A Statement from Melissa Rivers

“My mother would be so touched by the tributes and prayers that we have received from around the world. Her condition remains serious but she is receiving the best treatment and care possible. We ask that you continue to keep her in your thoughts as we pray for her recovery.”

Melissa Rivers

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  1. Your mother has been my hero for many years. Her guts, gusto and sense of humor has always played a big part in my life. Like you, I am an only child, so I know what you are going through. I am praying for your mom, you and your family.

    1. Get well soon Joan!! My Friday night isn’t the same without you. Love you and praying for you Melissa and Cooper.

    2. We are praying for her full recovery and Joan will pull thru. She is not ready to go home yet. We need her to make us laugh!!!!!!
      We also love you very much! She’s very strong. She’s resting
      her heart but in a few more hours with you softly talking to her and hold her hands; she will wake up and be back with us. Are prayers will continue until she’s back with her family and us.
      J. Lanier

    3. Joan, my husband and I are praying for you. I’m so upset and waiting for updates. Please get well soon! Love you, mean it!

      1. Dear Melissa and Cooper,
        Please know that you are not alone. So many people are here supporting all of you at this most heartbreaking and perplexing time.
        Last December my family went through this very same thing. What helped me was prayer, Prayer, and more prayer. Because I needed strength greater than my own to carry it.
        And only God can be that.
        Joan is precious to him.

        May God bless her.

        Angela –

        1. To Melissa and family and friends of Joan of Joan Rivers I will never forget how you ma I will never forget how you make me laugh laugh when things were not so good I could always turn on Joan and have a good laugh.
          Thank yo Jonathan Feldman

    4. Melissa, my dad died when I was young-24. As another only child I had to face my mother’s illnesses and ultimately her death alone. I pray that your mom recovers quickly and completely and that you have the strength to keep up the fight with her until she does.

      1. we all love you–thanks so much for all laughs-it made a bright place in my heart! BONNIE L

        1. Melissa, Stay strong! You will be talking to your Mom soon, I pray.When Mom wakes up, tell her how much she is loved!!! I will continue to pray for your whole family! Much love!! Maureen

    5. thoughts, prayers, meditation and good vibrations are being sent to you Joan, Melissa, and cooper. You all are such a sweet family and Joan you have brought so much joy to my life I will be forever grateful. You made me laugh in the darkest of times in my life and pulled me out of deep depression long enough to laugh and take a look at what I was wearing. Please get well. If nothing else though…will you tell Jesus he’s an asshole for starting the berkinstock trend. I truly love you.

    6. Much love and support go to Joan and her family. Joan has led the way for female comics and will continue to do so. She is chic, strong and a brilliant business woman. Hope Joan is resting comfortably.

    7. Much love and support to Joan and her family. Joan is a strong classy woman who led the way for female comics of today. She is soo very chic and an excellent business woman.Mostly. Joan does have a big heart.

    8. Your Mom has always been mine. I have always loved her humor, and has remained a part of my life–I’ve been there through every obstacle. She is my shining star. I don’t know her personally, but, most of all, I love her. I pray for her.

    9. Melissa, your mother has been right there for me my whole life helping me keep a humorous perspective on things.. Its almost impossible to find any other celebrity that is so open with such a 3 dimensional personality. She is so brave and creative in life. I pray with you for her recovery and I admire your steady strength and constant support of your mother. You are both amazing.

    10. Melissa: In 2000 my then 81 year old Mom went in for bypass surgery at JFK hospital in Palm Beach. It went wrong and she was on life-support machines for 3 months. Numerous times, during that horrific period, the docs — and even my own sister — quietly suggested I should pull the plug. I refused! My Mom pulled through which gave me nine more productive, loving years with her. Please be as strong for your Mother as I was for mine. My prayers are with all of you and, trust me, prayers work!. .

      1. Dear Melissa,

        Please do not be bullied into pulling the plug. There is still reason to hope. It takes time to get better and there is no reason to deny your mother time to heal. As any stroke rehab specialist knows, an injured brain can improve with time and many patients are successfully weaned off of ventilators. What’s the hurry? Patience!

        Once the plug is pulled the case is truly utterly finally and completely hopeless with zero chance of recovery. It will be over. Please don’t leave any stone unturned to give your mother every chance. You have to feel that you did everything but everything to save her life.

        Melissa, if you are reading this please feel free to email me. I’m not press, I’m not industry. There’s no catch. I’m just someone in NYC who unfortunately has been in your shoes too many times and I have a realistic and hopeful perspective. My main message is that you not be pressured by the hospital or the press into letting your mother go prematurely.

        I wish you the best.

        1. Thank you for your message to Melissa. I have regrets because I didn’t stand stronger against the doctors and other family. God bless Joan, Melissa and family

    11. Joan please. When I’m feeling down I watch The Joan and Melissa Show. I have them taped. You make me laugh. I want to see you live. Please come back. You are loved by many. I need to see you. I’m praying. I love you joan and Melissa❤

      1. Melissa I am so sorry. I don’t know what to say. I’m in shock. Didn’t expect this. I love you and your mother. She was and is an inspiration. Many blessings and prayers for you and Cooper. I didn’t see this coming. I was waiting for the next season of Joan and Melissa. Again, I am so sorry Melissa. I wish I could have met her. I never saw her live but my friend recently did and I was jealous. I told my husband that I want to see her live this year and that would be the best gift. She will live forever in my heart. I am a true fan. I loved your relationship. If I can do anything for you I will. Today is a very sad day. With deepest sympathy, Annette

    12. Joan, we love you and are praying for your recovery. Your spice and honest thought provoking humor is needed now more than ever. Please get well. Prayers for Melissa and Cooper.

    13. Usually I am not someone who cares about entertainment celebrity personalities. But you are different, Joan. You have the magic touch to make people laugh even when you are being brutally honest. We need you back here with us for many more years of laughter therapy, fight on!

    14. Joan and Melissa..my blessings and wishes for a full recovery. I need a laugh… I am sad.

    15. My thoughts and prayers for Joan and her family No matter what the end is. Her daughter should know that her mother loved her

    16. I am a HUGE fan of anything RIVERS and I am so praying for her recovery..may God decide to keep us laughing with Joan!!!

    17. Prayers for Joan’s recovery. To Melissa and Connor strength, support, prayers and most importantly hope. ❤

    18. Joan,

      Please stay…. we need you! You are fun, loving, fabulous , great mother and grandmother!! I am praying for your recovery and for Melissa and Copper during this difficult time….

    19. Sending blessings and prayers Joan’s way. What a funny, lovely, chic woman she is. Big hugs and kisses

    20. My thoughts and prayer’s are with you Melissa. This has got to be one of the most terrifying times in your life. Please know that millions of us are including your Mom in our prayer’s, hang in there and know that she is being kept comfortable. We also pray that her brain function returns to what it was before, but if it is not meant to be, it is obvious the deep affection you share! She is and always will be the talented and loving Mom and GrandMother she has previously been…she may be a new version of her old self, but we are certain she will continue to receive great care and you will always be with her. God Bless You Melissa.

    21. Joan, you have made me laugh out loud and touched my heart for many years, peed in my pants at your performances in Atlantic City. Allow me to touch your heart and make you laugh your way into recovery. Praying for you. From another only child, stay strong Melissa!

  2. Paying for your prompt recovery. Take care of yourself. The world is not ready to go on without you! You and your family are on my prayers!

  3. Love you Joan…and family! Our thoughts and prayers are going up for you all. Peace and comfort and strength to you all! xoxoxo

  4. My prayers go out to Ms. Rivers and family. I know she’ll pull through with flying colors

  5. You & your mom are in my thoughts & prayers. I feel like I’ve known your mom and laughed with her all of my life.

  6. Melissa and Cooper, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I am so sad but keeping hope alive and well. I love Joan and am thankful I had the opportunity to see her perform in Cabazon, CA. I admire her hard work and dedication and love for both of you. There aren’t many people half her age working their asses off like she does…what a success she is. I created a tribute to her on my FB page. I will keep checking the news. She is very strong. Sincerely, Wendy

  7. Dear Melissa,
    We are praying, we love you and JOAN so much. It’s like we are family, even though you don’t know us…..I have her Caftan and many other things….it makes me think even more of her when I see all the beautiful clothing and jewelry. God bless you and your Mom.

  8. Tell your mom to please get better soon! I love her wit and courage and self-deprecating humor–I don’t want a world without her!

    Love & prayers from Anne in Pittsburgh

    PS. Oh sure! Go ahead! Make fun about Pittsburgh now!!

  9. No one knows what tomorrow holds, but Joan, you made the most of every day. You did good. Love to you, Mel and Coop….

  10. Miss your mom–tell her to get better soon! Can’t live without her wit, courage and self-deprecating humor.

    Love & prayers from Anne in Pittsburgh

  11. Joan has been my favorite comedienne since I saw her live show 30 years ago. We love you, Joan.

  12. JOAN,




  13. Thank you dear Melissa for taking the time in your distress to let us know how your precious dear Mother is.
    We will all look forward to the way she will undoubtedly put her unique great comedy talent to work on this HUGE event.
    Love and prayers from New Zealand to Joan, yourself and your whole family,
    Charlotte and her own Mom Eleonore (92).
    So you see, your dear Mom is just a spring chicken!

  14. I have always followed the career of the fabulous woman and entertainer that is Joan RIvers. I love the fact that although she is 10 years my senior she looks 20 years my junior … good for you Joan! I can’t imagine a world without her. Fight, fight, fight, Joan, you give great at comebacks!

  15. Can we talk?

    Not now Joan. It’s not time. Hold on. Fight. Fight for Melissa. Fight for Cooper. Fight for us. We need you. I need you. I need to hear you tell us about how fucking crazy this whole experience has been and then laugh about it. I just returned from Israel and brought back this beautiful candle someome left at the Dead Sea – that’s right, I stole a candle from the Holy Land. Sue me. It’s now been lit for you and I will keep it burning bright till I know you’re awake and back with us. Besides! Think of all of the sold out shows and increased book sales. C’mon! Get your ass out of that bed and get back to work.

    I love you, Joan R. Just love you.

    Be strong Melissa. My prayers are with you. This is such a tough time for you. Gosh. So effen tough. Just keep holding her hand and never let go.

    Brian Holt
    West Hollywood, CA

    1. You made me cry writting those incredible words to Melissa, who at this moment is going through a very distressful time seeing her mom fighting to pull through.
      Thanks for lighting up thé çandle you brought from Israel, I am sure God sent through you a gift to Cure Joan!
      What à beautiful friend you are! Joan must be very proud to hâve à friend like you!!!
      I am praying to God for Her to get well si she CAN keep us very happy❤️❤️❤️
      God bless you !!!

  16. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Come back tto us Joan. We love you.

  17. Joan, your irreverent comedy has made me laugh when I am having a hard time, as I am always wonderfully shocked at your humor on Fashion Police. Your humor helps people laugh and not take life so seriously and you should be commended for that. Thank you for helping me laugh when I forget to and am feeling down. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I am so hopeful that you will start feeling better, and please know that I am praying so hard for you and your family. God bless you. Anne

  18. Melissa, your mom is loved and admired by many. Over the years as a Flight Attendant I have met many people, your mother was one of the best I ever had the chance of meeting on not once but 2 flights I was working. I hope she has a full recovery. The two times she was onboard I will never forget her. I was so pleased to have the chance meeting with her. She loved you and Cooper more than you will ever know. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

  19. Thinking of you Joan. Wishing you speedy recovery. With my deepest respect and love.

  20. Joan, you are my sunshine when I can’t laugh at anything else. I watch Fashion Police every week because I need that shocking comedy. God bless you for helping to cheer up others. The world needs a comedienne like you at all times to keep us grounded and to forget our own problems for a while. I know you will come out of this stronger than ever, and will know the love that all of us have for you.

  21. Thank you so much dear Melissa for taking the time to let us know
    how your dear mother Joan is.

    She is extraordinary – always has been. We will all look forward to the hilarious turn she will put on this tragic and very trying time while you are waiting for her to be woken up – Her wicked wit, her charming smile and twinkle in her eyes will then be your reward for your patient prayerful wait at her bedside.

    May the angels watch over her and may God bring her back to full health!
    Charlotte and Mom Eleonore (92) from New Zealand
    So you see, your own dear Mom is just a spring chicken!

  22. Sending love and prayers like so many others to you and your beautiful Melissa and Cooper. Wrap yourself in all that love and please, please, let it heal you. Zie Ga Zink.

  23. Melissa, I have been through this with my own mother. Many, many prayers going out to you and your family for complete healing.

  24. Dear, Ms Rivers
    I am praying not only for Joan but for her daughter and grandson as well I can’t imagine what Melissa must be going through. I myself am an only child from my mother and can’t imagine because I know the bond that you too share. Wishing you a speedy recovery Ms Joan Rivers. Continue to pray and be strong Melissa the good man upstairs is always listening.
    Xoxo Ashley R.

  25. Joan i am 45 years old and watched you since 3rd grade yes thats right!!! You are my rock and you have been an absolute pleasure to meet backstage at your concerts my last being in Biloxi MS in May 2014 which you comped my tickets!!! My sincerest prayers to you Melissa and Cooper and btw your next appearance I need tickets and backstage passed I will bring chardonnay just as we did in Biloxi!!

    Jeff Slaten

  26. To my dear old time comedian Joan Rivers, The Lord Jesucristo is with you, don’t give up. Melissa go to her and whisper on her ears that our Lord Jesus is in her side, tell her mom we love you don’t give up, we miss you. Please do this, see how our friend and comedian Robin Williams left us, he was lonely, and no one knew his sorrow.

  27. Melissa–I am praying to our beloved HaShem for a FULL and COMPLETE RECOVERY for your Mom. I also have requested that many of Atlanta’s Rabbi’s are saying healing prayers for her all over synagogues tonite. Hang-tight,boobala–your Mom IS being held safely right now and it’s good to know that you have many loved ones around you right now—–I wish you and Cooper continued strength and courage at this time–she absolutely feels your heart and your love. Many many loving wishes are with you and Mom. B’H

  28. Joan you are an inspiration to all women. You taught us to say NO to B.S. and “YES, I CAN DO IT.” You always said it like it is and with creative humor. You showed women they can reinvent themselves many times over and that we are very resourceful. Thank you, get well, we need you. H.

  29. Get well Joan. I’ve followed you since the Ed Sullivan days, but nothing you did ever made me laugh harder than when you were interviewed by the BBC on the Israel-Gaza war. We can’t afford to lose another great laugh-giver.

  30. Dear Melissa,

    If your Mom is having any trouble waking up whenever they decide its best to wake her, I wanted to tell you what worked for me when I could not wake up. Two things. One was my daughter’s voice calling me and the other was the sense of taste. Taste with my daughter’s voice made me awaken. Perhaps, if there is some favorite flavor which you know might work (if she is having trouble). For me, it was peppermint. Placed on a cotton swab to touch her tastebuds, vanilla, some flavor and your voice. Call her and tell her to taste the flavor in her mouth (which is not anything but the taste from a save cotton swab which has the flavor able to be sensed). I don’t know how it works, of it it will work if needed, all I can say is it worked for me. Be strong. The best to you, Cooper, and your Mom.

    1. Maybe the taste of blue balls? That was such a great episode on Joan and Melissa.

      Praying for Joan, family and friends that are so very concerned at this time.

      Since I can’t get the news she is awake and doing well, I have kept my own private vigil watching Joan on Netflix and youtube for the past 24 hours. So funny, yet it is clear Joan is an intelligent, loving and caring woman.

      God be with Joan and her family.

  31. Joan- you must get better! I need to continue watching you on Fashion police and your show with Melissa. You are one hell of an idol and person who says it as it is. I truly admire you. Melissa and Cooper don’t worry mom and grandma will pull through she’s not ready to give up-she’s too strong of a person to give up. Stay strong!!!

    Romina from NYC

  32. Dear Joan, Here is all the strength of all your fans around the world. We are thinking of you every moment of everyday. Our hearts are heavy with the fear that we are not enough to support you with our collective will alone. God has blessed us with you for so long but we are not ready to let you go. We are comforted by the thought that you are in good hands and you are resting peacefully. Please feel this love and know we will be there for your family if you need to to go……peace

  33. Please God if you can hear me please listen, even if you never listened before. You see this is very important because I and every person that is still left here are in no way ready yet to see this one taken. Not sure of your plans for this weekend, but heaven can wait. I am hoping that your number 1 priority is to go wake up Joan and let her be just the way she was before this mishmosh happened. Just incase you have a few Joans that are in limbo, this is the JOAN Rivers that is the funny comedian lady. She is 81 and Jewish but don’t let that scare you! This world is so much better with our Joan here because when we need to be cheered up and reminded what humor is all about we hear this voice saying ‘can we talk” we all know who that is! let there be no confusion that voice is only meant for down here.

  34. Love, love your Mom. I feel as if I’ve known her all my life. Strong lady, Melissa. Keep the faith. Love and prayers, Kate

  35. If God loves gays then He better listen to us: Keep Joan with us or ALL HELL is gonna break lose.

  36. Missy…..i have loved your wonderful mother…since I was 10 ! From rabbit test to the Carson show….all her stand up…and have fell in love ❤ with you (hot)

  37. Sorry Joan, the world’s not done with you just yet. We still need your look on life and its absurdities, your essence, and your chutzpah! Come back to us soon!

  38. I have you in my prayers Joan Rivers I pray that God place his hand over you and keep you safe. I pray that Melissa and your family have peace and believe you are in God’s hand .

  39. Your mother is such a talent! I am praying for her and you and your family. I have friends who have produced for her and directed her show…and all LOVED working for and with her. When I met your mom (only twice) she was lovely to have a conversation with and so kind….

  40. Love Love Love you Joan. Prayers & thoughts for you & Melissa. You are strong, and the funniest person on earth. Just think of the all the new jokes you will have when you healthy. God Bless

  41. Dearest Joan,Melissa and Cooper,

    Please know my heart,thoughts and love are with all of you at this time.
    Joan,I adore you like my dear late mother Rochelle.You say it right down the baseline which is just the way I love it.Looking forward to laughing with you for many years to come.I am sending you all a big hug and kiss!

    xo forever and l’chaim,
    Michael Bornstein,Toronto,Canada

  42. We can’t lose two great comedic talents in such a short time. Hope that you recover well, Joan. We still need to laugh. Thoughts are with you and your family

  43. Dear Joan, we wish you a very speedy recovery, we miss you and need you in our world. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Melissa and family. GET WELL SOON TROOPER!:-)

  44. Joan, you are an original and utterly fearless. I love your work. You verbalized your standing with Israel when so few did. I am in utter awe of your drive and ambition. Being a Joan Ranger is the highlight of my week on Fridays. I am sending my most positive thoughts your way as well as to Melissa and Cooper. Cara

  45. Melissa,Don’t worry Mom is going to be ok . She will bounce back like she was before . She is not going anywhere ,she is strong ,she loves you and Cooper so much you will see….Stay strong and may God Bless you ,Don’t forget to eat ,cause I know back and forth sometimes you forget…………….

  46. Dearest Joan,Melissa and Cooper,

    Please know that you are in my heart and thoughts.I am sending you all my love.I love you Joan like my beautiful late mother,Rochelle.You say it right down the baseline which I love.I need to wear pampers when I watch you as I can’t stop laughing.Look forward to laughing with you for years to come.

    xo forever and l’chaim,
    Michael Bornstein,Toronto,Canada

  47. Joan – saw you again a few months ago and loved your show. My grandmother got me hooked on you decades ago and believe me you are the funniest comedienne that ever lived. I have tickets to see you in November so get well soon !!!! You are much loved and I wish you and your family all the best. By the way your reality show is a scream.

  48. Prayers for you and your Mom. I saw her once in Las Vegas many years ago and I laughed so hard; she is so funny and such a tough lady.

  49. My thoughts and prayers are with you Joan, Melissa, Cooper, and everyone who loves you. The world still needs your laughter and wit to make us laugh and realize how prescious life is, get better soon.

  50. Routing and praying for you Joan and family. You are so loved by millions for your comedy, your serious side and your ability to always pick up and start over when necessary. Like now.
    Jim K in Sacramento

  51. Joan Rivers is an icon and an inspiration. My prayers and good intentions are being sent for her recovery. Melissa whatever road lies ahead your Mom clearly loves you very much. Sending you love and light.

  52. Regina & I have always loved your wit, your routine at Andiamo’s in Warren, Michigan was amazing! We send prayers for your health & recovery Joan, please wake up & make those funny, snappy remarks soon!

  53. Joan, you are so wonderful and the funniest lady of all time. Thank you for ALL the laughs. You are one of a kind. Hope your humor and positive attitude heal you quickly.

  54. Dear Joan, Melissa and Cooper,

    I feel led to send a note to you all. My heart goes out to you all and I am lifting you up in prayers. I admire the strong women that you ladies are and the relationship you 2 have. I’m so sorry you are going through this, I wish I could bring you a meal or help in some way. Please know I care and am praying for you all. Many Blessings, xoxo

  55. My daughter surprised me for my 50th bday and treated me to Joan in Columbus, Oh 2 years ago. Better than i ever could have imagined. Get well and come back! You are the queen!!!!

  56. I am just another fan, but Joan Rivers means a lot to me. Her tremendous intelligence, truly relentless perseverance, and seemingly overlooked ability to pragmatically peer into countless life situations have made her a role model to me as I’ve fought through life battles of my own. I wish her and her family, friends and fans every comfort during this difficult time. I just love this woman.

  57. Hi Melissa and Joan,

    Keeping you in my thoughts and meditations and hoping for a speedy recovery. I have followed you all my life Joan. Your comedy and wit are unmatched. Wether on the red carpet or some backwater club…always, always, always hilarious. Looking forward to the next show and definitely planning on buying a ticket, okay, two tickets…three??? Get well soon…

  58. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mother, as a only child myself I can imagine what you are going through. Hope she gets better soon, I love her. Hang in there joan. Make us laugh again, love you!

  59. Ms. Joan Rivers you will get better, you will be up and moving and making us laugh, reminding us not to take ourselves to seriously- because we all have our moments- and giving those who dare to wear the wrong thing hell! We need you to get better because this world without you would be one big sad canned laugh track. You are beyond awesome and a reminder that there are no limits and no excuses. Tell those doctors to get it together because you are missed and you still have years of comedy and living left!!! Praying for you always and totally believing that everything will be better than alright for you. With love always… Simone

  60. Dear Melissa,

    I am praying for you mom’s full and speedy recovery. I am thinking of her constantly since I heard she went into the hospital. We all know her will is strong, she will be back! I love your mom so much. Do you hear me Joan, we all love you so much. Please come back and visit us in Hartford at the Bushnell as soon as you’re feeling up to it. Please stay with us, please. You are a bright spot in an otherwise effed-up world. I know I don’t know you personally but I have followed your life and career for 30 years and I know it may sound silly to say this to someone I don’t know but I love you. Rest and heal, please. Melissa, you be strong too, but take good care of yourself. Shower, eat, rest.


    Joan in CT

  61. So sorry to hear the news. Joan, you are so wonderful and the funniest lady of all time. You are one of a kind. Hope your humor and positive attitude will heal you quickly.

  62. I adore your Mother. I used to watch her when she had her daytime talk show with my grandma. Oh how she would laugh. Do what your heart tells you and this is coming from a hospice chaplain if it comes to that. Standing with you for a full recovery. Can hardly wait to hear what she is going to say about all this. Shalom.

  63. I’ve always been a fan of Joan and her comedy tapes and will say a prayer , hopefully she gets better and can be with her family. -Adam St.Louis Missouri.

  64. Dear Melissa – We are praying so very hard for your Mom’s full recovery. We love her. She’s such a wonderful person who has made us laugh during good times and during tough times, too. She brings joy and laughter to so many.

    Dear Joan – We love you and have followed you for a long time. We look forward to Fashion Police each week. I’ve laughed so hard when I’ve seen you in person. You are a bright, uplifting part of our lives. Wishing you a complete and quick recovery, but please do take it easier and listen to your doctors! 😉

    Wishing you both strength – praying hard for you and sending our love,

    Sue and Family (from Wisconsin)

  65. I have been praying since the news came out. I called E! to tell them what a huge fan I am and how I would like to know how I can help.
    Melissa, I know you love your mother very much…and she loves you.
    Stay strong and pray that your mom is better soon.
    She is a FIGHTER! She is unstoppable.
    May God Bless your family at this time.
    (I have a picture of her and I in my office)….she keeps me going!!

  66. Praying for a full and complete recovery. Thoughts and prayers to you Joan, and Melissa. We need you. Heaven can wait for the laughs.

  67. Prayers prayers prayers for a full and safe recovery Joan. One of my idols and I will see you preform one day! Not ready to let you go! Melissa, Cooper and family God Bless! Xox

  68. Hi Melissa, I am praying for your Mom, as well as for you and Cooper. I know August is a difficult month anyway, since this was the month your Dad Passed away. But hang in there, your Mom is a fighter. I know how very proud both your Dad and Mom are of you. You have become a remarkable woman and a terrific Mother. God Bless You! Love you guys. James H

  69. Get well soon Joan. You are my favorite. I keep you in my thoughts.
    Love always.

  70. To my friend
    You are part of my life! I’m praying for you!
    You are the funniest person on the planet! I will never forget how we met! And we stayed friends ever since. I love you very much and I want you to get better. I’m praying for you mellissa and cooper. You are like family to me. You are very special to me. You brought laughter and happiness in my life. I promised my kids that I was going to take them to see you at one of your shows. When I heard the news I cried. You are the best and always gave me inspiration! I love you very much and I’m so happy that every time I see you I tell you that I love you! My last words to you was that I love you.
    Get well soon so you can bring laughter to the world!
    I love you so much!

  71. Love you Joan. Saw you many years ago in NYC at Upstairs at the Downstairs (I think). You were pregnant with Melissa. I loved you then & now. My prayers are with you and the family. Please get well. the world still needs you.

  72. This Joan Ranger wishes her Godspeed recovery. I need her to get back to Fashion Police. She makes me laugh out loud for reals. It will be weird not saluting my TV on Friday.

    Prayers to the Rivers’ family and the Diva’s camp.

  73. “Can We Talk”…My most heartfelt wishes to you Joan and did you meet God? I know she would appreciate some humour. But in all seriousness, Bet Well Soon Joan. All my love from Melbourne, Australia,

  74. Prayers for a full recovery Joan!! Love your work ethic and your comedy. You are an amazing woman! Thinking of Melissa and Cooper at this difficult time.

  75. I saw your mother perform on my birthday this year in Louisville. It was on my bucket list. She has given me strength to be who I am. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  76. Sending my Love, Aloha and Prayers to Joan and her ‘ohana.
    You are one strong, classy and incredible lady.

  77. To Melissa and Cooper,
    Words can’t express how this news of Joan’s condition is affecting those closest to her and her fans around the world. For me she is an icon, an inspiration and someone I admire in so many ways…to me she is a fashion icon, a strong independent woman, a comic legend, loyal, a loving mother and grandmother, brilliantly talented, always looking so put together and stunning, the list goes on. Even though I don’t know her personally-we can all tell how much love she has for her fans but mostly those close to her and of course her family. She has such a huge giving heart and it’s time her fans return the love 10x over. I wish I could do more if I knew you personally… but I don’t so I am sending my love and prayers. …she’s a fighter. Let the tears flow for her but stay strong, lean on those close to you and know she has millions of prayers and love coming her way!! Lean on God!

    P.S. I just turned 30 about 6 months ago and I have a fashion background with a DHM bachelors degree and would totally wear some of your moms outfits..those blazers, her jewelry!! Ahhh!! She gets

    Much respect, love, and prayer,
    Ashley Montgomery

  78. Dearest Joan,
    You are the most beautiful, talented, brilliant woman EVER! Please know that we are praying for your recovery, because we just can’t live without you… You have no idea how healing your comedy is. Your quick wit, your craziness… I laugh until I cry every week on E! You have our love and support always. Please get well soon.

    To Melissa and Cooper- May God give you strength and know that you are loved thru this difficult time. Thank you for sharing updates with us.

  79. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Joan. I check the news on the hour in the hopes of hearing some good news. You are a lovely, spunky lady, and deserve many more years. With love, Rebecca.

  80. Prayers for the family and prayers for Joan to recover from this and to return to making us all laugh and smile.Blessings

  81. You know she is thinking she has to one up BrAngelina since they secretly wed this week! No seriously, I hope your Mama gets better. We all love her and are so sad and worried for her and your family. Joan you better come out of this. You know you aren’t allowed to rest! This is probably the most rest you have ever gotten and you are scaring us sleeping this long!! We love you!

  82. Not only is Joan a mother, grandmother,actress, but I heard she does a little comedy too every now and then 😉 She’s irreplaceable !
    The curtain still calls for you,Joan…and always will.

  83. Hang in there Joan! You are a survivor and a tough lady! I have been a fan of yours for decades. You are a special person. I am grateful for all the times you made me laugh and gave me a brighter day.

  84. Thinking of and praying for you and your family through this difficult time. There is not much I can say that will make you, Melissa, feel better but please know that there is so much love, prayer, and healing energy being sent your Mother’s way. It is a bit strange to say we love you all because we don’t physically know you; however, for those of us who have watched and been fans all these years, we do. Joan, you are a fighter and I know you can pull through this. Blessings to all of you.

  85. I so admire your chutzpah and strength. I am grateful for the comments you made supporting Israel! You are one strong woman who can handle whatever challenge comes your way.



  86. In a world where so much saddened is I believe that anyone who brings such laughter is an angel. Get well soon joan!

  87. Joan, you are so funny. Please get well so you can give us more to laugh about. The world needs your humor.


  88. Joan, I love you.

    Please take a deep breath and come back to us.

    Many comics are funny. Many people have fame &I goodness. No one–no other person–has the principle & courage to destroy PC censorship. We need you now truly more than ever. Everyone else folds. You blast them for us.

    More people should follow your lead.

    I saw you once & I’ve told many people this story. You were coming through the lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center during the SIA Ski trade show in March — getting your visitor’s badge. In the 80s sometime. The registration ladies were so excited to see you. You took the time to make them laugh. Think of how many days you brightened …just that one day. How many everywhere.

    We are sending you oceans of love and prayers,

    Please stay with us if you can.

    Thank you for bringing Melissa and Cooper into the world. They are treasures, and we love them.

    Judy McCoy

  89. Joan, I’ve been a fan of yours from the start. You are courageous and a fighter, and we’ll loved.


  90. Joan Rivers- you are a national treasure, defining everything that is great about a free society: humor, warmth, caring, philanthropy, embracing our differences and similarities, the freedom to be ourselves, the wonder of a Jewish mother/grandma, sarcasm extremis, and above all, a perfectly tailored suit. You are loved beyond description and our prayers are with you and your family.

  91. I have been in love with you and your work for only a decade. You have made me smile and laugh more times than I can imagine. I only know you as a strong fighting woman. You are a legend and you have made me happy on so many occasions. You have Melissa and Cooper and you also have your fans who love you so dearly. Bless you Joan, and I dare imagine the new jokes that you will be telling us all soon. You are a legend and you are my hero xxxxxxxx

  92. Dear Joan,

    Since meeting you at Caesars Palace in the 80’s I have stayed in touch with you through Dorothy, and others on your team. You are without doubt the most gracious, kind, genuine person I have the privilege to know and will always respect, admire, and love!

    Joan, I am praying for your speedy recovery, for you, for your family, and for all of us who need the bright light of humor you shine on all of us.

    The world loves you Joan! Please get well soon.



    1. To the lovely Joan Rivers and your family God bless from your many adoring fans here in London England and the whole UK .Praying for a speedy recovery lots of love to you all XXX.

  93. God bless you Joan! Praying Chaplet of Divine Mercy for you. Love and prayers from a fellow New Yorker. We’re tough as nails and never give up or lose hope. Hang on classy lady. Melissa never lose faith. God bless all of you!

  94. My thoughts are with you and your family. You’re a class act all the way Joan. Get better soon, we need more laughter xoxo

  95. Joan. You simply make the world to be the best place to be in this universe! You are an incredible and inspiration person that not just me, looks to for inspiration and guidence! I was going through the toughest year of my life last year in my 2nd year at univeristy and you’re person, attitude and humour got my through and have me the strength and ability to hang on, and I did. I passed everything and now I’m on my way up! I pray you make a good recovery and get back to us ASAP! You have touched my life and I want you to be in it for many many many more years!

    All my love and best wishes,
    Jordan xxx

  96. The incredible strength in your humor and the hours of laughter you gave me healed my own struggles with a health issue in my throat. I pray that your strength, power and the laughter you gave us all will bring you through this…you are deeply loved… We need your healing force of laughter. Hugs.

  97. My thoughts and Prayers for a very funny lady! I love your SPUNK and your wit! Stay strong for your Mom , Melissa, keep your faith and believe that God is watching over her and she will recover from this and be well again!

  98. Dear Joan, Melissa and Cooper, you remain in our hearts, thoughts and many prayers. My heart is with all three of you. Love, Ella.

  99. To Joan, back in the early ’80s my Barnard roommates and I would gather together in my room whenever you were guest-hosting on the Tonight show. I had a tiny Sony b/w television with somewhat fuzzy reception, but no matter, your wit and humor filled the room with laughter. We were so damn proud of the fact that we attended the same college as you, Joan Rivers.I hope you can “hear” how much everyone loves and misses you, Joan, and how hopeful we are for your recovery.

  100. Prayers extended to your Mom (ms. Joan Rivers). Your mom has made me laugh for so many times because what she says is true and FUNNY I like her for that. Stayed up late watching tonight show as a tackeling school the next day and what i’m going through she cheers me up and gives me a belly laugh. I don’t care if she is a celebrity or just human nature to want to wish nothing but peace to you and family. She is a REAL person inside and out. ur mom is A CLASS ACT.. at best. from Dallas tx.

  101. I just want to let you know Melissa that I am thinking about your mother. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I hope that your mother will recover very soon.

  102. Joan you are a pioneer and an inspiration. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Melissa!

  103. My wife and I have grown up with joan rivers from college eating pizza while watching her on the tonight show. If Joan Rivers is going to be on me and my wife watched it just because she is so darn funny and says what everyone is thinking. We hope she makes a speedy recovery. Growing up with her and seeing how strong and self driven she is we know that if anyone can pull through she can. yours truly Thomas and Melanie Bonsignore

  104. Sending My prayers for Joan’s recovery but even more for Melissa. To see your mom and best friend in that state is heartbreaking. I know all to well. Be strong. Xoxo love you Joan!

  105. Like so many around the world, I am keeping Joan Rivers and her family and friends in my thoughts and prayers. Joan, Melissa, Cooper, and their circle have given us a window into their lives through television, and seeing how close you are….all of us who have had to deal with a traumatic health crisis with a loved one: we feel for you and empathize, and we understand. We are so sorry for all you are going through right now. Be strong. Cry. Keep going. Reach out to others. Support each other. Eat! Get some sleep. And know that so very many of us love Joan Rivers too, and we wish her, and you, nothing but the best.

    Sending you peace and prayers….

  106. Joan you are the most talented and inspiring woman ever. You are my hero. You have to get better, you just have to as this world will never be the same without you in it.
    Be strong Melissa.

  107. Joan, please get better soon. Have been a fan since we saw you in Vegas decades ago. Your sense of humor is priceless and have gotten me through tough times. Could listen to you forever. My thoughts and prayers are with you and for a speeding recovery.
    Melissa and Cooper keep the faith, everything will be fine, can’t wait ti hear your mom describe this experience.
    Judy. Palm Springs

  108. Are there any updates today? I have to tell you I’m a nervous wreck! I’m praying for a full recovery! Joan is my absolute favorite comedian and always has been. I just saw her this past month in NYC. I was at the front table and as she was walking off I said I love you Joan. She put her hand on my shoulder and said I love you too and squeezed it. She’s just an amazing woman, entertainer and human! Please keep us updated as much as you can. My thoughts are with Melissa, Cooper and all of Joan’s friends and family. I’m hoping for the best! LOVE YOU JOAN!!!!

  109. My prayers are with you Joan and your family. You have been my hero for so many years. I love your sense of humor. You aren’t afraid to say anything, and you even made fun of yourself. My mother loved your jewely line and was always watching you on QVC when you were on.
    We need you to get well, and keep your wonderful sense of humor going.

  110. Joan, you succeed at all you try. I laughed with you for years, but got to know how caring you are through your visits on QVC. Please don’t give up now, we all love you!

  111. I am wishing Joan all the best. My heart is with her family and pray she has a full recovery. I have been a fan since I was a kid and have been fortunate to see her preform serval times. Please know you are loved by many and thank you for the years of laughter.

  112. Melissa and Joan,
    My love, thoughts, and prayers are with you both at this difficult time. You may not know me, but I know you. And Joan, you have made everyone’s lives so much more fulfilling and beautiful by being there for us. You light up our lives! Maybe now, in your hour of darkness, we can be there for you to help light up your life a little!

  113. Very Dear Joan and Family,
    Please,know that love,prayer and every good thought comes your way.Please,Joan,we really do need you…not just for the fun but for the hope that YOU inspire.God IS blessing you and we are waiting to hear you and see you. Hurry up,we miss you.
    God bless you and yours,
    A true Fan

  114. Joan, Melissa and Copper, My husband and I are praying and praying for you! We are waiting for updates. We love you Joan, mean it!

  115. Joan,
    When I have met you you have always been so kind and sweet to me and paying attention to people you don’t know I love you Joan you are a pioneer you are amazing and we love you to hurry up and get better
    Bobby trendy

  116. Hang in there Joan, You’ve given so much of yourself to us your whole like making us laugh! Now know that we are all grateful for that and now we all send you our thanks but more importantly our prayers and to you too Melissa for strength at this time..love you both!

  117. Sending tons of light and love for Joan’s complete recovery! My daughter and I adore her–she’s the epitome of spunk and the reigning queen of comedy . Her heart is in everything she does and for everyone she cares for, and it should go on beating with love and laughter for many years to come! Best wishes to Melissa and Cooper during this difficult time.

  118. Praying for a speedy recovery .Our continued thoughts and prayers are with you and Melissa !!

  119. Joan and Melissa..I am holding you both in my heart and sending you good thoughts. Joan, you are my idol and your humor has gotten me through many a rough time. I wish I could send you my humor in the hope that it will help you. You are the best !

  120. Feisty, total candor, no bs and a consummate comedienne… the essence of Joan Rivers. She is one of the few celebrities who endeared herself to millions by NOT pandering to social convention. I send love and prayers for her full recovery. “If God wanted us to bend over he’d put diamonds on the floor.” Joan Rivers

  121. Melissa, you have no idea how much I am sad, how terrible I feel, and how much I am praying for your mother. I will continue to pray for your mother. I love Joan from the bottom of my heart, she gave me great great laughs and I am thankful for that. I truly hope and wish her well. I believe she will be ok soon. She must be. She is strong! Sending love to you Joan, and love to you Melissa & family.

  122. Joan please get well. Your family and the world needs you! We need your humor today in this crazy world. We love you and Melissa and Cooper keep positive thoughts! Your mom/grandmother is too stubborn to give up! Hugs!!!!!

  123. I love you Joan you have the best sense of humor I wish more people were like you, please pull threw this! Praying hard.

  124. Joan you have amazed me with your strength and courage. Please get well. We need you. Love

  125. Joan to God: “Can we talk? I’m not ready yet. Your hear me!!! Next time you want to chat, just text me. Now send me back to my family and fans right now!!!”

  126. We love you so much, Joan! Our thoughts are with you, Melissa and Cooper.
    (Santiago, Chili).

  127. Dear Joan
    This is truly heartbreaking news ! You inspire me and I’m sure many other women out there!! Get better quick as I look forward to seeing you back on air as you truly make me laugh! Thank you for putting a smile on my face !!

  128. Dear Melissa
    I think by now you can really understand how much your Mom not only means to you but also how much she means to a LOT of other people in the world. We are all, whatever spirituality and beliefs, thinking, hoping and praying for your Mom, you and your family. I am 57, a gay man with my partner (now husband) of 33 years and you and Joan are all we can think of right now. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We can’t wait to see Joan “in Bed” again, and on stage again, and on “Fashion Police”.
    Sincerely with positive thoughts and love,
    Steve C.

  129. My wife and I love you so much Joan, everything you do is so funny and amazing. Please, Please get better, You’re the funniest female comedian ever, we need you.
    Roberto & Myong

  130. Just read where Joan is completely reliant on life support. I’m crying. And I can’t stop. 🙁 I’ve never even met Joan but I feel like she’s family. Praying that she pulls through!!!!!! Much love to you Joan and your family!!!!!!

  131. I am keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I would stay up and watch Joan on The Tonight Show. She was a groundbreaking comedienne back then and her toughness and dedication to her craft is a testament to her strength.

  132. I watch Joan from the UK she is an amazingly brave, intelligent and funny woman who makes me laugh out loud. I pray she pulls through as the world would be a much darker place without her. My thoughts are with her family x

  133. Thinking and praying for Joan, the funniest woman on the planet.. Come on Joan please dont leave us! Fight! You cant go yet.. MELISSA EVERYONE IS THINKING OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY , YOUR IN THE WORLDS PRAYERS..

  134. Dear Melissa, I send my love, prayers and strength to you and your entire family during this very difficult time. Have faith in God’s will. I truly treasure your mother as she has brought me so much joy and laughter; she’s inspired me in so many ways. I wish you all the BEST and will continue to pray for her recovery. God Bless! XOXOX

  135. Joan, You have to get better. I can’t imagine the world without you. I look forward to watching you every week. My prayers are with you,Melissa and Cooper

  136. I have been searching everywhere to see if there are any updates on Joan. I am praying hard for you and your mom. Hope she recovers fast from this Blessings

  137. Joan, you are one of a kind. You always make me laugh and my mom loves you too. We are praying for the entire family, we hope you get back to your spunky self soon. God Bless, Diane Sorel and Mary Moore, my spunky mom,.

  138. Joan, many, many years ago when I was an off-beat little boy I bought your album “Mr. Phyliss.” I’ve been a rabid fan ever since. Please fight. There is no one on earth to replace you.

  139. I keep Joan and your family in prayers. She is a survivor. I have a 94 year old “survivor”. My mom. Blessed to have her! You need to take care of yourselves, also. She would want that.

  140. Joan is one of a kind. You never know what politically incorrect statement will come out of her mouth. Something I adore and respect. Cant wait to see her on screen when she is able to. Love, Kelly from Connecticut.

  141. Hey Joan-The world needs you to keep us laughing, and so do I. When my mother passed away this year I always watched you on TV, QVC, You Tube, E, to make me laugh, and cheer me up. You were the reason I kept on going. Please fight with all your strength, because I can’t WAIT for your next joke to make me laugh and feel better.

  142. I love Joan Rivers and been a fan since I was a kid in the 1980s watching her on The Tonight Show when I was allowed to stay up late. Joan please get well and I’m sending you prayers and love. Your a true original.

  143. Hey Joan……I not done with you bitch. You still owe me another 10-years of keeping me happy….so get your sorry ass up & out of that joint.

  144. This is like a bad dream and I cannot wake up. I pray that Christ be with Joan and her family and gives them all the strength to pull through this. Joan is a fighter and we hold on! We need prayers for her medical team as well. Being part of the gay community we thank Joan for all she has done for us. Joan your Gay angels are her to keep you safe and bring u out of this state you are resting.

    Melissa and Cooper you are loved as much as your Mother. Lean on each others shoulders to give you the strength and support you are going through in this time of crisis.

  145. You’ve made me laugh so hard and for so long. Praying for your full recovery. The world need laughter….and there is so much in it to laugh about.

  146. My family is praying for you!! You mean so much to me and we have never even met! You are such a bright light in so many lives! You can get through this! Stay tough and know A LOT of people are thinking of you and love you very much!!!

  147. Joan,
    I’ve followed you for as long as I can remember. Your such an iconic role model for all women. You’ve helped me thru the recent loss of my parents and it’s just not your time to go.
    Stay strong and take in all of the love and prayers being sent to you.
    To Melissa…my love, prayers and strength are with you having had my Mother become ill unexpectedly.
    Continued love and prayers to Joan, Melissa and Cooper. ♡

  148. Joan…enough already! with what you have battled back from this is NOTHING! Open those eyes…get the hair and makeup on…kiss Melissa and Cooper and get back to work!…I have never met you but you are family! Sending prayers nonstop!!!!!!

  149. Joan, you are a tough old broad & that’s why we love you. We still need you to make us laugh, and Melissa & Cooper need you still. Our prayers are with you all. With all these prayers coming your way, God must know how important you are in this world. Keep fighting!

  150. Who are all the Drag Queens suppose to look up to get well soon love. Sending Prayers

  151. Melissa and family, I have been a fan of your Mom for many years and she always made me laugh. I once called into WOR when she hosted and it was great to speak to her! She is a smart, sassy lady and my prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. Get better Joan we all love you!!

  152. Sending love and prayers to Joan Rivers, Melissa, Cooper, and their entire circle of family and friends. Know that so many of us are holding you close in our thoughts, and that your pain is shared around the world. Joan Rivers: what a lady. I am in awe of how hard she works, and how she keeps current, and how smart and talented she is. And underneath it all: how kind she is. Thank you, Joan Rivers, for all that you’ve given to us. We’re out here pulling for you. And ultimately, we wish you peace. Peace for you, and for your family and friends. And love that endures forever. Our best wishes always.

  153. Melissa…your mother has been a real role-model for me and many other women. God and your mother will guide you in the upcoming days and give you the strength, wisdom and courage to be your mother’s daughter and proceed in exactly the right way. I’m praying for your mom, your son, and you.

  154. I’m 45 years old and have grown up with Joan. One of my favorite times when I was younger was seeing her with my mother at at small community theater in Beverly,MA and laughing til the tears were streaming down my face. I so admire her for never giving up or in and hope she continues to do so and gives us a few more years of her amazing wit and chutzpah!

  155. Is the best care and treatment enough? Thinking of one of my favorite funny ladies ever and hoping for the best….

  156. Melissa I send my love and prayers that Joan has a fast recovery.
    all my love from Ian from Canada

  157. Thoughts and prayers to you. Joan is genius and would make my day each time she was on Howard. She has brought so much joy to my life.

  158. Joan Rivers we need you now more than ever. Please keep fighting and come back to us. Our prayers and thoughts are with you, Melissa and Cooper. I’ve been loving you and your wonderful talent since I first saw you in New York when you were pregnant with Melissa. You are such a bright light in the world, we are concentrating on sending positive energy to you to help you stay strong and heal!

  159. I was SO devastated to hear about Joan!!!! Please get better and I hope those doctors get things figured out and get her out of that hospital and back on TV!!! Joan is SO hilarious and makes me laugh SO hard on TV!!! I’m so sorry Melissa that this has happened to your mom. Lots of hugs and love coming to you and your family and loved ones!! Get better Joan! We all love you!!!

  160. Dear Joan….We are all praying for You and Melissa in our home…I began watching You with my Mom when I was a kid…I just Love You…In our house…My Mom always has you on QVC….My boyfriend and I watch your stand up….As a family, we watch all Your TV shows…We always go to see you in Atlantic City….We have tickets for November. …You’ve brought so much joy and laughter for so many years….Sending You Love and Prayers…..For the Queen of Comedy….God Bless

  161. my prayers are with you ,may the power of our lord take care fo you and yours ,you have touched our life from the start. love you ,annmary parks, and randall o baggett.

  162. Melissa, I’ve thought of Joan all day. I’m praying for her strength. I enjoy her so much…she’s a comic genius to me.

  163. You, Joan Rivers, are a inspiration to the world we live in on reside on…thoughts, prayers and fingers crossed for your family and for you to wake with that gutsy way you live life.

  164. Mellisa This has struck me as much as when my mom had her heart attack and I had to rush to see her unable to talk to me. I feel for you and know what you are going through. I so much hope & pray your Mom pulls through this for all of us. there is not enough laughter in the world.

  165. Mrs. Rivers,
    I want to tell you how important you are to me. Through all the tribulations in my life I always could count on you to make me smile. You are the ultimate survivor and have proven it over and over again. We need you, but until you feel better, your family of fans prays for you and waits for word of your recovery. I even watch you on QVC simply to make me smile and to admire the empire that you alone built. I have been a fan since the Tonight Show. I love you and look forward to seeing your smile again soon.


  166. Joan, Melissa, and family-
    Thinking of you and sending prayers & many get well soon wishes!!!!
    Always a Joan Ranger!!!!
    With Love,

  167. Sending Love and Prayers and Positive Energy from Erie, Pa. Get Well Joan you are the best.

    F. Grande

  168. Dear Melissa, I am sending you hugs of strength and to keep you strong through this time. Remember that your momma has a lot of moxie to get through this hiccup in life as she always has in her life.

    With Warmest Wishes

  169. Dear Joan, Melissa and Cooper,
    I have been watching Joan Rivers on TV since I was a little girl. I am 57 now. I was thinking that if we could marshall all the positive energy from all the millions of people she made laugh over the years and send it to you all now, not only would she wake up immediately, but she would probably do a show right there in the hospital without missing a beat! Joan Rivers is an icon for women and has been a source of joy to so many people. She is a blessing to us all. But as if that was not enough, we all love her clothes on QVC- i have several jackets- and the Joan and Melissa show was so entertaining and emotional at the same time. Melissa, I wished I had a Mother like yours. She is so devoted to you and Cooper. The show always made me laugh and cry. You are all blessed to be a family and I will pray for your Mom ‘s full and easy recovery. And you are all in my prayers.
    God Bless Joan Rivers !
    Warmest wishes,

  170. Dear Missy, Your mom is the most respected hard working woman. No I don’t know her, but through the years of watching her, her specials, on tv and her documentary I feel she is my friend. I know you are so proud of her as am I a total stranger, thats what your mom portrayed in life. God Bless to you and Cooper. xo

  171. Dear Melissa, my family and I are praying very very hard!!! We love your mother! She has touched our lives and brought so much jot and laughter and “oh my God!!! Did she really say that!!!” To many nights of watching TV in pjs and forbidden midnight snacking. Our hearts make up an ocean of many broken and tearful hearts.

    I remember the film ‘Rabbit Test’. Your mother had me in stitches and breathless from laughing.

    I love your mother and I am thankful for her amazing God given gift!!! She has more work to do and more hearts to touch!!

    Ina world of such stress and sadness around the world , we need Joan Rivers to lead us in laughter!!! Lots and lots of laughter !!!

    Please tell your mother how much we all love her , please !!! She needs to pull through!!!! She must !!!!

    Maria Ottavia

  172. Dear Melissa, I am so sad for what is going on with your family… I’M crying every moment… Praying for Joan’s full recovery, I didn’t knew myself how much I love her… I’m a poor guy, 35 year old Brazilian immigrant, married with two kids, with your mom I learned throughout her shows that everything is possible, I learned to keep on moving, that regardless of financial affluence, we are all equal… I pray she recovers to live pass 100 and I want to find my way to her, give her my love, respect and profound admiration through my hug! Please dear a God allow this to happen, and please give comfort to Joan, Melissa, Joan’s grandson, her friends and all of us that inanimately love her… Break a leg Joan, come back to us!!! I love you!!! Leandro Dias

  173. Joan, Joan, Joan, feel the healing energy we’re so desperately sending you. My heart is heavy and filled with fear. I find myself saying, “come on, Joan” thought the day. I’m checking for updates every hour. I will not give up my prayers for you. I love you dearly.

  174. Joan, Melissa, and Joan’s family & friends: you are in my thoughts. Joan, you are loved by millions, myself included. I hope that you recover soon. Much love.

  175. Joan, I have been a fan of yours for many years. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I’m expecting a full recovery. Can’t wait to see you perform again. Love Jilly

  176. If I had a magic wand…I would wish it was 3 days ago and this never happened. I need you back….on Fashion Police. The Kardasian’s show will be cancelled! There won’t be anyone to keep their celebrity relevant. I saw you 2 years ago and you were hilarious. It was a really good show. Best wishes to Melissa and your precious grandson. xx

  177. Melissa, she is in a lot of people’s prayers right now…it’s not her time. You and your family are also in my prayers. Much strength and respect.

  178. Prayers for recovery so you may contine enjoying your family and spreading the joy of your generous self. May the gift of all you have given be returned to you full of the strength you have so graciously shared. You are a beacon for women and we need your light.
    Please hear our prayers and join us in celebrating you,

  179. I have adored you and your wonderful humor for so long…Please please get better and come up swinging…YOU ARE ADORED truly and I am saying prayers for you and your loving daughter and grandson and all those near and dear to you….

  180. Joan, your quite simply, amazing!!!! I know my thoughts are being shared around the globe today, in staying strong for you and Melissa and Cooper, but Joan, your simply divine!!! We are ALL thinking of you each moment of each day now, and we all, also know know you are strong, that we are all here for you, waiting for your recovery. With much LOVE to you,
    Manhattan (NYC)

  181. I want to say that I am thinking of you, Joan. You carry the best weapon there is: laughter.

    You are instinctively a likeable person and I can’t wait to see your show this fall in Brighton, UK.

    Please pull through because so many people love you.

  182. Joan, I have no words to express my love, respect, admiration and now …. the greatest fear. You have been through sooo much in your life, you can overcome this too :((( You are my inspiration and my source of energy, the only person who truly makes me laugh.
    My thoughts and support to Melissa and Cooper in these hard and sad moments:( I pray to God to return us our dear Joan….
    Wake up Joan! Your work in this world if far from being finished….you need to keep setting example to the young generations and teach us more than humour: hard work, dedication, perseverence, devotion…
    I have faith, God bless you Joan!!! Please come back!!! :(((((((((((

    Titus N.

  183. Joan, I have no words to express my love, admiration, respect and now… the greatest fear…:(((( Wake up, Joan! Your work in this world is far from being finished, you need to keep setting an example to the young generations and teach us more than humor: hard work, dedication, perseverance, motivation, strength, love for the family…..Joan, you have been through so much in your life, you have to overcome this too!!!!! You are my inspiration, my source of energy, the only person in this world who truly makes me laugh and have a great time. Dear God, please give us back our dear Joan!!!! :(((((((
    Melissa and Cooper, keep you in my prayers during these devastating moments, may God give you strength.
    God bless you Joan!!! Please wake up, please wake up….:((((((


    Titus N.

  184. My sister and I have been praying and will continue praying for a full recovery and to see you back on stage and on E. Our prayers are for Melissa and Cooper too.

  185. Dear Joan, The bee! Remember the bee! You’ve told many how impossible it is for a chubby, round, furry bee to fly with such tiny wings–but it does! Your story of the bee helped me, and I am sure, many others, who had no hope, or no one out there who cared. And you inspired many to try. To not give up, to attempt, to go on. You are the Queen Bee for inspiring others who never realized they even had wings. You can do this, Joan. Your family, your friends, and people like me, who are trying to find their wings need you!

  186. Melissa and Cooper,
    Praying for Joan’s full recovery and for comfort and strength to you in the meantime.
    Being able to see Joan every week is an absolute joy. My favorite Fashion Police was the Dating Game anniversary show. I still laugh every time I think about it.
    We love you, Joan; please hurry back.

  187. Joan, you need to fight through this we aren’t ready for you to leave. You & your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Really enjoying the “In Bed With Joan” series and am waiting for my cousin, Time, to join you in bed 🙂

  188. Wishing, praying even, for Joan’s quick recovery. Without her, the world would have no real humour. Please recover and heal quickly. Much love from Australia.

  189. Melissa,
    Words can not express how i feel for your mother. I am praying for her, you and of course that handsome little boy Cooper. I am in philadelphia and was in the Four Seasons when your father passed.
    Your mother has made me smile,when i did not have it in me to smile. I will be lost in this world without seeing her onstage, or reading a book she wrote,fashion police…will m ever be the same.

    Melissa,your mother became my mother who passed way to young.

    My prayers and thoughts are with you and the cooper man.
    I will say an extra prayer for your family today.

  190. Joan, Melissa & Coop-hang in there. I have a good feeling everything will be ok soon. I love watching you all (not in a creepy way) but in a admirable jealous way. I’m a middle aged only child gay and would love to have a close family with support albeit sometimes craziness. If you ever want a get a way to FL, let me know. We’ll show you a good time! Luv Topher

  191. Dear Melissa,
    I have enjoyed watching your mom since her first TV appearance.She has always been amazing, a tower of strength, I love and admire her. My heart goes out to you and your family as I pray for her recovery.

  192. My dad went in for a routine endoscopy & was one of the very few in thousands that suffered an esophageal tear. He was air lifted & put in a medically induced coma and was on life support for 3 weeks. That was 7 years ago. Though God’s mercy and the wonderful care he received he is doing great & is 83 years old. My prayers are with Joan, I almost feel like I know her like a friend & enjoy watching her on Fashion Police each week. May God heal her & continue to bless her with the wonderful life she has had & the joy she has given to others.

  193. Joan Rivers is a FIGHTER!! Keep your faith strong. My heart is aching for your all. Give Cooper big, big hugs. He probably needs it more than anyone. Prayers and blessings to you all.

  194. Joan please feel better soon. TV will be so boring without you. I have spoken with GOD. Please make everything right with this family. We love You . ANGEL

  195. We love you. Please be ok . TV will be so boring without you. Hugs and lots of kisses. Michelle

  196. My Thoughts and Prayers are with Joan and her beloved daughter Melissa and Grandson Cooper. Please know you your mother and grandmother is loved. There can’t be a world without Joan Rivers in it — I am saying the mantra I said when my dad was on life support — Please don’t go away, please don’t go away. God bless you

  197. May God Bless & Heal Ms. Joan Rivers…praying that we hear her spunky voice and insightful wit…again SOON!!!

  198. May God Bless & Heal Ms. Joan Rivers… praying we ALL will soon see her & embrace her spunky, quick, and insightful wit once again…SOON!

  199. Joan, I just checked your “Appearances” on this website. Hurry up and get well! You’re booked up! And I know there’s another book in you waiting to be written. I had the thrill of seeing you in Austin in May. My sides still hurt from laughing so much. I love you and I’m keeping you very close in my heart and prayers.

  200. My love, thoughts and continued prayers are with Joan and Melissa. May The Lord give you strength and peace during this time in your lives.

  201. Melissa-

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Cooper during this difficult time. I am especially praying for your Mom. I met you and your Mom in the late 80’s when you were thinking of attending UCLA. I was very impressed with the two of you! We lost touch over the years; but your Mom has been an inspiration and joy to me ever since then. I am praying for a speedy recovery for an amazing woman!

    Healing love and hugs from Judy

  202. God bless Joan Rivers and her loved ones through this difficult time. Prayers for a full recovery for Joan.

  203. Joan our thoughts and energy are focused on you and your recovery. You have touched our lives and we are such big fans. You are honest, thoughtful and whole hearted. Your interviews are the best and your perspective is always on point. We have kept tabs on you. Checking in every couple months. See if any new interviews came up.. the fact is we are 30 year old with new family, but we consistently look up you.we remember laughing at you as the robot on space balls then it was celebrity apprentice and your howard stern interviews. Stand up.. your work with kathy griffin. Your incredibly thoughtful documentary. Ur reality tv.. U paved the way for others. We know u will pull through. U worked so hard and we feel u had some amazing opportunities in the future and want to share thoughs. We love u joan

  204. Melissa, as a fellow only child my heart aches as I await an update on your mother status. Like you I have a son and earlier when I spoke to my mother we laughed at how we truly feel Joan is like family. Stay stonv Melissa. Millions of people around the world are praying for your mothers recovery. The future holds what God always intended.

  205. I am keeping all three of you in my prayers. Your mom has made me laugh so hard over the years. I have long admired her wit and her ability to carry on despite tough times. And Melissa, I just lost my own mom to a massive stroke in February. I know how close mothers and daughters can be. I am sending you a special {{hug}} too. I know only too well how tough it is for you right now. God Bless.

  206. Bonjour Melissa,français nous aimons l’humour de Joan. J’espère que nous pourrons l’avoir avec nous encore longtemps. En attendant E! france diffuse “the fashion police” tout à l’heure. Ce sera notre prière pour qu’elle se remette en forme.
    Nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous.
    Joan, Melissa, We love you, Joan; please hurry back.

  207. Best wishes for Joan. Joan, you are the funniest lady ever. Nobody comes close. I enjoy you so much. I hope your humor and positive attitude heal you quickly.

  208. Praying for you all. Joan lets us as fans in her life through her books and tv shows that she now feels like a personal friend. I’m so sad and pray to watch this story one day on the show once she’s healthy again and making us all laugh. Fight Joan!! You’re the toughest woman out there and an inspiration for us all.

  209. Joan;

    You always were a particular fav of mine on Hollywood Squares and I used to love to hear Peter Marshall call you Joanie….it always bought a smile to my face and happiness and banter to my heart……fight the good fight and dont let the b******s get you down…..give em h**l and come out swinging! Margaret of o Alabama 🙂

  210. My thoughts are with you and your family. Get well soon Joan. All our love from across the pond in UK xxxx

  211. Melissa, they say reality shows are scripted but they could not script the nachas in your mother’s eyes every time she spoke about you or watched on as you were speaking. She is wonderful because she is so real and shares with her fans so deeply. My prayers are with you and Cooper.

  212. Melissa, stay strong!! Your Mom is so proud of you and we are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers!! Wishing her the very best and a quick recovery!! She has brought much laughter and joy to so many and we are all pulling for her!! Her work ethic is a shining example to us all and now we pray that rest will help her heal and come back stronger then ever!! Know that so many carry you and yours in our hearts today!!

  213. Melissa,
    I am praying that God gives you the peace and strength you need. I pray that God touches your mom’s life. Hugs and God bless you and your family

  214. My heart aches for you, Joan, and your family. Behind that strong, tough lady is a wonderful, generous to a fault human being, with a heart as big as the universe. You are an example to us all for your determination and perpetual perseverance in all you do. You have allowed us to witness glimpses of your vulnerability also, which endears you to us even more. You do not mince words and speak from your heart. You have shown us that when you decide to do something, you do it with all of your heart of you don’t do it at all. Now please, please do this for us; GET WELL SOON and as you have said to us many times before “DO IT NOW”. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Melissa, Cooper and the rest of your family.
    May the Lord bless you and keep you.
    May the Lord make his face to shine upon you,
    and be gracious to you.
    May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you,
    and give you peace.

  215. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom at this difficult time.A candle has been lit.We in Ontario Canada love Joan and pray that she gets better soon.Stay strong Melissa. < 3

  216. It wasn’t until celebrity apprentice that I found true appreciation for your mother’s enormous heart. She is a treasure. Praying for her, you, and Cooper. My heart goes out to you all.

  217. Come on Joan!
    Fingers are crossed.
    My daughter and I have been praying for you and your family.
    I have asked for angels and saints surround you and heal you fast.
    Yes, I am Catholic…duh! Positive thoughts your way.

  218. Joan,

    When I lost my family in a tragic accident 7 years ago, your funny brought me back to life. You’re one tough bitch, Joan. Stay with us.

  219. Melissa, place both your hands on your mothers shoulders while you are facing her, hold this position for 20 minutes.. This simple “application” will energize her brain, This was taught to me by Hanna Kroeger ( you can google her) for bringing someone out of a coma. You certainly have nothing to lose by trying it, right?

  220. Melissa,

    My wife and I are mad Joan Rangers and would love you to know how popular her show, Fashion Police, is in Nigeria. We will forever remember how she put smiles on our faces and would like you to know that Joan is in our prayers.

    Our fingers are crossed too and would want you to know that you’re loved all the way here.

  221. Melissa dear—-what I say is not only from my mind and heart, but from my very soul (Neshama)—this is so scary and unthinkable for you now–literally you cannot hold of loosing your beloved Mom right now, and I feel such compassion for you…..and NO ONE can imagine what you’re going thru if they haven’t experienced it themselves– don’t know how much you feel connected with the Almighty-HaShem–but THIS is the time for Divine intervention–I ask you to reach out to him with your broken heart and burdened mind for his guidance to help you in all your choices. NO ONE can tell you what to do–Ask for him to help you to make the choices that are going to be in the best interest of Joan. She has had to make those choices for you your entire life–Please know that I am praying that you are surrounded with the comfort of the RIGHT people to support you in accepting exactly WHAT IS. And then, allow the Almighty to come into your heart and mind to move forward. I love your Mom–and appreciate greatly her desire to make the BEST of whatever came her way in her life–You have that in you,too—–Let love and God guide you now, more than ever–I wish you strength,courage and Wisdom–which comes from HaShem. Shalom sweetheart…Stay centered. with love, Marla in Atlanta

  222. I met Joan in Manchester, England after she had performed her 90 minute set in 2012. She stood in the bitter rain and signed items and took pictures with over 100 people. She seemed so happy (although with her, it can be hard to tell) to meet us all, giving her time generously posing and chatting as if we were all old friends. This is why she is beloved. She gives laughter and joy to so many, long may she reign. One of my favorite moments in my life Melissa. x. I selfishly want that b!tch to be there this October for the reunion and I will sign that photo we took so she can have one of me – fair is fair. To everyone – whatever god you pray to, tell the divine, not just yet. I am telling mine. – Peace!

  223. Joan, this is not funny. The whole world needs our Joan back. You are the funniest damn woman on earth, and after just losing the funniest man, our dear sweet Robin, this is just too much. We know you have beat the odds just by being you, sharp as a tack at 81, but do it again and snap out of this, whatever this is. I lost my beautiful son
    just over a year ago and watching you on Fashion Police was the first time I was able to laugh again. You are fearless, with a lightning fast wit, you had a nice rest but now just come back! Please.
    Claudia Wolf

  224. Keeping you in my thoughts for your recovery, Joan! I love you! Prayers to your family, Melissa and Cooper, as they have been your rock and support system always. I admire the love and kind heart you have, and the generous things you do. Pull through! We still need you!

  225. I am thinking of your mother as I would a family member and praying for her recovery. God Bless.

  226. Joan has it right, it’s laughter, the ability to simply laugh. Laugh at fear, laugh at it all, laugh at one self. With laughter, one sees how connected we all are, we are each just simple mortal bodies who have their spirits wrapped up in this thing called “flesh”. And laughter is connected to the spirit, where we all, are each tethered. And for those who cannot grasp this, I can only think of the movie Monster Inc. where the ignorant believed FEAR was what made things work, when all the time, laughter, joy, smiles, pure twinkles in each and every heart really was the stuff.

    Please get better Joan! The world needs to learn how to laugh again.

  227. Just love you Joan, praying for you. Melissa, stay strong, we’re all praying for you and your family. <3 all of you.

  228. Continuously praying for the Doctor’s knowledge and skill in helping in Joan’s recovery! Your family and the world miss you! May God bless you and make Melissa’s wish come true!

  229. Melissa, please read these notes, tweets and messages to your mom. Even in a coma, some part of her May be able to here. And, I am sending one of those messages here. I met Joan in June at a Komen-Houston lunch and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to tell her how much I’ve loved her work since she was trying to figure out how to match black vs. blue socks.

  230. To Joan and family, you will beat this. Stay Strong ! Love from Australia to the funniest American ever!

  231. I am someone who was not a fan of your mother in her early years… as I enter my 50s she has become someone I look up to tremendously! Her sincerity and her real love for people shines through that exterior; I truly adore her and find myself thinking about her several times a day. And Melissa…you and your son are tell me what kind of father you had and show me what kind of woman Joan is. her core is GOLDEN. I will always find her an inspiration and similarly it is clear that she has become a shining star for so so many throughout her lifetime. The very very best and God Bless You and Us All.

  232. Melissa and Cooper, I’m not one to comment on celebrity sites but this is one time I really felt the need to. I hope and pray your mom recovers. My heart goes out to you and Cooper. I lost my dad two years ago. It wasn’t his first time in the hospital and we almost lost him several years prior. I totally understand what you’re going through right now. It’s awful. It’s the worst thing we go through. I hate the age we are at, it’s when our parents are getting older and we have to face things we have always dreaded. The absolute pain and stress of what you’re feeling is not lost on me. The crazy things that pop into your mind, the physical pain from the heavy burden you’re carrying is horrendous. I’m thinking about you and sending positive thoughts your moms way. Hold on to Cooper, it’s amazing how our kiddos help us without even trying.

  233. Please Melissa don’t give up yet on your mom…my best friend, aspirated in the hospital and stopped breathing for about 3 or 4 minutes and his heart stopped before they realized what happened and was on life support,,,,after a week they told his wife he had no brain activity and would be a vegetable. We both prayed and I sent a plead to Padre Pio…and that week he woke up….turned to his wife and said get me out of this place……..So give it time……

  234. Praying for you Joan- I think you will be fine, just doesn’t seem like your time to go and certainly not after an elective surgery. Maybe you just needed a long nap, but I’m thinking you are about to wake up and will likely live to 100 at least – I seriously have been praying for you to pull out of it which I have rarely done for someone I’ve never met!

  235. Sending prayers to you Joan. Hang in there! And to Melissa and Cooper – stay strong. Keep talking to Joan and telling her how much you love her. Even if she can’t respond back to you, she can still hear you, and feel your love!

  236. Dear Melissa,
    I met your mom, Joan 4 years ago on a lobby of a building in NYC where she was going for an interview, it was terribly cold outside and I was just wearing a shirt on my way to buy a cup of coffee. Joan was waiting to be taking in I couldn’t believe it was her and so I say, ” you most be Joan Rivers” to what she replied, ” I better be” she laught and extended her hand to me, she then said to me, ” young man you better don’t go out side without a jacket” I was extremely touch by her motherly concern and I haven’t to this day stop mentioning to anyone I know. I love your mom’s sense of humor and how she is not afraid to say what’s on her mind. Ever since I found out about her condition I cannot get her out of my mind. I will join my prayers to the millions of people in the world that love your mom. I have confidence that she will come out of it and will be making fun of this ordeal very soon.

  237. Melissa and Cooper,

    I am sending all of my best energy for Joan. She has been a part of my life forever although not in person of course. Her strength and humor have always been truly inspiring to me. What a tremendous woman she is. Please let her get better, we are not ready to lose her either.

    All my best going to all of you.

  238. Melissa and Cooper,

    I am sending all of my positive energy to Joan and both of you. She has been a part of my life forever although not in real life of course, although it seems that way.

    She is so intelligent, witty and strong and we are not ready for her to leave us. What an incredible woman, pioneer and icon! Please be strong Joan and all of you.

    Love to you all,

  239. Dear Melissa

    A couple of years ago my cousin got into a a car accident with major brain damage she to had to be put in a induced coma to allow the brain to heal. The doctors told my aunt to be prepared that she wouldn’t make it through the night. My family wasnt willing to give up hope we prayed and prayed. My cousin remained in a coma for weeks god heard our prayers cause my cousin woke up. Though she doesn’t remember anything of the accident and still has trouble with her memory my cousin did make a full recovery. Doctors are not gods, God can be the only one to determine who stays and goes with him. So don’t give up hope I will continue to Pray for your mom because she Is the most funniest, honest, person I’ve come to see on TV.


  240. Joan, you have such strength. I have admired and respected you for years. I personally believe in the power of the all things possible, in your miracle now today. I believe in you, Joan. Sincere thoughts and prayers for you, Melissa, Cooper, the doctors and all who continue to love and Suport you.

  241. Your the best Joan. I’ve known you from the 80s and your a lifetime favorite. You are ment to be around for a lifetime!!!

  242. Melissa and Cooper, we love you and are praying with you. Tons of virtual hugs and the very best wishes to the family. Healing thoughts to the one and only Joan Rivers…

  243. To me, Joan is so much more than the best comic on the planet; she’s a living representation of the indefatigable work ethic and rugged self–sufficiency which once made this country great. Stay with us Joan. America needs you. “Comedy needs you.” You are in our prayers. We love you.

  244. Met Joan In Warrington PA in early 1980s with my children. Super kind, beautiful woman. Paved the way for all women in the entertainment industry. Be strong Joan you can make it through anything! Love you dearly. Say a prayer, it works wonders.

  245. Melissa and Cooper….once Joan gets thru this y’all drag her to Bandera, Tx! We will love her no end and feed her some Texas BBQ! She is a very strong woman and this world needs her.

  246. Saying prayers for Joan and wishing her a full and speedy recovery. Melissa, my thoughts are with you and your son. Stay strong.

  247. Praying for you and a full recovery. Know that your are greatly supported by your family, friends and fans throughout the world. We still need you here on Earth so be strong and pull through! Sending you all our love!

  248. Melissa, I feel awful about your Mom. I have watched your Mom off and on for many years. I wanted to let you know, I had the same situation happen that your Mom, Joan is going through. Please know she can come through this. With God’s strength anyone can come out of this. I am living proof. May the angels surround your beautiful Mom, Joan and let her know she is much needed here with you. Blessings and prayers to you both.

  249. Sending my thoughts and prayers for a full recovery to you and Melissa. Know that you are adored by fans throughout the entire world. We still need you to stay with us on Earth. Be strong and pull through this! Love you with all my heart.

  250. Thank you for being the bright spot of my week….You have no idea how I look forward to and enjoy the one hour each week with you, Melissa, and the Fashion Police crew. Sending all my love and fervant prayers for your recovery. May God bless you all.

  251. Joan please wake up from your nap, Cooper needs you and most of all Melissa needs her Mom desperately along with all of your friends and fans!!

  252. Your mother has always been such a big part of my life. May God comfort all of you during this difficult time. Sending prayers your way.

  253. Joan is a national treasure and brings laughter to so many. But behind the sass and brass is a woman with a kind and caring heart. May God grant her a full recovery and bring peace to her family in the meantime.

  254. I been praying for Joan since I heard the news and I’m such a fan since I was a kid watching her in the 1980s hosting The Tonight Show. Joan is strong and if anyone can beat this it’s her.
    Melissa and Cooper your both also in my prayers at this difficult time. Your mom is loved by so many!
    Get well Joan and we all love you!

  255. You know she’s up at the gates right now arguing with God about staying or going.

    “C’mon, just give me a FEW more seasons on Fashion Police and I’ll get you the best deal on my QVC brooches.”


    “Fine, fine! Wholesale. Tell Robin I said hi.”

    She’s coming back, I know it. Heaven isn’t ready for Joan yet, not with how hard Robin Williams is making them all laugh. Joan’s still got laughs to spread here.

    Melissa, all my love. Just remember- you’re stronger than you think.

  256. Joan been your fan longer than I can remember, praying for you and I will see you at your show when you are back. God Bless.

  257. Melissa and Cooper, not a lot to say at a difficult time like this. Your mother and grandmother is a remarkable woman whose brought laughter to scores of people. Know that you are not alone and we are praying for you both. All the best.

  258. I don’t know what I will do, I really love Joan she makes me smile so much and laughter is what makes us survive the upsets of life. I will be praying for her recovery.

  259. To Melissa,

    Your mother, Joan, has always been an inspiration for me. She let the world know that it’s all right for women to be strong, self-sufficient and funny. She’s truly a legend in her own time. The world isn’t ready to say goodbye, so Sleeping Beauty has to wake up! Prayers to you all.

  260. Sending positive, healing thoughts for Joan and her family. She is such an amazing woman and her sense of humor has given joy to so many. Keep fighting, Joan!

  261. Joan you are in my Prayers and your family are in my prayers also… I just Pray that Jesus will come down and make you well, in Jesus Name I do Pray…Amen…

  262. Joan has always been an inspiration for me. She showed us that women can be strong, self-sufficient and funny. She spoke her mind and her wit was wonderful. She’s truly a legend in her own time. It’s too soon for the world to say goodbye to Joan. My prayers are for her and all her loved ones.

  263. Prayers for Joan and her family. Be patient and don’t rush to make a decision you will live to regret. Sending love and prayers.

  264. Joan, SF loves you so much! You are in my prayers! I saw you host the Tonight Show back in 1984, I was 15 years old and you left such a lasting impression on my soul. Get well…

  265. Can we TALK? It’s time to wake up now Joan. We miss you! Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  266. Melissa, please know that even though your Mom is on life support, she can absolutely and spiritually see and hear everything you tell her. Please keep reading to her over and over all the beautiful messages that people are sending your way. And don’t give up and give in. Joan can make it. Give her the time she needs to heal. God’s blessings to you all.

  267. We are PRAYING for you Joan non-stop, please don’t go!!! the world needs you! Our love and prayers go out to Melissa and Cooper who we all know Joan adores!! PLEASE GET WELL DIVA!!!

  268. Dear God Please please please please let Joan come back to us. There is no other woman in the world like her. The world still needs her desperately. I grew up watching Joan and I love her like a family member. God, I will not ever ask for anything else if you just bring her back, heal her, give her more life. Please.

  269. Dear Melissa;

    Your mother has been a hero and most admired woman, for me, from the moment I first saw her on TV many years ago. She is such an incredible talent, comedian and individual to so many and while it is heartbreaking to hear of her condition, she undoubtedly must be providing a few priceless jokes to those that can hear her voice.

    She is so strong, has come through so much, she’s not leaving this fight either…!! My thoughts and daily prayers are being said for you, your mother’s recovery and the peace and strength to sustain you.

    I celebrate her life and can’t wait to hear her loud and clear once again.

  270. Dear Melissa & Cooper,
    I have been following your mother’s career since she first started. Have read all her books and laughed out loud reading every page. She is a very strong woman and loved by all.
    I wish you the very best no matter what the outcome is. I keep looking for the updates on her condition. Do not be pressured by the Doctors, or the hospital to do anything you are not comfortable with. Hang in there and keep whispering in her ear telling her how much you love her. My prayers are with you in this trying time.

    All the best to you and Cooper.


  271. Dear Melissa,
    I have been keeping your Mom and your family all in my prayers. I have been since hearing the news. I’ve had a similar circumstance also where my husband had been in an induced coma we had decided we would give it the 10 days (as recommended) and slowly had reduced the medication and on the 7th day my husband came back and he’s with me still today. This all happened last year around this same time.
    My heart goes out to you and you and your Mom have so many praying and being supportive. Keep the Faith…

  272. wishing you a full recovery hurry up no more napping we need you Joan in this crazy world we need you too much war and sadness we cant lose you please hurry back I pray you will wake up and tell Melissa grab my coat were going home … stay strong Melissa and cooper much love to you ♥♥♥

  273. Dear Melissa….You now embarking on probably one of the hardest journeys you will ever have to take in your life. Deciding the fate of your loved one is difficult. As I have faced this before with a family member, I keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  274. Love you Joan Rivers. I hope you get well soon. Huggs & kisses for you and your wonderful family from your biggest fan in Holland.

  275. Melissa and Cooper,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your mother and grandmother. I’ve literally gone through what you’re going through now, six years ago. When there’s nothing left to do and it’s out of your control, let your faith carry you through and believe that God will see you through. He will give you the strength that you will need to endure what’s to come. He did it for me and he will do it for you. I pray for a full recovery for your mother, that she’ll pick up where she left off that day and that she’ll be better than ever.

    From one sister to another, God Bless.

  276. Everybody is pulling for you Joan!! So much love al around you! You gave me my first break when I co-hosted with you on The Late Show as Joan for a Day, I will always love you for that and your kind mentorship!! With Love and Healing, Ilan Kwittken
    Melissa, you are a very strong and brilliant woman in your own right, your love will always help heal your incredible Mom. Sending you and your family lots of love!!! Ilan Kwittken

  277. Melissa and Cooper,
    So many people are surrounding both of you and Joan with so much love and healing. Joan gave me my first break when I was 22 when I co-hosted with her as “Joan For A Day”. I love her, her wisdom and loving mentorship helped guide me through the years.
    Love, Ilan Kwittken

  278. Joan I have been praying for you to kick this in the ass and wake up! PLEASE!! Melissa and Cooper thoughts and prayer to you also. Be strong – if you can’t there are millions of fans to hold up.

  279. Melissa and Cooper,
    If there is two things I am sure of is that one, she is the most hard working and determined woman who fights for what she believes in. And secondly, she loves both of you more than anything in this world. So I believe she will make the greatest fight of her life to be with you both again. Prayers for all of you. I am keeping the faith she will be there for you stronger, determined and more loving than ever.

  280. Continuing to have nothing but love, prayers and well wishes for you Joan. Hoping for a miracle and good news.

  281. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this very difficult time. Miracles never cease, we share in your hope.

  282. My thought and prayers are with you…I lost my mom 10 years ago and my Dad before that..I know that is a terrible time this is and the best I can do for you and your Family is pray. I did ask Joan this morning to keep fighting..I don’t know you but I know some of this pain and I loved your Mom she I watched her faith fully every Friday nite…Stay in prayer and keep telling her to wake up we need her…

  283. Prayers for Joan. What a lovely classy lady who loves her family so much! Joan has made us laugh so much for so many years. Praying for her recovery.
    May God put his arms around you and make you strong for your mom Melissa and Cooper. God bless.

  284. Dear Melissa,
    I have been crying since learning that Joan went into cardiac arrest and then crying again 2 days later when I learned that she was on life support. I have been a lifelong fan. Joan is feisty a lot like my own mother. Such a big heart and so misunderstood. I want to thank Joan for all of the minivacations she created for me with her jokes, so please don’t pull the plug! And even as I’ve been crying, I’ve been thinking what would Joan do? She would make us laugh, of course! So here’s my best Joan-ism:

    “Joan, you’re supposed to live to be 600, not 553! Besides, your plastic surgeon called and he’s already scheduled your next 36 faces. Bonus! On your 36th face you’ll look just like Angelina Jolie plus you get all of her brats as cheap labor for your QVC jewelry.”

    All joking aside, I love you, Joan, and Cooper! It’s been such a pleasure to watch you on Joan and Melissa, fashion police, in bed with Joan, The apprentice and everything in between to the Muppets take Manhattan… In fact, Joan was a big reason I applied to Barnard College in Manhattan and a big reason why I moved from Tennessee, where I grew up to Manhattan.

    you all are in my thoughts and I continue to check in to see the latest on Google. Love, love you all!

  285. Love Love Love you Joan Rivers! You are priceless. Nobody can ever replace you. We need you. Please get well soon!!

  286. My thoughts and prayers with you and your family Joan x I hope and pray for a full recovery.

    Much love from all of us here in the UK flooding your way

    Get well soon

    Kieran x

  287. Dear Melissa I too sat at 3 loved ones side for many weeks and remember how much I prayed for their recovery. We come to accept the outcome with great strength and love. GOD’S LOVE WILL SEE YOU THROUGH ALL. I LOVE JOAN RIVERS.

  288. Dear Melissa,
    Don’t give up and keep up the positive thoughts and your instincts! Our mother died 4 years ago, she would be 80 is year and had terrible COPD for many years as a life-time smoker even after being diagnosed with COPD. In 2008 she had a bad spell and we raced her to the ER. The ER doctor told us she may only have a few hours to live so all of her children raced to the hospital from surrounding states. A few days later in the hospital, several of us were crying while speaking to a different doctor and he asked why we were crying. He said she was in very poor health, but was not going to soon die as the original doctor told us a few days prior. She recovered, still in extremely poor health and continued on Hospice, but was with us for another two precious years. So please trust in your relationship with your mother, her strength, higher powers, and not completely on the opinions of various doctors. They are humans, like we are and can be . . . Listen to their knowledge and opinion, but also seek other opinions from expert doctors. We hope that over the next few days as Joan is brought out of the coma, that it goes well and that your family’s love and strength help her through her recovery.

  289. Joan, it isn’t over until the fat lady sings and, I don’t hear any fat lady singing! : ) You are fighter and a survivor and, have been through much worse than this! So come on sleepy head, wakey wakey! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

  290. Melissa,

    My father died when I was 20 and I am an only child. You are just a couple of years younger than me. I am so close to my Mom too. I pray your Mom recovers. Stay strong. You and Mom are such special people to us all.

  291. Melissa and Joan you are in my prayers, We all love you both and know how hard this is for you right now, I pray you find comfort and peace in the Savior.

  292. I am praying that she will recover! I have been a fan for soooo long – she was the only one capable of placing a smile on my face when my beloved grandmother died in the 80s I was devastated and sunk into a deep depression but then I found her and life was bearable once again. Please recover soon! Our love is with you and your family!

  293. I have always admired Joan’s humor and feisty spirit, I get a kick out of Fashion Police and I am not even into fashion! I sincerely hope she recovers fully and graces us with her wit once again. Heartfelt wishes…

  294. Joan — show them all how strong you are! I have loved you since a young girl — thank you for showing the world women can be ballsy and classy! 🙂 Praying for you, Melissa and Cooper. Please know you are all in our thoughts and prayers…..

  295. Joan, I’m praying for a complete recovery for you. You, Melissa and Copper are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong everyone is pulling for you

  296. Dear Joan,

    I’ve been hoping to meet you one day so that I could look at you and say thank you, thank you, thank you – thank you for getting me to have laughter when the world seemed so dark and dismal and sad. I need your comedy more than ever and really hope that you’ll be back to making us laugh very soon.

    Thank you so much,

    With much love,

    One of your “gays” 🙂

  297. Melissa, your mom is such a driven, strong, classy, all around amazing person and I am totally pulling for her recovery. You both have my prayers and know you are not alone going through this.

  298. Get well soon, Joan! We need you! Be strong, Melissa. Joan couldn’t have asked for a better daughter, in my humble opinion.

  299. Joan, this is not the way you’re supposed to leave us!

    Melissa, I hope you have all of the information you need before you make this difficult decision. I hope your mother told you her wishes should something like this happen to her. If not, please think about her quality of life once she’s off of life support – don’t be hasty but please keep it in mind.

    My prayers for Joan, Melissa and Cooper.

  300. Dear Melissa and Cooper
    Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you during these tough times. As a fellow New Yorker and ironically sharing the original last name as your mom (Molinsky) which was changed to Molin when my grandparents came here from Odesa Russia, I have always felt a strong connection to her since I was a little girl. I am now a very proud grandmother of three amazing children and love watching her beautiful relationship with Cooper. She has too much joy and laughter left in her too go any where’s so stay strong and positive and know that there is a tremendous amount of love and prayers pulling for her.

  301. Joan

    All the way from Australia we are all thinking of you. I’ll never forget the many shows my mother and I have gone to and loved. You are adored the world over and are one helluva tough broad that no one can keep down. Keep that fighting spirit alive. Melissa look after yourself during these tough hours but know we love your mum like shes our own xxx

  302. Your Mom is a tough old bird. She will pull through. Take care of her and yourself young lady. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  303. G_d bless you Joan Rivers and your family. You have blessed and inspired us with your humor, kindness, creativity, strength, and honesty. I’ve been praying for your full recovery, and for strength and comfort for you and your family. If heaven cannot wait, I believe my sister and my Mom will be there with many, many others to greet you. In the meantime, rest, relax, and recuperate because we hope you’ll be with us for many healthy, happy years to come! Warm regards, June (one of your many fans).

  304. We are thinking about you Joan and also you Melissa and Cooper. We met Joan in NY after a show and she was so sweet and concerned about us traveling in the snow back to Philly. What a wonderfully caring and also amazingly talented and brilliant woman Joan is!! Our thoughts and wishes are with you all.

  305. Dear Joan
    Haven’t prayed in a long time but been praying for last two days for your recovery. You are an inspiration to a lot of people around the world. You have made through a lot and I know you will make through this. I believe in god and he is listening to all of us.
    Will wait to see you in Fashion Police.

  306. I have tremendous admiration for people who speak their minds (from a place of love) and aren’t afraid to hear the truth about themselves. And Joan, I place you at the top of that very short list!

    Now I have some truth for you… I will be disappointed for you ever thinking about giving up without a fight, it would be your very first and last time. I want you and your family to continue until all options and regrets are exhausted.

    Actually I want the very best for you and your family, and ultimately respect your private wishes. Please get better soon Joan. I’m praying for the survivor in you.

  307. Dear Melissa,

    Please dont give up hope. It was not but 9 months ago my son was in a drug induced coma and he is here with me today walking and talking. Prayer is powerful and I will keep your family in my prayers. Stay strong

  308. Dear Joan,

    I am hoping and praying that you will get better. Myself and my family love your sense of humour and personality; in particular I watch many of your Witty stand-ups and roasts on the internet. They are 10/10 every time!

    I believe in positivity and miracles and know you will recover from this ordeal.

    Mark (UK)

  309. Melissa,

    My mother and I are both huge admirers of your mother and you. My mother never misses an episode of Fashion Police nor your series with your Mom. Our thoughts and prayers are with your Mom, you and of course Cooper.

  310. Joan, dig deep and be the scrappy woman you are and who we all love. Fight! We still need scrappy bitches. 🙂 Love you!!!

  311. My prayers are with you all. I have loved you Joanie, since I was a kid and you filled in for Johnny Carson. You have inspired me my whole life through. I’ve just started making the local rounds in standup and you are an inspiration. I pray you know all of the good you do, all of the lives you bless.
    We love you, Joan Rivers!

  312. “Tell me who admires and loves you, and I will tell you who you are.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
    Joan, Melissa and Cooper, you are loved by the world and now and forever are in our hearts and prayers.

  313. Dear Melissa,

    Stay strong during this most difficult time in your life. I am praying for your Mother’s recovery, however, only you can know what to do if things take a different turn than what you would have hoped. She is such a delight and has given such joy to so many. That alone must give you solace.
    All the best for you and your family.

  314. Dear Melissa,
    Your mom is in my prayers. That crazy, wonderful woman has been my inspiration for the last 30 years, so you better believe we are pulling for her. Get well, Joan! We need you!

  315. Dear Joan,

    You’ve been an inspiration to me for many years. You’ve had the courage to show that women can be strong, self-sufficient and funny; in doing so, you gave many women power in their lives.

    The world isn’t ready to say goodbye to you. Who else is there to make exactly the right point at the right time? Just remember, your timing is impeccable, so you can’t leave just yet.

    You, your daughter and grandson are in my prayers.

  316. Dear Joan,

    You’ve been an inspiration to me for many years, and showed the world that women can be strong, self-sufficient and amazingly funny. In doing so, you gave women power in their lives. I love your wit and honesty and the way you say what others are afraid to.

    The world isn’t ready to say goodbye to you yet. So, with your impeccable timing, get well and get out of the hospital!

    You and Melissa and Cooper are in my prayers.

  317. I love watching Joan on fashion police. She is hilarious and always makes me laugh. I’ve been praying for her and her family since I heard about her condition.

  318. Joan you helped get me through a difficult time in my life when I was 16-years old. Thinking and praying for strength for both you and Melissa.

  319. Dear Melissa and Cooper. When someone I love is in need of healing prayers, I do something my kooky new age mom taught me. I imagine a beautiful bubble in my mind, I sit quietly inside myself as I fill it with love and healing light, and all of the strength I possess. I make it a beautiful color, like golden, with pink edges, or glowing lavender. I imagine the bubble as it travels to the person and surrounds them, and seals them in my deepest hope that they are protected by my love.

    I don’t do this for celebrities; but your mom is not a mere celebrity, not in my eyes. She is one of my dearest heroines of the World, She is a genius with a grand, gorgeous, clever and strong heart. She is a woman who I deeply care for and love. Her story, her books, her jewelry(!), her delectable and sparky humor, her intelligence, her beautiful family. I am eternally jealous of you and Cooper, but I am also contented alone with enjoying and loving your extraordinary Mom from afar.

    I have to say, in learning of this just today, and immediately dropping everything to pray, I have never been tasked with creating such a FABULOUS bubble such as one for the most lovely and dear Joan Rivers. It was so gorgeous, I could barely look at it, lest I be blinded and overwhelmed by how perfectly tailored it was: Definitely the “Look of the Week”.

    She is a mighty woman. If anyone can come out of this, it’s her. She has a fortitude others can’t even fathom; if I had to wager who would to beat the odds on this situation, I’d put everything on Joan.

    My godson rolled his truck when he was 18. He was in a medical coma for weeks. I have never been more afraid in my entire life. He had moderate brain trauma. He woke up little by little, didn’t just pop his eyes open and say hello… it was slow, he took his time, and every new thing he did was a celebration for us. These kinds of injuries heal gradually over time and every situation is different. With my godson, I allowed myself this much hope: I prayed that one day I would walk into a room, and he’d be inside, and he’d look at me and say Hi. That is all I wanted; anything beyond that would be gravy!

    My godson is now 22. I got my hope, and a whole lot more. But I didn’t get the exact “him” from before, as he relearned how to do everything (talk, walk, think!) all anew. My dear young man is the same heart, body and soul he always was, but now he’s sweeter and funnier! He is a great, new version of himself that we all have delighted in meeting. He has had two girlfriends already!

    I can’t imagine a funnier Joan Rivers, but a girl can dream! Hang on to hope, breathe, and give her time. I feel it in every inch of my soul; this is not her time to go.

    Remember that great quote:
    “It will all be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end!”

    Kiss her for all of us. We Joan Rangers are legion. I’ll be sending a bubble to her, you and Conner each day and each night! Love and blessings to you all.


    1. Oh gosh! Oh dear! I see now that I wrote “Conner” instead of “Cooper” at the end of this message…that’s my nephew’s name. So sorry, Coop! I was very emotional when I wrote to you and your Mom, which is why I made this goofy boof. (A “boof” is a word I invented, it means “dumb mistake”.) Hang in there COOPER! You are growing up to be a fantastic and smart young man…undoubtably due mostly to you being you, but also encouraged by your incredible mom and grandmother. There is no young man in this world who is more priceless to the extraordinary Joan Rivers than her handsome, smart and excellently mannered grandson! You are extra-super-duper-special in countless ways, not just in that “everybody is special” way! I will follow your public life story for the rest of my life and watch you carry on the Rivers legacy of compassion, wit, innovation and success in whatever you choose to do. Even if you decide you want to be a “regular guy”, you will be the most amazing version of regular the World has yet to behold! Love to you and yours, Kiddo!! This is a time you will always remember, and think about as you get older. Do the things you know your Grandmother would love- if you’ve never sung for her, do it now! If she has a favorite poem, read it to her today! If she’s nagged you to wear something you don’t quite like, put it on! Hold her hand and kiss her cheeks and talk talk talk to her. No one’s voice can reach further than yours right now. You and your Mom together are the anchors that hold her here. Your bubble is green and yellow today and covered in candy and cool games! I hope you feel all the love everyone is sending you, it is more than just words! xoxo Donna Jean

      PS:Joan’s morning bubble was designed by Faberge! I dreamed of his original studio and his team of expert craftsmen, and they helped me package a prayer inside an egg-bubble that is pricelessly designed to be fit for a Modern Royal Tzarina! (With hundreds of flawless jewels the size of fists!)

      PPS: Melissa, your bubble (adorned with millions of tiny gems and crystals, yet weighing nothing and as comfy as pajamas!) glows a clear and smooth, warm energy around you. It is meant to let all that is unimportant fall away right now, and allow you a quiet space to breathe and just hold on to your center. It gently works to push aside those tasks you normally “superwoman” your way through each and every day, into the hands of your most trusted friends and assistants. Someone else can do that stuff today! I pray you might let it fall away. You don’t have to be a media mogul right now…just a daughter, a mother, and your own best friend. Hold your Mom’s hand (if she likes that!) and tell her the things she’s always wanted to hear you say, or that she loved hearing you say in the past. Re-forgive what you’ve already forgiven; renew your forgiveness vows! I hope this bubble brings you a bit of clarity, calmness and hope! (And I hope you are not sore from all of the hugging! Everyone wants to comfort you, which cannot really, completely be done, not with so many hovering questions still in the air at this time; but we’re here anyhow, a super-pack of compassionate humans who are at the ready to pick you up when you can’t do it alone. You will never be alone, your Mom has cemented this legacy into your life with her expansive, graceful embrace of countless “regular people” and “extraordinary folk” alike. She makes us all feel extraordinary…and I know you are the hardworking backbone of her continued vibrancy.)

      PPPS to the FP Team: Darling Kelly- your bubble is a lovely lavender that NO ONE else can pull off; you alone can wear this iconic look! You see no alterations needed; you love the hair, make-up and the shoes! It is Pure Perfection. I send it to you with the dearest wish for you to hold on, cry as much or as little as you like, and feel stronger than you’ve ever felt before. Giuliana- Your bubble is a Gregarious, Glittering, Gorgeous, Galvanized, Gifted, Gobsmacked, Glow-a-licious Goblet of Golden Grace. (Now show me its first look!) And dearest Georgie-yours is one that you just so happen to like, very much, despite what others may say about it. You think it’s cute, sassy, classy and perfectly tailored…a flawless look for this particular occasion and absolutely age-appropriate! You stand firm in your decision that it is nothing short of fabulous. This is what a STAR bubble looks like:) No question!

      And all of you who work above, below, behind, and perpendicular to the scenes of Joan’s world, whom I do not know: You, too, matter and mean so much. To all of you I envision and send bubbles of all sizes and colors, gleaming and lustrous, may they surround you with soothing, gentle hope, healing and peace. They are filled with clarity, grace, and a true validation of just how important your role is in maintaining the mothership; bringing Joan into the lives of those who have not met her, but feel they have, all because of your hard and brilliantly executed work and love which makes her visible to us fans. (Love to you all! Thank you all! And EVERYBODY, unless she was a real stinker, listen to your MOTHER!)

  320. My mother is also Jewish of Russian descent. I have always felt a kinship to your mother and a have been major fan since her days on Johnny Carson in the 80s. My heart goes out to you. I also saw your mom recently at JFK airport. She looked amazing. A force of nature! Sending my deepest sympathies and much love your way.

  321. Joan, you were the first celebrity that I knew by name as a child (I was born in 1958) and this is the first time I have ever written to ‘some one or some thing famous’, accept to save Star Trek when I was 9.. When I saw you on TV, you talked about having ‘a bag put over your head by Edgar’. I didn’t, at that time, know what that meant. Later, as I grew older, I got the gist. Joan, you are beautiful inside and out. You are one of the funniest and most truthful people that I’ve seen on TV. Please accept my sympathies for the loss of your husband. I’ve watched you many times on TV; the Red Carpet, hosting the Johnny Carson Show (the episode where you were with Mister Rogers was very touching and I thought that you admired and loved him for his genuine love and honesty as I have
    ) and many other things. I’m a bus driver that watches “Fashion Police” when I can and I’ve used the knowledge that I’ve gained from watching your show to judge the fashions that I’ve seen from women and men who get on my bus, just for the hell of it. My prayers go out to you and Melissa and Cooper. When you get better, and if you need a fat bus driver’s fashion opinion, please feel free to call me. Please heal, please get better, please keep us laughing with your humor.


  322. I’ve paid more attention to you in the news than ever and hope that you recover so that I cannot take your time for granted. If you don’t recover I’ll catch up on what you did because you will have left a legend and model for people to look up to! Thanks Joan! 🙂

  323. Melissa-
    The next 24 hours is going to be the longest of your life. When my sister was being brought out of her coma after 3 days of hypothermia treatment after suffering cardiac arrest we didn’t know what to expect. Doctors told us she may never know who we are anymore and worse may be a vegetable due to the time she went without oxygen. She had to be resedated during the process delaying her being woken up by a day. I know that terror and desperation well. Two years later she is slightly forgetful but you only really notice if you’re around her a ton and otherwise lives a rather normal happy and healthy life. There is hope. People do recover and your mother is a fighter like no other person out there.

    We love you and can’t wait to hear your husky voice making crass remarks and comebacks at all of the awful dresses on the red carpet. The whole world is pulling for you. Keep up the fight girl. You can trump this and show the world that this is just too quiet an exit for a force like you. We look forward to the droves of laughs you will bring once your fully recovered and back at your shenanigans.

  324. Jona Rivers, you are the best comedian i know of! I am great full for all the good work you have done for us gay guys! I wish you all the best!

    From a fan in Sweden!

  325. The world needs Joan Rivers. Without her comedy how would we all laugh at the current events and silly state of Hollywood. Melissa & Cooper you’re both in my thoughts.

    To Joan Rivers, you’re a fighter and we’ve all witnessed this throughout the decades. Your strength, toughness and honest comedy is something rare in today’s social landscape.

    I know you will beat this and continue to grace us with your genius humor for many years to come.

    You’re a comedy legend and nobody can take that away from you.

    Always rooting for you.

    Love Zeus B

  326. I was shocked when I heard about what happened to your mom. I had just watched her on QVC. I wondered about her then, because she was coughing a lot & her voice was real raspy. But lots of folks were complaining of allergies & such. I figured she had a cold. She was on several times. She brings the laughter to QVC. She works so hard. I Love her dearly. She is so funny. I have loved her for decades! She has been on my mind constantly. She’s going to get through this. She has to! This world needs her humor & kindness. Most of all, you need her. Her family needs her to get through this. Please know we love her!

  327. Praying for you Joan, Melissa and Coooper. Waiting patiently for your return. You are much loved.

  328. My prayers and thoughts are with you all at this time. I believe that God can preform miracles. One of those miracles is your mother. She has made so many laugh for so many years. Reminding us all that we are just human. That is a gift from God. Your mother’s humor and wit have gotten good laughs from me in the darkest hours of my life. I pray for your courage and peace. I pray that you remember her words, as you go through this. She has already told you what to do, and she trust you.

    Atlanta GA

  329. MELISSA and FRIENDS VISITING HER….please someone drench yourself in My & Joans favorite parfum “NOW & FOREVER” and get close to her so she can catch ‘her scent’ and come around to see who is wearing it! Joan, love you “NOW & FOREVER!” Janet

    1. This is not me (the Janet who wrote about using a taste to help wake Joan up and my other post regarding her story of the bee). I wrote only those two: Using taste & Melissa’s voice to help to wake her (if having trouble because it helped me; and the other comment I wrote was in regard to her story about the bee’s flight, and how it is called impossible but still the bee flies, despite the odds). I would not know, nor am I the Janet above.

  330. Joan rivers will live forever, what ever Joan wants to do she will conquer to stay or go . Any way she wants I salute you Joan Rivers you are my hero. You see there was none wealthy people who love you the most, money is a wonderful life style but love conquer all Melissa I love your mother and what ever she decide , to stay or go always remember my Joan will have the last laugh there is and will not be another because, the mold have been destroyed

  331. God Bless your mother..I am praying along with hundreds of people that just love your mom..Thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom.

  332. Dear Melissa,

    I am praying for your Mother’s recovery. Stay strong and know whatever decisions you make are the right ones as nobody knows your Mother as well as you do and she trusts you. It must give you great satisfaction to know how much your Mother is loved as she has brought such joy to so many.

    You have everyone’s support at this difficult time in your life.

  333. Dear Melissa,

    I am praying for your Mother’s recovery. Know that any decision you make will be the right one as nobody knows your Mother as well as you do and you have her best interest at heart and she knows that. It must give you great satisfaction to know how much joy your Mother has given others.
    I wish you strength at this most difficult time in your life.

  334. As my 9 year old daughter & I were school clothes shopping, we would ask “What would Fashion Police say?” and immediately say a prayer that Joan Rivers recovers. We are big fans and want to see your smile again.

  335. Joan Rivers a true talent …there’s no one like you! My mother and I love you. You’re a New York woman tough as nails…we need you and are praying for you and Melissa!❤️

  336. Prayers for Joan’s full recovery, and strength for Melissa and Cooper. I’ve admired Joan for many years, she’s overcome so much and we must have faith that this will, in time, be a source of a lot of great jokes from her! Love you Joan!

  337. Come on Joan. You’ve had quite enough beauty sleep! It’s time to wake up and get back on the TV and stage where you belong. Making everyone smile (and pee haha). I’ve been counting the days until you come to Manchester!! I’m still counting….with love xx

  338. Joan and Melissa,
    Both of you have gotten me through very rough times in my life. I wish I had words of wisdom to pass along. I send prayers and strength for the days ahead.

    Joan – Keep fighting!!!!
    Melissa – Remember to take of yourself, too.

  339. Melissa –
    My thought are with you and your family. We had a similar situation a few years back with a close family member. Grandma (Nan) was 86 and in a coma from a stoke for a week when the doctors stopped all medications except for fluids and suggested that we pull the plug. what we did instead was to provide her with a lot of stimuli.

    1. Even though she couldn’t respond, It later turned out she could hear us. We held her hand and spoke to her. We told her she was late, she overslept and had to get up, for her appointment. We told her she had to wake up that she had visitors.

    2. We sprayed her favorite perfume. We rubbed her feet and hand. We rubbed a plush toy animal against her hands.

    3. We asked her to squeeze our hand or move her finger if she could hear us. ( this didn’t work initially, but it worked over time.

    4. We asked her to open her eyes if she could hear us.

    5. After a week of this (out of frustration ) I opened her eye and held it opened . I asked her to move her eye if she could hear me. She moved it slightly. I realized that she had been to weak to respond before.

    6 in her case, progress was slow, it took another few weeks before she could speak at all. She went on to recover to a large extent and lived another year.

    You have nothing to lose by trying this.

    I wish you all the best and will pray for your mom.

  340. thank you joan for the joy you brought to our lives, you are amongst the brightest stars in the sky………..love, love, love

  341. I already miss her. I always felt Joan was a member of my family. She was funny, serious at times when times deserved such, flippant, witty, smart and obviously, even with all the shtick, a sweet but take-no- prisoners lady. Of all the comics that I have seen over the years, she is the best, whether male or female.

    I will sorely miss her presence. She was special, and her memory should be treated with all the respect due that grand diva. There will always be a place in my heart for her and the chaos she caused. Give ’em hell, Joan.

  342. The past six years have been hard for me financially, but whenever I saw Joan’s face I knew I was in store for a big laugh and a smile. Strange how the passing away of someone I didn’t personally know can feel so bad; I think a lot of people feel the same way. In a time when America faces serious problems, we could count on the comedic genius of Ms. Rivers to lift our spirits. With her passing, we’ve lost something quite special in the U.S., a piece of our collective sense of humor. So, I just want to say thanks Joan Rivers for all the times over the years you made me laugh.

  343. All I know for sue is that my heart is broken over the passing of Joan Rivers. From afar I have always held Joan in endearment, her soul has touched me deeply I will forever miss Joan Rives for the rest on my life.

  344. I truly loved your Mother. She was free speech before anyone knew free speech…..One classy lady with such wit and intelligence…speaking of which, I love what she said to Johnny Carson about men like intelligent women and she said right back, what man is putting his hand up a woman’s dress looking for a library card…..

    So sorry for your loss but you can see her all the time….I hope your Cooper is doing well. It is a hard hard thing to lose your Grams….and your Mother….what a woman

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