Broadway Lights Dim for Joan

“Joan Rivers loved Broadway and we loved her. Due to the outpouring of love and respect for Joan Rivers from our community and from her friends and fans worldwide, the marquees of Broadway theatres in New York will be dimmed in her memory tonight, at exactly 6:45pm for one minute.”

Charlotte St. Martin
Executive Director
The Broadway League

Title photo from Joan’s 1994 Broadway play Sally Marr… and Her Escorts.

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  1. I really miss Joan so much. She’ll be in my heart forever. Thank you Joan for everything! You’re shows, jokes will entertain me for the rest of my life. Joan will be always in my heart.

    1. I was outraged when I heard yesterday they weren’t going to do it and then with a petition changed their minds! Would have been heartless of them if they didn’t “flick the switch” for just the minute….thank you for changing your decision….

      1. I agree with Susan. I am grateful that the lights of Broadway will be dimmed for this wonderful woman—Joan Rivers.

  2. Joan was fiercely anti-PC. Therefore, I’m glad for the public outcry that forced Ms. St. Martin to place her politics aside and honor one of Broadway’s biggest advocates. If Joan didn’t deserve the lights along Broadway dimmed, then almost no one did. RIP

  3. I’ve been depressed since Joan was rushed to the hospital. I wished the funeral was broadcasted live but I understand. It was wonderful to see she had a wonderful send-off. I’ ve seen her shows in person several times, and watched every television show. I’m missing her very much. No one can replace her!

  4. I was thinking this would be a proper send off if all the lights on Broadway dimmed for Joan. For better or worse – JOAN RIVERS was a
    New York ICON – who was appreciated and admired by those who truly
    knew her – and also those she entertained. Her jewellery line was and is superb,as is her clothing line. MAY JOAN REST IN EVERLASTING PEACE. GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN. God Bless Melissa and Cooper – we in Canada send prayers and hugs to you two.

    1. AAnd thank yound the world just got a little less funny upon Joans passing 🙁
      thank you Broadway

    1. I cried when Joab Rivers died. At 81, it was too soon. Her life was cut short. She was on top of her game.

  5. So pleased that you reviewed your earlier decision and are now doing the right thing. She deserves this…….I still cannot believe she is gone. Melissa and Cooper, you will be in our thoughts and prayers as you adjust to life without your Mom and Grandmother – but I hope the fact that so many people loved her brings you some small bit of comfort during this time.

  6. I’ve been incredibly down since Joan entered the hospital, too. Though I’ve loved and followed her for 30 years, I’m actually a little startled by the depth of my sadness. I’ve realized that it’s probably because Joan was ubiquitous for the last few years. She was at the top of her game, funnier and more relevant than she’d ever been. It just seemed that she’d always be here. A piece in the Huffington Post the other day said it well:

    “Every year we hear of celebrities that have passed away. The vast majority of them seem to have “departed” before they died. They had suffered from long term bouts of drugs and alcohol, or they would be hit with a terrible illness long before their passing, or they would simply fade away. So often we say, “I thought that person was already dead!” That was not the case with Joan Rivers.”

    So, so true. I just don’t think you were done, Joan. Not even close. I re-watched the Fashion Police episode last night that was taped about 48 hours before she went into her coma — just as alive, vibrant and hilarious as ever. Tuesday she was here, Thursday she was gone..much too soon.

    I guess there’s some small solace that she left us the way she did. Can you imagine her not being able to do what she loved? Isn’t it great that she did 90 minutes of stand-up a few hours before she left us? Love and miss you, Joan — thanks for all the amazing memories and making me laugh when I needed it most.

  7. I will miss my Friday nights with Joan as I watch “Fashion Police.” She was so full of life, jokes, and just ‘doing Joan’. Good for Broadway to dim the lights tonight in Joan’s honor. I hope to see it televised. RIP Joan. You were loved, know that!

  8. good and a fitting tribute to a star, writer, and one great lady.
    When I heard that she “didn’t meet the criteria I was stunned and angered,

  9. It’s the right thing to do, after all, she was a New Yorker and loved the theatre. She deserves that moment of respect and much more. Thank you, Miss St. Martin

  10. I’m happy to hear that the lights will be dimmed. It is definitely a fitting tribute to such a great lady and star.

  11. I just called CNN and asked them to cover the dimming of the lights on Broadway this evening. I told them that I thought America loved Joan Rivers and that respect must be paid to this woman. I also told them enough with ISIS.
    We miss Joan to give us perspective.

  12. Bravo! Definitely the right thing to do. She is so so missed and will forever be missed. No one like her and I don’t think there will ever be, at least not in my lifetime. RIP Joan. I too wish her funeral was televized. It would have given her fans some kind of closure. But what we read it seems Melissa did a beautiful job. My prayers go out to Melissa and Cooper.

  13. So glad to here that more consideration was taken for Joan Rivers. Ms. Rivers was not just another star that loved Broadway, she shared her experience about Broadway that made others(like myself) wanting to go. Thank You for dimming the marque lights! Miss you Joan!

  14. Joan Rivers was funny, vibrant, trend setting, and timeless. I will never forget her humor and her ability to brighten up any situation. There will never be another one like her. I am thankful that Broadway acknowledged that this large, bright star we have all been used to having among us has been dimmed, and is paying tribute. I loved Joan Rivers, and she has left us too soon, but as only she could do it—-fast, funny, and classy to the very end. XOXO

  15. I was at her last show at the Laurie Beechman Theatre on Aug 27 and all I could think was “Wow, can’t wait to see her again!” She was incredible on stage and off. After the show we took her a photo together and I thanked her and she replied, “And thank you!” She was there for us. I love you so much, Joan. Thank you so much for all you have done. I’ll be on the Great White Way in your honor tonight.

  16. I will miss Joan Rivers until the day I meet up with her in heaven, and give her the biggest hug, and thank her for how much she touched my heart through her generosity in which she give laughter and inspiration. My prayers are lifted continually for her daughter, Melissa, and grandson, Cooper.

  17. life is in little whiles… some.. a little longer than others.. we don’t wake up in the morning expecting to turn an irreconcilable page, and yet we do. and the little whiles that co-exist with ours, and even our own,
    are never quite the same…….

  18. Thank goodness the “preview” version got fixed up before opening night. Congratulations Broadway League for acknowledging a great entertainer and icon.

  19. I feel like I lost a dear dear friend. I got all choked up when I read that the lights on Broadway would dim in her honor. I will truly miss Joan Rivers, she was the best!!!

  20. I feel like I lost a dear dear friend. I got all chocked up when I read that the lights on Broadway would dim in Joan’s honor. She will be truly missed, Joan Rivers, you were the best!!!

  21. You were such an inspiration to me n many others. love u so much Joan! may God grant u fair judgement. you have touched d lives of so many positively with ur jokes. an ICON of character!

  22. I’ve been there since I was a tiny kid sitting on the big aqua couch watching Joan on TV. Mom and dad didn’t exactly get it – but boy, my sister and I sure did! Most of it was flying over our heads, and yet, we KNEW something special was going on!!

    I will miss Joan, she had more to say!

    (And that death comes in 3 thing: David Brenner, Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. Great company.)

  23. The lights on Broadway dimmed but Joan’s light and spirit are still glowing.

    Long Live our Broadway Ranger Joan!!

  24. A great tribute for a great entertainer and wonderful woman. May all these well deserved tributes help heal and console her daughter Melissa and other family and friends.
    Charlotte and Eleonore – New Zealand

  25. So happy with your change of heart……she was my idol! Loved her. She is the only female comedienne that I enjoyed.

  26. It’s hard to believe she’s gone. I always loved watching her and really became a Fashion Police Joan Ranger without meaning to but I’d watch show and wonder at her. How she was so fresh, fantastic looking, and of course, her edgy humor. I thought for sure she would be with us in the spotlight for several more years. I’ve never cried before when a famous person died. Sad, yes, but not tears. I cried for Joan Rivers. I think because, not just her talent, but what she’d overcome and was still kicking. She had character and, you could tell, despite some of her humor, very warm hearted. Joan did everything with gusto and was the definition of resiliency. She also added a real depth and texture to what has became a rather vapid, shallow pop culture imo.

    Now, I just wonder how I can get a hold of all the Fashion Police episodes and video of other performances and shows. I’ve watched some on youtube but I wish Melissa would produce a box set of a compilation of her performances. I would so buy it. I’m buying her books. I miss her so much and pray for solace for Melissa and Cooper.

  27. Just an amazing women with an amazing insight into human nature and society – thus her wonderful humour and jokes. Saw her in Vegas years ago doing “a visit to a doctor’s office” so funny and real! Everyone identified with her humour – we knew it was true!!! Miss her already and will miss her forever. A one and truly funny funny original!

  28. One day, as many face such days, I found myself abandoned by my husband with a baby. There was nothing that made me smile, and no one. I had absolutely no one (this is true), except the love for my precious baby. And I couldn’t afford cable (still can’t), but I did have “regular” tv. And there on a shopping channel was Joan Rivers. And she actually was very funny among all the goods she was selling through genuine heartfelt stories. She actually made me smile. And then laugh! It felt so good, like a dark wall was falling down from my darkened day! She was talking about time and a watch she was selling. She said something about you should not take one second for granted, life is grand, all those positive things! I couldn’t afford it, but I managed to figure out how I could. I bought the watch! I wanted to remember how she was the first person who taught me not to take one second for granted and to laugh at oneself because we all are human. I still have the watch, I still am broke, but I still remember that first smile–the one that Joan managed to get out of me when no one else even cared to or tried to. And for that I thank her and give my sympathy to her daughter, grandson, family, friends, fans…

  29. We must not forget all who assisted Joan ……

    To all in her daily life who helped her with her busy schedule….. and to all who helped her make us laugh and forget our troubles.
    But most of all……TO ALL who knew and loved her……to her beloved Melissa and Cooper……….
    Joan Is thanking us all for being a wonderful part of her life!

    She is loved!

  30. I never cared for celebrities, nor do I follow them. Except for Joan Rivers.
    She was true comedy. A class act all the way.

  31. JOAN Rivers was a wonderful woman. Thank You for making the right decision to dim the lights on Broadway. Joan so loved Broadway! We will miss you Joan.

  32. Thank for changing your mind. Joan rivers was great and she so loved broadway. We will miss you so much.

  33. She deserved that and more! Even if she didn’t perform on Broadway (which she did) she not only loved the theater but supported it. That alone should have merited it. She is Joan Rivers and she got it! I believe she would say “Take that!” Miss you Joan. My Friday nights are too quiet now and frankly, I don’t like it! We miss you Joan Rivers!!

  34. The lights should of been dimmed longer and fireworks should have been launched all over the world. Joan Rivers will be absolutely missed.

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