2016 Holiday Ornaments

Click the photo below to read the story behind each beautiful, hand crafted piece from the 2016 Set of 12 Mini Russian Inspired Egg Ornaments (H209377)



2 thoughts on “2016 Holiday Ornaments”

  1. David….thank you for the history on the eggs. I called QVC to ask you to do this and am so glad you did. Maybe have this history printed on a card as an enclosure for future egg offerings would be special too. I’ve collected these eggs since the beginning….a true cherished memory each year as I put them on my tree. Thank you!

    1. I just discovered these beautiful egg ornaments. I am purchasing the 2017 ornaments, but would like to find the previous years. Could you tell me the year these first started? I adopted both of my children from Russia, and these would be extra special. Thank you.

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