A New Statement from Melissa Rivers

“On behalf of my mother and our family, we are extremely grateful for all the love and support we’ve received. At this time she does remain on life support. I know my mother would be overwhelmed by the continued outpouring of kindness and I want to thank everyone for keeping us in their prayers.”

Melissa Rivers

169 thoughts on “A New Statement from Melissa Rivers”

  1. May she have a complete healing. May this situation be resolved with your beloved Mother fully recovering, I am asking HaShem, in the merit of all her holy ancestors to allow this. In her merit and her love for human beings, may Joan Rivers be ours again.

    1. I’ve been praying everyday for your Mom, I love her dearly, she can always bring a smile to my face. Hang in there, I truly believe that God will listen to all the prayers and she will have a complete recovery, she is a very strong women. God Bless you, Cooper and of course Mom.

      1. Joan, you’re one of my favorite women on this planet. Sending positive vibes to you and your family. . .Now get the f*%k out of that coma already! Haha! See you on stage again when you’ve made a full recovery! Adore you (and Melissa and Cooper too- you’re all the best!) xoxo

    2. Get with it Joan! You are awesome and in my eyes a national icon. You’ve got to still show those dull boring bitches how it’s done! God bless you.

    3. May Joan be blessed and returned to all who love her. It is without question that she is truly loved and adored by all who know her and know of her. She is a “one of a kind” and can never be duplicated. So very special and unique. Gotta just love this one. PS — I, too, have never written in on a celebrity blog…..making an exception for our Joan.

    4. Please wake up Joan, we miss and love you. We need you for the laughter and joy you bring to us. Your family needs you. Praying for your quick full recovery, we know you can do it. Come on! God bless you, Melissa and Cooper. Lots of love from Helen, Australia xxx

    5. My thoughts and prayers are with you Joan and you also Melissa.
      Joan is one my favorite people; even if I have never meet her in person. May GOD with you.
      Regina Grizzell.
      Tullahoma, Tn.

    6. My heartfelt prayers go out to the 3 of you. I thankyou Melissa for keeping us updated with how your mommy is doing. I sooo love her. She has taught me fashion sense and has made me laugh so hard I cried and peed! Love and prayers to all of you as you go through this.
      Terri in WI

    7. That is great news about Joan being transfered… My prayers go out daily for your complete recovery… You go Girl …I love you so much..
      Sending you strength daily and lots of LOVE !!!

      1. When someone is transferred from the ICU to a private room and is being “kept comfortable” that’s never a good thing. It means the family is saying their goodbyes and waiting for the inevitable.

    8. Melissa, Please receive my best wishes for you and your family. The love and memories your mother left you with are strong ties that will forever keep her alive within you; where her voice and jokes will continue to emit an echo from the depths of your heart.

      May the blessings that descend upon your house and family be as numerous as the stars.

      Mauricio Rosenfeld, San Diego, CA.

    9. I pray that HaShem heard in her heart that Jesus is the Messiah. Joan’s merit, lineage all her love and adoration for God is nothing without the sin debt atonement of the Son covering all her sins. Let those who are thirsty come to the Father through the Son; He is the oil, the bread, the blood and the living water. I know the Lamb called her while she was in coma as he’s called Cooper before; I pray for Melissa to hear the Spirit of Truth and properly honor the God she loves by worshipping the Son. Hold on to your Hebrew roots by claiming the Son. Jews for Jesus will be there when you need us. With Love for Joan. Melissa please do not take offense to this and hear your Mom’s cry that she wants you home and Jesus is the Truth, The Light and the Only entry into Heaven. I pray you’ll hear the call “Jews for Jesus” and know that it’s your Mom’s wish to know the sanctimony that began in her coma. It was HaShem’s mercy for her to accept Jesus before passing into eternal torment. I am a Jew for Jesus after having a similar experience. May The Spirit and the Lamb call you and yours, in Jesus name I pray.

  2. I love Joan Rivers. She is such a tough cookie. I pray she has at least one last fight in her. It is to soon for her to leave us. This world needs more laughter. Please fight Joan for everyone that cares about you. My thoughts and prayers are also with her family.

  3. She will make it!!! She has to. She’s the only person who can make me laugh until I cry. Or pee my pants. Or both. WE LOVE YOU, JOAN!!
    Bless you, Melissa & family! Prayers to you!!

  4. This is the first time I have ever left a comment for a celebrity…your mom has made me laugh so many times thru out my life…I enjoy watching her on Fashion Police and even more so on Joan and Melissa. I can’t pass up a chance to say…I am praying for her full recovery and I am praying for you and your son to get thru this and not to give up hope. My sister had minor nasal surgery and she too went into full cardiac and respiratory arrest. I was walking out of her room when I heard her say something, as I turned I could see her lips were blue. She was trying to sit up and got the words out…”I can’t breathe”. She fell back on the bed. A code blue was called and the team worked feverishly to revive her as I stood and watched. She was placed on life support and put in a drug induced coma. Day after day, her life hung in the balance. I never left her side. On day 5 we got a miracle that I am praying you get as well…they got her off the vent. That was 10 yrs ago. My sister made a full recovery. I pray with all my heart your mom does too. Peace, love and understanding.
    Karla W.

    1. Wow. Amazing story. Very happy with your sister’s outcome. The entire family is so fortunate to have her back! Wish her name would have been mentioned. Best of Karla …..

    2. Karla – I went through the same thing with my mom. She also pulled through. I got choked up reading what you wrote because I know how it feels. Melissa – you will be laughing again, crying again, and fighting again with your mother. We are all rooting for her, you, and Cooper. All the best honey.

      James Matthew,
      La Marque, Tx

    3. What an inspirational story. I pray that Joan will be well soon and for her complete recovery and that she will be back with us soon. I am keeping you and Cooper in my positive thoughts and healing prayers also. Don’t give up Melissa. Your Mom is a strong fighter.
      Love, Karen B.

    4. Amazing experience you all went through..I pray Joan follows the same path…I am one of the many who love Joan! Please Joan come back to us..too soon for us to say good bye..

    5. And I’ve never commented on a comment before but your story is amazing. I hope someone in the family reads this and relays it to Melissa. What a wonderful, uplifting post this would be for her to read! I’m so happy you got your sister back.

  5. I love your mother. She inspired me as a comic. I hope she pulls through this and lives another 20 years! She was a trailblazer. She can do this! You can do this, Joan!!!

  6. You’re a fighter Joan! Keep up the fight!!! We are praying for you and your family to stay strong…We luv ya!

  7. Dear Melissa,

    I am praying for your Mother’s recovery. Stay strong and whatever decision you make, know that it will be the right one and your Mother knows that as well. Good luck to you in this most difficult time in your life.


    1. We have never met Melissa but I love you and your mom. I was watching the show last week when Joan had on that beautiful black suit and white jewlery. She looked sooooo beautiful. I am keeping you and yours in my prayers. I have been in your shoes. Make your deçision….Never question yourself…May our Wonderful and Powerful God hold you in the Palm of his almighty hand. as always … <3

  8. Prayers are with Joan! May she have a full recovery. World is not ready to lose a great comedienne!

  9. I’ve never posted anything for a celebrity before either, but Joan Rivers is a one-in-a-million person and talent, and I’m hoping for a full recovery for her. She is a treasure.

    1. Melissa you and your family have my deepest sympathy on the lost of your mother .She was a great lady and will be keep the angels and other greats laghing in the great audience in the sky

  10. She is an awesome person. A woman of her belief to survive this generational world. I pray deeply from my heart for a quick recovery and that El Shaddia, Addoni, Elohim appears to her while under coma.. She is a funny woman that is needed on earth. God,, hear my praying.. You adore her. The God of many chances.. get well soon, Joan.

  11. Joan
    Dear Joan- You’ve always been a fighter (and winner). You are a woman I greatly admire and cheer for. Come back to us Joan!
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Much love!!

  12. I’ve never posted anything for a celebrity before either, but since I heard the news Joan and Melissa have been in my thoughts and prayers. Praying for Joan a full recovery.

  13. Please God have Joan have a full recovery…she’s the only person I know who isn’t afraid to say the truth…some people don’t know what humor is…stay strong Melissa we are all praying for her…

  14. Sending prayers to you Joan and to your whole family!! My Mom and I love watching you and cracking up! xoxo

  15. Melissa, pls tell your Mom that we need her to fight the big fight. What will the world be like without her and her great perspective on life.

  16. Your Mother is a jewel. She has given us all the gift of laughter through tremendously difficult times. I am praying for her each and every day. Thank you for keeping us up to date regarding her status, Melissa. It means a lot and I hate relying on the news services who tend to over-dramatize. I’ll be watching for your next statement. <3

  17. Joan you have so so much more to give, and everyone will be waiting for your full recovery. Much love to you.

  18. Dear Joan,
    After the loss of my husband in 1994, I reached out to you. You were there and you were strong and you were sensitive to what I needed to hear. I hope I provided some of the same when you lost your husband. Right now, you are in my prayers. If you only knew how many people were thinking of you and praying for you, you would be amazed!! Blessing, dear Joan. Blessings to you and your family. You are in our thoughts and prayers…

  19. Like many on this forum, I have never posted about a celebrity. But I have never had the mad respect that I do for Joan Rivers… as a person, with her charity work, and as an artist/comedienne. She paved the way for women entertainers today. I love that she doesn’t edit herself to be PC like so many today in this altogether ridiculously overly-sensitive society. She says what many think and feel, but are too cowardly to verbalize. I wish for her and your family & friends prayers and positive energy and all the best with the hope she has a full recovery so she can create new material all about this ordeal. Like many on this page, I do not personally know the wonderful Joan Rivers, but this is touching me so deeply that I feel the need to express this to you just to let you know how much I am pulling for your family. Warm thoughts, prayers & love.

  20. Joan Rivers is an icon and a role model for all women of all generations. Her kindness, courage in the face of adversity, charm and wit are second to none. I wish her a speedy and full recovery and peace for her family. God bless.

  21. Melissa and family,

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Your mother is very beloved by many and she has millions of people on her side.

    Cindy Bates, Summerville, SC.

  22. Joan (like many here) I have never posted anything publicly. The many of years laughter and joy have been appreciated. Wishing you a slow and safe recovery. You’re in our prayers.

  23. Totally utterly love Joan – Melissa your Mom is unique. She fabulous – and she has brough me hours of happiness and hours of mirth. Please tell her how much we all love her, and how her wonderful way of looking at the world keeps us sane.

  24. Melissa,
    You, your Mom, and the rest of your family are in my prayers. She has brought so much laughter, to so many. She is one of my favorite childhood personalities, and I wish all of you, only the best. May GOD Bless, and wrap you all in his loving, healing arms.

  25. I am sending my best wishes for a full recovery for your full recovery Joan. I am praying that you come out of this. Thinking of you Melissa and your son Parker at such a difficult time.


  26. Prayers for Joan. You are a tough cookie, please don’t give up now, you are a National Treasure!!!!!

  27. I pray God heals this fine woman. LAUGHTER is good mediciine and she certainly got a lot of us well. Be healed in Jeaus’ name. We need a good, good JR laugh¡ Much LOVE

  28. With so many people sending their prayers and good wishes to Joan, she will be up and at ’em in no time…that spunky ol’ gal will be trying to do ‘In Bed With Joan’ from her hospital bed! We all know she has so much more to say and we are waiting patiently to hear it. Keep up the positive outlook, Melissa- it’s the best thing you can do for her and yourself right now.

  29. Oh Melissa – read these to your mother to make her fight harder. I do know they do put people on life support to give their heart and other organs some rest. You, your mother and Cooper are in my prays. We just can’t lose her. She’s such a vital part of everyone’s world. I’ll prayer harder and harder. She will have to be at Cooper’s weeding way down the road.

  30. I have been a huge fan of your Mom’s forever and nobody can make me laugh like she does. I hope that she makes a full recovery because I am sure nothing less would be okay with her. She is lucky to have you and your son and all of her fans wish all of you the very best.

  31. Sending love and prayers to all. I was lucky enough to meet Joan by chance almost ten years ago and have never forgotten how incredibly kind she was towards me- this dithering, babbling 17 year old, so very starstruck meeting someone I adore!! I have always treasured the framed photo I have of us together and the lovely memory of her kindness. She is a very special lady. Sending all my love, energy and prayers- desperately hoping she will make a full recovery. Love to all.

  32. I do hope your mum pulls through – me and the husband love her to bits and are thinking of her, you and your son through this utterly horrendous time. x

  33. Can We Talk?

    Joan, I continue to say each day and each night before bed: not now; it’s not time; fight the good fight for Mel, for Cooper…for all of us. I need you to come back and laugh 1 more or 1 million more times…Please don’t leave us just yet.

    But, Joan, I also want you to know that I’ve begun to pray that whatever path you choose to travel… whether it be the road to recovery or the highway to heaven…that it be paved with light and love and safety.

    I’m not giving up Joan and I don’t want you to either. But if the only way for you to continue to do your work the way YOU want to is on the other side then please know our love will never fade and neither will yours. We will have you in our hearts, and our souls forever.
    I will treasure so many good times. So many.

    Brian Holt
    West Hollywood, CA.

  34. Keeping up the giant prayer circle surrounding beautiful Joan. Bless her with healing, r’fuah sh’leimah. She is beyond loved and cherished. Sending strength to Melissa, friends and family.

  35. I also have never written to a celebrity, but at this crucial time, I want to thank Joan, Melissa and Cooper for showing the entire world what an intelligent, sane and loving family truly is. How generous of all 3 of you to participate in your wonderful Joan & Melissa series. I have always appreciated Joan and her brilliant, natural wit, but here were 2 strong and proud women and a young man who is going to make his own strong mark in the world someday showing us how to view life and the world – with style, a sense of justice, generosity of spirit, love, courage, and a grand sense of humor. You are all in my heart and prayers for Joan’s full recovery. If it is her time to leave us, alas, millions of hearts will be broken, but her legacy lives on in her daughter and grandson, and in the legions of us who love and have been forever inspired by her.

  36. As many before have written, I too have never left a comment for anything that concerns celebrities. Yet, Joan Rivers has won my heart (and my family’s hearts) over and over. Sincere, honest, she has lacked the superficiality and hypocrisy which pervades our society and medias. Thank you Joan, come back to us if there is still a little part of you who wants to. You have a wonderful daughter and grandson!
    Melissa, keep your spirit and your mom’s strong.
    Our prayers are with you.

  37. Dear Missy, Please know that even though your Mom is in a coma and on life support , she can still hear everything. Please let her know how much she is loved but more than that , that she is in our precious Jesuses hands and that all things are possible threw him. If you could maybe just read your mom John 3:16 in the new testament of the bible it will bring such Great comfort to your mom and you and your family. With all my Love to all of you xoxo

  38. I am so sorry. I love your mom and your family. So real. Your mom a very strong woman both professionally and personally and you have to follow suit. Your son Cooper is a great young man that she helped to mold. I am praying for you all.

  39. We are praying for you Joan and Melissa. This is a terrible time for all of you and we are so sorry. We love both of you and have enjoyed your shows so much. Please God, heal Joan.

  40. Joan,

    All the love I have to give. I grew up with you and Jonny. A Nebraska boy who always knew you were the last of the greatest. We need you! You are NOT done yet.

    Much love,

  41. Thinking about you and praying for you Joan. The world is not ready for your departure. Please know all of the good you have done and the joy and laughter you bring. We need that more than ever. Melissa, please continue to keep us updated, with anything at all. We are on the edge of our seats waiting with hope and love. We are all in this together.


  42. My prayers and wishes are with your mom and family. I just recently lost my husband at a young age to a cardiac arrest. I hope you will not have to go through such loss and that Joan will be herself in no time. May you keep your strength and always continue your hope. Your mother is loved by many.

  43. Miracles happen everyday, praying on my knees t0 wrap his loving and healing around our precious Joan and heel her!!! Bring back her sharp tongue and quick whit and makes us laugh a few more time <3 <3 <3

  44. Joan, hang in there! I pray that Our Father will heal your body so that you may be with us a while longer! I admire your strength and perserverance.

  45. My daughters and I continue to keep Joan in our thoughts and prayers. We truly enjoy her sense of style and sense of humor and recognize her contribution to women in comedy. Please get well!

  46. Dear Joan, I know you are going through a tough time, but you are a tough lady. My cousin was on “assisted living” for over eight weeks. It took numerous attempts to wean him. He made a full, complete recovery. I’m praying for you, Melissa, and Cooper. They need you, Joan. Much love, prayers, and gentle hugs. <3

  47. Melissa – thoughts and prayers to you and your family for your mom. Dont give up the faith. Liz & Sylvia, Denver, CO

  48. The world needs more laughter. I’m a teacher and I need to laugh. A lot. And often. If you haven’t trained anyone to take your place you’re staying right here with the rest of us.
    I haven’t seen you in person yet. I plan to do so.
    Thank you for everything you’ve given, and in advance for more to come.

  49. Can we get your moms Hebrew name and her moms Hebrew name so we can say proper prayers for a speedy recovery for your mom please? It was the laughter that she gave me as a young girl in a very strange family that gave me the strength of character to grow and thrive as a woman today. My mom was also on life support. they said she would be a vegetable a d we should ket her go. we consulted a rabbi we trusted and he said that in life she would havw fought for her life. 5 days later they weaned her of the life auppoort. it was a few months of recovery but here we are 9 years later and we still have her with us, a little inpaired but stull the aame sense of hinour. May HaShem grant your mom a complete healing in this time of Elul before Rosh Hashanah. In the merit if our prayers may her voice ring out again soon and she should hear our peals of laughter. Hashems strength to you and your family and friends.

  50. My wife and I are amazed at your beauty and can’t wait to see how great you look at 100! The world would be a far less humorous place with out you, Joan! Please come back to us.

  51. Joan –
    Get better soon – I have loved you forever – no one makes me laugh the way you do! Sending you all my well wishes for a complete recovery.
    Fight Joan!

  52. Joan! We need you!! Sending lots of love and prayers for a full recovery. Also, you can’t have the last person in bed with you be LeAnn Rimes for God’s sake. Get better!!

  53. I am praying that your dear Mother recovers and that we get her back again. She is the only person that has made me laugh through many, many hard times, and made me cry because of what a beautiful person she is. It is just not her time to leave us.

  54. Come on Joan!
    – This is just a coma,
    it’s the period you have to watch out for!
    Get well soon!!

  55. Sending prayers. My parents met Joan backstage once and said that she is an amazing person and was so gracious with them. Joan said she loved my mom’s jacket and my mother nearly fainted. 🙂 She is so strong; fight like hell Joan!

  56. I have followed Joan Rivers for my entire life, almost 52 years thus far. Writing to/about a celeb not my style, but when such a strong, bright and funny lady needs all of us to hope and pray for her full recovery, I am honored to add my contribution. Tell God that you are not fucking ready for him just yet and to hold his horses for a few decades more. Joan, you are sooo loved, get better soon and thanks for everything!

  57. God bless Joan Rivers. I cannot even begin to express in words how much I’ve admired her humor, talent, social perspectives, and nerve over the years. That b*tch is inspiring. We still need Joan Rivers!

  58. Keeping thoughts and prayers for a full recovery for your dear Mother. Try and take care of yourself as well, Melissa. I know that food and sleep are the last things on your list right now.
    Joan, I purchased tickets to your show in AC in November. I expect you to be there giving us your Joan Ranger best on why Angelina Jolie allowed her 17 children to use a Sharpie on the back of her wedding dress!
    God bless!

  59. One of my favorite memories as a child was sneaking to watch you on Carson and laughing in to a pillow to keep from getting caught. You have brought so much laughter to my life, I am praying for your recovery.

  60. Lucky you – my long comment disappeared. I wish you peace and strength. I was in a coma universe like your mother is now. A few wishes, please…
    Turn off the tv, especially if there is a running headline and constant repeating TOP NEWS. It changes her current world into a nightmare. Listen, and then stop, any repetitive noise such as thumping. When she starts returning to this universe do not force her to look at anything or try to use fingers; her vision will be split. He will suddenly go away soon. Play music that she lives if it is melodic and lovely and light on the percussion. Everything she hears (and soon will see) is being changed into something different in her coma universe. I wish I could help. I so want her back but I do want HER back. I hope all your decisions are being made from dear deep love. She really wants to walk with Cooper but she wants to be his lively lovely witty companion. Strength…I wish you strength and wisdom and endurance.

    1. Joni, So nice to read your message. I’m sure the family will appreciate your words…..nice of you to share.

  61. Love to Joan, Melissa, and Family. I admire you, Miss Joan, for defending Israel’s right to exist and defend herself! God bless you and heal you in Yeshua’s name. Prayers are being uttered for you and your dear family. Be strong and have faith.

  62. Dear Joan and Melissa, I am sending healing thoughts and positive prayers for your Mom. I love your Mom and she is a great lady. Don’t give up Melissa. She is a strong woman. God be with you, Cooper and your Mom. Get better soon Joan. We love you. Warm hugs and love, Karen B.

  63. Melissa, We are all praying for you and your Mom, and your son as well. Your Mom is so very strong and my Mom (about the same age as your Mom) has admired her for years for her ability to get herself back on top, no matter what her situation. We have spoken many times, since this happened and she and I both think she’s laughing on the inside, watching at all the fussing around her….on the other side of all this, is your Mom with another great story of triumph. Keep the faith and we will continue to pray for her and her return to wonderful health.

  64. Hello Joan.
    I love your sense of humor and I couldn’t imagine the world without it. You’re an amazing person and the world is running low on those. Please pull through for all of us, family, friends and fans alike. We are all praying for you and sending you our love. I check the internet every morning hoping to see some beautiful news. God Bless Joan!! Stay strong!!

    1. I’m praying for you Ms Rivers I pray to Jesus the son and God the father to heal you!! I am so fond of you I have always liked your style, you make me smile all the time, you are my favorite !!!

  65. Dear Joan,

    You are a gift to us. Thank you very very much for helping me through some very challenging times. You have been so caring and generous by sharing your life and life’s lessons to us in the public. And you’ve always tried to make us laugh and feel a little better. You are a gift to us. Sending my love and gratitude to you. Thank you.


  66. Love and prayers to Joan
    You are in our hearts and on our minds
    Thank you for all the laughs
    We hope you are laughing again soon

  67. Dear Joan, I hope you get this. I personally had surgery and subsequently had a blood clot block my heart. I barely pressed the button. When I did awaken, there was a mix of panic and relief in a room full of concerned people. I know my chance of survival was much worse for survival back then(80/20 against when in the hospital and near zero outside) and I’m grateful to have beaten the odds. Please know many are rooting for you. Join me on the list of stubborn ladies that won. Kick some tail, as you always do.

  68. Dear Joan,

    You are a gift to us. Thank you very very much for helping me through some very challenging times. You have been so kind to share your life and life’s lessons to us in the public. And you’ve always tried to make us laugh and feel a little better. You are a gift to us. Sending my love and gratitude to you. Thank you.


  69. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Talk to Joan and she can hear you. My father was in an induced coma and I was the family member assigned to be with him by his side when they pulled the plug because nobody else in the family could do it. It was a great experience that only I and my father got to share. My father lived another wonderful 10 years of a great life with his family after that and I felt partially responsiable for that and those additional 10 years we all had together. Melissa and Cooper I hope and pray that you get the same with Joan!

    Deb of Yardley, PA

  70. Dear Melissa and Family,

    Receive from Ecuador – South America all our thoughts and prayers. We trust in God and know that he will be taking care of her.

    We all admire Joan and follow her each day through her show “Fashion Police”

  71. Miss Melissa,
    I have watched your mom over the years she is the funniest person I have ever seen (on TV). I am hoping she will make a full recovery. It would be a great loss for her fans, for you and your son. We need her sense of humor the world is a very grey right now. Looking forward to Fashion Police and some good laughs. Miss Joan come on fight…. you will see how many people love you.

  72. Melissa, I too am praying for a full recovery for your Mom. The world would love to have “Joan” back in her full glory – and the experiences above do sound encouraging. But most of all I am praying that your Mother is returned to you & Grandma to Cooper. THAT is what is most important. Wishing you peace & wisdom during this very difficult time…

  73. Love you so much!!

    Receive all our prayers from Ecuador – South America.

    We trust in God, and he will always take care of you.

    Miss you!!

  74. You all continue to be in my prayers. I care so much, as many do! You are never alone! love, peace. Prayers and comfort be yours. Xoxo

  75. Joan, I’ve been thinking about you and worrying about you for the last several days. Please, please get better and come back to your family and all your fans who love you. You’ve given us so much over the years. God bless..

  76. Much Love from Canada …saw your mom here at the Rose theater in Toronto a few years ago…I was in the front row and she u picked on me. in her imitable style and it was such a fun memorable evening. Sending healing and light to you and your family way as she heals and I know she will….You know your mom…she’s probably working up some new material about all of this .

  77. Joan, I love you. You’ve been in my thoughts since I heard the news. “We’ve spent” so many fabulous times together over the years. I’m a huge fan. You’ve made me laugh untill my stomach hurts throughout my life. You’ve brought such joy . . . “empowerment” really, because your humor reveals the stupidity of taking it all so seriously. Except, this situation is serious and sobering. It’s difficult to believe a woman so full of life and vitality is now hospitalized, on life support. Unbelievable. I am praying for your recovery, and wish you and your family the kind of joy and happiness you’ve brought to our family for many years to come. – With Love, Melissa H.

  78. Please tell Joan she just has to get better! All I’ve ever wanted to do was have 10 minutes of her time to just sit at a table and have coffee and talk to her! It may never happen. But at least please tell her I think she’s the absolute BEST! I’ll soon be 66 in October, a housewife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and lover of my fuzzy rescues.

  79. No matter what happens, Joan has led a wonderful life and should be proud of her time here. I’m sending positive thoughts for her recovery.

  80. Praying and believing that god will heal you and we cant talk very soon god bless you Melissa Cooper and guide all those bringing you to your old but fabulous wonderful self

  81. I’m so sorry to hear about Joan. Comedic genius and an all around american icon, i’m sure she’s gonna pull through, she’s a tough ol’ gal. Our sentiments go out to melissa and family, we watched your show together religiously and could tell that you are each others’ touchstone and this must cut deeply. Hang in there kiddo, to both of you! 🙂

    Best wishes and a speedy recovery from mpls!

  82. Joan you and your family are Fabulous 🙂 Be healed in the name of Jesus. Hashem please restore Joan in Yeshua as a miracle of the saving power of the blood of Jesus being applied to this circumstance. All power is in your hands and may your perfect will which is salvation wholeness nothing lacking nothing missing be accomplished in the name of Jesus Yeshua Hamashiach

  83. Thanks Melissa, please continue to update us as all of her fans are waiting and praying, as I know you are too. We just pray for a full and speedy recovery. We also are praying for you, Cooper and the whole family. I’m sure soon we all will be sighing in expression of relief.

  84. I love you Joan Rivers! I pray that you have many many more years with us to make us laugh and to see your grandson grow up and to see Melissa become even more successful. You cannot leave us yet. The world loves you too much!!!

  85. Thank you for keeping us informed.Sending hope and prayers during such a difficult time. God Bless you all.

  86. Dear Melissa and dearest Joan! I just cannot stop thinking of you both at this difficult moment of your life. I really love watching you two together and you obviously share a special and rare bond. Melissa, your mother has prepared you for this, you are as tough and loving as her. I am so keeping my fingers crossed. The world needs you Joan making us laugh… Whenever I feel sad I log on and watch something with you. It always works! Much love and support from Sweden

  87. I truly hope your Mom has a 100 percent recovery! Prayers, positive thoughts, and blessings are sent to you constantly during this trying time for you and your family. Thank you for the updates!

    P.S. Your Mom’s new book made me laugh so hard I’m on the 3rd time reading it – take care of yourself and your family; you’ll be hard at work filming again soon!

  88. Praying for Joan’s complete recovery!!! Praying also for Melissa and for her son. God does hear our prayers.

  89. Keep fighting, Joan, and take all the time you need to make a (hopefully full) recovery.
    The World is just NOT ready to loose this fantastic lady.

    With all our love from your many fans in the UK.

    P.s. we have a date with you at the Albert Hall in October, so get your skates on!

  90. We ALL are constantly Praying for a full & complete recovery, The world is less funny today without this Comedic pioneer and genius!! We need you JOAN!

  91. Watched you since the Johnny Carson days… one funny woman… your support for Israel… if its Gods will you will recover, you will. if its Gods will you rest now, you shall… of course wish for a recovery and to see more of you.

  92. I’ve never posted for a celebrity before…but Joan Rivers’ peril has deeply saddened me. She is an extraordinary comic talent who has given me more laughs over the years than anyone else. My thoughts and heart are with her…

  93. Joan you can always make me laugh; and in the day-to-day stresses of life laughter is the best medicine. You have shown us that you are one great lady, Mom, and Grandmom. I pray for your complete recovery and I pray for Melissa and Cooper who are watching over you so lovingly. Sending you love and healing prayers every day.

  94. I always laugh at all her jokes, some I can’t even say. I love watching Fashion Police because was the start of the show. But there’s another reason. I have Asperger’s Syndrome of Autism. And I read one of Joan’s books, in which she did a joke on it. I didn’t think of it as an insult, just a laugh. Then as a friend basically wasn’t, I learned the meaning of the joke, and I tank Mrs. Rivers for it. It was one of things that beat my autism, along with my motivation. To those who take things too serious with people supposedly saying insults that aren’t remember, jokes meant for fun. And if you can see the wisdom within it, you can be a better person for. Joan get better soon. The world needs more fun, and you are a bundle of energy that can’t be controlled.

  95. I grew up watching Joan rivers and now my15 year daughter is loving watching fashion police. She can make a 15 year old laugh hard, and many generations. I strongly believe she will make it through this. I am keeping her daughter and grandson in my thoughts as well. We love Joan as an awesome comedian , but this Melissa’s mom and coopers grandma. Love and prayers go out to you all.

  96. Dear Joan, Melissa and Cooper, my love and continued prayers for all of you. Thank you, Melissa, for the updates on your dear Mother. We are circling your family in prayers, try to get some rest if you can. I know that’s not an easy thing to do at this time but a little rest is much needed.

    As others have said, Joan is the only public person or celebrity I have ever left a comment for…she is just the most gracious and wonderful person and it hurts to know she isn’t up and doing what she loves to do…

    My thoughts, love and prayers are with you.

  97. I had the joy of seeing your mother live just a couple of years ago. Her vitality, energy and wit were amazing. I’m praying for her, for you and for your family. God bless.

  98. I am praying for you Joan. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. You always make me laugh and my husband even watches Fashion Police with me because of you! We get to laugh together. Keep the faith. <3

  99. My husband Elliott and I share in your thoughts at this time. Stop thinking too much and take one day at a time. By the way, our grandson Cooper is the same age as your Cooper and he had a Bar Mitzvah a little over one year ago.

    Think positively! May G_d be with your mother. Our prayers are for you, Joan and Cooper.

  100. My mom and I simply love Joan, Melissa and Cooper. We know you just from your shows and years of entertainment. All wonderful. Crying tears for you when we never met you. Please be better, I can’t take this! I just hope Joan miraculously bounces back and says Just Kidding– Gotcha to us all. That would be great.

    Please make sure she looks good. I always am afraid when I’m unconscious a few days that they’ll let me look like The Dude. xoxo



  101. Mellissa Joan cooper I don’t know you guys feel like I do when I was home sick all I did was watch you guys love you all I know you don’t know me I live in westchester ny I pray for you every night iam here if you need anything even a babysitter !! I truly hope you guys pull threw this xox

  102. Thanks for all the brilliant, incisive and witty laughs you shared with us all.
    RIP, dear lady xxx

  103. So much love, admiration, and respect for your dear mother in these comments, Melissa. It’s always been crystal clear how very much you love her, but it’s especially heartwarming to see how very “present” you are for her now.

    I join with everyone here in sending my prayers for her speedy recovery. Like them, I check this page daily hoping for good news. And, thankfully, the news keeps getting a little bit better.

    Even when someone is not fully conscious, I believe their essence (subconscious, soul, etc.) can fully hear the words we speak. If you haven’t already, please consider reading some of the amazing posts in this thread to your beloved mom.

    Like so many of us, I cannot remember a time when “Joan Rivers” was NOT in the world. And I don’t want to contemplate a time like that – EVER.

    With love and respect,
    Ed Franco

  104. Dear Melissa,

    I know your mom knew how much you loved her, but did she know how much she was loved by so many people? I saw her show many times live and watched her on tv, since as long as I remember ,,,in her documentary film, I left wondering if she knew how many people truly loved her and will now miss her.

    Thank you for sharing her with us….

  105. Rest in peace, dear Joan. Thank you for the years of laughter and magic. You were an incredible force of nature. Godspeed. Eugene, South Africa

  106. Dear Melissa, Your mom is mentioned every day in my rosary. We are all in Gods hands and what is meant to be will be. Maybe heaven needed her more than we do. But, remember this. She is gone in body but, she will always remain with you in all you do and say. Your mom will always be by your side and Cooper’s to guide you. She will never be forgotten until the end of time. Love to you Cooper. The angels must be laughing there wings off. Catherine SANTARPIA in the Bronx

  107. Ms. Rivers’ interview with Leona Helmsley should be shown in journalism schools. What a talented woman. Melissa, everyone will tell you, you’ll think about your mother 100 times a day for the rest of your life. It’s good to let her go, and good to remember, too. God bless you and your family.

  108. Dear Melissa,

    I am so deeply sorry to hear of your mother’s passing. I am sorry for this tremendous loss in your family’s life. It is a loss for all of us as well, but for you all it is the hardest to bear. Be kind and patient with yourself as you face life without your precious mother. I pray for God’s Grace and Peace to carry you and comfort you. He will hold you in the very hollow of His hand. Please know how very loved your mom was and how much joy she gave to the entire world. Blessings to you and your family as you grieve.

    Very Sincerely,


  109. RIP Joan Rivers- what a great lady! God Bless You! Will miss you so much on this earth. May God Bless your daughter and grandson with love and strength.

  110. We all loved Joan very much. She was a one of a kind. Noone could ever match up. We will miss you Joan. Have a loving journey and God Bless You..

  111. Your mom was so original and so funny, no one can ever replace her. I lost my husband 2 years ago under similar circumstances, I know you are in pain. I wish you peace and healing. You seemed like you were a wonderful daughter.

  112. So sorry for your loss. No words can remove the emptiness left in our hearts losing our Mother or Father. I hope you and your family will be comforted by each others memories and love for one another. The world has lost another icon of the comic world. 🙁 RIP Joan, may you join Robin Williams and entertain like you have never entertained before! Never goodbye, always until we meet again! Condolences to your family as they struggle to come to accept your departure from our world and into eternal life.

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