Joan Rivers Street Art in L.A.

Los Angeles street artist Keith Biele (aka “Teacher”) created a series of tributes to Joan, which can be seen on streets around L.A. In addition to some snapshots of his work below, here is a video of Keith creating one of his stencil portraits. (Notice what he’s listening to on YouTube for inspiration!)



8 thoughts on “Joan Rivers Street Art in L.A.”

  1. … Joanie always liked artists, creative people. I cherish our yrs. together-as-friends when I reviewed her for “Billboard Magazine”-&-“The Valley Times” in Vegas. Then here in Bflo./Niagara.

  2. Amazing art!
    I cried when I saw the tribute video from E!’s red carpet with Melissa. Heartbreaking. I never met Joan, but I just can somehow relate to her. She is such an inspirational woman and I will never forget her. It’s somehow bittersweet watching her stand up now, because I’m crying and laughing at the same time… It’s so hard being in the world without Joan, and I really feel sorry for Melissa and Cooper. There won’t be another person like Joan. She was s (semi)LEGEND!

  3. We loved her and wish she was here, she was a inspiration to everyone she met. One day I only wish I could be as funny and such a wonder person as joan was!!! She will be missed

  4. She was the funniest person on this earth. Such a sad loss, but what a legacy she has left behind. She will always be my favourite comedian!

  5. She was sooooo amazing, I only wish i could of met her! She had such a kind soal and was a trail blazer, and still is. She will always live on!!!

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