A Throwback Thursday from Melissa Rivers

Melissa shared this sweet photo of Joan and Cooper for today’s #TBT (click to enlarge):

From Melissa: "Connecticut, 2004. Mom + Cooper = BFFs... A perfect day. #TBT"
From Melissa: “Connecticut, 2004. Mom + Cooper = BFFs… A perfect day. #TBT”

13 thoughts on “A Throwback Thursday from Melissa Rivers”

  1. The love of her life – Mr. Cooper :). I’m so happy he has so many wonderful memories with her. Love you both – Ada aka AdasHeart

  2. Thanks for sharing this picture. It was so evident from your show how much Joan loved Melissa and Cooper. I truly loved watching every episode. I will miss it very much and wish Melissa and Cooper the best.

  3. Melissa- I cannot believe your mom is not with us anymore. I think the world has gone just a bit darker now. I lost my mom nearly two years ago. You will get used to your mom not being with you, but it never will feel right. Joan made me laugh and I sure loved her for that.

  4. Joan was such a loving grandmother! Cooper will treasure all his wonderful memories of her for many years to come. I lost my own Mom last February and I know how precious her pictures are to me. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.


  5. Melissa, what a beautiful memory for you and Cooper to look back on. One of millions. Thank you for sharing this with us. Always thinking of the two of you.
    Miss her so so much.
    Much Love, Elsa

  6. I am glad Melissa shared these personal moments with her mother, our beloved Joan, and Cooper. It’s nice to see Joan like this. Like ‘normal’ person, loving grandmother. I still do miss her, I still can’t believe she is not with us any more, that we won’t read another new book or see new jokes on stage. But I am glad she left so much for us to laugh at and with.

  7. I watched Joan many times and loved her sense of humor—Many times when someone was showing ‘no common sense’ and was being taken advantage of —I would always think or have to tell them ,her Wake up and smell the coffee’ 🙂 We ,her fans through the years will miss her and her willing to tell it like it was or is. We need it so much in this day and age.–Your son Cooper as can be seem, was a joy to her ,as was her daughter. Take care ,Elizabeth

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