A Message from David Dangle, CEO of Joan Rivers Worldwide

A very familiar face to Joan’s friends and customers at QVC, David Dangle has been Joan’s friend, collaborator, style guru and CEO of her company for 24 years. Today, he published a note on his QVC blog about the future of the Joan Rivers Classics Collection, continuing Joan’s work and legacy. In the post, David also included a beautiful letter he received from Melissa.

As David perfectly put it, “Joan wouldn’t want it any other way…”

Read David’s QVC blog post.

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11 thoughts on “A Message from David Dangle, CEO of Joan Rivers Worldwide”

  1. I just found out. I’m shocked and really sad. The global love for Joan, especially in Scotland where we only have great Billy Connolly and The great miss Rivers who can make us forget it’s raining, greay, cold and Joan made us laugh til we wept. Will miss you very much. All my love, Snnxxx

  2. I am sure Joan would want them to continue with everything QVC. And not only that, I am sure she would want Melissa and E! to continue working on Fashion Police – although this one’s will be hard to watch and make without Joan on the set.

    This is the way we will all remember Joan for the rest of our lives. I still can’t believe she is gone. It is still very hard to watch Joan performances or reading her books, but even though I am sad she always makes me laugh. What an amazing and strong person she was. But I am thankful that I (and all we) have this amazingly funny material to laugh at and remember her always with laugh.

  3. It is great that Melissa is going to continue Joans QVC line. It would be fantastic if Melissa and Cooper could add something of them to the line. Joan would love that. Her life was Melissa and Cooper. And Cooper looks so much like Joan. He is a handsome young man.

    Thank you QVC and Melissa for continuing Joans legacy!

  4. The Joan Rangers will watch, we will cry and we will remember and be thankful all Joan taught us about beauty, being a woman and laughter. God bless David, Melissa and Cooper. Miss her so.

    1. My heart is heavy! Joan was fabulous
      I enjoyed her for at least 40 years .
      Great quality jewelry and clothes
      Along with very good advice to all.
      She will not be forgotten by anyone!
      That is a pretty good legacy.
      Joan jarnes

  5. Kia ora Joan, you are so special and we look forward to this. Great to see your legacy continue on. Still sadly missed. Thanks for the update David x

  6. I loved Joan Rivers she was an elegant woman & her clothing line is exceptional! For years I have had the Honor of wearing the Beautiful Clothing & Jewlry she worked so hard to design THANK YOU so much for continuing with her legacy and my Heart felt condolences to her family
    Thank you

  7. Many years ago, when I heard that there was a Joan Rivers line of jewellery, I thought it would be another line of “stuff” being flogged by a celebrity. How wrong I was. It became obvious that Joan Rivers loved jewellery and associated her name with high quality fashion jewellry designs affordable for all women. While I didn’t know Joan personally, I felt like I did; intelligent, courageous, witty, irreverent, compassionate and real is how I saw Joan Rivers. An admirable and talented woman who will be greatly missed.

  8. I am 62 years old I remember seeing Joan on the Ed Sullivan Show. I love the laughter she brought anytime I saw her on television, but mostly she was so stylish. I bought a watch and charm bracelet from her on QVC. Every Friday I was watching Fashion Police to get my laughter for the night. I even got my husband watching. I am a Joan Ranger. I really miss her.

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