Melissa Accepts the Grammy on Joan’s Behalf

Congratulations to Joan, Penguin Books/Audio and everyone on #TeamJoan!!! Joan won the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album for the audiobook recording of Diary of a Mad Diva at the 57th GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony on Feb. 8, 2015, in Los Angeles.

Here is the video of Melissa accepting the award on Joan’s behalf:

8 thoughts on “Melissa Accepts the Grammy on Joan’s Behalf”

  1. Once in a very long while – something very special enters out lives through media, or meeting. Joan was unique, a treasure as a friend, a giant in knowledge or Art, History, Jewellery, Antiques, and life in general. Anyone who was fortunate enough to meet Joan was blessed.

    Few people realize what a devoted grandmother she was to Cooper.
    The absolute joy she felt for her family. Her partner David, and all those who knew her.
    She laughed at herself first – then others.
    She had a heart of pure Gold.
    You shall be missed for many moons dear Joan – I am sure you and Johnny are up there looking down on us and laughing together.
    God Bless Melissa and Cooper.

  2. Congratulations Joan on a very well deserved win. Lovely speech Melissa, well done.

    I miss her so much.

    Love to all x

  3. Melissa, Just wanted you to know my sisters and myself were reminiscing during the grammy’s this past Sunday of Joan on the red carpet. We absolutely loved her. My sister’s favorite line of Joan’s was “bitch stole my dress” when two women showed up with same design! HA HA….My favorite is years ago when Jerry Seinfeld had a new young girlfriend, Joan asked him if he brought her crayons along to keep her busy during the show!!! She was a treasure. I keep you and Cooper in my prayers all the time. I went thru similar thing with our Dad. love you guys

  4. I was so happy she won but I cried for over an hour. I wish she could have been there, but I was proud of you, Cooper and the rest of the group for being there for her.

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