March 12, 2015 #TBT from Melissa

“Look what I found while cleaning out our storage!”
– Melissa


7 thoughts on “March 12, 2015 #TBT from Melissa”

  1. Aww..How sad. I loved your mom, and miss seeing her on TV making me laugh 🙁
    – Big fan in NYC

  2. Melissa, Thank You so much for sharing her “Star” with all of us!!!! She truly was a Star, and I miss her so much!!!! Melissa you too are a Star, and I am thinking about you today and praying for you as well, that you and your son will be able to get through this difficult time!!!!

  3. Melissa, I was just watching your Mom on the Johnny Carson show in 1986, she was so sharp and so wonderful, she never ever lost that zest for life. We are all so lucky to have had her to entertain and thrill us with her wit, you of all people know that the most. Please feel the love that we send to you and your family, your Mom was truly great and gracious.

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