This Week’s Throwback Thursday from Melissa

“My mother had no clue what sport this trophy was for… lol.”
– Melissa

Coop Lakers

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Throwback Thursday from Melissa”

  1. What an adorable child! Such A precious picture. Your mom must have melted with love! I loved watching Joan and Cooper on your show. I feel sad we won’t have more. Love you Melissa and Cooper

  2. This is GREAT! How precious he looks in this photo! Thank you for sharing with us who loved your mother & how much we love you & Cooper & continue to pray for you. It was INCREDIBLE seeing JOan 1 more time on ‘The Apprentice’ also!!

  3. But I bet she was proud of him! It’s unbelievable someone so full of life is gone. I was a long time fan of your Mother as a teenager in the 60’s. I love her stand up & always watched her on QVC. I lost my Mother in 2006 she was my greatest supporter.My sympathies & love to you and your dear Son.

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