David Dangle

David Dangle with Joan Rivers

As a three-time Emmy Award winning designer, David Dangle has an extensive background in fashion, theatre and television design. Through his background in art direction, David knows the people in the industry who set the trends… the fashion insiders, stylists, designers, magazine editors, photographers and celebrities.

And the most famous face he met along the way was Joan Rivers.

From the start, David shared Joan’s taste level and passion for beautiful things. Their intense collaboration over twenty-five years has made the Joan Rivers Classics Collection one of the most consistently on-trend, fashion-right brands on QVC. Whether at work in the design studio or on-air at QVC, Joan and David realized years ago that hard work and lots of laughter are a winning combination!

From a business perspective, David has always been Joan’s right-hand man. As CEO of Joan Rivers Worldwide, David runs Joan’s company and makes sure that Joan’s vision is executed to perfection.

Joan wearing pink outfit with feathers


The Joan Rivers Collection

Hurrdat Media, a dynamic and innovative media company, has recently embarked on an exciting venture by collaborating with Joan Rivers’s team to create a distinctive line of merchandise. This collaboration, a reflection of Rivers’ timeless humor and fashion sense, promises to captivate fans and enthusiasts alike. From posters to apparel, accessories and more, browse the Joan Rivers’ collection today!

The Joan Rivers Classics Collection on QVC

Since premiering on QVC in September 1990, the Joan Rivers Classics Collection has been a huge point of pride for Joan. Starting with jewelry and expanding into clothes and accessories in 2007, Joan sought to make great fashion available to all women, incorporating her inimitable style and her high standards for quality.