“Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work” Airs Tonight on PBS

American Masters will present an In Memoriam tribute broadcast of the critically acclaimed documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work tonight on PBS (check local listings).

This broadcast of Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work marks the PBS premiere of the documentary for which PBS now has exclusive broadcast rights. After the broadcast, the film will be available on the American Masters website for a limited time.

Official Trailer:

41 thoughts on ““Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work” Airs Tonight on PBS”

  1. I am looking forward to watching and hope it will be a beautiful tribute to a wonderful life. She spread joy and laughter to so many for so long, nevertheless gone too soon.

  2. I love you Joan and you are an icon never to be forgotten. I know your in heaven making the angels laugh and driving Carson crazy. Thanks for all the laughs.

  3. NikkiRuthe – from TEXAS: Have always loved her for many many years.. – her journey to from where she came from to where she was just before her untimely death. She shows us all no matter where you come from you can make it. She will be missed by more than the family can imagine. I always was able to see her even on QVC… such a Lady!

  4. I still can’t believe she’s gone. She was bigger than life, and is totally unforgettable. RIP, dear Joan~ Miss you so much~

  5. I have this on DVD,it’s well worth watching,and shows how hard working she was,and an all round nice lady

  6. Thankyou for doing this show tonight- I look forward to watching. There is just something about Joan Rivers that touched many so deeply – she has that special “it” factor, even now. Joan will be greatly missed-

    1. I still miss her every day the way I miss my loving grand mom. She made me laugh so much just like ms joan. What a great mom u have Melissa. God bless always LUCIANA.

  7. Hey Joan I am ur fan all the way from New Delhi India,I have watched your videos on you tube and lemme tell u that ur the epitome and queen of comedy and you had the best gift for every one in the world in form of comedy and to make every one laugh with confidence as a stand-up comedian is not every one’s cuppa tea ,u had a god gifted talent which will now be only seen on social media no more live Joan Rivers.Fortunate are those people who met you and whom you made laugh even at the cost of cracking a joke on “Vagina” & “5 O’Clock shadow on Butt” I nearly fell off my couch.I don’t care what others say but you have created a special place in my heart and comedy is something that I always appreciate and admire and you will be one person who will nevva be forgotton Joan.RIP maybe we shall meet someday high up in sky making every one laugh!!! Love You Joan Rivers !!!!!!! Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!! Its hard to believe that you are no more :((

  8. It has something else listed. ?. The Boomer List. I will dvr and hope they show Joan in its place.

  9. I saw this years ago and it made me really love and respect her so much. I already liked her but this made me really love her and truly defend her. I’m still doing that, when people are saying anything negative about her I make sure to let them know things about her they didn’t. Especially how much she loved her grandson and that she said she only goes on vacation twice a year, one week taking her grandson one place then another week taking him somewhere else. I will always do this for Joan because she deserved it.

    Man, it’s going to be weird not having her on talk shows or Fashion Police every Friday from now on. Very strange. We fans are and will always be there with Melissa and Coop.

  10. Joan your loved and missed by so many peolple! especially me! You made me laugh so many years! When you left a piece of my heart went with you!:( You were and always will be a special person that I amired so so much!<3

  11. I have Seen this in the past and was hopping it would air again soon! Thank you, a wonderful film.

  12. The one and only! I so enjoyed her career watching it before my eyes on TV. I remember when she talked about losing her husband, Edgar. She spoke of eating at a restaurant with her daughter, and her daughter looked at her and said, “If dad say these prices he would have just died”. I believe then she said she knew it would be ok. Love Joan!

  13. I am with you Nancy.. I am totally broken. Sad and crushed. At the same token, I watch her on tv and break into laughter.. So she heals the sadness all over again. .Thank you Joan ..! No one can EVER take your place !! BRAVA !!

  14. A true original, a true innovator, a true icon, a true American treasure, a true genius, and a true humanitarian…my heart still weeps.

  15. Joan Rivers was an absolute blast! She is irreparable, she was timelless, stunning, , l think she was beautiful! I wouldn’t MISS IT!
    God bless you Joan Rivers, and comfort Melissa, and Collen <3 Sadly
    my favorite has left our planet. I just last week found out part of what
    my y have drawn me to her , l couldn't really tell this familiar look in her eyes, so well hidden, or the sass in her jokes,especially , those above her
    it was her saying it before thay could hurt her, they can't hurt you no more, no more tears in heaven Joan♡ no more being hurt, l eish l could
    join you, no more being hurt for me! FP and earth will not be the same without you, God bless you, and comfort your family <3

  16. I can’t believe that this beautiful women is gone , I grieved this lady like I did when my dearest friend passed away , and I never had the chance to see her in person , I have been watching her on t.v. Since the 60s I was a kid then , I watched Johnny Carson , hoping she would be the host that night , I seen all specials , and her documentary , as whoppi said there are no words , but I tryed , I love you Joan , I know your in haven , I also say , I hope I get to meet you there someday , xoxoxoxo

  17. Dearest Joan , I can’t believe your gone from this earth , I loved you when I was a kid watching you on t.v. The Day i heard you were I’ll in the hospital , I said maybe you were just a little tired and needed some rest , never would I believe you would leave us , Joan we loved you … Rest in peace , always in our hearts never to be forgotten . Chichi

  18. One of my most favorite comedians ever! You are missed, but never to forget! God Blessed you and you showed how to bless others!

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