In Memory of Melissa’s Dog Mike

“My beloved dog Mike passed away yesterday. He was an angel. Cooper and I will miss him.”

– Melissa Rivers


11 thoughts on “In Memory of Melissa’s Dog Mike”

  1. When it rains it pours. Your mom probably called him home! She had such a love for animals it proved what a beautiful person she really was. I lost my cat two days ago. Hang in there Melissa. We will all be reunited someday!

  2. Dear Melissa,
    I’m so sorry for your loss. I too lost my mom and my beloved dog 4 months apart. Sometimes the pain is unbearable. Know that your mom will meet Mike at the Rainbow Bridge. My heart goes out to you!

  3. I lost my dog last October and understand what a difficult time it is that you are going through. Please accept my deepest condolences on your loss. May Mike rest in peace.

  4. Ms. Rivers, i’m so sorry about this. Stay strong both your mother, your dog, yourself and cooper are in my prayers.

  5. So sorry for both of you. Hasn’t been a good couple of months for you guys. Stay strong, life is full of losses unfortunately. I wish you peace and acceptance.

  6. Dear Melissa,

    I’m so sorry to learn of Mike’s passing—such a beautiful dog! Those of us who love animals fully understand what you and Cooper are feeling and know exactly what you mean when you call him your beloved angel. When it comes to expressing love, unconditional or otherwise, there’s no purer demonstration this side of heaven than that offered by our animal companions. Somehow, it doesn’t seem just that these creatures—“goodness incarnate,” really—live such comparatively short lives.

    How I wish I spoke “canine” or “feline” and could tell our four-legged friends just how precious and cherished they are. I’d also tell them that their presence is among the greatest gifts gracing our human experience, and that they serve as an ever-present reminder of just how beautiful life on this planet can be—potential in us, but realized in them.

    We all know how much your mother loved animals, especially dogs. We also know that you and Cooper were her most valued treasures in life. Certainly a spirit as formidable as hers is guarding both of you closely now, during your time of sorrow.

    Let me take this moment to also say how proud she must be. From the moment heartbreak struck your family last August, your posts here (in the face of gut-wrenching decisions) have been clear, warm, eloquent and respectful—just the way your Mom would like it. Somewhere, she is surely smiling.

    With wishes for solace and peace,
    Ed Franco

  7. Oh…Melissa…
    I was just tearfully contemplating some tough life decisions and I saw your post….
    I am SO sorry.
    Although a new puppy will NEVER replace Mike …please rescue a little one in need that can give love and comfort to Cooper!
    I can ONLY imagine Joan on the other side where she greeted Mike with open arms! (something in me heard Joan’s voice ,joking,saying ….”yes,my “BIG” open arms)
    GOD BLESS ! Stay strong but remember that you are not an island!!!! ♡ xoxo

  8. Oh, no, one thing after the other ! So sorry to hear that, he’s in dog heaven and was lucky to be part of a kind-hearted, and loving family such as yours!

  9. Melissa; Just had to stop in and post this, when I saw that MIKE had passed away-as my husband and I, share our hearts and home, with TWO Beautiful Rescued Border Collies. And, they are the love of our lives! My heart breaks for you twice .. first of course, for the loss of your Mother ( I really miss her sense of humor! ), and now a second time, for the loss of Mike. Mike and Joan are now very patiently waiting for those they love so much, to join them, some day, at the RAINBOW BRIDGE. Take good care Melissa, and Cooper….

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