Happy New Year!

Throwback Thursday from Melissa: January 1, 2011. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. love to know who everyone was. You look all look so happy. New year’s mean new challenges. Thanks for sharing. Hard to believe your mom is gone.

  2. Miss your mom so much. Please put more of her jokes form her files out there for all of us who need a Joan fix! Much love to you and Cooper

  3. Oh My! Couldn’t watch your tribute Ms Melissa w/o the tears streaming down. I really wouldn’t say the same about any other “obnoxious” comedian, other than Robin Williams. Gee. We ALL miss you so much. I miss you on QVC. I miss you being in the world. We’re so sad for you and Cooper. We pray you’ll manage to “go on” as you were taught to do so well.

  4. I watched “A Piece of Work” this morning. What a fantastic perspective into the life of Joan – a side of Joan that touched my heart. It takes a strong woman to open up the windows of her private life, and I found a deep, caring, and wonderful side I of Joan I had never known. I graciously tip my hat to all those involved for making such a wonderful, heartfelt film about a woman who touched so many lives and brought joy and laughter to so many fans. Joan’s dedication and perseverance makes us all look like we’re standing still. Hard work and a generous heart must run in the family Melissa, because I see the same drive and compassion in you.
    Best Regards,

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