9 thoughts on “A Throwback Thursday from the Joke File”

  1. … LOL!?! Miss Joanie so much Missy. Still can’t believe she’s dead. Glad I knew her since ’75-’79, when I wrote for “Billboard Magazine”-&-“The Valley Times.” As-well-as in L.A.-&-here in Bflo./Niagara.

  2. Miss Joan so much; her humor, work ethic, neurotic need for approval—and her (often hidden) big heart…..She is irreplaceable and unforgettable.

    —While I continue to hope Melissa will file a lawsuit against the doctors who were so obviously culpable in her death (and showed a negligence in her treatment that was truly appalling), at the same time, I am happy that Joan died truly “on top” of her game, and in a relatively painless manner…Sleep well, dear Joan….

  3. I loved seeing all the new pictures you’ve posted Melissa. I really like the one with her and the Dolphin. Can’t believe its three months. She is always on my mind, as are you and Cooper.
    <3<3<3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY COOPER <3<3<3

    Love Elsa

  4. I can hear your mother telling that joke and then her funny laugh and giggle after telling it! Oh how I miss her! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her! She made me laugh! I have her beautiful face on my phone screen and I see her everyday! You will be able to tell her jokes for so many years to come! You take care of yourself and Cooper! You had a wonderful mother and she would be so proud of you and the strength that you have shown! Love that you share your mother with us! Thank you!

  5. Melissa, thank you for these fantastic pics…I cannot believe how much I miss your Mom. I remember my Mother talking about how she and Joan were both expecting at the same time with the both of us …that’s how long I’ve admired your Mom as an artist and also as a person. She was such a great Mother and you were an amazing daughter…I wish my own Mother and I could share that type of a bond for just one day. She would be so proud of the way you are continuing on with your head held high and keeping her memory close to her fans. Keep fighting for what is right…in the end, the cream always rises to the top. Wishing you and Cooper a peaceful Holiday and please keep the photos coming! A fan in Orlando, Fl.

  6. Melissa, I adore you and continue to adore your mother and her legacy. Joan really inspires me. She taught me it’s okay to laugh through trying times. She’s really proven to me that you can find funny in anything. Whenever I had a shabby day, I remember I could always put on Fashion Police and just sit back and laugh. Your mother was truly gifted. I admire you and Cooper’s strength through this tough time, and I especially feel for Cooper, because I lost my grandmother when I was his age. These tbt’s are a wonderful treat, and a great way to remember Joan. It would be a great treat to the Joan rangers to see more joke files here 🙂 I wish you and Cooper the best in your journey of healing.

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