Fashion Police and Ice Bucket Chic

In case you missed last night’s episode of Fashion Police on E!, it was fabulous. Not only were we joined by the gorgeous Orly Shani and the one and only George Takei, but I accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, issued to me by none other than Sarah Jessica Parker, Anne Hathaway and Tara Reid. Tara confronted me on my way into E! to make sure I honored the challenges, which I did and then promptly summoned security. Watch the video at E! Online.

With Tara Reid, just before the deed.
With Tara Reid, just before the deed.

For last night’s episode (and for my three-part ice bucket shower), I happened to be wearing one of my favorites from my Classics Collection on QVC: my Tweed Jacket with Pockets and Bracelet Sleeves. With a fabulous fringe all around and an open-front design, it’s a polished and sophisticated jacket. I’m absolutely crazy about it! Below is a photo of two of the gorgeous (and tall and skinny… but I still adore them) girls who model my collection at QVC. Suzanne on the left is wearing the brown and beige – the same one I wore. Amanda (on the right) is wearing the black and white.

Tweed Jacket with Pockets & Bracelet Sleeves: Suzanne (left) in brown and beige; Amanda in the black and white
Tweed Jacket with Pockets & Bracelet Sleeves: Suzanne (left) in brown and beige; Amanda in the black and white

If you’re going to host a popular television show, pour three buckets of ice water over your head, and look as chic as possible in the process, this jacket was the way to go. (And after the ice bucket, the jacket bounced back beautifully and was perfect again after a drip dry.) Here’s the link to the Tweed Jacket on QVC:

The aftermath...
The aftermath…

And here is where you can donate to the ALS Association:

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  1. Yea Joan! You are amazing! I pray that You continue till at least 120 in The best of health!

  2. Joan, you and Melissa are in my prayers and I hope you bounce back quickly. I Tevo all of your shows, including QVC. I am grateful you give me healing laughter. Get well soon!

  3. Joan, so sorry to hear about your illness. Praying for you, Melissa and Cooper. We love everything you do, and your books. Fashion Police is my favorite. Get well soon!

  4. Joan, my thoughts are with you. You’ve always been such an inspiration for having an active life when one reaches an advanced age, you give us all hope. Hang in there Joan, looking forward to receiving many more gifts of laughter from you. Never met you, don’t know you, but I feel like youre an old dear friend, and I love you.


  5. Hi Joan, I am praying for you also. You are so beautiful. You will make it ” God Bless” you! Take care, be careful and come back to us. We need people that make others laugh. I have laughed so much it really helps me. Mary

  6. “What Becomes A Legend Most?” It and you are a classic and an inspiration. A full and well lived life, active every moment. An example for us folks of a certain age! Was very sorry to hear you have taken sick, hope and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  7. I love you Joanie. Give me a call Linda Katz 832 376 4040 be well i have always been a fan your brooklyn girl/

  8. Melissa ,estoy consternada con la noticia,he seguido por bastante tiempo a Joan y quiero decirte que dentro de mis dias dificiles lo unico que me hacia reir es verla reir con ese desparpajo y frescura..recibe mis oraciones para su pronta recuperacion ,

  9. We love you Joan. We are prayng for a full recovery. Take all the time you need to get better. We’ll all be here waiting for you when you return.

  10. Joan, our hearts and prayers go out to you and your daughter and grandson. You always make us laugh and we love watching you on QVC, Love and God Bless, Diane and Mary and family in Florida,

  11. Joan, you make me laugh like no other. I am praying for your recovery. You, Melissa and Cooper are in my prayers. Please get well!!! #PrayersForJoanRivers

  12. Joan and Melissa- our prayers thoughts and good vibes are going out to you-Joan we wish you a speedy recovery…you are a very strong woman and FP need your humor/smile and your “Joan-ness” I’ve watched you since the 70’s and you have made me laugh my butt off…All Best for an amazing full recovery! PS the FP will surely get you for that hospital gown…although it probably is your “Color” or Melissa has brought you a wardrobe of furry slippers and “Zaa Zaa Gabor” long flowing bedroom gowns….kind of like Madame the puppet would wear!!! GET BETTER JOAN!!!

  13. My prayers our with you Joan, rest up pretty lady, waiting for more laughs, nobody can do it like you. God Bless sweetie, Melisa and Cooper, all our thoughts and prayers go out to you’s all.

  14. What I admire most about you is how you never gave up through all of life’s adversities. You always made lemons out of lemonade no matter how hard rhe circumstance, and you never stopped making us laugh. If it’s time to go, go knowing you did everything right and you showed us how to live every minute of life with gusto.

  15. I’m so glad I found this website as I have this need or thirst to see how Joan’s doing. For the first time, I tevo all the celebrity news shows and find myself just fast forwarding thu them to try to find updates, sometimes disappointed that they can go on w/o mentioning her (over the weekend). I have you all in my prayers and do appreciate those shows that have kept us informed and those who have honored her as she deserves. Its amazing how much everyone that’s close to her loves her.

  16. Oh what a shocker ! The world is not ready to canonize you to saint hood yet . God bless from Robert former head waiter House of Lords . X

  17. Thank you Joan, for all the joy you have given me all these years. You were one of the best. Melissa your family will be in our prayers.

  18. Joan, I HAVE always LOVED you!! On stage, during interviews, on shows you were in, and the past few years I got to see you “daily” on Fashion Police. Watching the Movie Stars through your wit was the BEST. I will miss you greatly. Prayers for Melissa. ♥

  19. Every time I laugh, I will think of you. Every time I see a gown, good or bad, I will think of you. You made me belly laugh out loud even when I am by myself. I am a widow and my children and grandchildren keep me going as did you. You will be missed and forever loved. You DID have an Amazing life and were so loved and appreciated for so many things. I wish you everlasting peace and love. Melissa and Cooper, you were so lucky to have had her in your life. May God bless you during this difficult time.

  20. We will miss you Joan, you are now at peace – my deepest sympathy to Melissa and Cooper

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