Throwback Thursday: June 11, 2015

“Mom helping me with my bottle… in full hair and makeup, of course.”

– Melissa Rivers


6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: June 11, 2015”

  1. These throw back Thursdays are wonderful, we get a small peak into you and your mothers life it is nice to allow us in.
    Thank you
    Ray Martin

  2. … Fond memories of decorating Joan’s dressing room backstage at-thee-Riviera Casino/Hotel for your 12th B-Day. When I was reviewing her for “Billboard.” (’75-’79)

  3. My wife , DeeDee Hanson, has been impersonating Joan Rivers for 25 years , mostly on the corporate circuit. She has worked with Joan a few times and met Melissa a couple of times. She was on Joan’s T V talk show and sat in Joan’ s chair and introduced Joan as Cher. Joan was very complimentary to my wife and we will never forget that . We have tickets to Melissa’s June 30th appearance at the Grammy Museum and are looking forward to seeing and of course hearing her. Keep up the remembrance of your iconic mother, and we would love to say hi to Melissa June 30th.

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