May 21st, 2015 #TBT from Melissa

“#TBT Taking a break on the beach at the #Cannes Film Festival (mid 90s).”

– Melissa Rivers

#tbt picture - 4

4 thoughts on “May 21st, 2015 #TBT from Melissa”

  1. Melissa, What a wonderful picture. I miss her so much. I’m in Florida helping my Dad take care of my Mom. She has severe Alzheimer’s and cannot talk but a few words. I’m blessed. I wish you and your family well. Thank you for sharing. Love Yvonne

  2. Melissa
    Love that picture of you and your Mom at Cannes Film Festival. Lovely memories.

  3. I Love to see so much love between Mother and Daughter as you had.
    Wish I had known that. Bless you Melissa and Cooper.

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