4 thoughts on “A Video Tribute to Joan”

  1. keep Joan “alive” with her wonderful line of products….she was the best and so down to earth with her humor………..

  2. The Video Tribute from QVC, made me cry, seeing Joan, in that she was so fun to be around, the personality, the humor, the genuineness, the amazing woman that she is and always will be in our hearts!!!!!! Thank You QVC, for this wonderful Video Tribute!!!!!! Melissa & Cooper, I’m thinking of you, and offer you anything in that I can be of assistance with, here in Manhattan!!!!!

  3. I just watched the video that QVC made in Joan Rivers honor. It was wonderful, watching her kid around with the hosts and being funny, and making jokes etc. I told her once that I loved her humor, as she would say things that we, the audience, could not say ! She was a jewel. A rare person who was loved by everyone and who loved everybody! I will always wear and enjoy my clothes and jewelry that I purchased of her line. She will live in my heart forever! ♡

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