A Note from Melissa

“As my son Cooper and I mourn the loss of my mother, we want to thank everyone for the beautiful cards and flowers conveying heartfelt messages and condolences, which continue to arrive from around the world and through social media. My mother would have been overwhelmed by the scope and depth of the love that people have expressed for her. It is certainly helping to lift our spirits during this time.

We are forever grateful for your kindness and support in continuing to honor my mother’s legacy, and for remembering the joy and laughter that she brought to so many.”

Melissa Rivers

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  1. Thank you Melissa for taking the time to share your note. I continue to remember you and your son in my prayers at this most difficult time. Please know our love of your Mother extends to you and you have a circle of well wishers around you to draw strength from in the days and weeks ahead. All the best….Camille

  2. God Bless you, Melissa. My love and prayers will continue to be lifted for you and Cooper. I so loved your mother. A truly amazing woman with such a kind heart <3

  3. I believe that it was just Joan time to go home. Joan was not sick, she was living her life, and she went just like that…I know in my heart God just took her home without no illness, sickness or bad health… I know she have everyone laughing in Heaven…I will miss you fabulous mother.

  4. God Bless you and Cooper! Never want to question God when one leaves but let’s give doctors a REAL WAKE UP call!! Just my two cents! Willing, ready and able to sign any petition or get involved in any organization to try And make sure this doesn’t happen again. Worked with your mom at a corporate event years ago and all accolades are true in how wonderful she was as a person! Hopefully this message will reach you and The family!!!

  5. Thank you for your note. I have been thinking of you and your son.
    May God bless your family.
    I still have her picture on my desk. We have to move forward and live for her! And smile. She is in heaven looking over you and your son.
    Please keep us posted on you and your son.

  6. My wife has impersonated Your mom with her blessings for over 20 years mostly on the corporate circuit. She had her first job last Saturday night for 1400 top sales women for a top U S investment company and the love for Joan shown to my wife as Joan was totally amazing ! There have been a lot of tears shed at our home , but there is so much love for her that we on our small scale have seen we just want you to know. We pray for you and Coopers peace through this time. God bless

  7. I can’t imagine how much you miss your mom!! you and Cooper are in my prayers as you go through this time.. Your mom is always with you 🙂

    1. I agree with Tiara. We lost a beautiful Lady, we all will miss her… I agree, your mom will always be with you. With deepest sympathy,

  8. Dear Cooper and Melissa, She will never be forgotten. Even though I didn’t know Joan Rivers in person, she has left an imprint on my heart forever! You are both so lucky to have had her in your lives. I wish I could have met her. One day I will. My thoughts and prayer will be with you both forever. Truly yours, Annette Jao

  9. Thank you for thinking of us during this extremely difficult time Ipin your life. My heart goes out to you and Cooper and your dear friends. Unexpected death is the worse grieving to live through. The rest of the world still cannot believe it either. I was telling my sister the other day, I could hear your mom telling God, “You know I still looked good, I still had a lot in me, did you see the bookings I had?” We both burst out laughing imaging your mom saying this to God. She was a hoot!

  10. I am so sorry that you and your son must go through this horindious pain and agonizing heart ache, I know how bad and in total disbaleaf I am, I can not begin to comprehend how you and your son must feel at this time.
    My prayers are for you may God comfort you and help you through this unimaginable time.
    Ray Martin

  11. Please know that you and Cooper are NEVER alone. YOU both are your Mom’s Legacy. Your Mom ADORED you, and Cooper, that came through the TV set loud and clear. Like you, we don’t know a world without Joan Rivers in it. Through her work, we have the blessing of NEVER having to know that kind of a world. Keep feeling the love and empathy we are all sending. It is REAL. It is for YOU and for Cooper. We love you, and we look forward to following your career, and seeing Cooper grow into a good man.

  12. The best to you and your son Cooper your mother was my favorite whole wide world
    Sincerely Patrice DeOca San Antonio Texas

  13. My thoughts continue to be with both of you at this time. It is now that you will start to feel the loss as friends and relatives return to their own lives. You have been a pillar of strength during this time and the way you have honoured her in memorial services is a credit to you and she would continue to be so proud of you and Cooper. Keep safe and I hope the thought that others around the world are thinking of you is some comfort.

  14. Dear Melissa, thank you for reaching out to all of your mom’s fans. I will miss her presence & the laughter. I so enjoyed watching you all on Joan knows best & Fashion Police. She always cracked me up. I will treasure her jewelry that I have from QVC. She was a stylish & classy lady. Thank you for doing the special, I’ll definitely be tuning in tonight. Always remember a mother holds her child’s hand for awhile, their heart forever xox

  15. Melissa, I am sorry for your loss and Copper’s. Your mother would be so proud of you, your kindness, thoughtfulness, she really thaught you well. As you mourn her, just think how lucky you were to share so much time with her, living, working, enjoying your son, I would like to have had the opportunity to do it with my mom, you will miss her for sure, as we do, but what a gift life gave you.
    Be well.

  16. Melissa, I am very sorry for your loss and Cooper’s. Your mother would be very proud of you, your kindness, and thoughtfulness towards others during your mourning, she thaught you well. In these days of sadness for your family, just remember the gift life gave you, that you could share with her all your life, all that time together, work, Cooper, all that laughter and crazy things she did. Many of us could only dream of having that chance with our parents.
    May God comfort Cooper and you!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing your mothers laughter with all of us, I feel so blessed that during your heartache you were able to take the time and bring such a heartfelt moment to all who admire and LOVE your mother. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope you know that your mother will always be proud of you as the rest of us are

  18. God Bless you Melissa, I cried watching Fashion Police, your mom was a true Angel and she made the whole world laugh. I know it sounds cliche but I look up to your mother not only as how everyone should live their life but the bond you and her had I can only hope me and my daughter will share one day. I look to her as the mother I can only hope I will be to my girls. Thank you for sharing your mother with the world and I hope you continue to not only update this website but continue sharing amazing Joan moments! xoxoxo

  19. Hi Melissa, So very sorry for your loss. My mom, my son, and I are also very close. My mom has been confined to bed for several days now due to a health issue. I brought my mom– your mom’s book, I Hate Everyone, Starting With Me. You should know that my mom was laughing out loud – even while dealing with extreme pain. Your mom’s comedic talent lives on – and continues to help others…… Thanks.

  20. Dear Melissa,

    I extend my heartfelt condolences on your mother’s passing. I’m hesitant to offer words of comfort, as I truly believe time is the only healing salve for a loss this great.

    It’s taken me this long to write something because, frankly, I can hardly believe it. Similarly, I can barely fathom your grief. The sense of loss and sadness in those of us writing posts on these boards is, of course, not one thousandth of what you are experiencing. To us, your mother was an icon and the sharpest wit ever to grace the planet. To you, she was Mom.

    Alan Alda once said (paraphrasing), “The public never truly knows a celebrity, only their public image.” As has been widely recounted by her friends, colleagues and you as well, your mother was quite different offstage – refined, shy, elegant and almost delicate. The handful of times I was in her personal presence (merely as a fan), she was always uniformly gracious and kind to all.

    She was an amazingly open and honest public figure. Whereas she was certainly a star of the first magnitude, she never wore the cloak of celebrity in a way that distanced her from us ordinary folk. And though I never purchased her jewelry, I could watch her sell it for hours because of her passion and drive, which I found equally comforting and inspiring. When she talked about the symbolism of the bumblebee in her life, it was felt across America.

    Some theorize that those who die suddenly are badly needed in Heaven. I’d argue that Joan Rivers was far more needed here, in this crazy world. I clearly remember the years when she was the permanent guest host of The Tonight Show. Even if tragedy struck earlier that day, your mother would somehow make it human, accessible and real that same night. As long as she walked the earth, humanity’s unloving and/or unfortunate acts were somehow more bearable.

    I’ve spent the bulk of my adult life rallying against ageism and the societal limitations imposed upon older adults. Even though she left us far too soon, she nonetheless helped redefine what life after 65 could look like. Indeed, she embodied the essence of “young” – smart, trendy, fashionable, current, funny, open and ever changing. I hope you’ll keep this website eternally active as a living testament to how much she was loved. Let her fans – past, present and those yet to be – come here to celebrate her talents and gifts.

    I suspect your mother was far too modest to ever fully understand how truly loved she was. Wherever she is now, my prayer is that her soul – her essence – “gets” it: Expounding on the words Lenny Bruce wrote in his backstage note to her very early in her career, I’ll close by saying, “She was always right, always funny, and always beautiful.”

    With deep sympathy and respect,
    Ed Franco

  21. I absolutely adored Joan! She was so fresh, so real, so bold! I did not know her personally but I was devastated by the news of her passing. She was a treasure and an absolute delight! She was so authentic and I would have loved to meet her. Melissa, please take comfort in knowing that you will be reunited with her some day. I know what you are going through as my mother passed away unexpectedly a few years ago. It is very difficult to deal with but her spirit is very much alive. Always remember that! She is with you!

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