to God!!

  3. Get well soon Joan. Thoughts and prayers are with you during this illness. You are an inspiration to women all over the world.

  4. Your Mashiach loves you Joan, keep this in your heart as you heal! Blessings, Blessings, Blessings.

  5. We all know you’re good for another 20 years, Joan. You have a wonderful sense of humor but having a heart attack is not really funny. Please let your doctors recharge your batteries and we’ll hear and see you shortly.

  6. Please Miss Rivers, stay strong! You are a fighter. Sending my wishes of fast and fully recovery. We are all praying for you. You are the one and only. I always loved you and I always will. There are no words that could describe how much I love you, you’re the best. I wish you and your family a peaceful time, get well.

    1. Joan, please get well. I love your fashions and jewelry from qvc. You make me smile.You are always so kind and loving to your customers. You must get well. You are in my prayers.
      Pat Alford , Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

  7. My prays are with Melissa and Mrs. Rivers wake up Cooper needs someone to medley in his love life. Plus I need your humor-It wouldn’t surprise me if you come out of this with 50 new jokes, Jewish/Hispanic novels, new book. God, guardian angels Mrs. Joan Rivers has a lot more positive things to teach her younger female fans on life-Cooper and Melissa still needs her. Love, D.M.

  8. I am praying for you Joan. I have so much respect for you and your warm heart. You have made me laugh for so many years and i thank you.

  9. Dear Joan I hope to God you are alright. Melissa, all Canada is praying for your Mom and you and Cooper. God Bless You all
    Barbara Ann MacMahon-Firestone.

  10. I love you Joan. we met once & you were so kind and caring to all the fans. Please get well . It’s not your time yet, the world needs you in it to brighten things up

  11. Prayers for a recovery and I wish only the best for the family during this tough period of waiting!! I had the pleasure to meet with Ms. Rivers in the 90’s as I booked her for a corporate event and she was fabulous to work with!!

  12. Joan, Joan, Joan:
    I think tonight even the Royal Family will be lighting a candle for you!

  13. Please get better soon. Prayers for you and your family. Joan,
    You’re the only one that makes me laugh out loud.

  14. Send you all good wishes for a very speedy and complete recovery.
    Looking forward to hearing your new jokes about this. Get well soon PLEASE!

  15. Dear outstanding one of a kind Joan! Friday
    My mother Eleonore (92) and I have been following you with great delight for many years – you were such an entertaining host of the red carpet on Oscar night! No one has even ever succeeded in replacing you for the TV viewer – we don’t even watch it without you now – it has become quite a bland show. You are ONE OF A KIND!

    Our prayers and well wishes are with you and will be with you constantly until you look up and smile at your beautiful and talented daughter Melissa.
    We will be looking forward to your future inimitable jokes on your black out and recovery.

    Huge bear hugs and love from New Zealand
    Charlotte and Eleonore

  16. Our Fabulous Jewish comedy Queen!! Our world needs your light, your humor! Please hang on we’re not prepared to let you go!! All my love and prayers for a quick and prosperous recovery!! xo

  17. Joan we know you are writing coma jokes in your sleep. We are waiting for the punch line that the doctors had to go for the good stuff to put you out, as genius requires more anesthesia. Spring back, chicken, and ‘Fashion Police’ the hospital gowns when you take your Joan Rangers seat on your set! Hurry to total recovery. I will temporarily become a Jew if that would help. Hugs and prayers!

  18. Joan, my prayers go up for you, Melissa and Cooper. You’re an amazing woman and I love you dearly.

  19. L = Lord pull her through this…
    A = A short break for Joan to recharge…
    U = US….We all enjoy the the humor!
    G = Get Well Soon!
    H = Healing hugs for a speedy recovery!

    To Melissa and Rivers family…May Joan rest and heal and come back stronger than
    EVER…My prayers are that you heal, wake up and continue to fill us all with laughter and leave us all with a smile on our faces.

  20. Fight girl! You are strong and have lots left to do in this world!! Can’t wait to hear your jokes about this! ☀️☀️☀️

  21. Dearest Joan, just to let you know how much you are loved by everyone in every age group. My 22 year old daughter called crying when she found out about your medical condition saying ” we need to pray for Joan”.

    You are loved by millions of people and you are still needed here on Earth.

    Love and many prayers for you and Melissa.

  22. Dearest Joan & Melissa, You are in our family’s thoughts and our prayers. You are receiving the best of care where you are; let’s say you are definitely staying at a “5 STAR HOTEL”! Perhaps Dr. Oz can swing by and pay you a visit? I know how much you dislike the thought of “RETIRING.” Perhaps, a less taxing schedule might be in order? I can’t wait until you are back on your feet, critiquing the hospital uniforms, the food, the UNcomfortable beds, etc! Maybe, if you are lucky, they will let you take one of their “Backless Gowns” home with you! I bet that Melissa can help to accessorize it!
    Humor aside, we are surely not alone with our wishes for a speedy recovery. May God be with you and your loved ones during this difficult time. May he bless all who are taking care of you, as well. We will look forward to hearing your unbeatable sense of humor, as soon as you are able. I am sending you a big hug!

  23. God Bless you and your family, Joan! I will be praying for your quick recovery!
    Thank you for standing up for Israel! You will be blessed for it!

  24. Dear Joan,
    I know that you are fighting hard to get well. You are such a strong and amazing woman and much loved by many!

  25. joan you have entertained my mom and i for so many years and made us laugh…we are sending lots of love…prayers..and holding you and your family in our thoughts…we are rooting for you to pull through…we love you!!!

  26. Joan we love you here in Texas. We are wishing you a very speedy recovery! We will be praying for you.

  27. Come on Joan! If anyone has the will to get through this it’s you. The world is such an ugly, scary place right now and we need all the laughter we can get. Praying and sending love for you and your family. Get well soon.

  28. Keeping you close in our hearts dear, Joan. Praying for a ful recovery. Your a strong determined woman. Whatever you do, do not give up.. You can beat this. We love you.

  29. Keeping you close in our hearts dear Joan. Praying for a full recovery. You are a strong determined woman. You can beat this. Whatever you do, do not give up. We love you.

  30. Melissa and Cooper…..stay strong for your Mom and G-ma. Your strength will flow into her body and make Joan well again. Love and prayers.

  31. Hoping for a complete recovery – and a ton of new material – from,this health,crisis. Watch all of your specials but was surprised no mention,was made of Leah Dunham’s train wreck of a dress at the Emmy awards. THAT whole outfit was a disaster!!! If you ever want to look shorter and fatter (and who doesn’t?), call Leah Dunham’s stylist!Get well soon, Joan – TV needs you!

  32. Joan,
    I’m looking forward to you exiting the hospital and returning to the stage. You are a force bigger than what has tried to bring you down. You have been through worse. Melissa and Cooper need you to come home ASAP. You are loved and admired by millions.


    1. WE LOVE YOU !!! SEE YOU SOON ON FASHION POLICE ! I’m sure you are even creating jokes even while resting. All the best xxx You are amazing

  33. Thinking of you and pray for special blessings for you and your family. You have a remarkable life to come home to!

  34. OH NO JOAN — PLEASE TELL THE WORLD THAT YOU WANTED TO TRY OUT A NEW KIND OF COMEDY AND SNUCK INTO THE HOSPITAL TO MAKE IT WORK! OK, you did really well and got the WHOLE WIDE WORLD’S ATTENTION!!!! So, comedy time is over for this ‘GIG’ and we want you back where you belong — on TV making us all laugh, on stage in Bethesda (just was looking on line at the seat choices so expect to see you on 11/7/14 — no slouching now — back to work!! We all need your ‘funny bone fix’ wherever you are. You also need to be HOME with Melissa and Cooper who need you desperately. Sending all my prayers, thoughts and wishing on all the stars for you to wake up and ask for your make-up, as only YOU can do it! Please don’t leave us NOW! You may design jewelry but you are a rare and precious JEWel — there is no one like you! Love and Hugs are on their way North from the DC Metro area (Northern VA) and I am asking my GUARDIAN ANGEL to fly up to NY and check on you and everyone taking care of you. I told HIM to stay as long as HE NEEDS TO == and as long as YOU NEED HIM. xoxoxo

  35. Dear Joan /Melissa/Cooper..I just wanted too say ..I know what you are all going through ..In Christmas Day 2010.. My husband had a cardiac arrest at home & stopped breathing ..I did CPR on him for over 7 minutes & he too was placed In an induced coma for 66 hours ..& slowly woke up & my husband made a full recovery & now has an ICD fitted in his chest ..His was due too low pottassium ..& just like you Joan healthy & fit ..I send my love & best wishes & pray you have a full recovery ..Lynne in UK xxx

  36. Dearest Joan, You are loved-you are blessed. My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. Everyone wants to hold your hand and get you through this. May the Almighty bless you and keep you. We think it-you say it-WE LOVE IT! Much love to you!

  37. My thoughts and prayers go out for a very funny lady, I love your Spunk and your wit! Stay strong for your mom , Melissa, she is a fighter! Keep your faith and believe that God is watching over her and she will be WELL again!

  38. My dear sweet, beautiful Joan,

    Wishing you a full and swift recovery. You’re a fighter and most importantly a surviour. We’re not ready for you to leave us, the world needs your caring heart, your genius and talent.

    Love and infinite healing light,
    Your lifelong fan from Sydney, Australia

  39. Im A Psychic Healer in UK I dp absent healing means i can send healing aross the world no charg to anyone,Iwill be sending some healing to Joan starting to day bless her ,,Anne

  40. Wishing Melissa and Cooper the strength and blessings during this trying time. May you all find peace. Love you Joan!

  41. May the sun bring you new energy by day,
    may the moon softly restore you by night,
    may the rain wash away your worries,
    may the breeze blow new strength into your being,
    may you walk gently through the world and
    know it’s beauty all the days of your life.
    Joan, you have been an inspiration and a joy. Prayers
    For you and your family.

  42. Joan, you have been such an inspiration on so many levels to a legion of fans who think of you as family. Your irreverent ground-breaking humor is only matched by your big heart. And you are my fashion guru. Praying for your complete recovery.

  43. Joan I Pray for Gods healing and the dr s treating you to have his wisdom to get you home ! I Pray for Devine intervention and Believe God can and will heal you ! I Pray for Melissa your grandson and hope Gods gives them understanding and peace and their Faith stays strong !

  44. We love you, Joan. We are praying very hard that you recover fully and soon. You make us laugh so hard – we need that and we need you! Love and prayers to you, Melissa and Cooper. God Bless.

  45. My thoughts and prayers are with you Joan. Melissa I’ve been in the position you’re in with my mother, having to make the decision is extremely tough, I pray for your strength.


  47. I love you Lady Joan! You are on one of the true icons and best in the business at what you do. You are the only one to ever mix fashion and humor together with such zest and spice! Even my husband enjoys watching your show, Fashion Police, with me every week! We sit there and laugh our tails off! I also enjoy the fashions and you and your team’s critiques of what all the stars are wearing. I have such love and respect for what you do and the laughter you have brought to this world. Melissa, please be strong. Your mom loves you and would want you to be strong. From my family to yours, God bless you Joan and I pray for a full recovery.


  49. Don’t leave us joan! We need your unique humor. You’ve done so much for tv. I watch FP every tuesday night (im not from usa) and i can say it’s the best part of the day. Stay strong as you are, please!!

  50. Joan, You make me laugh so-o much! I can be having the yuckiest day, then say ” Oh, better find Joan on QVC or “The Fashion Police”, she will take care of any blues you have!! I Love You So Much, am praying for your fast recovery, WE NEED YOU, JOAN!! You are thee best!! You make me feel so brave, to face the world with humor, to find the humorous things in life, always…And I love your show “Joan & Melissa” I wish for a relationship like you two have! You are in my heart, forever…! Love.


  52. We love you dear fabulous Ms. Rivers! We are all praying for your complete recovery. Bless you and your beautiful family!

  53. I have grown up with your brilliant and ground breaking comedy. Hard working, humble, pushing the boundaries always. Thank you for your example of refreshing innovation.

  54. I constantly look on my computer and the news on TV to hear all I can about Joan Rivers’ condition. She is a favorite star of mine. I don’t miss anything she is in, if I can help it. I, too, am 81 and I know she will get better because we are pretty strong ole gals. She was on the Talk and told them that her mother wanted to abort her…I was 12 years old. She has the delivery and I do not, but that was so funny. So, come on Joan get better and make Melissa, your grandson, your friends and family and the whole world happy. dx

  55. Hey Ms Rivers, I am from Australia and watch fashion police religiously because you are hilarious and make my day. Please don’t give up, we love you 🙂

  56. We love you Joan! You can’t go yet!! You have been a huge influence on my life! We are all praying for you to get better!

  57. My daughter and I are sending love and energy to you to help aid in your recovery. You are loved, esteemed and missed, please take care of yourself and get well soon. Shirl and Storm, FL

  58. Many prayers for you,, feel you will be as good as new when you leave the hospital. I pray you well. Your daughter is doing really well, Hang in there Joan. dx

  59. Dear Joan, The Lord gives each of us a gift, and yours was to share the funny and serious, the truth of life with others, in spite of the hardships you went through personally in your life. You are a “Mensh”. And I am only a fan, but am very proud of you.
    If The Lord takes you homer, it is because you and your gifts are now needed somewhere else.
    God bless you. Melissa, be strong for yourself and.your son. You had a wonderful mother, past, present and future. We will miss the laughs she gave us


  60. Dear Joan, stay tough! I’ve met you and you are first and foremost a wonderful and delightful human being. the whole world adores you. I ve been praying for you continuously. God speed you back to us ASAP. HE might want laughter in heaven but you’re still SRO down here on Earth. He knows he’ll have to wait. HE knows we need you. Melissa and Cooper we are all praying for you to stay strong . Joan cannot have better people at her side than you both. , LOVE AND PRAYERS, VICTORIA

  61. Please stay with us Joan. You are so fabulous. I am thinking of you and your dear family who must be out of their minds with worry during this bedside vigil. Wake up and bring us more of that wonderful joy that comes so naturally to you.

  62. Sending heartfelt love your way and prayers for a miracle….Joan: you are strong…we need you here with us, you can do it….don’t give up.

    1. Sending prayers for a full recovery for Joan. Have loved her and her wonderful humour for years and am addicted to Fashion Police. She always looks fabulous.
      My thoughts and support go out to Melissa and son.
      Gayle, Winnipeg, Canada.

  63. Joan, you are a comedy legend and much loved. The world loves and needs you to show us how to laugh at life and ourselves. Rest and return to us with wilder jokes than ever. Praying for you and your family.

  64. Joan you are the flyest and funniest woman on TV. We need more of your joy. I know that God has hedge of protection around and that you will fully recover.

  65. QEPD Joan, con tu alegria y humor, me sacaste muchas sonrisas en los momentos tristes. Mujer valiente, modaz, sincera y absolutamente inteligente, que Dios te tenga en sus brazos. Mil gracias por tu humor, en nombre de los que te seguiamos fuera de USA.
    RIP Lovely Joan

  66. Joan, I can’t believe you’ve gone. You will be so missed, you were the bridge and the continuum of the great celebrity. It seemed like the more time went by the more popular you became, how blessed that my daughter became a great fan and we shared many afternoons or evenings watching your shows. Melissa may you have peace that your mom didn’t suffer and went while her star was still rising if that even was possible…….

    God Bless Till We Meet Again

  67. So vey sad. Melissa has lost her beloved mother, Cooper has lost his georgeous grandmother, the world has lost the ultimate comedienne , I have lost my hero . My deepest sympathy to Melissa and Cooper and Joan’s extended family .

  68. Joan I have followed you for 30 yrs. Loved all of your shows, standup Emmy, Oscar, Fashion Police You just kept going. You were great on that red carpet. The last reality shows were fun to watch with your daughter and grandson.You left on top. What a work ethic and that style. Will miss you. Going to watch all your old stuff again. E is doing a great tribute for you. Now Up in heaven with your husband, family and all the greats.

  69. I really have grown up watching you, Ms. Rivers…when you guest hosted for Johnny Carson I loved to stay up and watch you. I remember the problems and when Edgar passed….you stayed strong. You kept moving and working. You showed us by example how to keep getting back up and reinventing yourself….and how to laugh at this insane thing called LIFE. I’ve said to myself a number of times: Boy look at Joan go….she never quits. Honestly, these lessons have served me well. You are a comedic genius, but more than that…a savvy and smart business woman, a caring humanitarian….and most of all a loving amazing Mother to Melissa. Really…I’ve watched it all…and love you Dearly. My personal thank you. Rest In Peace.

  70. There will never be another Joan Rivers. A true icon. I am so sad she is no longer with us. Underneath all that brash humor and sarcasm, a dear woman with a heart of gold.

  71. My husband and I had the opportunity a few years back to see Joan at her best on stage at Thunder Valley and what a show, we will never forget you and the great time we had. I know you will make everyone laugh again up above. May you rest in heaven with all the diva angels.
    You will be sorely missed.


  72. I’m going to miss you very much. My prayers are with your family. I used to watch Fashion Police here in Peru. You were incredibly funny and witty.

  73. It’s a pity that we can’t see your videos in the Netherlands…. the note says: The owner, who uploaded this video has it not been made available in your country.

  74. Deepest condolences to Melissa and son Cooper. I KNOW with certainty she is in a much better place and we will be with her again. Heaven has gained the best comedian, a wonderful, truly special person all around.

  75. Joean thanks for the laughs you gave us for so many years. I never missed any episody of your reality show . I were an inspiration for me.
    R.I.P. beautiful lady.

  76. Ms. Rivers was an absolute genius. My heart goes out to Melissa and her mom’s extended surviving relatives — in a way, all of us she leaves behind. Oh sure, she had a potty mouth, so what. But, her brilliance was elevating issues relative to both sides of any political aisle that, if left unarticulated, can do more harm than good. That thing called political correctness can really snuff the human spirit, ugh. In my opinion, Ms. Rivers did so, so, so much good for even social conservatives, encouraging people from all walks of life to rise above p.c. oppression, whatever cause that gets thuggish. To stand up against censorship. Additionally, homeless or not, women have the right to go through life without wearing garbage bags, you know it. One can find a Joan Rivers necklace at thrift shop for, like, $5, hooray! You know it, you celebrities out there. Notions of beauty — more like “What a deal”! And, those occasional Goodwill comedy tapes of Ms. Rivers doing her thing? It helped at least one survivor. Oh thank you, Joan. Thank you, you wonderful big mouth soul, you. You will be missed.

  77. Curtains are down for Joan River but you will always remain in our hart you have been making me laugh since the 70″. my sympathies for Melis
    a. R.I.P.

  78. Joan while you are in heaven we will lift up Cooper and Melissa to be prayed for all there days here untill it is time for you to meet again. God puts all the puzzel pieces together for his children. Amen Amen

  79. In England here, we didn’t get to see you often enough, but when we did, i loved your witty sense of humour, and that you had the balls to say the things we all wish we could….. Rest in peace my friend. God bless you …xxx

  80. I absolutely loved Joan Rivers from the moment I saw her on Johnny Carson, Joan was a genius just like Robin Williams, and they brought so much healing laughter to any one who was able to watch, listen, and hear what they were actually saying and trying to convey to any one who encountered them. I love it, I think it was wonderful. They are both going to be dearly missed here on the third rock from the sun, I have faith that Melissa and Cooper will be fine in a short while, and the empire will start moving once more. RIP COMEDY QUEEN JOAN RIVERS ! Thank you Joan for everything you gave us, and taught us. Love you, Thanks again.

  81. Rest In Peace, beautiful lady! I will miss you greatly. I am so glad that there are so many taped shows. I will see you on the other side. Love you!

  82. Oh my God! Watching you on Fashion Police, this is too hard it’s just too hard to watch.

  83. Its so hard to bare the knowledge that you are gone. You were not done here. I cant stop crying. you lifted us up when we were done. you made us laugh watching you in concert, and on the Q. you are one of a kind. No one will ever replace you.
    Joan, Love you, mean it!

  84. The World is a lot less funnier and a lot less enjoyable with out you Joan Rest in Peace my sweet Joan I hope we meet again.

  85. Joan,
    Loved you for so many years! In the 80’s I was flying back and forth to Vegas just to see you onstage. I was going through a divorce and just seeing you lifted my spirits and you made me laugh! laugh! laugh! Just what I needed. Thank you so much! What a wonderful bitch!

  86. To Mellissa and her son Cooper. I lost two brothers 40 days apart and
    a Beloved Aunt Be just three weeks before they died. Then my Father
    and mother a few months after my brothers died. All in the year of 1999
    and early 2000. I kept myself busy and worked worked trying to keep
    my life from falling into black-hole. An church was my savior. You were
    lucky to have so many friends and a lovely son. I have no one. NO
    sister or Aunt or cousin’s to lean on…..Kept a upper lip. Be Brave.
    Love in the Friends your so lucky to have…..Sincerely I prayed my
    Rosary for all those who need them and add you to my list.
    Sincerely Marilyn L. Carbon Cliff Illinois

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