An Update from Melissa Rivers

“My mother has been moved out of intensive care and into a private room where she is being kept comfortable. Thank you for your continued support.”

Melissa Rivers

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      1. Joan Rivers will always be remembered for all the laughter and happiness that she brought to others .
        I have had the pleasure of knowing her for years .
        She is a woman who is admired not only by myself but the millions around her .
        She had an impeccable career and not many people know this but up to recently she worked 65-70 hours a week and had more energy than 2 twenty year olds .
        May you keep them laughing Joan
        You will be missed but remain in my heart
        John Peter Janpol

        1. You said a mouth full yes our friend will be miss, i am the women that I am today because of Queen Joan Rivers to speak and not be afraid,

        2. I grew up watching Joan rivers making my mom laugh and then I became a mom and watched her and fell in love with her and her bluntness and charisma she so classy I have the up most respect for her I respect her fully and will miss her terribly fairwell and isn’t god lucky to have you love and take care and god bless you Melissa and your beautiful kids and family

        3. Amen! Rest in Paradise Joan. Melissa, may God be with you, your children, all extended family and friends. Peace will patient

          1. I remember her as a child. I loved her sassy ness through the years. May the GOD of Heaven and Earth bless her and her family. Thanks for making my laugh Joan.

          2. We will miss her very much in Houston Texas,,she made us laugh soooo much ,and she would tell me the greatest joy in life was Melissa and Cooper,she loved you so so much.
            John Dascoulias RIP

          3. All I can do is cry.. Just never thought she would leave us. Guess she’s waiting on the audience to stand one last time in applauds. On behalf of the HIV committee Thank You Joan.
            Love Dan P

        4. Melissa, my thoughts and prayers are with you son, Cooper, today. It is very difficult losing your mom, regardless of whether she is a celebrity or not. I, too, have lost both my parents, my dad many years before my mom. Please know that you should never have any regrets and that your mom will live through you and your handsome son forever. Your mom was an incredibly strong and giving person. The world will miss her along with you.

    1. Love & Blessings. Joan you are a true treasure and loved my millions. Our prayers to you and your beautiful daughter and amazing grandson.

    2. With love and blessings to Joan and family. Praying for a speedy recovery to keep touching the hearts and tickling the funny bones of your adoring public.

    3. Keeping precious Ms Joan and her beloved “We of me” in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for filling our world with laughter!!!

    4. I live in Ireland and was in New York when the news broke about your mum. I hope she gets better soon. Love her on fashion police. Thinking of you all. I also loved the show you and your mum did together it brought a smile to my face.

    5. My thoughts, prayers, positive energy and karma are working overtime for Joan! Please come back to us!!

    6. Soooo sorry for your loss. A truly great lady. Very talented person in so many areas of life. She will be missed but remembered very fondly for all her talents for many years to come.

    7. Sorry to hear the news thoughts with you I met your mother in London at a book singing with my farther who was her publisher at times books, let’s just say he never wore black and brown together again, she spent 60 minutes ripping him apart and he enjoyed it…..was looking forward to the uk tour, bless.

    8. Dear Melissa and Cooper,

      I have been a great fan of Joan Rivers for many years. She has always been at the top of my comedy pantheon and I have admired her greatly for her outsize talent, her work ethic, her resilience and her good heart.

      Please know that I am one of the millions who will remember Ms. Rivers with laughter, admiration and affection, and please accept my heartfelt condolences. I will say Kaddish in her memory.


      A True Joan Rivers Fan
      Maryland, USA

    9. I will miss you and your talents greatly. I wear her clothes, jewelry, listened to her comedy read her books and was so impressed with her business mind. A beautiful , strong woman.

    10. Rip Joan, u will be missed and u can’t b replaced, ur one of a kind the mold was broken when ur wit came along. We lose heaven wins, see you later pat l

    11. I have no words to describe my sadness. Joan’s sense of humor and radiant love of life always left me feeling uplifted. Heaven is now filled with laughter! My thoughts and prayers are with you Melissa and Cooper. May you find strength.
      From Joan’s eternal fan from Ethiopia.

    12. Dear Joan, you made me laugh when I needed it the most. You have gone too soon. Peace to your family and friends.

    13. You have my deepest sympathy . My daddy passed almost 2 years. Let the memories comfort you. I loved Joan River’s Witt.

    14. Melissa I’m your age and a only child and my heart hurts for your loss. Your mother was a entertaining legion who brought women together in laughter. Your a amazing daughter. I love you both

    15. I am so saddened…

      Melissa and Cooper, you are both in my prayers. I know exactly what I was doing today at 1:17 pm ET, and now I’ll never forget, as mundane as my activity was at that time. I also know exactly where I was on the highway at 3:40 pm when I heard Joan passed. This news hit my heart so hard. My parents are also very sad.

      I pray a blessing and protection on Melissa and Copper. God bless you and keep you.


    16. Peace and prayers and love to the Rivers family God bless you all. I’m sure Joan will be keeping God in stitches for eternity.

    17. I know this is in the wrong comment but I can’t get into the day Joan Rivers died. I loved her like a mama. My prayers are with Melissa and all family and friends. She was beautiful inside and out. My tears won’t stop. Joan was an awesome lady and funny came natural to her. Melissa mom is your angel. I loved Joan. She made me laugh when I was down. She brightened my day when it was dark. May you RIP Joan Rivers. You will be missed and never forgotten.

    18. So sorry to hear about the loss of Joan Rivers! I wish she could report back to us about the great beyond. It would be classic, informative & most importantly hilarious ! I thought she was a gutsy lady with a great heart. RIP

    19. Got To Meet A Remarkable Gem Of Show Biz History! Believe it or not I was called by her publicist one day in January 1995, that Joan would be staying at the historic Hassayampa Hotel in Prescott, AZ and she would like me to do her hair. I thought it a bit out of place to see a glamorous woman in a fur coat the night before the call giving me a thumbs up through my salon window. Who knew it was Joan, and that she would want me to do her hair in little ole Prescott, AZ! I was shocked and flattered that a girl from Philly would have such a privilege in AZ. I spent a few interesting days with her, and was amazed at her appeal and kindness to my son Michael and nail tech. She gave me her signed photo, her Bejeweled Bee lapel pin, and a Classey tip before she left town. I cherish that bee still today! God Be With Joan Rivers. RIP.

      Hair Conspiracy

    20. I was never lucky enough to meet your mother, but silently she is such a big part of my life! Yourself and your son must feel such sadness, but what a great feeling you must have for being so close to such a beautiful, funny, loving woman, mother and grandmother! What a blast she is, I laugh every time i see her face and no matter where i am in life, she always made me smile and laugh out loud! The world is a different place now, but the sound of Joan’s voice will echo on for many years to come……… She left her mark on the world which will continue to be a life lesson for all!! xo

    21. she made me laugh since I was a kid. She was a pioneer for all female comics. I was sad that she didn’t make it thru this health crisis. Just think…her after life jokes and material she could’ve worked. Meeting Johnny and others and telling us all what they had to say to her. Maybe she’s killing them in heaven. Lucky them…..I hope she sneaks up on J.C. the other JC, (Johnny Carson) and says “HEEEEEEEERES JOANNIE”… wish I were a fly on that cloud.
      RIP – Only one Joan Rivers

      Condolences Melissa and family

    22. God bless you Joan
      The world has become a worse place since we lost you
      I admired you
      I was amazed by you
      You helped me through the loss of my loved ones
      Now I’m grieving for you
      Miss you always
      Night night xxx

    23. I think this is a joke that Joan would have appreciated

      Joan to her mother as they meet

      “I knew I was in trouble when he said he could make me sing like an angel”

    24. I’m a 58 year old woman an I remember your Mom, Joan Rivers , on the Johnny Carson Show. I respected her and have all of these years since. She was funny and held her own. I was a kid and admired her all of these years . You are so lucky to have inherited just great qualities. God Bless. Jean in Houston. You really are blessed.

    25. She in Gods Hands now we will always miss her…Thankx to your mom I got my uniform as a hostess at the Williamsburg Inn….We all love her so much and we will never in life forget about her…She always told me to talk with my head up high…Love You Always Giavanni Bailey from VA….

    26. Dear Melissa Rivers and son sorry for your loss of Mother, Grandmother and great friend may Jesus Bless You and hold you in the palm of your hands and wrap you in his love. I too lost my Dad on February 18,2014 it has been the most difficult time for me, I can’t imagine what you are going through. Your in my thoughts and prayers always love Jody Siciliano from Tacoma, Washington. She was a great Icon and made me laugh when I was sad. I hope they play the reruns of fashion police just so she can make me laugh.

  1. Melissa, My husband and I went through what you are facing now with my mother who was my heart and life. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. We pray your heart is strong to deal with whatever comes your way. You will show your son with the love and grace your mom taught you how to cope with whatever happens, always with love and peace. God Bless you all. It is a blessing you are there, cherish the moments. Our love to your mom. Remember she knows how much you love her and need her. She needs you too, now.
    Love Stefania and Giovanni

    1. What a beautiful comment. It reminds you of how many good people are out there. Melissa & Joan – stay strong and sending love your way.

  2. Hope this is just the start of a lot more good news! Sending lots of love from New Orleans (where I’m reading DIARY OF A MAD DIVA and LOVING it!)

  3. JOAN! I love you ! im a Puerto rican guy from brooklyn and i have always looked up to you ! you’ve crossed generations and races , Please Get well soon! us JOAN RANGERS need you back in action! Much LOVE

    1. Joan we love you and we pray for you from Sydney Australia.
      Our thoughts are with Melissa and Cooper xoxoxoxoxoxox

  4. JOAN I LOVE YOU, Im a 28 yo guy from brooklyn , i so admire you , please get well soon , us Joan Rangers need you !

  5. Love your mother so much…I’ve been a fan forever and was able to meet you two on the set of Fashion Police last year..
    I’m a friend of Tony Tripoli’s.
    I just want you to know you’re both in my prayers everyday..
    thank you for the updates…
    take care…

  6. Be strong Melissa. Your Mom knows you are by her side. We’re all praying for Joan’s health and the well being of your entire family.

  7. All the best for your family and will still keep her in my prayers. Your mother would probably not remember me but I had the honor of meeting her when she was booked in Chicago for the Private Label Manufacturers Association. She was a pleasure as a celebrity to work with and I still recall how she Lysolled the hell out of her room at the Hyatt!!!!

    1. I was saddened to of just learned of the loss of Joan Rivers. We have lost another great person. Prayers to Melissa n Cooper. I’m sure she will be busy carrying on in heaven and laughter will be carried on there. A strong woman, and a shining angel, sparkles and all. RIP Joan.

  8. Joan,
    If I had a way to give the joy you have given me back to you just now, you would recover faster than . . . . (you fill in the blank–I can’t as well as you) . JR forever!


    1. Today my heart is heavy, I feel extremely sad. Her gentle nature, love for her family and life came through on her reality show with Melissa and cooper. I fell in love with her even more watching her on her reality show. I watched her reality show and fashion police with my 11 year old daughter who also loved her humor. She has touched so many generations and does not even know it. We will miss her deeply! God bless you Joan! Be strong Melissa and cooper!

  10. Please get better and continue to say what we all are thinking. That’s why she is so funny. Prayers and good thoughts sent you way.

  11. Thank you for the wonderful update! What a relief! I will still keep all of you in my prayers!

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Sorry for your loss as I know what your going through as I lost my mother six years ago. You must be strong and keep your head up. Your mother will always be there, she’s in your heart as well as your son Cooper. She was really a funny person I really enjoyed her. She was the best and always will be. Again sorry for your loss.

  12. Love her and hoping her survival spirit takes over. Please send my love, and take care of yourself too Melissa

    1. Hi I really am just a girl from westchester
      Ny I truly am a big fan of Joan and Melissa show I also watch qvc just for Joan I know you guys don’t know me but I think about you guys every few minutes I pray please
      Please get better love you both !!! Love Jennifer quintanilla

  13. Keeping you and your mom in my prayers. You have been such a strong and devoted daughter Melissa. Even if she can’t communicate with you right now, your mom knows.

  14. Prayers to you Joan and your precious family for a complete recovery. God bless you Joan Rivers!!!

    1. I love your humor, wit, and all the love you gave to all humanity. You are precious.
      Annette from Pennsylvania

  15. I still can’t believe this is happening. Joan makes me genuinely laugh out loud, and this situation makes me feel ill thinking about it. I don’t know her, and generally not a celebrity gawker, but Joan’s ability as a comic is too unique to not miss.

  16. Joan I Loved watching you on fassion police!! I never cared about fassion I just loved you! I will miss you so much if you don’t make it. You was brave and I loved how you said what everyone was thinking about celebs! MUCH LOVE

  17. I hope this is good news

    God bless Joan, my thoughts and prayers are with you, Joan.

    May you recover soon – We need you!

  18. I truly hope for her well-being and that she can come through this. She is such a wonderful person and entertainer. My thoughts and hopes are with Joan and all of her family.

  19. We are praying for you Joan, keep strong. Prayers are going out to you and your family as well, Melissa.

  20. Joan, You have such a youthful spirit, it will give you strength to heal and overcome your setback. I adore you!

  21. I love her!!!! She’s lucky to have you by her side. Sending prayers for both of you. Stay strong. Ox

  22. Thank you for the update Melissa. Our family will continue to keep you and your mother in our prayers. You are a wonderful daughter and your attentiveness and compassion towards your mother at this time would make your mother proud!

  23. Melissa and Joan are both very good mothers. Joan is a very loving Grandmother. To the world, Joan is like our favorite cool Aunt. Praying a lot for our Auntie Joan. God Bless.

  24. We love you Joan! You are always in our prayers. Looking forward to seeing you back on the stage and on television!

    1. Dear Joan, we r lifting u in prayer for a full recovery! God Bless! Stay strong as always! Melissa and Cooper, stay strong as well. We r praying for u all!

      Jan and Elaine

  25. Can’t tell you how much it hurts to see such a wonderful person having to deal with such a terrible ordeal but no women I can thick of that are as strong in will as our precious Joan, cross our fingers and toes and sending all my love to Joan and the Family, Kenny Haislip

  26. Sending love. I pray this means that her condition is improving and we shall soon hear that she has woken up and is in recovery. Thoughts are with the family. Love and prayers to all.

  27. Best Wishes for your mom, Melissa. I had the pleasure of meeting both you and her at the St Mark’s Theatre in NYC when she put her hand prints in the cement there. It was delightful to be in her presence. I pray for her recovery from this terrible episode. She is well-loved by millions.

  28. I just love her. On my sad day she always helped me laugh. I am praying she recovers and do what she does best. I need her

  29. I feel I am praying for a family member. I never knew how much my sister and I would miss seeing Joan weekly on Fashion Police. Our weekend conversations were all about Joan. And during award season was our favorite time of year. We will continue to pray even if she cannot come back to Fashion Police. Just knowing she will be ok is enough. Our prayers for Melissa and Cooper too.

  30. I first saw Joan Rivers on the Tonight Show (with Johnny Carson) many years ago. I’ve grown up as a fan watching her whenever she was on TV and haven’t stopped watching and laughing since! I hope and pray that she’ll come back to us and be able to make yet another generation of adoring fans laugh like she has me!

  31. No matter what your decision, you have been blessed with a caring mother, and she a devoted daughter and grandson. I’ve been in your shoes, the very most difficult experience of my life. Bless you all.

  32. Melissa, Please tell us how she is doing. We are all so worried about her. She has many fans who love and adore her. PLEASE tell us. I do understand how you wish for privacy, but we want to know what to pray for, and we would love a little more information. Thank you, so much.

  33. Joan Rivers is an American Icon. Period. I have lovingly grown up being entertained with the ever funny Joan in my life and have you all in my prayers, stay strong Melissa. Love to you all!

  34. Joan,
    I pray you recover and can read how much people love you and appreciate your strength. You are a unique and amazing woman, a fighter. I am sending positive waves your way and love to Melissa and Cooper. Please come back… we need you in this crazy world!

  35. She will fight this one! I can’t imagine a world without her in it! She will recover even if it takes a little while…she needs a chance. I think of all of you every day.

  36. The world needs you Joan to make us laugh again. It’s been rather quiet,and sad without our daily dose of you! When my mother passed away early this year, and I was sad-YOU were the only one that got me up on my feet, living, and laughing again, You were my therapy and rock. Plus I didn’t have to pay for a damn therapist. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hurry up and get well, no matter how long it takes, because the world, and myself needs our daily dose of Joan Rivers. Oh one other little thing I forget to mention. I adopted you as my mother to! I hope you don’t mind! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. So glad to see that Joan is improving. Don’t give up Joan, you are a fighter and Melissa still needs you around. God bless you and your lovely family.

  38. I feel like a family member is going through this even though I never met you. I keep hitting refresh on my Joan Rivers search in hopes I will see a new update that Joan is up and ok. I grew up with Joan’s shows all making me laugh and smile, and I just can’t imagine that all ending so abruptly… I’m just so sad, and I am so sorry for you Melissa and Cooper…. there are so many people with torn apart hearts right now and I’m sure your lives are devastated. I am not a person who cries and I have tears running down my face writing this. Please get well Joan! we need you in our lives! You are so loved and always will be… and by people like me who have never even been lucky enough to meet you in person! Please get well! No one can take your place in our hearts…. Keep making us laugh and giving celebrities hell! Please don’t leave us yet, we aren’t ready for it. ok I have to stop crying before my boyfriend gets home from work and sees me and thinks I have lost my mind! – Marc

  39. May the one who blessed our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, bless and heal those who are ill Joan. May the Blessed Holy One be filled with compassion for their health to be restored and their strength to be revived. May God swiftly send them a complete renewal of body and spirit, and let us say, Amen

  40. I keep typing this and must be making it too long, but I have to get this off my chest. I am not a person who cries, but I keep having tears running down my face as I am so sad about this, and I have never even been lucky enough to meet Joan in person. Melissa and Cooper, I am so very sorry! Joan, please please please get better! I grew up with you and I feel like my own family member is fighting for her life! I keep hitting refresh on my “Joan Rivers” search in hopes there is new news and you are up and telling one of the doctors about Miley’s anal warts! I just can’t belive this is happening and so suddenly. We need you in our lives. Please don’t leave us! I keep crying and can’t even explain it. My boyfriend is going to come home from work and think I lost my mind. Please God let it not be your time to leave us. – Marc

    1. I know what you mean, I keep crying and hoping for good news. You can’t help but love Joan. Hoping the Miley news is slowing and the good news is coming. You know she is a tough cookie and a fighter. Keep the faith. <3

  41. Praying for you Joan…..I love you on Fashion Police and on your reality show!!!!!! Melissa….my heart breaks for you as I can only imagine how you are feeling. I have been thinking lately about my parents getting older and how losing them will be the most difficult time of my life. My thoughts are with you as a Mom trying to help Cooper and your Mother at the same time. Please know that all of the fans out here are praying so hard for Joan to have peace and comfort and hopefully a full recovery!!!! She is the funniest person ever and we miss her dearly!!!! The Joan Rangers are sending her a salute!!! We love you all!!!!!

    1. I am praying for Joan, that her health would be restored so she can continue to bless the world with her completely original brand of joy. Joan has brought me so much laughterC during hard times; I can’t imagine my week without her. Praying for Melissa that she would feel God’s loving arms around her during this difficult time, and that God would send just the right people to love and support her.

  42. My heartfelt prayers for you all, especially for the inimitable Joan.
    No matter her condition, please, all her loved ones, continue to talk to her and give her strength. She needs to be surrounded, bedside, by love and positivity. The rest of the world is doing it from afar.
    God bless you all.

  43. Love Joan Rivers, my Mom would get me out of bed on a school night to watch her on tv, we’d have a good laugh together.
    I saw her at a very small club in Los Angeles back in 1978 in the summer. Everyone was laughing so hard ’til we cried, our sides were hurting-she’s the greatest comedienne, no one can top her. She loves and appreciates her fans and we know it.
    Melissa, I did get to meet your Mom-a class act, so smart and witty, so kind and gracious. This was the highlight of my life. Praying for her recovery, also for you and your son Cooper. God bless Joan, watch over her.

  44. To Joan and Melissa and their family and friends: Please know that you have been, and continue to be, in my thoughts and prayers. Peace and blessings to you all.

  45. Melisssa, Your mom is an awesome woman. I admire her so much. My heart and prayers are with you and your family at this time. I wish her a very speedy recovery.

  46. Joan is such a trailblazer for all young female comediennes. She has broken so many barriers With her unique wit and humor. She’s been making me laugh for years. If anyone can pull through anything, it’s Joan. From one jewish mother to another!

  47. My wife has made her living impersonating Joan Rivers over 20 years-mostly for corporations – and has worked with Joan a couple times. When she started Joan thanked her for impersonating her and wished her good luck. Joan has always been very kind,respectful and encouraging to my wife over the years – a very caring, classy lady to us. We have experienced the love of Joan and the happiness and joy Joan brings to so many people through my wife’s job. This situation totally feals like it is happening to a family member. Our prayers and thoughts are totally with Joan and we also pray that Melissa can have peace and Cooper too. Also the people close to Joan.God bless and we hope for the best.

  48. I’ve read so many wonderful things written about Joan on QVC’s Forum, Joan’s Website, and the Facebook site. So many people have expressed the exact things I am also thinking and feeling. So many love and adore Joan. I also will continue to pray.

  49. Wishing you strength to handle all that you must. Rely on your inner voice. It will guide you. Know that you have thousands sending good vibes for your moms recovery

  50. Prayers to you Melissa, for continued strength. A big ‘Rangers Salute’ to Joan, we are all pulling for you to get through this.

  51. Melissa-your Mom has always been my favorite-since the ’60s. My Mom would get me up on a school night to watch her “Joan is on…”. She has been on my mind, always in my heart and in my prayers since the recent news.
    I was lucky to meet her after a show in Los Angeles back in the summer of ’78 at “Ye Little Pub”, a very small club. I was there for 4 days, thank God I was able to catch the show. Everyone in the audience was laughing hysterically-sides splitting/hurting, eyes crying. Joan was very kind-warm and gracious.
    Thank you for the updates, the Joan Rangers are keeping Joan, you and Cooper in our prayers. God bless and protect your family.

  52. Joan you’ve been there my entire life. You are endlessly entertaining. You’ve managed to keep in the public eye in spite of adversity. You are remarkably at the top of your game in your later years unlike most of your peers. I am praying for your recovery but if that is not to be, I pray that you go swiftly with all the dignity you deserve. Thanks for a lifetime of entertainment!

  53. Many prayer and heart felt Thanks for all the laugh, haven’t laughed much since you feel ill, please get well soon so the world can laugh again!!

  54. Hang in there Melissa , praying for your mom and your family take the time you need without pressure from anyone…..

  55. We are a three-generations-of-fans family sending all of you our best wishes. Joan, you’re the best and we thank you.

  56. My dearest Melissa:

    My heart stood still upon my notice of your mother being ill. I immediately became ill. I’ve cried over this many times over the past few days and rightfully so, seeing how I love Joan as a person – period! And then I love her for everything else she is. And, my gay heart, mind and soul loves you, too!

    Though there is a lot of sadness now – there, too, is a lot of love. You know that we all are here and praying for you both. Deal with this in your own way and time. Your Mom raised you to be who you’ve become and we and she feel comfortable knowing you are, as always, faithfully by her side.

    All my love,

  57. Please wake up Joan pleeeese…you are loved and needed. We are your fans and adore you, Mel and Cooper. Yet we feel like family and we cannot loose you cause you know Joan how you touched our hearts. We are taking it bad at my house. Joan wake up pleeeese…you got a lot of fight in you. Mel you remind me of my own daughter named Joan and she was in the same predicament with me as you are in now and my Joan never gave up on me just like you are doing now. We love your family and pray that Joan wakes up soon. Believe Mel okay…in miracles.
    this world will not let Joan leave us yet. Hugs kisses prayers.

  58. I saw a few days ago an interview with Joan on the Tavis Smiley Show that was taped in August. It was brought up that at her age if something happened to her she instructed her attorney and daughter if she wasn’t able to do a 90 minute stand up, and in a wheel chair or in a vegetative state, she didn’t want to be kept alive! So weird because look what happened!…You could go to his website & watch the interview. So sad….’Now & Forever’ Love you Joan!

  59. Being kept comfortable really isn’t good news. I pray for you Melissa and your son. Stay as strong as your Mom would want you to.

  60. Oh dear Melissa…..I can only imagine the darkness and helplessness you feel. She is such a force and to have that quieted for even the few days it has been must seem like an eternity. However this works out, I pray she is at peace. She has given sooooo much joy to so many for so long and is a living legend. She is in a category few will ever be in. I pray, I pray and I will continue to pray for her to grace the stage again. With much love and adoration!

  61. Joan, you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are a Larchmont Girl and I am also Larchmont Girls are strong and fighters. We met a few years ago after you had finished an amazing show at Mohegan Sun. You were so genuine and real, and you signed a book called Larchmont, which I brought to the show. My grandmother had given it to means it was a very special family heirloom that I treasure. You also took photos with me , as we talked about our wonderful town. We both went to the same grade school and we were sharing some great times in Larchmont . We are praying for your recovery everyday. Judith Berman Packman , west Hartford , conn.

  62. What makes Joan so great is the way she stays current. I remember as a teen watching her host The Tonight Show…thinking she was amazing..and my parents saying “She’s so much better than Johnny” To now watch her 30 years later…and be so completely plugged in…amazing. There are many comedy geniuses….but one of the many things that sets Joan apart is her ability to evolve. She’s 100% plugged into pop culture….so her chronological age has always been completely irrelevant…yet it does provide her a prop for some of her jokes…a prop she she uses springy and with great economy. GO JOAN. GO MELISSA!

  63. Melissa
    Prayers are being sent from Boston!
    I love your mother!! Your mother’s talent and wonderful sense of humor have helped me during tough times
    I pray for a miracle for your mom!!

  64. Joan, Melissa, & Cooper, I pray that the amazing love of the world that surrounds you, Joan, tonight will be enough to begin to pull you back to us. Our world would be so much less, without you in it. Hang on family… All things are possible with God! All love to all of you! Rheda

  65. Dearest Melissa and Family

    Melissa, I sent M. an email specifically for you that she will forward to you, please read that email because I strongly believe the important and crucial information in that email will help you and your dear mother Joan Rivers tremendously

    I met your mom when she invited me on her show many many years ago, she loved my story and treated me like a daughter . I love Joan Rivers so very much, we all do, your dear mother Joan is a beautiful compassionate and empathic human being and so incredibly funny and gifted. SHE CAN AND WILL SURVIVE THIS IF ANYONE CAN IT’S JOAN, IT TAKES TIME LOTS OF TIME BE PATIENT

    You are welcome to contact me by phone once you receive that email from M.


    With Love, Admiration and Inspiration

    PS. Your an AMAZING daughter, stay focused on Joan

    1. I am sorry for your great loss.its been a year on valintines day my momma passed away with concerts this day I miss her. Every day she’s in my thoughts. Good luck, and havea great life as she was having.

  66. Dear Melissa please tell Joan about the Brad and Angie wedding and I just know she’ll wake up and say something wickedly hilarious about it.
    My prayers are yours and my hopes are high. Super love!

  67. Love Joan so much. Her wit, talent and intelligence make her the super star she is. She is adored by millions for the many ways she entertains us. Keep fighting the good fight, Joan.

  68. My thoughts and prayers for a full recovery for Joan go out to Melissa and son.
    I have been watching and laughing with Joan since the ’60s and I am addicted to Fashion Police. Joan always looks like perfection.
    Love to all of you.
    Gayle, Winnipeg, Canada

  69. My thoughts and prayers for Joan’s full recovery go out to Melissa and Cooper.
    I have been laughing with Joan since the ’60s and am addicted to Fashion Police. Joan always looks perfect.
    Love to all of you.
    Winnipeg, Canada

  70. May God take care of Joan and family and we know it is all in His hands. Prayers for all of you and especilly our funny funny gal a complete recovery is asked.

  71. May The Lord of love be with you all. Praying for Joan’s recovery. Playing “You Raise Me Up” sung by Josh Groban in honor of Joan. Blessings to you all.

  72. Melissa, please post your Mom’s Hebrew name here. You are a great daughter. Lean on Gd, Holy Sister!

  73. My heart goes out to you and Cooper and for your mom– lean on those you as you go through this trying time. Strength will carry you while under terrible stress but friends and family will hold you up .

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


  74. Joan you are such an amazing woman, and you have overcome so many different and difficult things in your life, I pray that just like all the rest of those times you will triumph over this too. I have grown up watching you on tv covering various red carpet events and now watch you every week on Fashion Police. It sounds so silly to say, but I feel like I know you in a way and I know you will come back to all of your “Joan Rangers” better than before. This world needs you in it with your sass and style to brighten it up! Hugs and prayers for you and you family Joan. God bless

  75. Don’t go yet, Joan. There is too much darkness in the world right now to lose your candle of irreverent light. Hang in there, tough old broad! #joanranger

  76. I too keep checking the internet for updates on Joan. I am 54 and grew up watching Joan on Carson. Saw her live in Reno many years ago. Laugh my ass off with Fashion Police. I even dvr her QVC appearances because I love hearing her talk about fashion. She reminds me of my grandma and the way we used to peruse the fashion catalogs every year. Love her work ethic and strength; her love for her grandson and daughter. Come back to us Joan. I am so sad about this and pray many times a day for you.

  77. Joan you are a powerhouse ! An amazing woman! Melissa, you are as strong. Much love to you in this difficult hour.

  78. Smiling .. Why could I see all of this being told in the most “rotfl” way by your Mother that will leave us all laughing hysterically after she recovers! Love you both!

  79. Thanks for taking the time to update us all on how your mom is doing. I will continue to pray for her.

  80. Melissa, Even if your mom isnt’ awake, I am of firm belief that she knows you are with her; protecting her, making all decisions that you know she would agree with. You might feel overwhelmed, but please draw strength from those around you. Remember, she is counting on you at this sad time in all your lives just as you counted on her for your entire life. None of us daughters are ready to say goodbye to our moms, but you are having the honor of giving back to her and helping her on what might be her last journey. I wish you peace and comfort.

  81. May God bless you Melissa, Joan and Cooper. You are a hilarious lady with a big heart, I will keep praying.

  82. Joan is far more than “A Piece of Work”. She is the quintessential piece of work. An ageless gift to us all. She is far more than a brilliantly creative, mouthy, tough, gorgeous bitch and she continues to be a particular inspiration to gay men (of which I am one). Melissa’s posts are brilliant but they are frighteningly vague: I worry for the exact seriousness of Joan’s condition. I wish for Joan to recall the echo of her own words when she mouthed off that guy in hick America who didn’t like her deaf jokes about Helen Keller. The way dear Joan reminds us of the healing power of humor, ie. what else is there! Joan you’re a living doll, a class act and I for one will be in the front row of your next show. Love to you and your amazing family from Jim in Canada

  83. Melissa, I know at the 5-day mark from personal experience that you are faced with decisions about keeping up your mom’s nutrition. I know when doctors present you the feeding tube option, it sounds so drastic. Don’t be afraid of it… if you’ve made that decision in your mind that your mom needs more time to try to turn things around, absolutely do it. I did. It can be removed later very easily. Unfortunately, most of the stuff hospitals give you are commercial synthetic formulas filled with corn syrup. After much research I found an organic whole foods formula called Liquid Hope…. just google or go to their website It will give her the best nutrition to get her over this crisis. thoughts and prayers are with you…. a year ago, I had a doctor telling me to switch to “comfort care” but I knew my mom’s wishes and gave her a fighting chance and now she’s watching US Open tennis on TV and doing fine. Keep the faith…. your mom is a fighter.

  84. The E Channel is very quiet without you, Joan. Please bring the world some good news. I love you! We all love you!

  85. Melissa and Joan I don’t even know you guys feel like I do from your shows and your awsome son Melissa I pray for you everyday I live in westchester ny if you need anything I’m here for you guys god bless all of you

  86. Melissa, I can only pray that God gives you the strength.
    Have met your mother a few times over the years and she would always light up when talking about you.

    Again, I just pray God keeps the both of you close.

    M, Vancouver.

  87. Melissa, You and your mother share a special bond, understanding one another and respecting each other’s wishes, even when not in agreement. This is unique in the Mother/Daughter Dynamic. Sadly, you are now in charge of her life and with the help of those around you, it might come to the time to show your mother the fullest extent of your love for her. I am a firm believer that even though not awake, she hears you and is sending you and your son her love. If the time is near for a decision, please remember that this is YOUR decision and is only between you and your Mom. I wish you strength and comfort in your thoughts and peace in the future, remembering that you gave your mother the most loving final gift a child can give.

  88. Please get better Joan. The world needs you to yell at it. There are so many people that you still have to yell at. I’ve watched your comedy roast about 3 times and I still cry laughing. You sky rocketed comedy, the world needs more amazing people like you.

  89. Get well soon, Joan. My mom, 84, had a massive stroke on Feb 24. With the combined effort of stellar medical care, mom’s positive attitude, the love & support of friends & family, and the grace of god, she’s made an almost miraculous recovery… and so will you. Please come back and headline the River Rock Casino again soon!

  90. A thoughtful salute from a dedicated Joan ranger. I’m a huge fan of all your work and books. I record your shows so I can watch them over and over again. I love when you demo your products on QVC too. I’m praying that you pull through this and you’re able to come back to tv to make us laugh our asses off. Just getting through this would be great for right now. I’m praying for you Joan. Melissa and Cooper are in my thoughts and prayers too. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you. XOXOXOXOXO

  91. Melissa, your mother is blessed to have an amazing daughter like you… she has done an amazing job raising you to be the strong woman and family that you are. Wishing you all of the best!

  92. Just so sorry about your Mom, Melissa. I keep checking this website for an update as I, too, have parents in their late 80’s who are not well. I know this is an extremely difficult time for you and your family. Keep talking to your Mom as she can hear you. My sister/law was placed in a medically induced coma and to this day, she will tell you that she can remember hearing us talk to her. Hoping you can take some comfort in knowing prayers continue to come your way.

  93. Joan–I’ve been a fan since the 70s–always looked forward to seeing you on the late-night shows because I knew your appearances would always leave me laughing! You’re a comedian that has broken ground for many others–none of whom will ever be as funny and clever as you…
    Please get well, we need those laughs to keep on coming!
    Prayers and love

  94. Everybody think and send positive healing thoughts of love and strength to Joan and her family. The power of love and well wishes is heeded by the universe. Joan is a gift to the world to bring sunshine and chase away the gloom. A doomslayer, if you will and she’s not done yet. Send out your love and healing thoughts, everybody.
    She’s been doing it for us for over 50 years!
    I love you Joan and your family. Get well soon.

  95. You always make me laugh out loud. Love all your books and tv shows. You show with Melissa has shown the world what a devoted mother and grandmother you are. You are kind and compassionate and the charity work you have done for others is wonderful. True Talent, true talent Ms. Rivers! Wishing you and your family love and peace.

  96. Melissa,
    I know you are strong and holding up as best as possible under the circumstances. It seems like a good time to update the public with details of the status of your Mom instead of a cryptic message subject to interpretation. It is time to dispel all of the conflicting reports out there.

    Please be brave. You have my support and as you know, the support of millions of others.

    Peace and love to you.

  97. Being kept comfortable is not a good thing folks. They are letting her die in peace. Wake up and read between the lines fools.

  98. You are an ICON Joan and the world is not ready to be without you. Keeping you in prayers and remember you are a WARRIOR!!!


    Blessings from Florida

  99. Joan, the Joan Rangers are clearing out your inventory on QVC at rapid speeds! I had 2 jackets disappear from my cart before I could check out! Leave it to you to stage all of this to increase sales!!!
    We are all sitting and scrolling thru your QVC pages to feel closer to you.
    Melissa my most precious years with my mother were after her stroke. Please don’t make any decisions based on medical personnel advise about quality of life. Have your momma with you and Cooper for as long as possible. We are supporting you with love and prayers.

  100. Love and kisses Joan & Melissa, I know exactly what you’re going through Melissa. Just know so many thoughts and prayers for your mom to get better. She just has to get better.

  101. My prayers are you and your family, Melissa. I lost my mother nine years ago, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. Nothing can compare to the bond that a mother and daughter share. Nothing can break that bond, not even death, the love that a mother and daughter have for one another, is forever. My prayers are with you.

  102. Melissa, my prayers are with you and your family. I lost my mother nine years ago, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. Nothing can compare to the bond that a mother and daughter share. Nothing can break that bond, not even death, the love that a mother and daughter have for one another, is forever. My prayers are with you.

  103. Our hearts are broken, please get better Joan. Melissa, you are in our thoughts, please know that. Much love and kisses Joan & Melissa

  104. I can read between the lines with the lack of information being released. I had to take today off of work to grieve. I am so angry and upset that this is happening, I am inconsolable. I am sorry.

  105. Sending Lots of prayers your way Joan. We all love you & want to see you perform again and again. Please pretty please WAKE UP!!!! You should be well rested by now & ready to take on the world!!!!

  106. I am praying for a miracle; miracles do happen. Joan I love you and everything about you. Please fight; Melissa and your grandson and your family and friends and fans need you. We are too selfish to let you go. Please God bring Joan to a full recovery. Melissa please hang in there; my mom is my heartbeat and best friend too; I can’t imagine what you are gonig through.

  107. Joan,
    I just LOVE you and I hope you will recover and be back to your silly, funny, and outrageous self again very soon. I am so upset…. I just love your show with Melissa. Thank you for all the laughs and entertainment you’ve shared.
    A fan from CT whose mother was from Brooklyn

  108. Rest in peace Joan…thank you for the many laughs. You always brought such a big smile to my face!! Xo

  109. Healing prayers for you Joan…..prayers of comfort, strength and peace for Melissa and Cooper.
    Joan is a strong woman and she can overcome this with the hand and love of HaShem.
    Joan you have helped so many people forget their troubles and help them with laughter…….I pray that HaShem protect and heal you……blessings to you and your family.

    I encourage your staff (legal) to hold those “healthcare professionals” responsible for this action!

    Prayers for you……….

  110. Heavy heart today, G_d bless you Joan Rivers, you were the best of the best. There will never be anyone like you. Melissa, I am sorry, I don’t know what else to say, I’m so sad.

  111. Rest in Peace! You are forever the Queen of Comedy. God Bless you in heaven.. God will be laughing with you and Robin Williams.

  112. Prayers and thoughts are with you, Cooper and your work famalies as you deal with this most shocking tragedy. Your mother was a comic angel that brought laughter and gasps to my den each week. She will be horribly missed and may you find strength in numbers of those who did not know her personally, but adored her personality, her mother-ing style, and her love for you and your son. God Bless.

  113. I have just read the news that the one and only Joan Rivers has passed away. I am extremely saddened to know that this iconic woman is no longer part of our world, making us laugh and smile. Joan may you rest in peace and know that your legacy will live on forever. My sincere condolences to Melissa and the family.

  114. I just read today that the life support was removed, and that Ms. Joan died peacefully. I wish this didn’t happen ๐Ÿ™ I know we all must go one day, but I really loved her and her shows & stand up. There will be no one else like her. She was one of a kind. RIP Joan. You will be missed. God bless you!!!

  115. I just heard on the news that Joan has passed. Melissa, big hugs and prayers are going out to you and your son and all the rest of her family and friends. Melissa, your Mom was a huge female comic icon and she kept us all laughing all the time. She was one of the most accomplished women I’ve ever heard of with all that she was involved with…Joan will never be forgotten! Hang in there and lean on your friends during this trying time. Love to you all.

  116. God Bless You and your family! I know this wasn’t and your Mom are loved by so many and I will be praying you are at peace! 3 years I lost my best friend, my Dad, and miss him everyday! It doesn’t get easier but I know he is in a better place, his spirit is still with me! Be open to allowing her spirit to be with you and she will! It’s amazing!

  117. Devastating news, your mum really was one of a kind, much love to you at this very sad time xxx

  118. My heartfelt condolences to the family of Joan Rivers. She was the most amazing and geniune personality on TV. I remember watching her on TV as I was growing up. She’ll really be missed…

  119. Rest in peace, sweet lady! Melissa stay strong. Your Mom was one of the strongest woman of my era! Much love.

  120. I imagine Joan at the gates of Heaven and God looking at her with head shaking saying, “Can we talk?” My sincere condolences to your whole family for a woman who made zillions of people laugh for decades. Just lost my dad last week. Heartbreaking.

  121. My love and prayers are with the family. Joan Rivers’ would make me laugh until I PEED a little bit in my panties, which means she did her job as a comedian.

    Blessings to you all.

  122. God bless you, your family and friends. You were one of a kind and took your own path with style and grace. I will never look at fashion the same without thinking of you. โ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅโ™ก

  123. So sorry for your loss. She was a gem. May your broken heart be healed knowing her spirit will remain with you always. God Bless.

  124. RIP Joan Rivers it will not be the same without you, your straight forward hardworking tenacious hilarious generous stylish amazing of a human being was appreciated by me. And thank you for teaching people how you can be direct effective and successful at the same time. Love you

  125. Shocked again having just heard the sad news about Joan Rivers. I am such a fan, and recently purchased tickets to see Joan perform her comedy show live in November. What a huge loss for all of us. Joan and her family have been in my thoughts and prayers for the last week, and will continue to be during this difficult time. Rest in peace, Joan.

    1. My partner and I are so saddened by this tragic news. We were great respecters of Joan’s work and particularly enjoyed Joan and Melissa’s program. Joan, you will be sadly missed but never forgotten. To Melissa and Cooper our thoughts are with you at this painful time but take comfort from the knowledge that Joan touched so many peoples lives and made a difference. RIP dear Joan x

  126. good Bye Joan,,,,,,,a final Ranger Salute to you. You have been with us always and it will be so quiet without your comedy. Peace to you.

  127. Melissa,
    Heartfelt sympathies in the loss of your incredibly talented mother. In addition to her public persona, she was a gracious and inclusive hostess. I recall her parties and personal attention with great fondness.
    Sending you love and strength in memory of your brilliant, irrepressible, irreplaceable, iconic mother.
    Pamela Azar

  128. From Mexico I want to express my sincere condolences to the Rivers family, there are no words of comfort at such a loss, but surely she is with God, cheerful and happy, qualities that proved more … Rest in Peace Joan Rivers

  129. Melissa, I am sorry for the loss of your mother Joan. I still can’t believe that a simple doctors visit went bad. She loved you and Cooper so much, we could all tell that by the way she always expressed about both of you! May God watch over her, my prayers are with you, your son and your family. A legend of a woman who always spoke her mind is now gone, but knowing her she is probably speaking out her mind to God. She was a beautiful and funny woman! Much love for you!

  130. It is a sad day when we lose a National Treasure, one of the Greatest Commedians of all time. I take some small comfort that she went out performing on the same day. I am truely inspired by her. Now she is free to become the muse for the next generation of comedians. God Bless you Joan! You will live forever in my heart and memories!

  131. So many broken hearts today. My condolences and prayers to Melissa, Cooper, family, friends and fans. It won’t be the same without her. Heaven is a great and funnier place with her there.

  132. Melissa, I am sorry to hear of your mother’s passing. I have enjoyed her comedy and loved her on Celebrity Apprentice. She’s a strong woman, and I loved listening to her comedy. None of us will live for ever, so we’ll see each other in heaven. I believe there is such a place. Please be encouraged, and just embrace every moment by following her graceful example in life.

  133. hi im 10 years old and joan rivers always made me laugh it breaks my heart too see her go like this I send my love to the family!!!!

  134. My heart dropped when i heard this……

    Big hugs for you Melissa and your family!

    Yes, she would want us to think of the funny part of this….. but easier said than done.
    I’ve watched her my whole life! From growing up with my parents around the tv and beyond… until the end……….. funny how we can connect with celebrities, even at a distance and we feel the ache of losing them as if they where family.
    …..wet eyes……… lump in the throat….but fun memories!!!

    She is already missed!!!

  135. My condolences to you. It is a terrible time for you now. But you are not alone in your grief. You are not alone, and there are people who will always be there to help you in your time of mourning. I wish I could convey how much strength there can be to support you, yours for the taking for as long as you will need it, till you can feel strong enough to face the world again.

  136. To Melissa Rivers and family, Queen Joan Rivers will live eternally until the last of her bloodline, I know my Queen has been tired lately but now she can rest in peace , I know Queen Joan Rivers would not want to here what that preacher has to say she is in a better place, Queen Joan Rivers said yes I am in a better place cause she has a home in Malibu, now I smile on that one my friend has the last laugh, sleep well my friend Melissa you looks just like your mother I will miss her.

  137. I’m sorry to hear about your mother, I pray the Lord’s blessings upon you and your family. I didn’t know MS Rivers personally however I have admired her work and her work ethic over the years. I pray that I’m able to go as long as she did. God bless you Joan Rivers.

  138. Rest in peace Joan Rivers. It is a sad day when we have lost a National Treasure, one of the greatest, No! The Greatest Comedian that ever lived.

    You will live on in our hearts and memories forever Joan Rivers! Now you are free to be the muse for a new generation of comics who are inspired by your stature!

    My prayers are with Melissa and her family, and the Fashion Police Cast and Crew. All who were lucky enough to have a personal connection to Ms. Rivers.

    May you now be in heaven reunited in peace and love with your husband and friend Johnny Carson. You will be missed here on earth, and I look forward to meeting you in heaven.

    God Bless Joan Rivers!

  139. She was funny but more than anything : A true class act. Thank you Joan for having a heart of gold with courage of steel that worked tirelessly to help life feel lighter with laughter.

    Thank You for the Joy.

    Melissa : She smiles to you from heaven, keep strong beautiful.

  140. OMG I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I loved your mother – May you find peace and comfort in your grief knowing she has reunited with her husband and friends. God Bless Joan Rivers!!!

  141. Joan came across as one of the most loving, generous, hard-working, and hilarious women I have ever seen. She entertained my daughter and I so many times over the years as we watched her on the many many programs. We Would laugh our heads off at her jokes, and shake our heads at her highly inappropriate “moments”. We even shed a few tears and felt such love for all she gave and did for others…and for her deep love for family. Her impeccable sense of style and her dignity and her fearless passion for staying relevant is simply AMAZING! Our hearts go out to her closest friends, and especially her precious daughter, Melissa and grandson, Cooper. Peace and love! Joan is in Heaven now making trouble and making more joy!

  142. To Melissa and family: my heart breaks for you. Your mother could put a smile on my face no matter what. She was a pioneer and a smart, warm, and loving/compassionate person. I bought Z Rock because of her. I loved her in Swimming Pools (right title?. Please take time for yourself and know how loved and respected she was. She will never be forgotteng

  143. Trying to laugh, but too sad to do so. I grew up with her humor and wit. I will miss Joan and the Friday night episodes of Fashion Police, which always brought my work week to a wonderful close.

  144. So sorry to hear the news. Thoughts are with all the family. Joan was an amazing woman and told it as it is and I will miss that as that’s what this world needs. RIP dear Joan (Legend) Rivers

  145. The final curtain call for Joan Rivers is a loss for all. Melissa and Cooper, I am sure your pain is unbearable, but know that the love Joan gave will be with you always.

  146. Deepest sympathies to her close friends and family, especially to Melissa and Cooper but you know now she will always be next to you bugging the hell out of you! RIP Joan I feel I lost a great friend and mother I wish I had.

  147. Joan you will be missed dearly, a laugh want really be a laugh without you.Just the thought of such a wonderful woman,an entertainer and that you were will always be to me.We love you.A Joan Ranger for life.

  148. You and your family are in my prayers> May God comfort you all she is in our father’s hands now and not suffering! God Bless You

  149. I was so hoping & praying for her to recover. I knew she was a fighter. Now she’s at peace In Heaven & comforting her family even closer in their hearts. Thank you Miss. Joan for your laughter & warm personality. You will be missed. God bless your family!

  150. I loved her. I know this will sound corny but she had a talk show on when I was in elementary school and it was on her show that I first saw gay people and drag queens. I connected with being different. I used to rush home after school to not miss the beginning of her talk show. I watched it every day! I loved her! I always will! She made my feeling different not so different or bad! RIP JoanRivers you sure were one of a kind and god bless Melissa and Cooper!

  151. Melissa,

    Being a comedy lover since birth … I have seen your mom many, many times over the years … since my earliest memories. But I felt I got to know her best from her days at WOR radio here in NYC. Five days a week talking about every subject under the sun!

    There are healing powers in laughter and your mom spread humor for all her adult life … till the very end.
    ===There is a story in the Talmud about a great sage who pointed to a “comedian” and said that he was assured a place in heaven because he made people laugh.===
    This would be an unbearable world without laughter. Comedy makes people forget about their problems and troubles for awhile (and gives people hope and strength to better face their problems when they have to go back to dealing with their real lives after the comedy/show is over).

    They’ve even done tests and shown how laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain. It relieves stress and acts as a natural pain killer.

    So although we will miss her …
    Joan was promoted today from “Fashion Police” to “Fashion Angel” … RIP Joan.

    My prayers go out to you, Melissa and your family as you deal with this loss. I have always found when dealing with a personal loss of this size … that I find much comfort from spending time out in nature. Sitting out in the sunshine by a lake on a blanket spread out on the ground eating lunch, or reading, or playing my guitar … what you do isn’t as important as the fact that you are close to nature. Modern technology is nice but the old fashioned activities that no one does much anymore have more healing powers when we are going through a loss. Maybe being out in nature makes me connect more with the person who is ‘gone’ (outside of our sight). And it’s not just religious (to believe people live on after death). Even science believes that energy NEVER dies it just transforms. If Joan was anything … she was ENERGY. So… Even if Joan didn’t spend a lot of time out in nature somehow I think if you look there for her now … that is where you will find her.

    So try different ways of getting back in touch with nature and see which one is the most comforting for you at this time … you will know the one way that seems to work the best for you when you find it. I like spending time with horses and birds out in nature … but everyone is different. (although I suggest you give horseback riding with Cooper a try … even if you’ve tried it in the past and didn’t like it enough to do it again … everything has it’s season … you may not have needed it in the past).

    May you smile and laugh when you remember Joan … even through the tears today … and in the days and months ahead.

    Peace … Joanne J

  152. Not sure how you will read thousands of love blessings to you but you know the good ones are sent with love. Sorry you have to go threw the grief in the media. That is hard too. Blessing

  153. It is with a heavy heart that I post this message of condolences for Melissa and Cooper. Ms Joan was so full of life and brought such irreverent humor and happiness to all of her fans. I have been a fan for as long as I can remember and felt like I knew her. She will be greatly missed and never replaced. I love you Joan, may you rest in peace

  154. Wishing Melissa and Cooper long life!
    So sad for your loss, the world has lost a darling.
    I am very sad and share your grief. We will remember her with much love and only good memories.
    Melbourne, Australia

  155. Melissa and Cooper, I am so very sorry for your loss. I am a huge fan. I looked forward to watching you all and can’t believe she’s gone. Just know that Heaven got a new angel who will be watching over you both. Find strength in the memories you made together and cherish them always. Will be keeping you all in thoughts and prayers. xxooxx

  156. Joan will be missed greatly. She was a funny, generous, beautiful inside and out, human being. She will continue to live in our memories of her comedic genius, and the endless amounts of videos which I’ll never tire of watching. My thoughts and prayers to Melissa and the rest of the family. RIP Joan and thanks for the laughs โค๏ธ

  157. We have lost another comedy legend today… Whether you loved her, or whether you hated her – she was definitely unforgettable , and one of a kind…

    R.I.P. – Joan Rivers ! Thank you for your show no mercy, Tell it like it is and take no prisoners attitude; and for being such an unstoppable juggernaut and trailblazer for women everywhere -especially in the world of comedy. But Most of all, thank you for all the laughs. Your acid tongue has forever earned you a place in history, and in the hearts of many. You will not be forgotten, and your spark will be truly missed…

  158. Joan was someone I always wished I could sit and have a drink with…yet she was so open about herself I felt like I knew her already. She was too young to leave us, but left us a gift few others do: a lifetime of laughter that will last my lifetime.

  159. I really liked her, she was a real piece of work. I can’t believe she’s gone away. Will truly miss her.

  160. At least you won’t have to emblem her…
    What too soon?
    I say that for Joan. You will be missed by all! Sending warm thoughts and wishes to the family. Thank you for the years of great entertainment.

  161. Joan Rivers made fashion police the light of E! the only reason i watch the programs even when im not in the mood the moment i get to watch her (i made my dad and mum over 70watch fashion police) we laugh so hard and forget whatever the argument was!SHE’LL BE GREATLY MISSED,MAY GOD GRANT UR FAMILY THE GRACE TO BEAR YOUR LOSS.


  162. Joan was an amazing, energetic, effervescent force who broke through the glass ceiling of comedy and showed the world that women were not to be trifled with.
    Smart, sharp, shocking and made me laugh so hard.
    Dazzled a new generation with Fashion Police which my teenage daughter and I have loved watching together. So glad she was able to work until the end but the end would always have been too soon.
    Sincere condolences to those she left behind.
    One last salute from all your Joan Rangers in the UK.

  163. I just loved watching Joan Rivers. I saw her live in here in Cincinnati, Ohio. She will be missed. Melissa and Cooper, may my thoughts and prayers help you.

  164. You will find the strength to go on Melissa after losing your best friend. Feel your feelings and do whatever it takes to get up and show up~The serenity prayer helped me~ To accept the things I cannot change~You will get use to a new norm~
    Cooper will help you. Blessings, Penny

  165. I grew up watching Joan with my parents. I am not an easy person to make laugh, but that is not the case with Joan. She got even better with age. I will miss her one of a kind personality….may all your moms love and memories bring comfort to you and your family Melissa. Take care of each other.

  166. I may be younger than Joan, but I seem to remember most, if not all the stages of her career. I loved her on Johnny Carson. I saw when she had so many TV shows of her own. She made fun of everyone, including herself and her family.
    Melissa, I am truly sorry for your loss. Your mother, Joan Rivers was a class act. I will miss her very much.

  167. I am so incredibly incredibly sad. I discovered Joan Rivers when I was 14 in 1985. I belonged to a postal book club and discovered a book by her and thought, this sounds like it might be funny. It was a book of anecdotes and stand up material. I was hooked on Joan’s irreverence and ballsy approach to everything from the first sentence. The admiration has never wained over the following 29 years and will continue. The likes of her talent, wit and intelligence as a performer will never be repeated. From the moment I read what happened in the clinic I have been dreading the news. And finally yesterday she decided it was time. A truly bright light, a crazy diamond to the end. Love to Melissa and her son.

  168. <3 Thoughts and prayers. She will be missed.

    Ladies and drag queens, let's dress up for Joan tonight 'to the nines' in a style she would approve- to pay our national respects, say goodbye and honor her as a strong woman with style and confidence. Post it on social media and tag it


    Don't forget your bold necklaces.

  169. I was always a big fan of your mom’s since I was a kid. She was a riot. I am so very sorry for your loss. Not only did you and your son lose a great person in your lives, but the world lost a fantastic comic and personality. She was one of a kind, and will never be forgotten.

  170. Dear Melissa, my thoughts, my sorrows, my prayers are with all of your family right now!!!! R.I.P. JOAN RIVERS, YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED!!!! Again Melissa I am so very very sorry also even though you and your mom had your little fights, she will ALWAYS BE IN YOUR HEART FOREVER AND ALSO WATCHING OVER YOU ALL!!!! My love goes out to you all!! I was a HUGE FAN OF YOUR SHOW. IT WAS SOOO FUNNY AND IT ALWAYS MADE ME LAUGH!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL, LOVE, Kelley Vingson from Naples, Florida

  171. Joan will be missed. I am a huge fan but I feel like I lost a friend. She has been a part of my Friday and nights or Saturday mornings for a very long time and it will likely be a long time before I care about red Carpet fashion again. RIP Joan you mean a lot to a lot of people and your absence is felt in a huge way. Stay Strong Melissa and Cooper I too am an only child and an only grandchild.

  172. I met Joan Rivers once, 12 years ago, while deplaning a flight in the early morning hours at Heathrow Airport–and I was stunned that no one–A: recognized her or B: swamped or tackled her for autographs—all I kept thinking was–these people are fools!!! Don’t they recognize the dynamo amongst them?!?!? I was afraid to approach her–awestruck by her celebrity, intellect, and power. Eventually, I could not resist and quietly went up to her and said, “Ms. Rivers, you are amazing–a true talent.” Now years later–I am a physician–and I am too familiar with the complexities and risks of the procedure she had done…I am glad to know the family is looking into the circumstances of her arrest, especially the anesthetic record…this is a tremendous and unfortunate loss

  173. God Bless you Joan. Nobody has ever made me laugh as much as you did and nobody ever will. I have cried and cried today . Love you always your number one Joan Ranger forever xxxxxxxxxx
    My thoughts are with you Melissa xxxxx

  174. Joan nobody has ever made me laugh as much as you and nobody ever will . God Bless you, Joan ranger forever !!!!
    My thoughts are with you Melissa and Couper xxx

  175. I have seen many comedians live and on film but I have never laughed so hard or for so long as the time when I caught a Joan Rivers show in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. It was blissfully ridiculous and I felt so good afterward from all of the hilarity that she had created. She was one of the greatest comedians ever, period, and we are all lucky to have spent some time with her. Thank you, Joan, you made me laugh!

  176. JOAN RIVERS, you will be greatly missed. I am her fan – She has been a part of my Friday evening. So sorry for your loss, Melissa.

  177. MELISSA,your mother has always make me see humour even at some of life’s tragic moments. I wish you and your family have peace as our lovely Joan Rivers goes on to her new gig. I loved her,she made me laughed

  178. I am extremely sorry for your loss Melissa my heart goes out to you & Cooper. I am 36 yrs old and have watch her on several different shows she was very open losing her is heartbreaking. I’m glad you where with her and she was in peace Joan Rivers will be missed. It will be strange without her around. God Bless your family and friends.

  179. Millissa there are no words, God bless you and Conner…..there will not be a day we live and smile or cry, for now, when I think about your wonderful mother. you are not gone Joan….just in a different place…we can’t physically reach right now…..i love you

    Mike turner

  180. I still can’t believe that she is gone! I felt led to pray for her one month ago when she defended Israel on video at the airport. I pray that she knew Yeshua Hamashiach.

  181. Dear Melissa – Words cannot describe the deep sadness I feel over the death of your precious mom. My heart also hurts so deeply for you and what you are going through. I feel as though I have known you and your mom personally. I never thought it possible to feel such deep pain in my heart over a person, or, that I never knew or personally met, but I was able to see through your precious mom’s jokes and knew that she was the most loving, good hearted woman that would give her last dime to the same people she made jokes over. She made me laugh so many times when I myself found it hard to even smile because of what I was going through in life at the time. She was God’s gift to all of us that loved her to help us forget our troubles in life for an hour or so. The ability to make people laugh and feel joy when so many people are broken in this world is such a gift. She had the gift to help us heal our brokenness inside as people just trying to make the best of our life as we all as human beings have our struggles. Laughter is the best medicine in life —- right up there with love. She gave us all laughter and how could we all not help but love her. Melissa I am a little older than you and you and your mom reminded me so much of the loving bond my mom and I had. My mom did not look like your mom
    But her hairstyle, makeup, and dress was like your mom’s. And my mom and I were always together. Where you saw one, the other was always close. She died in my arms July of 2005 and I cry over missing her to this day. The bond will never be broken but I cry for the fresh pain you are going through right now. My heart hurts for you so much. I wish I could heal your heart but know that I have been praying for you and your dear mom since this first started. Melissa you will be with your mom again one day as I will be with my mom also. We both just hAve to be strong and make our mom’s proud till we join them in heaven one day. God bless you dear Melissa and Cooper. I will miss your mom so much also. It’s so hard to believe she is gone from us. She was a class act till the end. Just like my precious mom. Love Deborah

  182. Dear Melissa. I am just a fan who appreciated your mom, and you, and the relationship you had with her. I will miss her and the fun I had watching her on the Red Carpet and The Fashion Police as she spoke her mind and poked fun – for all of us. She made me laugh, over and over again. I will miss her. God Bless!

  183. This was so unexpected. I had watched your mom on Fashion Police the week before. She looked fabulous, was sharp and witty. After hearing about her schedule, I do not know how she did it. I have been a fan of hers forever. Watched her on E and WE and of course QVC. I loved seeing her performances with her outrageous but warm personality. I am saddened for you and Cooper that your mom had to go this way, so abruptly, without a chance for a proper goodbye. This is not going to be easy for both of you. I hope and pray God gives you peace during your grieving period. I am going to miss her too. So many of us will be mourning with you.

    New Jersey

  184. I am so mad at that clinic. I watched Joan from her first appearances on Carson to the Shopping channel to Fashion Police for her zingers (don’t care about fashion). Watched all appearances on Letterman and recently Fallon and loved A Piece Of Work. This should not have happened. It was not her time yet. Doctors killed both my parents with their neglect and I was too stupid to file an action against them. I hope you sue their asses off Melissa. So very sorry for your loss.

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