May 7th, 2015 #TBT from Melissa

“#TBT For a woman who was always so hands-on, it’s amazing that she never broke a nail.”

– Melissa Rivers

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5 thoughts on “May 7th, 2015 #TBT from Melissa”

  1. As Mother’s Day approaches my prayers go out to Melissa Rivers,whom I am sure suffering. and missing her mother . We all miss Joan as she was unique, very very human, and a loving person.
    Melissa you are doing an incredible job of carrying the Torch. Joan would be so very proud of you as she always was. Happy Mothers
    Day Melissa. Bless You dear girl.
    Barbara of Canada!!

  2. It was always crystal clear, even to total strangers like me, that Melissa was the joy in her life. Miss her so….,

  3. First of all, I loved your Mother Joan, her spirit, lightening flash mind(even in her senior years), always her comedy(the Best) and just everything she did!
    You embody so much of her spirit & attitude and must be missing her tremendously! I miss my Mother every day & she passed on 10 years ago. And your son was so close to her just as my two sons were with my Mother. Kudos to them both! I hope you are able to find out exactly what happened that caused Joan’s early demise. It’s hard to grieve when you still have to deal with what happened, litigiously. Don’t give up the effort…Joan’s death deserves an explanation! You’re a strong person and you’ll never be alone, just remember that!
    Now I have a quick question. I bought a piece of Joan’s costume jewelry, a gold like bracelet with a charm G on it. It was inexpensive but very pretty. I’ve worn it 4 times and put it away with other jewelry in my jewelry box. Forgot about it til today & took it out & was shocked to see the gold like material has already disintegrated on the links & on the G, and also the small rhinestones on the G(two fell out)! I can’t believe it didn’t last longer than it has. I’ve had it under a year and only wore 4 times and have jewelry from Target that has lasted longer. I can’t wear it the way it looks. Please tell me what to do. Or can you forward this to the right dept that could handle this. I originally got thru QVC but since its over 30 days they won’t take back.
    It was under $30 and I still have the receipt& box her jewelry comes in. I imagine if she was alive she’d want to know that the mfg she used is using inferior materials. I’m sorry to even have to ask you about this but I wanted to wear it& the few times I did, ladies asked me where I got the pretty bracelet. Joan Rivers Jewelry…surprise! If you can steer me in the right direction I’d appreciate it. I know it’s not gold, I have gold pieces. But I liked it and think it should have lasted longer. Thank you for your time!

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