April 2, 2015 #TBT from Melissa

“#TBT 2014 Prepping for Passover Seder with mom.”
– Melissa Rivers

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7 thoughts on “April 2, 2015 #TBT from Melissa”

  1. I totally adored Joan Rivers and will forever be heartbroken that she died so young and in that despicable pace surrounded by those incompetent jerks.

  2. Happy Passover. The family celebrates Passover at our house. Your Mom’s Passover was elegant and beautiful! My Dad died last year during Passover. He became gravely ill due to medical error.So, I have mixed emotions about celebration.

  3. What a PASSOVER TABLE !!!! You have such class and style !!!!!!!!!! I it may not mean much to you but I NEVER TELL ANYONE that !!!! You REALLY have such class and style.

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